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									St. Theresa Catholic Church

                   BENEDICT XVI                                   as Son precisely by remaining on the gibbet to fully accomplish
               Angelus Message, July 1, 2007                      the merciful will of the Father. Many other witnesses to truth
                                                                  have shared this experience: men and woman who remained
                                                                  free even in a prison cell and under the threat of torture. "The

                                                                  truth will set you free." Those who belong to the truth will
                                          he Biblical readings of the
                                          Mass this Sunday invite never be the slave of any power, but will always know how to
                                                                  freely be the servant of their brothers.
                                    us to meditate on a fascinating
                                    theme that can summed up                Let us look to Mary Most Holy. Humble handmaiden
                                    thus: freedom and the fol-    of the Lord, the Virgin is the model of the spiritual person,
                                    lowing of Christ. The evangel-totally free because she is immaculate, immune to sin, and
                                    ist Luke recounts that Jesus, completely holy, dedicated to the service of God and neighbor.
                                    "as the days in which he wouldWith her maternal care may she help us to follow Jesus, to
                                    be taken from the world were  know the truth, and to live in the freedom of love.
                                    approaching, resolutely turned
                                    toward Jerusalem" (Luke
                                    9:51).                                               MASS INTENTIONS
          With the expression "resolutely" we can glimpse                  Monday, July 9—St. Augustine Zhao Rong & companions
something of the freedom of Christ. He knows in fact that death              6:45 a.m.      Frances Pieters, Birthday
on the cross is waiting for him in Jerusalem but in obedience to             8:30 a.m.      Joseph, Andrew, James Hoelscher
the will of the Father he offers himself up for love. It is in his           5:30 p.m.      Lupe Garcia, Andres Garcia
obedience to the Father that Jesus realizes his freedom as a               Tuesday, July 10—Weekday
conscious choice motivated by love. Who is freer than he, who                6:45 a.m.      Mrs. Michael King
is omnipotent?                                                               8:30 a.m.      Jesse Michalek
          He did not live his freedom, however, as license or                5:30 p.m.      Vlasta Beyer, In Thanksgiving
dominion. He lived it as service. In this way he "filled" with             Wednesday, July 11—St. Benedict
content a freedom that would have otherwise remained an                      6:45 a.m.      Delia Prio
"empty" possibility to do or not do something. As the life itself            8:30 a.m.      Don & Kathy Berger
of man, freedom takes its meaning from love. Who is more                     5:30 p.m.      Remedios Escueta
free? The one who holds onto all possibilities for fear of losing          Thursday, July 12—Weekday
them, or the one who "resolutely" gives himself in service and               6:45 a.m.      Anna Kiger
thus finds himself full of life because of the love that he has              8:30 a.m.       Jeff & Peggy Houtz, Wedding Anniv.
given and received?                                                          5:30 p.m.       Oliva Arrellano & Pablo Chacon
          The apostle Paul, writing to the Christians in Galatia,
in present day Turkey, says: "You were called for freedom,                 Friday, July 13—St. Henry
brothers and sisters. But do not use this freedom as an
                                                                            6:45 a.m.       Annie Osina
opportunity for the flesh; rather, serve one another through
                                                                             8:30 a.m.      Marina & Gloria Sapon &
                                                                                            Francisca Tzul
love" (Galatians 5:13).
                                                                             5:30 p.m.      Marcelo Reyes
          Living according to the flesh means to follow the
egoistic tendencies of human nature. Living according to the               Saturday, July 14—Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha; BV
Spirit, however, means letting oneself be guided in intentions               8:30 a.m.      Tim Cheaney
and deeds by the love of God that Christ has given to us.                    5:00 p.m.      Roland Sulit
Christian freedom, therefore, is completely different from                 Sunday, July 15—Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
arbitrariness; it is following Christ in the gift of self, right up          7:00 a.m.      KJZT Society
to the sacrifice on the cross.                                               8:00 a.m.      Sociedad de Guadalupana
          It might seem paradoxical, but the Lord lived the                  9:45 a.m.      Carmen Morales
culmination of his freedom on the cross, as the pinnacle of                11:30 a.m.       Ewah Family
love. When on Calvary they shouted: "If you are the Son of                   5:00 p.m.      Parish Family
God, come down from that cross!" He showed his freedom
                                                                    Page 1
Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time                                                                                 July 8, 2007

            EXPLANATORY NOTE                                               In dealing with some of the more urgent problems
  Letter of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI to                     which emerge from the queries which have reached the
                                                                  Holy See from Bishops and priests, Benedict XVI offers
          Chinese Catholics (Excerpt)
                                                                  guidance regarding the recognition of ecclesiastics of the
                 27 May 2007                                      clandestine community by the government authorities (cf.
         “Without claiming to deal with every detail of the No. 7) and he gives much prominence to the subject of the
complex matters well known to you”, writes Benedict XVI Chinese Episcopate (cf. No. 8), with particular reference to
to the Catholics of China, “I wish through this letter to         matters surrounding the appointment of Bishops (cf. No.
offer some guidelines concerning the life of the Church           9). Of special significance are the pastoral directives which
and the task of evangelization in China, in order to help         the Holy Father gives to the community, which emphasize
you discover what the Lord and Master Jesus Christ wants in the first place the figure and mission of the Bishop in the
from you” (No. 2). The Pope reiterates some fundamental diocesan community: “nothing without the Bishop”. In addi-
principles of Catholic ecclesiology in order to clarify the       tion, he provides guidance for Eucharistic concelebration
more important problems, aware that the light shed by             and he encourages the creation of diocesan bodies laid down
these principles will provide assistance in dealing with the by canonical norms. He does not fail to give directions for
various questions and the more concrete aspects of the life the training of priests and family life.
of the Catholic community.                                                 As for the relationship of the Catholic community
         While expressing great joy for the fidelity              to the State, Benedict XVI in a serene and respectful way
demonstrated by the faithful in China over the past fifty         recalls Catholic doctrine, formulated anew by the Second
years, Benedict XVI reaffirms the inestimable value of their Vatican Council. He then expresses the sincere hope that
sufferings and of the persecution endured for the Gospel,         the dialogue between the Holy See and the Chinese govern-
and he directs to all an earnest appeal for unity and recon- ment will make progress so as to be able to reach agreement
ciliation. Since he is aware of the fact that full reconciliation on the appointment of Bishops, obtain the full exercise of
“cannot be accomplished overnight”, he recalls that this          the faith by Catholics as a result of respect for genuine reli-
path “of reconciliation is supported by the example and the gious freedom and arrive at the normalization of relations
prayer of so many ‘witnesses of faith’ who have suffered          between the Holy See and the Beijing Government.
and have forgiven, offering their lives for the future of the              Finally, the Pope revokes all the earlier and more
Catholic Church in China” (No. 6).                                recent faculties and directives of a pastoral nature which had
          In this context, the words of Jesus, “Duc in al-        been granted by the Holy See to the Church in China. The
tum” (Lk 5:4), continue to ring true. This is an expression       changed circumstances of the overall situation of the Church
which invites “us to remember the past with gratitude, to         in China and the greater possibilities of communication now
live the present with enthusiasm and to look forward to the enable Catholics to follow the general canonical norms and,
future with confidence”. In China, as indeed in the rest of       where necessary, to have recourse to the Apostolic See. In
the world, “the Church is called to be a witness of Christ,       any event, the doctrinal principles which inspired the above-
to look forward with hope, and – in proclaiming the               mentioned faculties and directives now find fresh applica-
Gospel – to measure up to the new challenges that the             tion in the directives contained in the present Letter (cf.
Chinese people must face” (No. 3). “In your country too” No. 18).
the Pope states, “the proclamation of Christ crucified and                    The complete text is available at:
risen will be possible to the extent that, with fidelity to the
Gospel, in communion with the Successor of the Apostle            documents/hf_ben-xvi_let_20070527_china-note_en.html
Peter and with the universal Church, you are able to put
into practice the signs of love and unity” (ibid.).               Sincerely in Christ,
                                                                 Fr. Stephen B. Reynolds

                                                            Page 2
St. Theresa Catholic Church

Are you new to our Parish…                                           Inscripción en la Parroquia...
We ask that all families of our parish be registered before          Se requiere que la familia esté registrada antes de recibir
registering for CCE or sacramental preparation classes.              cualquier sacramento. Por favor pase personalmente a la
Registration forms are available in the vestibule of the             oficina parroquial de 8:00 a.m. a 7:00 p.m. de lunes a
church and in the parish office. If you are registered in            viernes o puede tomar una forma en el vestíbulo de la
our parish and moving, changing parishes, changing your              iglesia y entregársela a un ujier. Si está registrado en
name (marital status), phone numbers, or have a new                  nuestra parroquia y ha cambiado de parroquia, de nombre,
member in your family, please call the parish office.                de teléfono, o de estado civil, favor de llamar a la oficina.

Sacramental Preparation…                                             Bautismo infantil...
Infant Baptism Requirements: Parents must attend pre-                Se requiere que los padres tomen clases
Baptism classes; Godparents are encouraged to attend                 prebautismales y animamos a los padrinos
class also. Godparents must be at least sixteen years of             a participar. Requisitos para apadrinar:
age, practicing Catholics, Confirmed, and if married,                ser católicos practicantes, tener por lo
married through the Church. Classes are offered the first            menos 16 anos de edad, haber recibido
Friday of every other month from 7:00pm-9:00pm                       los sacramentos de iniciación (bautismo,
(Babysitting is available with advanced noticed).                    confirmación y comunión) y estar
Pre-registration is not necessary to attend the baptism              casados por la iglesia si forman una
preparation class. Certificates of attendance for the                pareja. Note: no es necesario inscribirse para asistir a
baptism preparation are provided at the end of the class             estas pláticas pero si piensa bautizar a su niño/a en
for your records. However if you are baptizing your child            Santa Teresita es necesario que pase por la oficina para
at St. Theresa Church please call the parish office to               inscribirse. Tendremos guardería-reservación
register for baptism at 281-494-1156, Ext. 228.                      necesaria. Llame a la oficina 281-494-1156. No hay
Next class: Aug. 3                                                   clase en el mes de Julio. La próxima clase: 5 de Agosto
                                                                     @ 3:45pm.
Older Children Baptism: Children age seven or older
need to attend classes prior to Baptism. Please call the             Niños de 7 años o mayores: Necesitan tomar clases - Por
CCE Office at 281-494-2717, Ext. 254 for more info.                  favor llamar a la oficina de Catequesis al 281-494-2717,
                                                                     Ext. 254 de lunes a jueves.
Adult Baptism: Please call Lynda Knoche, 281-494-1156,
Ext. 222.

                                                                     Ministerio Vocaciones...
                                                                     ¿Desea llevar el crucifijo y libro de oraciones a casa por
Marriage Preparation…                                                una semana y rezar por vocaciones sacerdotales y religiosas
Those who wish to be married at St. Theresa Church are               con familiares y amistades, regresándolo a la iglesia el
asked to attend a marriage preparation seminar. A                    siguiente domingo? Puede llamar al Sr. Sam Magaña 281-
marriage preparation class is held every other month on              499-2682 o a la Sra. María Elena Rico 281-277-5776 para
the 2nd Tuesday of the month @ 7:00pm in the Family                  reservar una semana o para mayores informes.
Life Center. Please call the parish office to pre-register at
281-494-1156. Next class: August 14.

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Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time                                                                                     July 8, 2007

             NOTA EXPLICATIVA                                         clandestina por parte de las Autoridades gubernamentales
       CARTA DE BENEDICTO XVI A LOS                                   (cfr. n. 7) y subraya muy claramente el tema del
                                                                      Episcopado chino (cfr. n. 8), refiriéndose en particular a lo
         CATÓLICOS CHINOS (parte)
                                                                      que concierne al nombramiento de Obispos. Tienen un
             27 de mayo de 2007                                       significado particular también las orientaciones pastorales
          “Sin pretender tratar todos los detalles de problemas       que el Santo Padre da a la comunidad, subrayando en primer
complejos bien conocidos por vosotros”, escribe Benedicto XVI         lugar la figura y la misión del Obispo en la comunidad
a los católicos chinos, “quisiera con esta Carta ofrecer algunas      diocesana: “nada sin el Obispo”. Ofrece además indicaciones
orientaciones sobre la vida de la Iglesia y la obra de evangelización para la concelebración eucarística e invita a crear los
en China, para ayudaros a descubrir lo que el Señor y Maestro,        organismos diocesanos previstos por las normas canónicas,
Jesucristo, [...] quiere de vosotros” (n. 2). El Papa retoma          sin omitir algunas indicaciones sobre la formación de los
algunos principios fundamentales de la eclesiología católica presbíteros y la vida de la familia.
para iluminar los problemas más importantes, consciente                        Por lo que se refiere a las relaciones de la
de que la luz de esos principios podrá ayudar a afrontar las          comunidad católica con el Estado, Benedicto XVI, con tono
diversas cuestiones y los aspectos más concretos de la vida sereno y respetuoso, recuerda la doctrina católica, reiterada
de la comunidad católica.                                             también por el Concilio Vaticano II. Además, manifiesta el
          Manifestando viva alegría por la fidelidad que los          deseo sincero de que se avance en el diálogo entre la Santa
católicos en China han mostrado en estos últimos cincuenta Sede y el Gobierno chino para poder llegar a un acuerdo
años, Benedicto XVI vuelve a afirmar el valor inestimable             sobre el nombramiento de Obispos, al pleno ejercicio de la
de sus sufrimientos y de la persecución sufrida a causa del           fe de los católicos mediante el respeto de una auténtica
Evangelio y dirige a todos un llamamiento a la unidad y a             libertad religiosa, y a la normalización de las relaciones entre
la reconciliación. Consciente de que la plena reconciliación la Santa Sede y el Gobierno de Pekín.
“no podrá realizarse de un día para otro”, recuerda que este                   Por último, el Papa revoca todas las facultades y las
camino “está apoyado por el ejemplo y la oración de muchos            directrices de carácter pastoral, pasadas y recientes, que han
‘testigos de la fe’ que han sufrido y han perdonado, ofreciendo su    sido concedidas por la Santa Sede a la Iglesia en China. Las
vida por el futuro de la Iglesia católica en China” (n. 6)            nuevas circunstancias de la situación general de la Iglesia en
          En este contexto, resuenan todavía con validez              China y las mayores posibilidades de comunicación permiten
las palabras de Jesús “Duc in altum” (Lc 5,4). Es una                 ahora a los católicos seguir las normas canónicas generales y,
expresión que “nos invita a recordar con gratitud el pasado, a        si es necesario, recurrir a la Sede Apostólica. En cualquier
vivir con pasión el presente y a abrirnos con confianza al futuro”. caso, los principios doctrinales que inspiraban las
En efecto, en China, como en el resto del mundo “la Iglesia mencionadas facultades y directrices tienen ahora una nueva
está llamada a ser testigo de Cristo, a mirar hacia adelante con      aplicación en la directrices contenidas en la presente Carta
esperanza y a tomar conciencia — en el anuncio del Evangelio          (cf. n. 18).
— de los nuevos desafíos que el Pueblo chino tiene que
afrontar” (n.3). “También en vuestro País”, recuerda el Papa,         El texto integral esta disponible al sitio de Internet:
“el anuncio de Cristo crucificado y resucitado, será posible en la
medida en que con fidelidad al Evangelio, en comunión con el          documents/hf_ben-xvi_let_20070527_china-note_en.html
Sucesor del Apóstol Pedro y con la Iglesia universal, sepáis poner
en práctica los signos del amor y de la unidad” (Ibíd.).              Sinceramente en Cristo,
          Al afrontar algunos problemas más urgentes que
resultan de las peticiones que Obispos y sacerdotes                   Fr. Stephen B. Reynolds
dirigen a la Santa Sede, Benedicto XVI ofrece indicaciones
sobre el reconocimiento de eclesiásticos de la comunidad

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St. Theresa Catholic Church

Welcome to our Parish Community/                               Stewardship Report...
Bienvenidos a nuestra comunidad...                                                Weekly Offertory Report
Mr. & Mrs. Ramon Martinez & Family                             July 1, 2007                                            $ 32,369
Dr. & Mrs. Ben Tiongson & Family
                                                               Budgeted Offering                                       $ 30,363

                                                               Operating Surplus                                       $    2,006

                                                               5% Weekly Tithe-Diocesan Services Fund                  $    1,619

                                                               Peter’s Pence (Holy Father’s Charities)                 $    6,023

                                                               Capital Campaign                                        $ 13,844

Join the men of St. Theresa at the monthly
"Breakfast and Prayer before Business,"
led by Deacon Frank Cromer.                                    Capital Campaign…
Next meeting: July 11, 2007                                    Fulfilling our Mission Pledge Payments
6:45 a.m. to 7:45 a.m. in Youth & Family Life Center,          Parish Goal                                            $5,000,000
Room A. This is truly the best way to start your day.
                                                               Total Pledged                                          $4,410,118
Continental breakfast and sharing the Word among
friends. It’s inspirational and interesting. There’s no        Total Paid as of July 1, 2007                          $1,635,856
need to call. Simply show up and bring a friend.
                                                                   Extra Funds for our Parish…
                                                               I f you shop for groceries at the following stores,
                                                               please use the share card or link your Randalls’
                                                               Remarkable card with St. Theresa’s Acct.#1143.

                                                                   By using this card, 1% of your purchase is credited to our parish.

St. Theresa Blood Drive…
Thank you to all who made a commitment to Life!
Total of 49 donors, that’s a 36% increase!

Next blood drive: September 9

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Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time                                                                                 July 8, 2007

          Annual Garage Sale by CDA’s...                              Summer Family Retreats…
           July 26-28                                                 Want to treat your family to a summer vacation that
           Due to the construction of a new Parish                    everyone will enjoy? Attend a Summer Family Retreat for
           Education Center the Catholic Daughters will               five days in July at Circle Lake Retreat Center, just 40
not have any storage space available at St. Theresa Church.           miles north of Houston in Pinehurst. If you’re looking for
Please keep all your donations until July 22, 2007. You               an opportunity for your family to take a vacation that will
may deliver your items to the Parish Community Center                 make a difference in your lives, then Circle Lake is the
starting Sunday, July 22 through Thursday, July 25. The               place for you. For more information and/or to register,
Center will be open from 9am-9pm. We apologize in                     please call Monica Frazier at (281)356-6764, ext. 202 or
advance for any inconvenience this may cause.                         see

                                                                      Holy Mass, Talk & Healing Service…
            Catholic Daughters Cookbook…                              St. John Vianney
             Catholic Daughters of the Americas Court                 Thursday, July 19 @ 7pm
             St. Theresa of Lisieux # 2211 are selling                625 Nottingham Oaks Trail, Houston
             Volume II of their cookbook,
"Still Cooking... Heavenly Delights From The Catholic                 St. Laurence
Daughters". Cookbooks, which include a cookbook easel                 Friday, July 20 @ 7pm or Saturday, July 21
to hold the cookbook while recipes are being prepared,                3100 Sweetwater Blvd., Sugar Land
are $16. Contact Fran Danna, 281.980.4646 or Gayetta
Tallas, 281.980.1682 about purchasing your copy.                      Notre Dame Catholic Church…
                                                                      Come and celebrate the feast of our blessed mother-
                                                                      Maria Rosa Mystica
Helping Hands Ministry…                                               Saturday, July 14, 2007
All those interested are invited to attend an educational             Notre Dame Catholic Church
conference sponsored by Helping Hands Ministry, and in                7720 Boone Road, Houston, 77072
cooperation with BIO HOME HEALTH SERVICES, INC.                       6:30pm—Rosary
entitled “Living with Diabetes.” Mark your Calendar for               7:00pm—Mass
Saturday, July 14, 2007 from 9am to 12pm in the Parish                Main Celebrant—Fr. Hubert Kealy
Community Center. A prominent endocrinologist,                        Concelebrant—Mgsr. Roland Diokno
Dr. Donald Gardner, will be the guest speaker. If you                 Potluck reception to follow at the Community Center
wish to attend or for further information please email to or call 281-980-2262.                Worldwide Marriage Encounter…
                                                                      Married Couples: Give your marriage a well-deserved
                                                                      vacation. Plan to go on a Worldwide Marriage Encounter
Prayer Blanket Ministry…                                              Weekend and come back with a marriage that is refreshed
You can obtain a prayer blanket at our church office for a            and full of energy! Some upcoming dates are July 20-22,
family member or friend who is ill. Love offerings are                September 09-11 & 14-16. For more information contact
accepted. For more information please call Frances Byrd               Gary & Maribel Arribe at 281-756-0398 or Zeke & Ashley
at 281-498-7203.                                                      Metzler at 281-356-2204 or

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St. Theresa Catholic Church

            St. Theresa Catholic Church--Sugar Land, Texas
    The Adult Faith Formation Committee invites you and all your family members
             to join them at ST. THERESA MOVIE Night, starring Marlon Brando.


                                 WHEN: July 12, 2007
                        WHERE: St. Theresa Community Center
                                    TIME :     6:30pm
                   Contact: Grenda Williams (281-494 2711, ext 255)
                                 Belen de Guzman (281- 491 2550)

Movie Preview:
Terry Malloy dreams about being a prize fighter, while tending his pigeons and running errands at the
docks for Johnny Friendly, the corrupt boss of the dockers union. Terry witnesses a murder by two of
Johnny's thugs, and later meets the dead man's sister and feels responsible for his death. She introduces
him to Father Barry, who tries to force him to provide information for the courts that will smash the
dock racketeers. The Waterfront Crime Commission is about to hold public hearings on union crime
and underworld infiltration. As workers are turned against each other, Terry Malloy inadvertently
participates in the murder of fellow longshoreman Joey Doyle. Union boss Johnny Friendly orchestrates
the murder along with other illegal dockside activities, aided by Terry's brother Charley. Terry begins to
feel pangs of conscience. When Joey's sister Edie sees more in Terry than he sees in himself and Father
Barry urges him on, Terry reassesses his past and begins to regain responsibility for his actions.

                                                 Page 7
Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time                                                                          July 8, 2007

                Rachel Rosary...                                Sunday TV Mass …
                 The Adult Faith Formation Committee            For homebound Catholics
                 invites everyone to come and pray the          9:00am every Sunday on KNWS Ch. 51
                 "Rachel Rosary every TUESDAY in the            For your free copy of the MASS PRAYER BOOK, write
                 daily chapel after the 5:30pm Mass. Join us    to: Heart of the Nation, 1126 S. 70th Street
                 in our " Tuesday - Intercessory Prayer for
                 Victims of Post-Abortion Syndrome ". In
celebration of the RESPECT LIFE MONTH, we will con-
tinue this prayer until the month of OCTOBER.                   Living Today—That They May Have Life
                                                                Texas Right to Life Statewide Conference
                                                                July 21-22
2007 Saint Theresa Ladies Retreat...                            Get up-to-date and accurate information on a wide-
2007 Ladies Retreat will be held November 9, 10 & 11            spectrum of Pro-Life issues. Presentations—geared
at Crier Creek Retreat Center in Columbus Texas!                towards adults and students—will be made by profession-
Registrations will begin in July! Call Terrie Gornet-           als in the medical, political, legal, and educational
Chairperson at 281-565-0676 or Grenda S.-Williams at            fields. Please email or
281-494-2717 ext. 255.                                          call 713-782-LIFE for more information or to obtain a
                                                                registration form.

Women’s Morning of Recollection...                                                  Want to know more about the
July 10, 2007                                                                            CATHOLIC CHURCH?
10:00-12:00 pm
Daily Chapel                                                                                  Come and See!
Reflection director: Rev. Stephen Reynolds
The sacrament of reconciliation is offered.
                                                                If you are
                                                                • Unbaptized
                                                                • Baptized in another faith tradition
The Lay Carmelites…
                                                                • Baptized Catholic but have not received Confirmation
Join the Carmelites in praying the Holy Rosary every
                                                                     nor First Communion, we invite you to explore the
Sunday at 11:00 am.
                                                                     Catholic faith.

                                                                Our next Inquiry gathering will be July 11, 7:30pm
                                                                to 9:30pm in the Family Life Center. You may begin the
That Man Is You…                                                process at any time during the year. Free babysitting is
Join other men from the parish who are seeking to               provided.
discover God’s plan for their lives.
Next session: September 2007.                                   Call Lynda Knoche, RCIA Director, 281-342-6937 or
Visit for more information.                email

                                                           Page 8
St. Theresa Catholic Church

St. Theresa Preschool…                                           Middle School CCE…
Medical forms (completed and signed) and your May, 2008          T3 The Teen Timeline Bible Study.
tuition is due on August 1, 2007.
                                                                 “Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ”-
Preschool CCE…                                                   St. Jerome
Registration time is here! Please come by the CCE Office
to register your children for Preschool/Kindergarten CE.         All Teens (ages 13-18) and their parents are welcome to
                                                                 join our Bible Study on Wednesdays from 7:30 p.m. to
Do you enjoy spending time with children? Great! Come            8:30 p.m. in the Lounge of the Family Life Center!!!
on out on Sunday mornings to share your faith with our
Preschool/Kindergarten children as a CCE Volunteer. To           June 11
register and get started, come by the CCE office to com-         Exodus and the Conquest of Canaan
plete a volunteer registration form.
                                                                 Exodus 3-4, 12, 14, 15:22-27, 16, 17:1-7, 20, 24, 32,
Nursery…                                                         36-40
The Nursery is open during the following Sunday liturgies
for children 3 Years and under without reservations:             Numbers 13, 17-18, 20
9:45 a.m., 11:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.
                                                                 Deuteronomy 29
The Nursery is by reservation only for special events
scheduled by St. Theresa.                                        Joshua 1-6
To make Nursery reservations: Call the Event Coordina-
tor with the name and age of each child that will need the       DVD with Mark Hart the “BIBLE GEEK”
nursery one week prior to the scheduled event.                   Followed by a discussion led by Ben George and
If you have any questions contact:                               Roland Millare
Kim Spera—Director of Early Childhood
281-494-2727 ext. 253 or email                                   For more information please contact:                                   Roland Millare at or call
                                                                 at 281-494-2717, ext. 258.
Elementary CCE...
May God bless you for your efforts to help strengthen our
parish programs and to make CCE a welcoming place for
our parish children. To all of our CCE students: Have a
wonderful safe and happy summer!

Middle School CCE…
Speak Lord for your servant is listening. Please start
thinking and praying about serving as a CCE Catechist for
the 2007-2008 school year. All grade levels can always use
more Catechists. The harvest is abundant but the laborers
are few. For more information please contact:
Roland Millare at or
call at 281-494-2717, ext 258
                                                        Page 9
Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time                                                                                   July 8, 2007

High School Life Teen 07-08…                                          Praying For The Sick…
Have a safe and fun summer!!!                                         It is our responsibility in the Lord to remember the sick,
                                                                      who are especially close to the Redeemer in their suffer-
                                                                      ing. In the columns below you will find the names of
Roc V (Rite of Confirmation) …                                        people who have requested our prayerful intercession.
Fruits & Gifts for all who attend this ROC night. Come
find out what you already have and what you are soon to               Frank & Ann Glasser            Grant Turner
receive. Next class: July 8, 2007                                     Terry Diana                    Michelle Vaca
                                                                      Laurent Meister                Theresa Vercher
Check your registration status. Be sure to check that you             Dominga Meza                   Lou Ella & Rene Verret
have all your confirmation paperwork on file at the Life              Marion Podraza                 Ylse Viteri
Teen office.                                                          Cindy Pries                    Ed Wilson
                                                                      Ofelia Ramírez                 Virgina Guin
                                                                      Gwen Sallisbury                Jean Hughes
Archdiocesan Youth Conference…                                        Jerry Salomone                 Mary Fojtik
July 13-15                                                            Roberto Sánchez                Margaret Wyble
All High School Students are welcome.                                 Andy Sebesta                   Tom Nauck
For more information contact:                                         Eugene Siwa                    Julian Villareal
Matt Johns 281-494-2717, ext. 245                                     Anita Swoboda                  José Pineda
                                                                      María G. Ramírez               Dorothy Lund
                                                                      Patricia Richards              Terri Leong
Weekly Life Teen Happy Hour…                                          Fr. Robert G. Ritz             Fr. Roy Oggero
                                                                      Celso Rodríguez
Wed 7-8PM Emmaus Chapel
                                                                      James Rohrer
An Hour of Happiness with the Eucharist. With praise
                                                                      Tom Rush
and worship music, guided meditation, scripture, silent
time and more.
                                                                  Praying For The Departed…
                                                                  Lena Oltremari, Jack Lee, Carl Raia, Adele McMahon,
Life Teen Choir…                                                  Laddie Luljak, Juan Gómez-Hernández, Cesar Rubalcava,
Tuesday @ 7:30-9pm in the Choir Rehearsal Room.                   Valentina Morris, José C. Cruz, Carol A. Stoway,
All high school youth are welcome to sing with us Sun-            Courtney Sister, AnaMaría Velasquez, Richard Brown,
days at the 5:00pm Mass. Practice with us on Tuesdays!            Joaquin Mora, Frank Flores, José Méndez, Timothy
                                                                  Cheaney, Joyce Kram, Ma. del Pilar Zenteno, Regina
                                                                  Marshall, Jesus Perez, Patrick McNeal, Charles Brinson,
Summer YFLC Hours…                                                Jimmy Camacho, George Piña, Donald Burchfield, Sr.
Monday-Thursday: 1-6pm
Friday (Night Life) High School Only: 6-10pm
                                                                  Our Sympathy…
Night Life—Fun stuff all summer on Friday Nights.                 Please keep in your prayers John Burchfield and family for
                                                                  the loss of his father Donald Burchfield, Sr.
Softball—come help us defend our title as softball
champions. Sign up at the YFLC!!!

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St. Theresa Catholic Church

Daily Readings for the Week…                                        Weekly Calendar…

              July 9 through July 15, 2007                          Monday, July 9
Monday: Gn 28:10-22a; Mt 9:18-26                                    • 10:00 a.m. Grupo de Oración Prayer Mtg., Church
Tuesday: Gn 32:23-33; Mt 9:32-38                                    •   7:00 p.m. Homebuilders Bible Study, FLC-A
Wednesday: Gn 41:55-57; 42:5-7a, 17-24a; Mt 10:1-7                  •   7:00 p.m. Pastoral Council Meeting,
Thursday: Gn 44:18-21, 23b-29; 45:1-5; Mt 10:7-15                                  (Parish Ofc. Conference Room)
Friday: Gn 46:1-7, 28-30; Mt 10:16-23                               Tuesday, July 10
Saturday: Gn 49:29-32; 50:15-26a; Mt 10:24-33                       • 10:00 a.m. Women’s Morning of Recollection,
Sunday: Dt 30:10-14; Ps 69 or 19; Col 1:15-20; Lk 10:25-37]                        (Daily Chapel)
                                                                    •   7:00 p.m. Quinceañera Workshop, Rooms 11 & 12
                   Readings for                                     •   7:00 p.m. Holy Trinity Prayer Mtg., Daily Chapel
        Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time                          •   7:00 p.m. Life Teen Choir - Choir Room
                                                                    •   7:00 p.m. Legion of Mary Spanish, Room 9
                     Isaiah 66:10-14c                               •   7:00 p.m. Natural Family Planning Mtg., FLC-B
                         Psalm 66                                    Wednesday, July 11
                    Galatians 6:14-18                               •   6:45 a.m. Men’s Prayer Breakfast, FLC-A
                   Luke 10:1-12, 17-20
                                                                    •   9:00 a.m. Small Christian Community, FLC-A
                                                                    •   7:00 p.m. RCIA Inquiry, FLC-A
                                                                    •   7:00 p.m. Grupo Carismático de Oración, Chapel
                                                                    Thursday, July 12
Lecturas de la Semana                                               •   4:00 p.m. 2007 Ladies Retreat Mtg., CCE Conf. Rm
              9 de Julio—15 de Julio                                •   7:00 p.m. Thursday Night at the Movies, CC
                                                                    •   7:00 p.m. Carmelite Class, Rooms 11 & 12
Lunes: Gn 28:10-22a; Mt 9:18-26                                     •   7:00 p.m. Guadalupanas - Rosary, Daily Chapel
Martes: Gn 32:23-33; Mt 9:32-38                                     Friday, July 13
Miércoles: Gn 41:55-57; 42:5-7a, 17-24a; Mt 10:1-7                  •   7:00 p.m. Life Teen Night Life, Gym & FLC
Jueves: Gn 44:18-21, 23b-29; 45:1-5; Mt 10:7-15
                                                                    Saturday, July 14
Viernes: Gn 46:1-7, 28-30; Mt 10:16-23
Sábado: Gn 49:29-32; 50:15-26a; Mt 10:24-33                         •   9:00 a.m. Helping Hands Seminar:
Domingo: Dt 30:10-14; Sal 69 (68) o 19 (18);                                       Living with Diabetes, CC
Col 1:15-20; Lc 10:25-37                                            Sunday, July 15
                                                                    •   9:45 a.m. R.C.I.A.– Catechumen sessions, FLC
                                                                    • 3:00 p.m. JCDA Mtg., FLC-A
                Lecturas Del
  Decimocuarto Domingo del Tiempo Ordinario                         Websites…
                     Isaías 66:10-14c                                         Archdiocese of Galveston Houston
                         Salmo 66                                          
                     Gálatas 6:14-18                                             St. Theresa Catholic Church
                   Lucas 10:1-12, 17-20                             
                                                                                  Travelers’ Mass Schedule

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