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									Mr. Binder – 7th Grade Science                                                   PGMS – 2011-12

                  Darwin’s Voyage through Google Earth
Project Scenario and Objective
You have been chosen to prepare and deliver a scientific talk, using Google Earth as your
main presentation software. The topic is that of Darwin’s famous 1835 voyage aboard the
HMS Beagle. Your job will be to use Google Earth to trace Darwin's journey across the world.
You will create a minimum of 5 placemarks, including Darwin's last stop and his stop at the
Galapagos Islands.

Project Expectations
You will identify at least 5 stops on Darwin's famous worldwide journey. You will learn to use
Google Earth as a tool for recreated Darwin’s journey. Most importantly, your tour must
include Darwin’s famous stop at the Galapagos Island with some of his key observations of
the animals he encountered (finches, tortoises, iguanas, etc).
      Two of the stops MUST include his last stop as well as the Galapagos Islands.
      You also will record their Google Earth trips as tours, including narration (10 points)
      And you will include a written summary of Darwin’s theory of Evolution by Natural
       Selection – typed, 12 point font (15 points)
Each Stop must contain the following information:
    Major findings and scientific observations made at the site : 2-3 minimum (4 points)
    Latitude and Longitude at each stopping site. (2 points)
    Image (or video): At least 1 at each stopping site (4 points)
Total Points Possible:
    10 pts per stopping site (x5) = 50 pts
    Narration = 10 pts
    Evolution Summary Page = 15 pts
    75 points total
Project Due Date: ____________________

Work Flow/Procedure
Each step below will be demonstrated and explained in class. Use the space between each
step to take notes as needed.
Step 1: Open Google Earth

Step 3: Create a folder

Step 4: Add placemarks to folder
Mr. Binder – 7th Grade Science                                               PGMS – 2011-12

Step 5: Add images / videos to placemarks (use proper citations)

Step 6: Create tour w/ narration

Step 7: Save tour to your thumdrive and “On the Cloud” (if you can)

Step 8: Write your Evolution by Natural Selection Summary

Project Resources
Darwin's Journey Links:




Guide to Using Google Earth

Also see the Project Page at: http://binder-science.wkispaces.com for more information.

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