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Guide to Temple of the Jade Serpent

The Temple of the Jade Serpent, located in the Jade Forest, is a monument to a
Pandaren emperor who defeated the Sha of Doubt thousands of years ago. The mon-
strous Sha have returned, however, unleashed by the conflict recently sparked in the
Jade Forest by the Horde and Alliance. The Sha have defiled the temple, turning its
very keepers against themselves.

Wise Mari

The first boss, Wise Mari, stands in the Fountain of the Everseeing, which once granted
him foresight and wisdom. Tainted by the Sha of Doubt, the waters have become cor-
rupted and murky, and will damage any player touching them. When attacked, Wise
Mari surrounds himself with a bubble of water, becoming immune to all player attacks.

While the boss is shielded, he will summon corrupted water elementals to attack the
players. Players will need to defeat four of these elementals before Wise Mari can be
attacked. Each elemental will split into three smaller droplets when killed. Players will
also need to defeat these droplets, but must be cautious, because they leave behind
puddles that damage anyone standing in them.

Once all four elementals are defeated, the fight moves into stage two and it is possible
to attack Wise Mari. Players will have to be quick on their feet, however, because the
boss summons a spout of water that rotates around the room. Players will have to deal
damage and heal while running in a circle around Wise Mari to avoid his water attack.

Lorewalker Stonestep

Lorewalker Stonestep tends to the library in the Temple, watching over Pandarian lore
and legends. The Sha have twisted the tales of Pandaria in their attack, however, and
Stonestep is unable to restore them alone. There are two different tales that can play
out before the players, and it is random chance that determines which one they see
each time.

The Trial of the Yaungol is the tale of a young man from a tribe of Yaungols, tauren des-
cendants living on the Townlong Steppes. This Yaungol is consumed by the strife and
peril his tribe faces, so much so that both strife and peril are manifested as enemies.
Attacking either strife or peril causes the enemy to grow in power, setting surrounding
players on fire and dealing increased damage until it becomes immune to all attacks for
15 seconds. Ignoring either strife or peril causes it to diminish, decreasing the damage
it does. To take down both strife and peril, players can focus on one enemy until it be-
comes immune, than focus on the other until it becomes invulnerable. Switching back
and forth will eventually wear down both enemies.

Another legend brought to life in this encounter is the story of Zao Sunseeker. Ancient
tales tell of five suns that burned fiercely over Pandaria, bringing fires and droughts, un-
til Zao shot an arrow into the sky and brought down four of the suns. Five suns will ap-
pear, and players must attack and kill four of them. Once the suns are defeated, the
Sha’s negative energies possess Zao, turning him against the players, who must defeat
him to destroy the corruption.

Liu Flameheart

Liu Flameheart is a priestess and a scholar of the Jade Serpent, consumed by doubt
and uncertainty. During the first part of the fight, she uses her martial arts expertise to
attack the players. She will put a damaging spell called Serpent Strike on her target,
which healers can dispel. She also creates several waves of fire that move away from
her in a straight line, so players should watch for the beginning of these waves and
move out of the way.

In the second part of the fight, Liu will use many of the same abilities, but her Serpent
Strike is replaced with Jade Serpent Strike, which will now absorb healing done to the
target as well as dealing damage. When she has 30% of her health remaining, Liu will
summon the spirit of the Jade Dragon to aid her. This spirit will breathe fire, creating
green pools of flames on the ground. If players stand in these pools, they will take dam-

Sha of Doubt

The Sha of Doubt is a physical manifestation of doubt and suspicion, the leader of the
attacks on the Temple of the Jade Serpent. In this fight, players must confront their own
doubts made real, in the form of shadowy apparitions that mirror their attacks. These
apparitions drain energy from players, and when they reach their full energy level, they
explode, damaging players and substantially healing the boss. It is important that play-
ers defeat these Figments of Doubt before they explode. In addition, the boss casts
Touch of Nothingness on random players. This effect deals a large amount of damage
every few seconds; however it can be dispelled by a healer.

Saving the Temple of the Jade Serpent is a way to help the Pandaren preserve their cul-
ture and lore, a task which becomes critically important as outsiders make their way
through the continent and change the Pandaren world irreversibly. In addition, there is
lots of excellent loot to be found in the Temple.

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