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            outhern Decadence Grand Marshals XXXVIII TJ Conard and Pat
            McArdle join Cutter’s Bar Baron Mac McAll for the Southern Deca-
            dence Poster Signing fundraiser hosted at Cutter’s in New Orleans
raising over $300 for Belle Reve, the Official Charity of Southern Decadence 41.

                                                                                                h What A Drag’s Marc Anthoni presents Queen of the Night to Clinton
                                                                                                O. Parfait, aka Roxxi, during the 20th employee turnabout hosted by
                                                                                                the Bourbon Pub Parade in New Orleans. A portion of bar sales and
                                                                                   bartender’s tips benefited NO/AIDS Task Force’s Food For Friends program. The
                                                                                   total raised was not available at press time.

          he Master Batters and Baby Batters joined together to raise funds at
          700 Club in New Orleans to send both teams to the Gay World Series
          in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

              C Countess C. Alice joins Dragging With The Stars winner Bradley
              Morvant, 1st runner-up Tony Leggio (aka Antoinette Ella

              Chardonnay), and Tony’s mentor Dusty DeBris, during the Krewe                  ord King and Consort XXIX Ed Azemas and Jason Ashford reigned
of Petronius’ 2nd annual turnabout featuring the “magic birth of drag queens” at             over the Lords of Leather’s annual Luau hosted at Lion’s Inn in New
Michael’s On The Park in New Orleans. Funds raised benefit the krewe’s 52nd                  Orleans raising funds for the krewe’s 30th bal masque on February 10,
ball on January 19, 2013.                                                          2013.

                                                           Official Southern                   SouthernDecadence.COM
6 • The Official Mag: AmbushMag.COM • August 14-27, 2012 • Official Southern Decadence Guide • SouthernDecadence.COM
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  the "official" dish ...from 4
Hidden Treasures:
Historical Documents
Edition Aug. 27 & 29

           oin the Friends of the Cabildo
           as the Louisiana State
           Museum’s impressive His-
torical Documents Collection is opened
for an exclusive behind-the-scenes
viewing, August 27th & 29th. A collec-
tion of presenters including Louisiana
State Museum (LSM) Director of Col-
lections Greg Lambousy, New Orleans
Notarial Archives Projector Director
Howard Margot, LSM Curator for the           extremely limited.                The hope is for
Louisiana Historical Center Sarah-                To reserve your space, please con-    the video to “go viral” among the people
Elizabeth Gundlach, and others will          tact     Kaydee       Nenninger       at   who plan meetings and conventions.
provide a glimpse into one of America’s      504.523.3939.                                   “We are very excited for the pros-
greatest archives.                                Friends of the Cabildo is a private   pects of The Great Hall bringing new
     The Louisiana Historical Center,        non-profit volunteer group that pro-       convention visitors to New Orleans and
located at the Old U.S. Mint, opened in      vides financial and volunteer support      providing new options to our current
1977 and has served thousands of             for the Louisiana State Museum, its        base of business, said Center General
researchers from around the world. In        projects and its property. Since incor-    Manager Bob Johnson. “The project
addition to its priceless collection of      porating in 1956, the Friends of the       also includes a much needed new front
Colonial-era manuscripts and maps,           Cabildo has grown into a large state-      door providing our guests a better sense
the Center houses a wealth of primary        wide membership organization, a dy-        of arrival, with the improvements at the
and secondary source materials in a          namic and motivating force in broad-       Julia Street and Convention Boulevard
wide range of media. Areas that will be      ening and supporting the aims of the       intersection.”
focused by experts will include the          Louisiana State Museum.                         “The addition of a 60,000 square
Colonial Louisiana Records, manu-                                                       foot hotel-quality ballroom and
scripts, maps, music, newspapers,            610 Stompers Featured                      reconfiguration of the entryway at the
scrapbooks and more. The Historical                                                     convention center is the most impor-
                                             in Marketing Video                         tant upgrade to the New Orleans meet-
Center’s maps collection alone holds

                                                         he New Orleans dance           ings industry in years,” said Stephen
over 1,400 original maps, ranging from
                                                         krewe known as “The 610        Perry, President and CEO of the New
richly illustrated 16th and 17th century
                                                         Stompers” traded their         Orleans CVB.
views of the New World to a 1986 guide
                                             trademark red and blue 70’s inspired            “It fills a need in the event space
to K&B drugstore location in New Or-
                                             “uniforms” for hard hats, safety vests     inventory and provides a new tool with
leans. The Center’s records of the
                                             and jeans to play dancing construction
                                                                                                                                    4th Dykeadence Set
French Superior Council (1714-1769)                                                     which to attract conventions to the city.
                                             workers in a new video to market the       The 610 Stompers video is a creative        for Labor Day Weekend
and the Spanish Judiciary (1769-1803)

                                             New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Con-          marketing tool that blends our conven-                 he 4th annual Dykeadence,
are an invaluable primary source for
                                             vention Center’s 60,300 square foot        tion strengths and iconic New Orleans                  celebrated over Labor Day
researching Louisiana’s colonial his-
                                             column-free Great Hall Ballroom, cur-      culture,” Perry added.                                 weekend in New Orleans,
tory. These criminal and civil court docu-
                                             rently under construction. The video,           The 60,300 square foot, column-        joins Southern Decadence, one of the
ments record the social, political, and
                                             titled Dream Big, Think Easy, is a joint   free ballroom, slated to open in Janu-      largest gay celebrations in the world.
economic lives of free and enslaved
                                             effort between the New Orleans Ernest      ary 2013, will be christened “The Great     Since 2009, Dykeadence has orga-
Africans, native peoples, and Euro-
                                             N. Morial Convention Center and the        Hall” in reference to the Convention        nized safe, high quality queer South-
pean colonists.
                                             New Orleans Convention and Visitors        Center’s first use as the Great Hall of     ern Decadence events specifically for
     Hidden Treasures of the Louisi-
                                             Bureau to promote one of the most          the 1984 World’s Fair. In addition, a       women, trans people, people of color
ana State Museum: Historical Docu-
                                             exciting transformations of the con-       new front door will be constructed,         and friends. Organizer Sara Pic de-
ments Edition takes place Monday
                                             vention center in years.                   providing a grand “sense of arrival” that   scribes that she “saw the deep desire
and Wednesday, August 27th and 29th.
                                                  The video makes its social media      befits a Convention Center in one of        in our community to be a part of South-
Tours are at 5:30pm and 7pm at the
                                             debut via an e-blast to more than 25,000   the world’s most favored convention         ern Decadence. We were bystanders
Old U.S. Mint, located at 400 Espla-
                                             contacts, which will contain a link to a   destinations. Additional features of note   who simply wanted to get in on the
nade Avenue in the French Quarter.
                                             special microsite dedicated to promot-     will include a 4,660 sq.ft. junior ball-    debauchery of Decadence in a safe
Cost is $25 per person, or $20 for
                                             ing        the        Great        Hall,   room, complete with a 3,420 sq.ft. roof-    space for us.”
Friends of the Cabildo and Louisiana
                                   , with          top terrace, a 980 sq.ft. indoor balcony
Museum Foundation members. Res-
                                             direct access to the video here: http://   and a 5,700 sq.ft. executive club lounge.            [continued on 10]
ervations are required, and space is

                                                           Official Southern                   SouthernDecadence.COM
8 • The Official Mag: AmbushMag.COM • August 14-27, 2012 • Official Southern Decadence Guide • SouthernDecadence.COM
Gay EasterParade.COM • GayMardiGras.COM • GayNewOrleans.COM • August 14-27, 2012 • The Official Mag: AmbushMag.COM • 9
      real estate
Improvements Which Add Most
Value with Least Investment

                o, what home improvements add the most
                value, with the least investment? If you’re
                thinking about selling your home, this is a
reasonable question to ask. Even if you are not
thinking about selling right away, you might be won-
dering which improvements have the most impact
and offer a reasonable chance of recovering the cost,
without making a major investment.
      First, consider your home’s current paint and
wallpaper. If the walls are in bad shape, or the colors
and wallpaper are dated, fresh paint can add quite a
bit to your home’s value. Patch and sand to fill cracks,
cover holes, and remove any irregularities. Choose a
neutral color except for maybe a splash of color on
one wall, and break out the paint brushes. Doing the
job yourself makes this a low-cost improvement with
a huge impact.
      Our gay realtor experts consistently point to
kitchens and bathrooms as the improvements offer-
ing the best return on investment. Of course, they are
usually talking about big-ticket upgrades and remod-
eling. However, not all upgrades require a big invest-
      > If a total kitchen remodel is beyond your budget,                 the "official" dish ...from 8                         reported having multiple male partners
cabinets can be resurfaced or even a coat of paint                                                                              and habitual high-risk sexual practices.
                                                                   In 2009, at the first and only Dykeadence event, the club
with new hardware.                                                                                                              Most men found that their partners
                                                              was packed beyond capacity. Since then, more and more
      > Counters can be upgraded to stone which are                                                                             were willing to use the test before hav-
                                                              events joined the Dykeadence calendar and attendance has
sold by the square foot, if your kitchen is not very                                                                            ing sex. Ten tested individuals received
                                                              quadrupled. Even last year in 2011, in the midst of a tropical
large, or even new laminate at a few hundred dollars,                                                                           HIV-antibody positive results. Seven
                                                              storm, all of the events and parties still saw an increase in
replacing the counters might be reasonably inexpen-                                                                             were potential sexual partners, and
                                                              attendance from 2010. Dykeadence event organizers are
sive.                                                                                                                           three were acquaintances of the par-
                                                              confident this trend will continue, with many women traveling
      > If your kitchen or bath faucets leak or simply                                                                          ticipants; six of the ten were unaware
                                                              from cities as far away as Seattle and New York, as well as
look old, replacements can be inexpensive. Installing                                                                           of their status. No sexual intercourse
                                                              hundreds of women from across the South.
new faucets is relatively easy to do. With some                                                                                 took place after positive tests. Other
                                                                   Dykeadence 2012 features a pool party at a queer
additional effort, a bathroom vanity can be replaced.                                                                           participants reported that upon pro-
                                                              country club, a kinky costume party, drag king and queer
      For your home homes closets, there are a variety                                                                          posing use of the HIV home test to their
                                                              burlesque shows, and social mixers and other parties. The
of storage upgrades to make better use of the space                                                                             partners, those individuals disclosed
                                                              blow-out last party of the weekend is Fleurt by GrrlSpot,
including reasonably-priced closet organizers that                                                                              that they were HIV-positive, thereby
                                                              which throws one of the hottest monthly parties for women
are sold as ready-to-assemble units. Organized roomy                                                                            suggesting that the availability of the
                                                              and friends in New Orleans. GrrlSpot Director Christine
closets make a huge difference.                                                                                                 rapid-result home test could effectively
                                                              Johnson relays, “I’m very excited about Dykeadence this
      If your home has hardwood floors, have them                                                                               screen sexual partners.
                                                              year. We got a lot of great exposure for the women of
refinished to make them look “as good as new” (plan                                                                                  The idea of bypassing medical pro-
                                                              Southern Decadence last year and we’ve already grown
on about $1.50 per square foot for refinishing).                                                                                fessionals and testing for HIV in pri-
                                                              bigger and better for the upcoming year. GrrlSpot’s ‘Fleurt’
      In some cases, simple maintenance is an im-                                                                               vate—much as women can now do
                                                              was the largest (Dykeadence) event of the weekend and the
provement that adds value. Make the yard immacu-                                                                                with over-the-counter pregnancy
                                                              most successful ever for GrrlSpot - this year, we’re taking out
late: add mulch, pull weeds, and fertilize the grass.                                                                           tests—is likely to stir a vigorous debate
                                                              all the stops.”
Maintaining a nice yard does not have to be expen-                                                                              about possible advantages and disad-
sive and it adds curb appeal ~ it’s the first thing                                                                             vantages. The tests do not detect those
potential buyers see. Look at simple things like the          HIV Home Test Helps Identify High-                                in the initial, acute stage of infection
mailbox and entry light fixtures.                             Risk Partners Among Gay Men                                       that lasts for a few weeks, so a nega-
                                                                                                                                tive result could be misleading.

      Here is one suggestion for a home improvement                        ccording to a study released online, a rapid HIV
that has negative cost: get rid of things you no longer                    home test not only helps identify high-risk part-         Yet, “for men who are already hav-
need! Have a garage sale; let other people pay you to                      ners but also decreases gay men’s risk of con-       ing a high level of unprotected inter-
get rid of things, or donate them to charity; you know,       tracting HIV. The study, conducted by researchers at the HIV      course with multiple partners, access
practicing the law of circulation. Seriously, getting rid     Center at Columbia Psychiatry and the New York State              to a rapid HIV test that can be per-
of unnecessary items will make your home look                 Psychiatric Institute, is the second phase of a two-part          formed at home may prove to be a
bigger. Clutter and just “too much stuff” is the #1 issue     research project. In the first phase, researchers assessed        valuable harm-reduction tool,” said Alex
our gay realtors have to confront when listing a home.        participants’ willingness to use the home test to screen          Carballo-Diéguez, PhD, a clinical psy-
Less is better.                                               sexual partners. In this the study’s second phase, reported       chologist and the principal investiga-
      Of course the improvements that add the most            in the journal AIDS and Behavior, men were provided with          tor.
value with the least investment will be determined by         the actual test kits and allowed to use them with partners             The applications of this study go
the parts of your home that need help. When you               over a three-month period.                                        beyond the gay male community. Avail-
attack a problem area of your home, value is added.                The tests, which utilize an oral swab and detect antibod-    ability of an HIV home test is also
      If you need a professional opinion and guidance         ies for the virus, are now in use in testing clinics throughout   relevant for heterosexual individuals
about making improvements to your home, prior to listing      the country. It is similar to a test recently FDA-approved for    who engage in risky sexual behavior.
it for sale, one of the many professional gay realtors at                                                                            Visit for info.
                                                              public use and with an anticipated release date of October will be happy to provide you a free                                                                               This research was supported by a NIMH
consultation.                                                 2012.                                                             grant (R01-MH079692; PI, Alex Carballo-
      Author Jeff Hammerberg is the Founding CEO of                Twenty-seven participants, who identified as gay and         Diéguez, Ph.D.) and a NIMH center grant (P30-                                        ranging in age from 18 to 58, completed the study. They           MH43520; PI: Anke A. Ehrhardt, Ph.D.).

                                                            Official Southern                   SouthernDecadence.COM
10 • The Official Mag: AmbushMag.COM • August 14-27, 2012 • Official Southern Decadence Guide • SouthernDecadence.COM

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