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									Marketing your business

                rob davies
                consulting director
            oneononone communications
Getting our hands dirty

            • Understanding what your
              business is about

            • Understanding what
              consumers are looking for

            • Practical things to do for
              growth and retention
Setting out your stall

           • Fail to plan - plan to fail
Doing the hard miles

          •   Business objectives
          •   Business strategy
          •   Target clients
          •   SWOT
          •   Marketing objectives
          •   Marketing strategy
          •   What’s your hook?
          •   Single-minded
Online - the good, the bad
       and the ugly
             • Internet has huge
               influence but brokers still
               play a role

             • It won’t last long. Search
               dominates. Visibility is

             • Mortgages not well
               represented online
Where do mortgage shoppers shop?

                • 80% use web as
                  information source
                • 53% consult a broker
                • 49% start off wanting to
                  buy online
                • Reduces to 27% when
                  they realise how hard it

                Source: Foolproof, OSS 2007
Where do mortgage shoppers shop?

                • FTBs more likely to use
                  more channels for info
                • Experienced shoppers
                  more likely to see broker
                • 90% expect to use
                  search engine, 76% a
                  lender’s site
                • Only 25% expect to use
                  a broker’s site

                Source: Foolproof, OSS 2007
Search dominates
        Popular 1st search terms:
        • Mortgages
        • Cheap mortgages
        • Mortgage advice
        • Best mortgages
        • Mortgage deals
        • Mortgage companies

        Popular 2nd search terms:
        • First time buyers
        • Offset mortgages
        • Fixed rate mortgages

        Source: Foolproof, OSS 2007
“mortgage advice coventry” search
             Always opportunities

Search mis-spellings!
• Mortage
• Motgage
• Mortgagess
• Mortgage
...Morgageuk.com feeds off this

• Woolwhich

Source: Foolproof, OSS 2007
What do many sites offer?

             • List of products/types
             • Contact details
             • Data capture

             Well designed but...
Give ‘em what they want!
            One of three objectives:
            • What it will cost
            • How much can they
            • General information

            They want to research and
              arm themselves at their
              own pace and in their
              own way before engaging
              in dialogue

            Source: Foolproof, OSS 2007
Web checklist
       • Explanation of different
         types of mortgage
       • Comparison content
       • Affordability calculators
       • Homebuying and
         remortgaging processes
       • Fees and charges
       • Eligibility
       • Divorcees/widowed/what if?
       • Glossary/FAQs
       • SEO key words
       • Clear contact details
       • Avoid early data capture
Getting seen online
There are still opportunities
Mortgages are front page news

               Regional media
               • PF columns
               • Comment on market
               • Business pages and
               National press
               • Case studies
               Send copies to clients and
                 load onto site
Heard it on the radio

           • Not as much as you’d
           • Radio station will make
             ad for you
           • Think about who you are
           • Make sure the phones
             are manned!
Spread the word!

        • Make it easy for people
          to refer you
        • Links to accountants &
        • Appointment cards
        • Case studies
Keeping in touch

        • Moving in card
        • Anniversary card
        • Personal details update
        • Ideas for further loans
        • Advanced warning of
          deal end
        • Newsletter
        • Electronic or post
Supporting your community through
                 • Local leagues
                 • Art festivals
                 • Village and school
                 • SportsAid lunches

                 Whatever you do, PR it!
There is no magic formula!

             •   Test and learn
             •   Prioritise
             •   Bite-sized chunks
             •   Keep doing the hard
But if you get it right...
Never forget Roy’s words

            • Fail to plan - plan to fail
            • He’s watching you!
That’s all folks

        rob davies
        consulting director
        oneonone communications


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