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 We live in a world where Success is measured in terms of money, relationships are made on
properties. Rich become richer, poor become poorer is an old saying. Misfortune of Kingfisher
airlines, Termination of Deccan Charges from IPL, and few big shots facing trouble set an
example for the quote " Even wealth can turn you poor in few events". Who are to be blamed,
the policies? or the entrepreneurs who endorse on risky businesses? I wonder what are the
criterion's considered while suggesting them, if a policy is aiding 2% of total population then
what good is it?

                             Right ways still fetch you right results.

Earlier this year RBI expressed focus on manufacturing sectors is need to achieve GDP growth
above 6.5pc.

With recent power cuts, its tough time for industries in AP to meet the demand in the market.
Labor lose their work during these times, more over they tend to settle for other alternatives. Rs
257 crore loss per day because of power cuts speaks for it self. Scarce electricity can be
converted to surplus by choosing the right alternatives such as solar panels. Much like Gujarat's
Solar park, Asia's largest solar power park power generation capacity of 600 MW. If we can't
use one source, there is always another source waiting for us to try it.

Hike on oil, power charges, cap on number of subsidized LPG, Sugar decontrol, are torturing the
backs of middle class. Farmers, the back bone of agricultural industries commit suicide as they
find their work worthless compared to expanses they put in. 12.36% service tax, Income tax,
house tax , water tax, take away the sweated money, huhhh, a day will come when they tax you
for breathing. Amusing that there are countries which are among head GDP but has zero
income tax from its citizens. United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, are few countries where
income tax is zero. Why can't that be in our country? If so the black money preserved in swiz
will return home where it belongs to our Indian banks. More money in our banks results less
interest rates and less money from over pockets. It could actually boost the growth of industries
resulting in employment and further in technology.

Recent Scams and misuse of public money by the government indicates as one strong reason
why tax should rollback. On an average it takes years to find the scam and ages to prove it,
meanwhile the damage is done.

Amendments of policies without procuring implementation knocks of the real reason behind it.

Millions of money claimed to be spent for reducing the gap between the rich and the poor, yet I
find the families who cannot afford a 3 day meal.

On the core level, money need not be served for those who haven't, it should not be taken from
the one who procured it. Still the good will and self respect prevails in the hearts of humans,
lets not spoil it for our own good.


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