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									All in motion: Automated logistics by TGW

What do companies such as Adidas, Airbus, Audi, Bentley, Bertelsmann, Coca Cola, Esprit,
Munich Airport, H&M, Hilti, Jack Wolfskin and Roche have in common? All of them work with
equipment, software and know-how of the conveyor and storage specialist TGW from Wels.
TGW Logistics Group is a worldwide leading system supplier of automated materials
handling solutions. Materials handling includes the organisation of internal material flows.
TGW optimises storage, production, picking and the distribution of those material flows in
industry and retail companies and therefore, increases efficiency and profitability.

TGW Logistics prepares for further growth

The headquarters of conveyor and storage specialist TGW are situated in Wels/Upper
Austria. The company was founded in 1969 and started off with 10 employees. Today, the
family enterprise with almost 950 employees is one of the biggest employers in the region.
Worldwide, about 1,500 people work in 14 entities in Europe, North America, South America
and Asia. TGW Logistics Group is owned 100 % by the TGW Future Private Foundation. The
company strongly aims at growth: In 2011, an entity in Istanbul/Turkey was founded, in Sao
Paolo/Brazil a partnership was started. In 2012 Representation Offices in Shanghai/China, in
Hobo/Denmark and in Rotkreuz/Switzerland were added. The export rate of TGW is over 95
%. The most important market is Germany. Despite the international visions, TGW commits
to the site in Wels. Already in 2013, the site will be expanded considerably. Until 2015, the
number of employees at the central site should be increased by 200 to 1050.

Conveyor and storage logistics, so that everything runs like clockwork

TGW’s customer list reads like the who-is-who from retail, industry and pharma: Adidas,
Airbus Germany, Audi, Bentley, Bertelsmann, Coca Cola, Esprit, H&M, Hilti, Jack Wolfskin,
Kärcher, Roche, Weltbild and many more rely on TGW’s specialist conveyor and storage

The revenues of the TGW Group generated in the year 2011/12 amounts to 362.3 million
Euros (451.4 million US$), representing an 22% increase compared to the previous year.
The earnings before interests, taxes and amortisation (EBITA) achieved in the past financial
year amounts to 19.7 million Euros (24.5 million US$) or 5.4% of the revenue respectively.

Green Logistics saves presence and future

Responsibility and sustainability for the environment, the company and the people is
represented at TGW in the key word „Green Logistics“. With this, TGW describes its
philosophy for excellent efficiency and sustainable logistics solutions. Resource conservation
is achieved by the reuse of materials as technical nutrients and by intelligent use of
components. Professional energy efficiency accompanies a complete projects in its whole
process cycle. In the end, energy costs and resources can be saved massively. TGW takes
its responsibility for the environment seriously – for the present and future generations.

Wels, June 2012

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facts & figures der TGW Logistic Group

TGW Logistics Group GmbH
Revenues 2011/12                              362,300 (TEUR)
EBIT                                          19,700 (TEUR)
Number of worldwide employees                 1,500
Number of employees at Wels/OÖ                950
International presence                        14 countries

TGW’s markets and their revenue percentages

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