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									The Best Time to Post to Twitter Or Facebook
You cannot simply post whatever you like on your company social media page;
you need to consider which appropriate article you can post on Word Press,
statuses on Facebook, links and tweets to Twitter and photos on Pinterest.

And aside from knowing what appropriate posts to publish on these social
networks, another element that you need to get yourself familiarized with is the
correct time to post on these social sites. When you master the art of posting at the
most appropriate time or peak times on these social sites, you can help advertise
your business as most people will be on these social sites during these times.

A URL shortening service called bitly has shown studies on the best time of the
day to post on these social sites. It turned out that it depends on the social site since
each site has its own culture and patterns.


 And since most company sites who also have tapped into advertising through
social media sites like Twitter, you might as well get the best out of it for your
company site and posts. To get more traffic, retweets and reposts try posting in the
afternoon during the earlier days of the week. Similar to Facebook, weekend posts
show less traffic than updates posted in weekdays.


 If you want your Facebook post to go viral, the recommended time for posting is
between one o'clock in the afternoon and four o'clock in the afternoon, EST. And
since traffic declines after 4 o'clock in the afternoon, you might want to give
posting a rest. Bitly also found out that posting on weekdays gather more traffic
than posting on weekends.

Making use of these social media sites' platforms doesn't simply mean posting
updates through them. You need to be smart about manipulating these free sites for
your company's benefit. When you finally learn how to play the game, you can
have better chances of emerging as the winner!

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