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Traditional market could be already displaced by a convenient supermarket or online store that practical. However, in some parts of the world, these markets persist, even become one of the interesting sights for tourists.

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									  Traditional Market That Still Popular
Traditional market could be already displaced by a convenient supermarket or
online store that practical. However, in some parts of the world, these markets
persist, even become one of the interesting sights for tourists. What makes these
markets so appealing and unique?

One of the thrills of a traditional market is a populist mood. Visitors can freely
walk down the market, looking for items they want, while mingling with the scent
of a typical market.

Beyond that, these markets have the following unique advantages, whether the
goods sold and their selling locations. Here are the six most unique markets spread
across Asia to Europe.

Spider Market, Cambodia

You must have guessed what products are sold in markets located in the city this
Skuon. Yes, the market is also known by the name of this Spiderville indeed sell
any snack or snack from a spider.

Amazingly, a snack sold spider is a tarantula spider species in the amount palm-
sized adults. This snack is sold in its entirety. So, maybe just a lot of horror if it
will eat it.

What kind of flavor snack spider? Many are called, crunchy. Some are describing
it as a blend of chicken and fish. It was also diverse, there are neutral to the spicy.

To be sure, if you eat the head and body, you will see a kind of white flesh hidden
between these body parts. Spider snacks can also be found in cheap hotels in
Cambodia. The legend says that Cambodian people used to eat the spider when the
Khmer Rouge control of the territory and food intake to be minimal.

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, Thailand
Floating market is a bit similar to the floating market in Borneo. Damnoen Saduak
sell various kinds of vegetables and fruits such as oranges, papaya, peppers, until
the onions.

Interesting experience to be gained if the visitors hire a boat to go across the river.
The boat is available in the form of a paddle boat or boat engine. Visitors can come
into this market from 08:00 to 23:00 o'clock. While the location itself is around
109 km or two hours from Bangkok.

The Saint-Ouen Flea Market, France
Flea market in Paris is becoming the world's largest flea market. The extent of 7
acres and consists of 2,000 booths and shops. In this market sold a variety of
antiques ranging from furniture, books, jewelry, military equipment,
archaeological items, to the tools of science are hard to find.

Once the extent of the market and so many items that are sold to this market will
be full of visitors in the evening. Saint-Ouen flea market began in 1870.

After the war, the merchants who had fled to Paris to build a market-Ouen
loakSaint. After World War I ended, the market is growing with the number of
sellers and buyers. At that moment, the market expanded to land as it is now. first

The Grand Bazaar, Turkey

The market is located in Istanbul is one of the oldest and largest in the world.
Another uniqueness, this market has a shape like a giant maze, which means that
visitors can get lost when traveling market.

Just imagine, The Grand Bazaar has 58 corridor, 4,400 shops, and visited by about
250,000 to 400,000 people every day. So, do not imagine how big and noisy

But the fun, all kinds of goods in this market can be negotiable. Goods sold include
jackets, jewelry, ceramics, carpets, spices up the kitchen.

The Grand Bazaar was opened in 1461. Construction began construction in 1455
on the orders of Sultan Mohammed II. In the 16th century during the reign of
Sultan Suleiman, the market expanded. Then in 1894, The Grand Bazaar renovated
by the earthquake.

Sonora Witchcraft Market, Bolivia

This is not just any market the market. Because the traders in the Sonora
Witchcraft is the shaman, voodoo practitioners, to a witch. Goods sold is certain
medicines for common diseases until the disease for black magic.

Not surprisingly, the drug being sold as well shocking. They could sell rattlesnake
skins, dried lizards, human bones, iguanas are still alive, until the frog. Horrible,
maybe. But certainly, the market is becoming the most attractive market for
foreign tourists visited.

These markets also sell tarot cards and a book of witchcraft. While the disease can
be cured in this market is to start from bronchitis, reduce or gain weight, to
overcome fears or paranoia about something. Visitors can also try to cast a spell to
bind a partner or loved one who has to go back.

Maeklong Market, Thailand

Maeklong Market in Bangkok could be a picture of the market in developing
countries. Why not? Market place is very close to the railway. In fact, not
infrequently also held the right merchandise at the rail. Yet every day the trains
back and forth in place for eight times.

Because the Thai government has no policy to move the location of the market,
then the scene at Market Maeklong also be unique, at least for foreigners who are
visiting Bangkok.

Tips for a visit to this market, be careful of the trains that come when you're
shopping. Although so far no means an accident, but precautions should still be

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