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									                                COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA
                                    DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION
                               Bureau of Career and Technical Education
                                          333 Market Street
                                     Harrisburg, PA 17126-0333

                     Teacher Occupational Competency Assessment Program
                              The Structured Candidate Interview
                                 Information for the Candidate

Purpose:      The Structured Candidate Interview is administered to prospective Career and Technical
Education Teaching applicant in areas where there is neither industry certification nor a qualifying
examination such as the NOCTI. The applicant’s knowledge and skills of the vocational area are assessed
verbally via questions from a three-member panel. Questions are based on the expected content
knowledge of workers with a minimum of two years work experience. Teaching methods and pedagogy
are not assessed. Applicants are judged on their content knowledge. Successful applicants will become
candidates for teaching positions and will be enrolled in a teacher preparation program.

CIP Code: 26.1201       OCA Code & Title: #2580 Biological Technology

Program Description: An instructional program that focuses on the application of the biological
sciences, biochemistry and genetics in preparation of new and enhanced agricultural, environmental,
clinical and industrial products including the commercial exploitation of microbes, plants and animals.
This program may include instruction in bioinformatics, gene identification, phylogenetics and
comparative genomics, bioinorganic chemistry, immunoassaying, DNA sequencing, xenotransplantation,
genetic engineering, industrial microbiology, drug and biologic development, enzyme-based production
process, patent law and biotechnology management and marketing, applicable regulations and
biotechnology ethics.

Description of the Scoring Process
The Evaluators ask a series of questions related to the course content. The Scope of Questions table
below indicates the percentage of questions that will be asked within each content area. Each
candidate’s response is evaluated on a five-point scale that includes their ability to convey the responses
as defined below.
                5 = Extremely Knowledgeable, 4= Above Average Knowledge, 3 = Average Knowledge,
                2 = Below Average Knowledge, 1 = No Knowledge

An overall average rating of 3.0 or higher is required for a Passing Decision on the Structured Candidate

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Scope of Questions

 Percent of                                        Content Area
   10%        Safety
   10%        Laboratory Management
   20%        Documentation
   15%        Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC)
   15%        Technical Knowledge
   15%        Technical Communication
   15%        Basic Scientific Literacy

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