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Getting Started with Pet Battles

In World of Warcraft, players have always had companion pets, little creatures that did
not fight, but accompanied the player wherever they went. With Mists of Pandaria,
these companion creatures are no longer just for show. They can now gain levels, learn
abilities, and battle other critters.

Players can get started with Pet Battles by talking to a Pet Battle Trainer. For Horde
players, the Pet Trainer Varzok will be in the center of Orgrimmar near the flight path.
Characters without a flying mount will need to take an elevator to reach him. Alliance
players should talk to Audrey Burnhep, who is just outside the Dwarven District in
Stormwind, near the portals to the Cataclysm zones.

The Pet Battle Trainer will unlock the pet battle system, allowing players to battle with
their companion pets for 100 gold. In addition, the trainer will give a series of quests
that introduce key pet battle concepts and start the player on a journey around Azeroth
to battle seasoned pet tamers.

Once a player has talked to the trainer and unlocked pet battles, they can open the pets
and mounts window and click the pet journal tab at the bottom to see all of the pets they
own. Pets are account wide, so if one character obtains a pet, all of the characters on
that account can battle with it.

Most players have many companion pets, but must choose one to battle with. They can
put this pet in a battle pet slot to make it available during pet battles. Players start out
with a single pet slot, and can only battle with one pet at a time, but they can unlock two
more slots through quests and pet battles. During a battle, players can switch between
the three pets they have put in battle pet slots.

Critters in the world will often have a little green paw icon over their head. This icon
means they can be battled with. Each pet starts out with a single ability, and gains more
as it gains levels. The pet abilities are displayed on an action bar during the pet battle.
The battles are turn-based, meaning the pets take turns attacking each other. At the be-
ginning of each turn, the player chooses one ability for the pet to use that turn.

To find new pets, players can tame critters all over Azeroth. If they can defeat the crit-
ter, they can catch it and add it to their collection. To tame a creature, players must first
attack it until its health is below 35%. They can then use their trap ability to throw a
cage around the creature and capture it. This will put the critter in their pet journal,
where it can be added to the battle roster.

Pets invariably get injured in the course of battle, and this puts them at a disadvantage
in the next fight. To heal pets, and return the dead ones to life, players get an ability

called “Revive Battle Pets” which can be found in the top right corner of the pet journal.
This ability can only be cast once every eight minutes. Players can also go to Stable
Masters to have all their pets healed and revived. However, Stable Masters do charge
a small fee for this service.

Player pets can fight more than just the critters found in the wild. There are a number of
pet tamers around Azeroth that vary in strength, and players can defeat them for
achievements and a chance at a rare pet. Players can also match their team of pets
against other players’ pets in PvP battles. These battles can be started from the pet
journal using the “Find Battle” button.

In World of Warcraft, pet battles are an engaging mini-game, part strategy and battle,
part collection. This system offers players a low pressure, interesting way for players to
spend some of their play time. It’s definitely worthwhile to give this part of the game a

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