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									           Regardless of which office or department
           you work in, a broad knowledge of county
           government enhances your opportunity to
           better serve the public ...

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                                  County Government is
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                    — 1 —
                              Table of Contents
                              County Mission, Vision, Values & Goals ........................... 3
                              County History ........................................................ 4
                              What is County Government? ...................................... 5
                              County Organizational Chart ....................................... 6
                              Maps of County Facilities ........................................... 7
                              What You Need to Know About Public Disclosure ............... 8

                              Council & Executive
                              County Council ................................................... 9-10
                              County Executive ...................................................11

                              Departments & Offices
                              Airport ..............................................................12
                              Assessor ..............................................................13
                              Auditor ..............................................................14
                              Board of Equalization ..............................................15
                              Boundary Review Board ............................................15
                              Clerk     ..............................................................16
                                  Superior Court ..................................................17
                                      Juvenile Division
                                  District Court ...................................................18
                                        Cascade Division, Arlington
                                        Everett Division, Courthouse
                                        Evergreen Division, Monroe
                                        South Division, Lynnwood
                              Emergency Management ...........................................19
                              Facilities Management .............................................20
                              Finance ..............................................................21
                              Hearing Examiner ...................................................22
                              Human Resources ...................................................23
Snohomish County 101 -        Human Services .....................................................24
Employee Guide to County      Information Services................................................25
                              Medical Examiner ...................................................26
Copies are available as       Performance Auditor ...............................................27
PDF files on the Emweb        Office of Public Defense ...........................................28
and G-Drive at Information    Parks & Recreation..................................................29
Services/Communications.      Planning & Development Services ................................30
For changes or additions,     Prosecuting Attorney ...............................................31
please contact Human          Public Works .................................................... 32-33
Resources at 425-388-3411.
                              Sheriff   .......................................................... 34-35
     Edition published 2011   Treasurer .............................................................36

                                               — 2 —
Snohomish County

         Mission                                 Goals
         Enhancing the quality of life for        Enhance customer service.
         present and future generations.          Promote partnerships.
         Vision                                   Demonstrate management
                                                   practices that generate trust
         Snohomish County consistently
                                                   and confidence in Snohomish
         seeks to make our county the best
         it can be. Our hallmark is equitable
         and quality services delivered by        Work to streamline
         creative and caring employees.            government.
         Each of us is proud of our role on       Strive to create a positive
         behalf of the citizens of Snohomish       climate for diversity in our
         County and we continually work            workplace for all of our
         hard to earn their respect and            customers and for all of
         confidence.                               our employees.
                                                  Deliver all services cost
         Values                                    effectively and efficiently.
         In fulfilling this mission, we commit
                                                  Develop and implement
         to the following core values:
                                                   an economic development
            Partnership                           strategy that promotes
            Accountability                        job growth to enhance the
            Respect                               economic well-being of our
            Integrity                             citizens.

                                    — 3 —
County Government History
In 1853 the federal government             Snohomish County there are also           Tribes (Marysville), the Stillaguamish
divided the Oregon Territory and           three sovereign Native American           Tribe (Arlington) and the Sauk-
created Washington Territory,              Tribal governments: the Tulalip           Suiattle Tribe (Darrington).
consisting originally of eight
counties: Island, Pierce, King,
Jefferson, Thurston, Clark, Pacific
and Lewis. The population of the
new territory was 3,965 settlers
and an estimated 20,000 Native
The immigrant settlement of
Washington Territory continued
to push north along Puget Sound,
encouraged by the discovery of
gold fields along the Fraser River
in Canada, coal at Bellingham and
the development of the timber
industry. As communities began to
develop, better local representation
and control were demanded. With            1892: Native Americans on the Snohomish River at Spithill’s Wharf at the
an immigrant population of only 44,        east end of California Ave. in Everett. Photo courtesy Everett Public Library
and a Native American population of
about 1,500, Snohomish County was
created on January 14, 1861.                Quick County Facts
On November 11, 1889, Washington
was admitted to the Union,                   County Budget
becoming the 42nd state. The                2007 Consolidated Budget: $713,942,295
new state constitution provided
                                            2007 Approved FTEs: 2986.150
for a three-commissioner form of
government for counties, with each
                                             Population               2000      2006          Geography
commissioner elected to represent
                                             Snohomish County         606,024   671,800*      Size:
a district of equal population. The
county commissioners served in               Everett                  91,488    101,100       2,089.1 square miles
administrative, legislative and quasi-       Edmonds                  39,544    40,360        (larger than Rhode Island)
judicial roles.                              Lynnwood                 33,847    35,230
                                                                                              Highest point:
Residents of Snohomish County                Marysville               25,315    32,150
approved a home rule county                  Mountlake Terrace        20,362    20,390
                                                                                              Glacier Peak - 10,539 feet
charter in 1979. The three-
commisioner system was replaced by          * Snohomish County’s population exceeds those of Alaska,
a separately elected administrator            North Dakota, Vermont or Wyoming.
(the County Executive) and a five-
member legislative body (the County          State County Population Growth Comparison
Council).                                                 1990         2000        Percent Change     Percent Change
                                                          Census       Census      1990 to 2000       2000 to 2006
County government is one of many
forms of local government found              King         1,507,305    1,737,034       15.2%            5.7%
within Washington. Other local               Pierce       586,203      700,820         19.6%            10.2%
government entities include cities           Snohomish    465,628      606,024         30.2%            10.9%
and towns, and school, hospital,             Kitsap       189,731      231,969         22.3             4.8%
utility, port, fire, water, sewer, park,
drainage and diking districts. Within

                                                          — 4 —
What is County Government?
County Responsibilities
County government implements state laws on the local level, and provides
                                                                                                  Preamble to the
both regional and local services. Regional countywide services include
prosecution, courts, jails, medical examiner services, voter registration,                        Snohomish County
elections, recording, licensing, property assessment and tax collection.                          Charter — May 1, 1980
The county also maintains regional facilities such as parks, the fairgrounds                      We, the citizens of
and the county airport (Paine Field). Local services that are provided only                       Snohomish County, in order
in unincorporated areas include police, roads, storm water control and                            to secure the benefits
building/development regulation.
                                                                                                  of home rule; encourage
Snohomish County’s Government Structure                                                           citizen participation
                                                                                                  in county government;
There are three branches of county government, just as there are three
branches in the state and federal governments — Legislative, Executive and
                                                                                                  separate the executive
Judicial.                                                                                         and legislative powers;
                                                                                                  provide for a responsible
The Snohomish County Charter (the county “Constitution”) assigns
                                                                                                  and responsive county
legislative responsibilities to elected County Council members; executive or
administrative duties to an elected County Executive; and judicial functions                      government, do hereby
to elected Superior and District Court judges.                                                    adopt this charter.
In addition, the charter provides for five independently elected officials
with departmental responsibilities within the Executive branch — Assessor,
Auditor, Clerk, Sheriff, and Treasurer.
Executive branch divisions are called “offices” when headed by an elected
official and “departments” when headed by an appointed official.

              County collects everyone’s property taxes, but
          ONLY 13.94% is retained for county government services
                                                                                       This exhibit shows the portion of property
                                                                                       tax dollars different governmental entities
                                                                                       Snohomish County receives 13.94%,
                                                                                       broken into two parts:
                                                                                       1.) A 8.11% share paid by all County
                                                                                       residents. This finances regional services
                                                                                       such as the court system, jail, prosecutors,
                                                                                       elections, treasurer, county administration,
                                                                                       medical examiner, and regional parks.
                                                                                       2.) A 5.83% share paid by residents who
                               p s 6%

                           R s3 %
                               ar 1. %

                                   ds 8%



                                   ie 10
                           br s 0

                         H Po 0.0

                         Li ital 0.5

                              oa .0


                                                                                       live in unincorporated areas of the County



                          os rt





                                                                                       for repair, maintenance, and construction of









                                                                                       roads, bridges, and other forms of surface





       *The distribution of property taxes varies widely depending on which local taxing districts affect a piece of property,
        what local voter-approved measures may apply and if the property is/is not located in an incorporated city/town.

                                                                     — 5 —
                             Snohomish County Organizational Chart

                                    Voters of Snohomish County

Legislative Branch
                                                         Executive Branch                                            Judicial Branch
 County Council
      Dave Gossett
                                                         County Executive
       John Koster                                            Aaron Reardon
   Dave Somers, Chair
Brian Sullivan, Vice-Chair
    Stephanie Wright                                                                                                   District Court
                                                           Deputy Executive                                             Presiding Judge
                                                            Gary Haakenson
                                                                                        Superior Court
                                                                                         Juvenile Services                 Tam T. Bui
     Chief of Staff                                       Executive Directors
                                                              Peter Camp                  Presiding Judge
    Marcia Isenberg
                                                              Brian Parry                   Ellen J. Fair
   Hearing Examiner                                                                                                    Paulette N. Revoir
      Millie Judge                                                                         Administrator
                                                                                           Bob Terwilliger
                                                                                                                       Cascade Division
 Performance Auditor                                                                                                  Judge Jay F. Wisman
                                                                                                                       Commissioner Paul

                                                                                                                       Everett Division
                                                                                                                     Judge Roger M. Fisher
                                                                                                                        Judge Tam Bui
          Assessor                              Airport                       Human Services
       Cindy Portmann                       David Waggoner                      Ken Stark

                                                                                                                       Evergreen Division
                                                                                                                      Judge Steven Clough
                                         Boundary Rev. Board                    Information                            Judge Patricia Lyon
                                         Board of Equalization                    Services
       Carolyn Weikel
                                           Marsha Carlsen                      Gage Andrews

                                                                                                                        South Division
                                                                                                                     Judge Timothy P. Ryan
           Clerk                           Emergency Mgmt.                Medical Examiner                           Judge Carol A. McRae
        Sonya Kraski                        John Pennington              Norman Thiersch MD                         Judge Jeffrey D. Goodwin

        Prosecuting                                                             Parks and             Superior Court
                                        Facilities Management
         Attorney                                                               Recreation            Judge George F.B. Appel
                                            Mark Thunberg
         Mark Roe                                                               Tom Teigen            Judge George N. Bowden
                                                                                                      Judge Ronald L. Castleberry
                                                                                                      Judge Kenneth L. Cowsert
                                                                           Planning and               Judge Michael T. Downes
           Sheriff                             Finance                                                Judge Ellen J. Fair
                                                                         Development Svcs
         John Lovick                        Roger Neumaier                                            Judge Anita L. Farris
                                                                            Clay White
                                                                                                      Judge Linda C. Krese
                                                                                                      Judge David A. Kurtz
                                                                                                      Judge Eric Z. Lucas
         Treasurer                        Human Resources                                             Judge Larry E. McKeeman
                                                                              Public Defense          Judge Richard T. Okrent
        Kirke Sievers                      Bridget Clawson                    Elizabeth Fraser        Judge Bruce I. Weiss
                                                                                                      Judge Joseph P. Wilson
                                                                                                      Judge Thomas J. Wynne

                                                                               Public Works           Court Commissioners
                        Blue Box Indicates Elected Position                                           Arden J. Bedle
                                                                              Steve Thomsen
                                                                                                      Jacalyn D. Brudvik
                                                                                                      Susan C. Gaer
                                                                  2011                                Lester H. Stewart
                                                                                                      Tracy G. Waggoner
                                                                 — 6 —
                                          Downtown Everett
                                          County Facilities

A Robert J. Drewel Bldg
       (admin east)
     1st & 2nd Floors
     Board of Equalization
     Boundary Review Board
            Jackson Board Room
     Facilities Mgmt, Purchasing
     Hearing Examiner
     Human Services
     Information Services
     Planning & Development Srvs
     Prosecutor: Admin, Civil,
         Family Support Unit
     Public Works, Engineering
     Superior Court: Family Court

B Administration WEST
     Auditor: Admin, Elections
                                          D Mission Bldg                     J Wall St Bldg
                                             Clerk                                 Everett City Hall
     Human Resources
                                             Prosecutor: Felony              M Dawson Place
     Human Services
                                             Superior Court                       Child Advocacy Center
     InfoServ, Print Shop & Mail Room
     Planning & Development Srvs: Admin   E Bethany Annex                    O Denney Juvenile
     Public Works: Admin, SWM & SW           Auditor: Tabulation Center           Justice Center
                                                                                   Juvenile Services
C Courthouse                              F Records Bldg
                                             Information Services: Records         Clerk
     Clerk: Jury Srvs, Court Srvs
     DIS - Imaging                           Sheriff: Evidence Control       Q    Everett Police Dept
     Everett Division Dist Court          G County Jail                      R    Everett Municipal Court
     Law Library                             Corrections                     T	   Post	Office
	   	 Office	of	Public	Defense               Work Release
                                                                             U    Health District
                                          H Carnegie Bldg
     Superior Court

                                                              — 7 —
What You Need to Know About Public Disclosure
Snohomish County believes government should be              Public Records Director
transparent, accountable, and responsive; and the           and Departmental Specialists
prompt and complete release of all legally disclosable
county public records is key to fulfilling these goals      The Information Services department director is the
Many but not all county documents are “public records”      county’s Public Records Officer, and serves as the
and anyone can review a public record at no cost (or        primary point of contact for members of the public
purchase copies at 25¢ a page) by contacting the county     requesting the disclosure of public records.
office or department that holds the record. Many of the
                                                            The County Executive, department directors and
these public records are available on Snohomish County
                                                            elected officials also appoint Public Record Specialists
Web sites. County staff are committed to helping people
                                                            who have charge of the public records in the custody or
locate the documents they need.
                                                            control of their respective departments.
Access to public records is provided in compliance
with applicable state and county laws — see the Public      Public Record Specialists are responsible for the rules
Records section of the Revised Code of Washington,          and regulations regarding release of public records, and
Chapters 42.56.001 through 42.56.903 and Chapter 2.51       ensure compliance and cooperation of staff with the
of Snohomish County Code.                                   records disclosure requirements of the law.

       Your Public Disclosure Responsibilities as a County Employee
       While almost all public records disclosure requests are directed to and handled by the county’s
       trained corps of Public Records Specialists, any county employee could be the original recipient of
       such requests. Here’s what to do and not to do:
            Know the name of your department’s Public Records Specialist.
            Immediately forward all requests for public records (verbally or in writing/e-mail) to your
             Public Records Specialist.
            Do not release any information without departmental authorization.
       Further information regarding department forms, policies and guidelines can be obtained through
       your department’s Public Records Specialist.

                                      Public Records Contact List
       The list of all departmental Public Records Specialists can be found on the county Internet or Emweb
       by entering “Public Records Contact List” into the SEARCH box.

What Are Public Records?
The most commonly sought Snohomish County public            and every other means of recording any form of
records are copies of birth, death, marriage and divorce    communication or representation, including, but not
certificates, but a “public record” is any writing          limited to, letters, words, pictures, sounds, or symbols,
containing information relating to the conduct of           or combination thereof, and all papers, maps, magnet
government or the performance of any governmental or        or paper tapes, photographic films and prints, motion
proprietary function prepared, owned, used, or retained     picture, file and video recordings, magnetic or punched
by any state or local agency regardless of physical form    cards, discs, drums, diskettes, sound recordings, and
or characteristics.                                         other documents including existing data compilations
For purposes of public disclosure, “writing” means          from which information may be obtained or translated
handwriting, typewriting, printing, photographing,          (including electronic records and e-mails).

                                                         — 8 —
County Council
The County Council is the county’s       Acts in a quasi-judicial capacity
equivalent of a Legislature or               on appeals of land use issues.    Branch .......Legislative
House of Representatives, setting        Conducts public hearings and         Location .....8th floor
the tone and direction for county            meetings.                                Robert J. Drewel Bldg
government through the adoption of       Reviews, amends and adopts the       Phone ........425-388-3494
ordinances, motions and resolutions.         county budget.
The Council also acts somewhat                                                 Employees 24
                                         Confirms members to most
like an appeals court in ruling on
                                             boards and commissions.
numerous land use issues (it’s called
a “quasi-judicial” function). Most       Represents the county on                 Council Members
importantly, Council members are             regional and state boards and
the elected representatives of the           commissions.
citizens of Snohomish County and        The Council holds most of its                          John Koster
are responsible for articulating        meetings and hearings in the Henry                      District 1
the needs and desires of 686,300        M. Jackson Board Room, located                          Arlington
people.                                 on the eighth floor of the Robert J.
                                        Drewel Building. The board room
The County Council is composed
                                        is named for the late Henry M.
of five members, each nominated
                                        Jackson, former US Senator and a
and elected to a four-year term
                                        native of Everett.
from a separate district of equal
population. Council positions are                                                              Brian Sullivan
partisan, with candidates filing for
                                                                                                 District 2
office as political party members
(Republican, Democrat, Reform,
etc.) or as an “Independent.”
The Council:
 Establishes policies that set the
  direction for the operation of
  County government.                                                                         Stephanie Wright
 Adopts ordinances, motions and                                                                District 3
  resolutions.                                                                                  Edmonds
 Levies taxes and appropriates
 Establishes or reorganizes
  government offices.
 Adopts comprehensive land use                                                                Dave Gossett
                                                                                                 District 4

                                                                                               Dave Somers
                                                                                                District 5

                                               — 9 —
County Council Districts

                — 10 —
County Executive                                                                  Facts
                                                                                  Branch .......Executive
The County Executive is responsible      Prepares and presents to
                                                                                  Location .....6th floor
for the day-to-day operation of           citizens and to the Council
county government, which includes         comprehensive plans, including
                                                                                  ................Admin WEST
working cooperatively with the            capital improvement plans for           Phone ........425-388-3460
County Council, the elected judges        present and future development          Employees 17
and with the independently-elected        within the county.
officials who manage six of the          Nominates citizen members of
county’s 24 departments: the              county boards and commissions.
Assessor, Auditor, Clerk, Prosecutor,                                                                  Aaron
                                         Maintains collaborative
Sheriff and Treasurer.                                                                                Reardon
                                          government relations with other
The County Executive, a partisan          elected county officials including                          Executive
position elected countywide to a          the Assessor, Auditor, Clerk,
four-year term of office, provides        County Council, Prosecutor,
executive leadership to Snohomish         Sheriff, Treasurer, and Judicial
County Government.                        Services: District Court, Superior
The County Executive:                     Court Juvenile Court and the           Aaron Reardon was elected
                                          Law Library.                            to his first term in November
 Provides county government
  leadership ensuring effective,         Administers interjurisdictional         2003 and took office on
  efficient, and economical               agency agreements for Enhanced          January 1, 2004
  administration in accordance            911 services, the Health District      He was elected to serve
  with the County Charter, the            and the Public Facilities District.     a second term as County
  Washington State Constitution,        The Executive often lobbies the           Executive in November 2007.
  and other applicable federal,         State and Federal governments to          He is Snohomish County’s
  state, and local laws, as well        secure support for county programs,       third elected County
  as County Council policy and          and also serves in leadership roles       Executive
  Executive branch initiative.          on regional boards and commissions,
 Supervises the executive              such as Sound Transit and the Puget
  department of County                  Sound Regional Council.
  government including the              Prior to his election, County           committee responsibilities included
  Airport, Board of Equalization,       Executive Aaron Reardon served          Financial Services, Insurance and
  Corrections, Emergency                for five years in the Washington        Housing, Government Operations
  Management, Facilities                State Legislature, most recently        and Elections, and Ranking Member
  Management, Finance, Human            as a Senator and, prior to that,        on Technology and Communications.
  Resources, Human Services,            as a member of the House of             During his tenure in the state
  Information Services, Medical         Representatives, representing the       legislature, Reardon gained
  Examiner, Office of Public            38th Legislative District.              national recognition for his work
  Defense, Parks and Recreation,        During his tenure in state              on government accountability,
  Planning and Development, and         government, Reardon worked              public safety and urban renewal.
  Public Works.                         to bring businesses and jobs to         His leadership ability and consensus
 Presents an annual statement          Washington, earning him the chair of    approach to problem solving has
  of governmental affairs of the        the House Committee on Economic         earned him special appointments
  County to citizens and to the         Competitiveness in 2002. Reardon        to the Democratic Leadership
  Council.                              also represented the Washington         Council, the Washington Economic
                                        men and women in the armed              Development Finance Authority, the
 Prepares and proposes the             services as a member of the Joint       Western Congress of States and the
  annual County budget to citizens      Select Committee on Military            Pacific Northwest Regional Economic
  and to the Council.                   and Veterans’ Affairs. His other        Council.

                                                      — 11 —
Airport                                                                             Facts
                                                                                    Branch .......Executive
The Snohomish County Airport,             With industrial land at a premium         Location .....Paine Field
more commonly known as Paine              and the airport having over 200           Phone ........425-388 5125
Field, is located just south of           acres of undeveloped land, the            Employees 48
Boeing’s Everett plant and is often       staff expects to be busy for years to
mistaken as being part of Boeing.         come.
Though physically separated from          The Airport has also built the
most other county departments,            first wetland mitigation bank in                                  Dave
the airport is still a close partner in   Washington with the July 1999                                   Waggoner
county government. Public Works           opening of Narbeck Wetland
maintains a road and equipment            Sanctuary. Wetlands were                                         Director
shop at the airport and the new           created as mitigation for future

facility for the Medical Examiner         Airport operational and economic
opened in 1999. Public Works              development. Waterfowl attracting
opened a new transfer station on          habitat is designed to invite geese
airport property in 2003.                 away from the Airport so as to
Airport Director Dave Waggoner            improve aviation safety by reducing       Did You Know?
explains that his job is similar to       bird strike hazards. The Sanctuary        Paine Field (Snohomish County
a city administrator. In his case,        also serves as a public passive           Airport) was originally built in
he is responsible for the 1300-acre       recreation and environmental              1936 as a Federal Works Progress
airport, accountable for leasing,         education park, complete with an          Administration project. The U.
budgets, contracts, and tenant            interpretative boardwalk and a 1.2        S. Army Air Corps took over the
negotiations for, among others,           mile perimeter jogging trail.             County Airport in 1941 at the
                                                                                    beginning of World War II and
Boeing’s Everett plant and Goodrich
                                                                                    renamed it for Topliff Olin Paine,
Aerospace (together about 28,000                                                    a 1911 graduate of Everett High
jobs). The 47-person staff is divided                                               School who served as a Second
into the following divisions:                                                       Lieutenant in the Air Corps in
 Maintenance                                                                       World War I and subsequently
                                                                                    became one of the nation’s first
 Fire protection and security                                                      Air Mail Service pilots.
 Land development
Snohomish County Airport – Paine
Field is the economic crown jewel
of the County. Home to Boeing’s
aircraft plant and the Goodrich
aircraft maintenance operations,
the Airport supports nearly 30,000
family-wage jobs. Paine Field is a
general aviation reliever for SeaTac       Future of Flight
with over 615 based aircraft—there
are normally about 150,000 aircraft
                                           Aviation Center
operations per year. The Airport also      & Boeing Tour
serves as a major industrial park
                                           The Airport and Snohomish County Public Facility District developed the
with over 300 acres of developed
                                           Future of Flight Aviation Center & Boeing Tour in 2004-2005. It is the
                                           home to the world famous Boeing Tour and has nearly doubled previous
                                           attendance in its first year of operations. The $25M facility also includes
                                           an interactive gallery, an expansive observation deck and conference/
                                           meeting facilities.

                                                         — 12 —
Assessor                                                                        Facts
                                                                                Branch .......Executive
The primary responsibility of the             property accounts in the county   Location .....1st & 3rd floors
Assessor’s office is the assessment           (also maintain mobile home               Robert J. Drewel Bldg
(setting the value for tax collection         records), data entry and sales    Phone ........425-388-3433
purposes) of real and personal                information (excise) posting      Employees 66
property in incorporated and                  functions, and verification of
unincorporated Snohomish County.              annexation signatures.
The County Assessor had been a            GIS Division: Maintains the base
partisan position, but in 1999 it             parcel layer for the county.                           Cindy
became nonpartisan (candidates do        The Assessor’s office continues                           Portmann
not run under political party labels).   to advocate for technology                                 Assessor
The Assessor is elected countywide       improvements that result in better
to a four-year term.                     service to all customers. The

The Assessor’s office is comprised of    office maintains data and maps for
eight program areas funded through       each tax parcel in the county for
the General Fund, providing the          assessment purposes and this data is
following primary services:              also used by a variety of customers.   Did You Know?
                                         Since 2001, the Assessor’s Office
 Administration: management,                                                    The Assessor’s Office values
                                         made assessed values and assessors
  personnel support, payroll,                                                     more than 266,000 (2005)
                                         maps available on the Internet. In
  budget, policy.                                                                 parcels of real property
                                         2004, property sales and additional
 Levy Calculations: calculate                                                    and 13,293 (2005) personal
                                         parcel information was added to the
  tax levy rates for all the taxing                                               property accounts.
                                         Assessor’s web site.
  districts in Snohomish County,                                                 The Assessor’s Office
  also processes building permit                                                  administers a variety of
  data for appraisal review.                                                      property tax exemptions
 Exemption Administration:                                                       and deferrals for senior
  process and update all                                                          citizens and disabled
  applications for all types of                                                   persons, and 9,982 senior
  exemptions, including the senior                                                citizens received property
  and disabled persons exemption                                                  tax exemptions in 2005.
  and deferral program.
 Customer Service &
  Information: internal and
  external customer service.
 Real Property Appraisal:
  commercial and residential
  appraisals for revaluations
  and new construction;
  answer appeals to local and
  state boards (i.e., Board of
  Equalization); maintain and mail
  notices of change of values; and
  coordinate public meetings.
 Personal Property Appraisal:
  valuation of all personal
  property (i.e., business
  equipment) in the County.
 Land Segregations: maintain
  for tax purposes existing legal
  descriptions and develop new
  legal descriptions for real
                                                       — 13 —
Auditor                                                                           Facts
                                                                                  Branch .......Executive
The County Auditor’s office              to elections, recording of legal         Location .....1st floor
sometimes has an identity problem        documents, and all of our licensing                    Admin EAST &
because the definition of “County        functions.”
                                                                                                Admin WEST
Auditor” has changed over the            The use of technology will play
years. In the days of the three-                                                  Phone ........425-388-3693
                                         a significant role in meeting this       Employees 51
commissioner form of government          challenge. State of the art ballot
(before 1980), the County Auditor        accountability and tracking systems
served as a finance department,          will provide the Auditor’s Office and
handling payroll, paying county bills    the citizens of Snohomish County the                        Carolyn
and preparing the county budget.         highest level of ballot accountability                      Weikel
Today’s Auditor’s Office is a            to ensure only individuals eligible
customer service agency that             to vote actually vote and all eligible                      Auditor
provides a variety of regional,          ballots are counted. Advances in
countywide services. The office has      computer connectivity will provide
three internal functions/divisions:      voters with the ability to vote at

 Elections                              any disabled access voting location
                                         throughout the county if they lose or
 Recording                              cannot use their mail ballot.            Did You Know?
 Licensing                              Technology will also allow the            Beginning in 1999 the County
                                         Auditor’s Office via the Internet          Auditor, Treasurer, Sheriff,
The County Auditor:
                                         the ability to provide easy access         Clerk & Assessor positions
 Conducts all elections for federal,    to our public records while at the         changed from being partisan
  state, and local offices and issues.   same time limiting release of some         to nonpartisan positions. They
 Registers all voters.                  documents containing certain               are each elected countywide
                                         personal information. The Auditor’s        to serve four-year terms.
 Reviews and validates petitions
                                         Office will continue to be at the         There are 335,131 registered
  for annexations, initiatives and
                                         leading edge of accepting electronic       voters, 712 precincts and
                                         recorded documents increasing our          in all elections ballots are
 Issues various animal and              services while keeping costs to a          mailed directly to eligible
  business, marriage, and vehicle        minimum.                                   voter.
  and boat licenses and various          Technology will also allow expanded
  special event permits.                                                           Over 3,700 marriage licenses
                                         licensing services. Some vehicle,          are certified each year.
 Records, files and provides public     boat and business licensing services
                                         are now provided online and we            The Recording Division records
  access to all documents recorded
                                         anticipate that these services in          over 337,000 documents
  with the county which includes
                                         the future will be mostly or entirely      annually.
  most real estate transactions,
  plats, surveys, short plats and        conducted online over the Internet.       The Licensing Division issues
  condominium transactions.              While the services provided will           over 950,000 vehicle licenses
                                         remain the same or similar,” says          annually, and over 12,000 pet
“Gaining and keeping our citizen’s       Weikel, “the manner in which they          licenses annually in Snohomish
confidence is the most important         are offered will change, bringing          County.
aspect of our job. We strive to          services closer to the public.”
perform our duties in an open and
transparent manner with the highest      As with other county departments,
degree of professionalism” says          the Auditor’s Office faces the
County Auditor Carolyn Weikel. “The      continuing challenge of providing
challenge of the Auditor’s Office is     quality customer service within
to offer open and accessible services    budget restrictions.
while maintaining our citizen’s sense
of security and safety as it relates

                                                        — 14 —
Board of Equalization                                                          Facts
                                                                               Branch .......Executive
The Board of Equalization (BOE)         for the petition form. There is no     Location .....2nd floor
provides a system that allows           charge for filing an appeal.
                                                                                             Admin EAST
citizens the right of appeal on         Property taxes must be paid when
property assessments relating to                                               Phone ........425-388-3407
                                        they are due. After a hearing before                 425-388-3859
real and personal property, forest      the BOE, a decision will be made,
land, timber and open space, and                                               Employees 1.5
                                        and the appellant will be notified
consideration of senior citizen and     of any adjustment to their assessed
disabled persons exemption denials.     value.
Taxpayers wishing to appeal their
property assessment may obtain          The BOE is an independent state
a petition form by contacting this      agency created by statute (RCW
office. Additional information will     84.48). There are five volunteer
be provided concerning the appeal       Snohomish County residents                Director
process. A completed petition form      appointed by the Snohomish County        BoE & BRB
is required; a letter or a phone call   Council who serve three-year terms
will not be accepted as a substitute    on the Board.

            Number of
        Petitions Received
                                                                               Did You Know?
        2000............... 933                                                 The BOE does not deal
                                   Administrative staff support and offices
        2002............... 640    are shared by the BOE and BRB.                with equal rights issues or
        2004............ 1,267                                                   discrimination claims.
        2005............ 1,080
        2006............ 1,486

Boundary Review Board
The Boundary Review Board (BRB)         Snohomish County residents who
considers municipal incorporations      serve four-year terms. Two members     Branch .......Executive
and annexations, extensions of          are appointed by the Governor,         Location .....2nd floor
sewer/water service areas, and          one is appointed by the BRB from                     Admin EAST
special purpose district formations,    nominees of special purpose            Phone ........425-388-3445
annexations, mergers, and               districts, one is appointed by the                   425-388-3859
withdrawals.                            Snohomish County Council through       Employees 1.5

The BRB was created by statute          recommendation by the County
(RCW 36.93) to guide and control        Executive, and one is appointed by
                                        the mayors of cities and towns in
the creation of municipalities so                                              Did You Know?
that “problems may be avoided           Snohomish County.
                                                                                The BRB does not deal with
and that residents and businesses       Administrative staff support and
                                                                                 boundary line adjustments.
in those areas may rely on the          offices are shared by the BOE and
                                                                                 These calls should be
logical growth of local government      the BRB.
                                                                                 referred to Planning and
affecting them.” This process allows
                                                                                 Development Services.
citizens equitable access to BRB
activities in a consistent and timely
manner as required by law.
As an independent state agency, the
BRB is composed of five volunteer

                                                       — 15 —
Clerk                                                                           Facts
                                                                                Branch .......Executive
County Clerk Sonya Kraski is the         The County Clerk:                      Location .....2nd floor
ex officio clerk and financial officer    Maintains a judicial information                   Mission Bldg
of the Superior Court. The primary         system for court documents                         • Courthouse
functions of the Clerk’s Office are        received.                                          • Denney Juv
to serve and support the citizens
using the Superior Court system,          Maintains and manages court                          Justice Cntr
and serve and support the Superior         files, records and exhibits.         Center
Court.                                    Creates and maintains a              Phone ........425-388-3466
Historically, the elected office of        separate record including            Employees 73
County Clerk was established to            receiving all documents and
provide the public with access to a        exhibits in all court proceedings.
fair, accurate, and independently         Issues jury summons and
established record of the opinions,        provides jury management for         Sonya Kraski
decisions, and judgments of                the Superior Court and the four          Clerk
the judiciary. As Superior Court           District Courts.
comprises a common law legal              Assists individuals representing
system (based upon principles              themselves in the court system
established by statutes, rules and

                                           pertaining to family law
legal precedents), the County              matters (divorce, modification,
Clerk’s records must be kept forever.      paternity) and/or seeking
By fulfilling this historic function,      domestic violence protection         Did You Know?
the County Clerk helps to ensure           orders.                               Over 46,000 jurors are
the separation of powers among the                                                summoned each year in
                                          Serves as quasi-judicial officer
three branches of government.                                                     Snohomish County.
                                           in the issuance of writs and
In addition to assisting citizens in       subpoenas.
accessing the Superior Court system,
                                          Provides public access to court
the Clerk protects the judiciary
from the appearance of impropriety
in the setting of cases, selection of     Maintains an accounting system
jurors, implementation of orders,          for statutory fees, fines and
and investment of funds.                   court ordered monies.
The County Clerk position is              Maintains an investment plan for
nonpartisan. The Clerk is elected          monies held.
countywide to a four-year term.           Disburses monies as ordered by
                                           the court.

                                                       — 16 —
Court System                                                                    Superior Court Facts
                                                                                Branch .......Judicial
The Judicial Branch of county           general court policies established      Locations ....Courthouse &
government is independent of the        at regular meetings of the court.                      Mission Bldg
executive and legislative branches.     Each judge and court commissioner       Phone ........425-388-3421
There are two basic parts of the        participates on two of the              Employees 61
county judiciary:                       following standing committees:
  1. Superior Court                     Superior Court Operations;               Juvenile Court Division
                                        Personnel and Education; Planning
  2. District Court                     and Financial Management;                Location .....Denney Juvenile
Court judgeships are nonpartisan,       Juvenile and Family Law, Drug                           Justice Center
elective positions. Judges serve        Court, Facilities and Technology,        Phone ........425-388-7800
a four-year term and must be            and Guardian ad Litem.                   Employees 170
attorneys licensed to practice law in   The Superior Court administrator’s
Washington.                             office, directed by the court
Other courts of “limited                appointed administrator, provides
jurisdiction” include the municipal     general administrative support
courts located in the cities of         for the court, including Juvenile
Everett, Marysville, Edmonds and        and Superior Court policies,                Court
Lynnwood. The county’s remaining        procedures, programs and services.       Administrator

cities contract with the county for     The court administrator’s office

municipal court services.               manages Superior Court jurors,
                                        scheduling of cases, arbitration,
Superior Court                          various hearings, personnel             Did You Know?
The Superior Court in Snohomish         matters as well as preparing and
County has 15 judges and five           administering the court budget.          In 2010, 183 criminal cases
appointed court commissioners.          While Superior Court is                   went to trial.
The court is responsible for            independent in deciding cases,
adjudicating all matters over           it is closely integrated with the          In 2010, 2,234 criminal
which it has original or appellate      county’s Public Safety services             cases were resolved without
jurisdiction, including criminal        system.                                     proceeding to trial. 15,684
felony, civil, domestic relations,                                                  civil cases were resolved
paternity, juvenile, probate,           Criminal justice resources and
                                        population demographics (births             without proceeding to trial.
guardianship, civil commitment
and adoption cases. Superior Court      and people moving here, and the
also hears appeals from the District    ages of the population) have a
and Municipal Courts, and certain       very direct impact on the court’s
state and local administrative          workload.
agencies. Organizationally              Accused criminals have a
Superior Court judges hear and          constitutional right to a “speedy
decide cases assigned to them by        trial,” which often means that         neglected children and those who
the presiding judge and facilitate      civil and domestic trials have to      have serious conflict with a parent
special assignments noted below.        be scheduled many months in            or guardian. Juvenile Court Services
The presiding judge is elected by       advance.                               provides detention, supervision, and
the other Superior Court judges to                                             counseling programs and services to
                                        Juvenile Court Division                youth and families.
serve for two years. The presiding
judge assigns cases to the other        The county’s Juvenile Court is a       Denney Juvenile Justice Center
judges from the trial calendar, hears   division of Superior Court, hearing    is located in North Everett and
trial continuance requests, acts        cases of crimes committed by           provides the majority of juvenile
as spokesperson for the court and       youth under 18 years of age.           court system programs under one
directs the court administrator in      Juvenile Court also has jurisdiction   roof. Departments providing services
implementing administrative and         over truant, abandoned, abused or      includes the Court, Prosecutor,

                                                       — 17 —
District Court Facts                Court System                          (cont)
Branch ........   Judicial
                                    Clerk, Facilities, DSHS and juvenile     increase.
                                    defense counsel.                         There are four divisions of the
  Cascade ....    360-435-7700
  Everett .....   425-388-3331      District Court                           District Court:
  Evergreen ..    360-805-6776                                                Cascade Division in Arlington

                                    The Snohomish County District
  South .......   425-774-8803      Court hears the following case             (one judge and one
Employees         87                types: criminal misdemeanors,              commissioner)
                                    criminal gross misdemeanors,              Everett Division at the County
                                    traffic infractions, non-traffic           Courthouse (two judges)
                                    infractions, parking infractions,         Evergreen Division in Monroe
                                    domestic violence protection orders,       (two judges)
   No Photo       Paulette Revoir   anti-harassment, name changes,
   Available                                                                  South Division in Lynnwood
                      Director      vehicle impounds, civil complaints
                                                                               (three judges)
                                    of $50,000 or less, small claims
                                    of $4,000 or less. The maximum           District Court judges are elected
                                    penalty for misdemeanors is 90           to four-year terms and must

                                    days in jail and a $1,000 fine.          be residents of their judicial
                                    The maximum penalty for gross            district. Judges can appoint court
                                    misdemeanors is one year in jail and     commissioners to assist the court.
Did You Know?                       a $5,000 fine.
                                    Beginning in 1999, consolidation
 The District Court processes      has resulted in uniformity and
  over 124,000 cases each           consistency within the four divisions
  year.                             of the court. Forms and procedures
 7 out of every 8 cases filed in   have been reviewed and revised
  Washington courts are filed       with the goal of facilitating public
  at the District Court level.      access to the court.
                                    With the growth of the county’s
 District Court juries have
                                    population, District Court has
  6 people as opposed to
                                    experienced an increase in
  Superior Court juries, which
                                    both criminal and civil filings.
  have 12 people.
                                    Consolidation has created the
 Participants to a Small Claims    capacity to effectively absorb this
  case represent themselves;
  attorneys are not permitted
  except with the permission
  of the judge.

                                                   — 18 —
Emergency Management                                                          Facts
                                                                              Branch ........ Executive
Mission                                  The preparedness function           Location ...... Paine Field
                                          includes activities that
The mission of the Snohomish                                                              3509 109th St SW
                                          encourage a state of readiness
County Department of Emergency                                                                       Everett
                                          in governments, public
Management (DEM) is to develop                                                Phone ......... 425-388-5060
                                          organizations, businesses,
disaster-resistant communities                                                Employees       9
                                          families, and individuals and
within Snohomish County.
                                          that enhance the capability to
Vision                                    survive a disaster and to ensure
The vision of DEM is to ensure            the continuity of government.
that a comprehensive emergency           The response function primarily                          John
management program is                     includes dissemination of
implemented and conducted                 warning and emergency
in Snohomish County for the               information; coordination for                          Director
protection of human life, property,       the overall response through

the environment, and the region’s         the Emergency Operations
economic health.                          Center; management of
                                          emergency resources; and
                                          liaison with state and federal
 Provide a leadership role in            government. DEM is responsible
  facilitating and coordinating a         for the coordination of all major   Did You Know?
  regional approach to emergency          disasters and emergencies that
  planning in Snohomish County.                                               Volunteers are critical to
                                          may befall Snohomish County or
                                                                              the successful operation of
 Provide guidance and                    its member jurisdictions. This
                                                                              DEM during an emergency.
  coordination in the planning,           includes winter storms, floods,
                                                                              To see a list of volunteer
  mitigation, response, and               earthquake, major fires, hazmat
                                                                              opportunities, log on to the
  recovery efforts of its member          spills/leaks and terrorism-
                                                                              county web site (www.snoco.
  cities and the county before,           related incidents.
                                                                              org) and search for DEM
  during, and after an emergency         The recovery function primarily     Services
  or disaster.                            includes collecting and reporting
 Acquire, allocate, and                  damage assessment information
  coordinate the appropriate              relating to both government
  resources in response to                and private property; assisting
  emergencies or disasters.               the establishment of Disaster
                                          Application Centers that provide
Responsibilities                          local, state and federal disaster
Emergency management is a system          relief programs to citizens; and
that through organized analysis,          coordination of the disaster
planning, decision making, and            relief activities of community
assigning of resources helps prevent,     level human services agencies
prepare for, respond to, and recover      and organizations through the
from the effects of all the hazards       Snohomish County Disaster
in our region.                            Assistance Council.
Emergency management programs
include four functional divisions:
mitigation, preparedness, response,
and recovery.
 The mitigation function includes
  programs and activities designed
  to reduce or eliminate the
  effects of future disasters upon
  people and property.

                                                      — 19 —
Facilities Management                                                        Facts
                                                                             Branch .......Executive
The Facilities Management                 Parking Operations: manages        Location .....6th floor
Department provides a broad range           County Campus parking garage            Robert J. Drewel Bldg
of internal shared services to other        and surface parking lot,         Phone ........425-388-3347
county departments, including:              providing parking for public,    Employees 46
Facilities Project Management:              event parking, employees and
  interior design services: space           jurors.
  planning and furnishing. Moves:         Property Management:
  internal relocations, new facilities,     inventory and sale of real                        Mark Thunberg
  equipment and surplus. Project            property (land and buildings),                       Director
  and construction management:              personal property, leases,
  capital improvements, remodels,           licenses, space management.
  refurbishing and repair.

                                          Purchasing: broad knowledge
Facilities Maintenance: building            of public procurement
  maintenance, repair and                   laws, extensive purchasing/
  remodeling, life safety measures,         contract experience, bidding
  landscaping, Americans with               and contracting of common
  Disabilities Act upgrades (ADA),          and unusual commodities
                                                                             Did You Know?
  energy management, dispatch,              and services, green and           Facilities Maintenance
  contract security management.             environmentally friendly           handles over 17,000 requests
                                            purchasing practices.              for maintenance services
Facilities Maintenance/Detention:
                                                                               annually, including carpentry,
  24-hour, seven-days-a-week
                                                                               electrical, mechanical and
  maintenance services to adult
  County Corrections facilities.
Work Management: single service                                               Property Management
 desk and contact phone number                                                 administers 13,017, acres
 available 24 hour, seven-days-                                                of County-owned lands
 a-week tracking your requests                                                 and buildings, 46 leases/
 and priorities. Preventative                                                  licenses and accounts for
 maintenance scheduling,                                                       approximately 3,214 personal
 work order management and                                                     property items annually.
 accounting.                                                                  In addition to providing
                                                                               public, juror and employee
                                                                               parking, the county garage
                                                                               is the primary parking
                                                                               facility for the Comcast
                                                                               arena, resulting in reduced
                                                                               operational costs to the
                                                                              In 2009 Snohomish County
                                                                               Facilities implemented 24
                                                                               Green Initiatives to conserve
                                                                               both energy resources
                                                                               and tax dollars in County

                                                        — 20 —
Finance                                                                     Facts
                                                                            Branch .......Executive
Finance manages the county’s           Risk Management liability and       Location .....4th & 6th floors
budgeting, accounting, payroll and      workers compensation insurance                    Admin WEST
risk management. The department         and loss control programs.          Phone ........425-388-3475
also provides payroll and other
                                       Working with departments to         Employees 35
financial services for local taxing
                                        increase safety efforts to reduce
districts, such as fire, water and
                                        worker injuries.
sewer districts.
Finance is responsible for:            Working with businesses and            Roger
                                        other economic development          Neumaier, CPA
 Preparing the county’s annual         related organizations in
  operating and capital budgets.        advancing efforts to support the        Director
 Preparing county financial            county’s economy.
                                       Securing insurance coverages.
 Economic analysis of annexation

  and incorporations.                  Processing claims and losses.
 Financing economic                   Employee benefit finances and
  development initiatives and           benefit plan rates.
  programs.                            Staffing the county Arts            Did You Know?
 County debt management and            Commission and Public Facilities     Budget and expenditures are
  bonding.                              District.                             tracked in 46 funds, each of
                                                                              which has numerous revenue,
                                                                              expense, and balance
Issues and Challenges Facing Finance                                          sheet accounts for the
                                                                              multiple department or trust
 Continuing to improve priority       Providing better, more accurate       programs using the fund. In
  based budgeting.                      financial services to county          all, there are about 20,000
 Working with business partners        departments.                          funds used to track county
  to continue to improve the local     Continuing to improve the             financial transactions.
  economy.                              quality of county financial
                                        information.                         The county is self-insured
 Continuing to improve loss                                                  for employee health care,
  control programs to reduce           Working with client departments       workers compensation and
  insurance and self-insurance          to assure strong financial and        liability insurance. Finance
  costs.                                internal controls.                    plays a central role in
 Economic forecasting: defining                                              tracking health care and
  the change dynamics of the                                                  liability insurance trends
  world economy and the county’s                                              and developing internal
  role in it.                                                                 allocation rates for these

                                                    — 21 —
Hearing Examiner                                                                   Facts
                                                                                   Branch .......Legislative
The County Hearing Examiner is           Hearing Examiner decisions are            Location .....2nd floor
an independent, quasi-judicial           generally appealable to either                          Admin EAST
office in county government. The         the County Council or directly to         Phone ........425-388-3538
Hearing Examiner’s Office provides       Superior Court.
                                                                                   Employees 3
citizens in the unincorporated areas     Hearing Examiners, like court
of the county with a professional,       judges, must maintain strict
expeditious hearing process which        impartiality and independence in all
applies most due process rights          matters they hear. Thus, they cannot
found in judicial proceedings.           discuss anything beyond hearing
(That is where the “quasi-judicial”      procedures with citizens, county
description of the office originates.)                                                              Millie Judge
                                         staff or elected officials. Substantive
The County Council appoints the          questions about land use cases
Hearing Examiner, Deputy Hearing                                                                      Hearing
                                         are directed to the Department of
Examiner and any needed Pro Tem                                                                      Examiner
                                         Planning and Development Services,
(temporary) Hearing Examiners.           and questions about licensing are
The Hearing Examiner’s primary           directed to the Auditor’s Licensing

responsibility is to provide a fair,     Division.
impartial, and independent fact-         The Hearing Examiner holds most
finding and decision-making service      open record hearings in the Public
within county government. The            Meeting Rooms, located on the first
Hearing Examiner has jurisdiction
                                                                                   Did You Know?
                                         floor of Admin East.
over a wide range of subject matter,
                                                                                    You can now search our
                                                                                     database (located on our
1. Many types of land use                                                            web page) and find cases
   applications and appeals,                                                         dating back to 1978! You
   including subdivisions,                                                           can search by keyword,
   conditional use permits,                                                          case names, or case
   code enforcement appeals,                                                         number.
   administrative permit appeals,
   State Environmental Policy Act                                                   Any citizen can particpate
   appeals and most rezones.                                                         in a land use permit
                                                                                     decision before the
2. Business and animal license
                                                                                     Hearing Examiner by
                                                                                     attending the public
                                                                                     hearing or by sending
                                                                                     comments via email or
                                                                                     letter, to our office,
                                                                                     prior to the close of the

                                                        — 22 —
Human Resources                                                                   Facts
                                                                                  Branch .......Executive
Human Resources aims to achieve         self-paced, hands-on learning. The        Location .....1st floor
the mission and vision of Snohomish     goal of e-learning is to provide                        Admin WEST
County by attracting, developing        interactive, high quality and             Phone ........425-388-3411
and retaining peak performing           affordable training to all county         Employees 17
employees. We accomplish our            employees in order to strengthen
mission by working as a business        employee knowledge and support
partner with management and             continuous learning.
employees of Snohomish County           In 2003, HR began the initial                                  Bridget
toward resolving issues, assisting      stages of a new Human Resources                                Clawson
management in designing work            Information System, called HRIS.
structures, complying with various      The application automates and                                   Director
state, federal and local laws,          streamlines many previously labor-
determine staffing levels, recruiting   intensive tasks. Payroll modules
new employees, and recommending         were added and deployment to

employee training, benefit and          HR was delayed until 2007. HR
reward systems.                         is working with Payroll to ensure
The HR Department and                   success of that part of the overall       Did You Know?
Snohomish County philosophy             system. When finally implemented
                                                                                   The county employs 2,782
is “Every Snohomish County              in HR, not only will HR staff be
                                                                                    full and part-time regular
Employee deserves to work in a          able to perform its many time-
safe, productive and inclusive          intensive functions more efficiently,
environment that fosters continuous     but supervisors, hiring officials, as      We also hire about 1,500 extra
learning for every employee.”           well as each and every employee,            help employees throughout
The Continuous Learning Center          will also be able to retrieve and           the year.
is located in the HR Department.        utilize information that is useful to
                                        them. The entire HRIS project will         There are over 35 different
The center provides an opportunity                                                  bargaining agreements in
for employees to self-direct their      take approximately seven years to
                                        complete.                                   county government.
learning. There are resources and
tools for personal and professional     Partners for health, the county’s
growth. The department recently         wellness investment program,
developed two new workshops:            provides a long-tern strategy for
Drug Free Workplace: A Supervisor’s     medical cost reduction designed
Guide to Reasonable Suspicion           to empower individuals to make
and Employment Application and          lifestyle decisions that promote
Interviewing Techniques. Several        optimal health. County employees,
new programs and workshops are in       retirees and their spouses have the
the development stage.                  opportunity to complete a health
A new component of the Continuous       risk assessment (HRA), participate in
Learning Center is e-learning. E-       an annual clinical screening event,
learning is defined as a learning       and receive confidential feedback
experience delivered by electronic      from a qualified personal health
technology. E-learning can be CD        advisor. Participants are also eligible
ROM-based, network-based and            for education programs that focus
intranet or Internet-based. It is       on health improvement and disease
                                        risk reduction. These services are
                                        free. In fact, there are incentives
                                        for involvement.

                                                       — 23 —
Human Services                                                               Facts
                                                                             Branch ......Executive
Judging from the number and            Long-term Care and Aging             Location .....Lower Level &
variety of misdirected phone            Services                                          4th fl, Admin EAST
referrals received daily (including    WSU Extension Services                               McCollum Park
at least 30 per day for the Health
                                      A major departmental goal is to                Bank of Ev Tower, Mez
District!), Human Services is quite
possibly the least understood of      reach out and offer needed services    Phone ........425-388-7200
all county departments. Funded        to all eligible Snohomish County       Employees 154
primarily through State and           residents. Unfortunately, federal,
Federal grants, the Human Services    state and local funding for human
program’s focus is on meeting basic   services is frequently in jeopardy.                       Ken Stark
human needs.                          While the number of low income and
                                      working poor unable to meet basic                          Director
The Human Services umbrella covers    needs is increasing, resources to
all Snohomish County citizens who

                                      assist them are decreasing.
qualify either by age, disability,
mental health, or income level. The   The cyclical slowdowns in the
variety and breadth of programs       economy and higher costs for power
available through this department     have contributed to this trend.
reaches out to those in our region    The federal Department of Housing      Did You Know?
who need it the most.                 and Urban Development (HUD)             Between 1995 and 2005, the
                                      estimates of “fair market rents” for     65 and older population in
County administered and/or            the Snohomish-Island-King counties
supported programs include:                                                    Snohomish County grew by
                                      metropolitan area are the highest        12,345 individuals, an increase
 Energy Assistance Program           in the state. At $854 a month for a      of 25 percent, while the
 Housing, Homelessness &             2-bedroom apartment in 2007, the         general population grew by
  Community Development               “fair market rent” would require         only 24 percent.
                                      a monthly income of $2,847, or
 Office of Children’s Affairs        $16.18 per hour based on full time      Looking ahead 10 years to
 Early Childhood Education and       employment. The 2007 minimum             2015, baby boomers will
  Assistance Program (ECEAP)          wage in Washington is $7.93 an hour,     be retiring and swelling the
                                      yielding a monthly income of just        county’s 65+ population by
 Family Support Centers
                                      $1,396.                                  63 percent, during which the
 Adult Drug Court                                                             general population will grow
                                      All of these factors will put a          by only 21 percent.
 Workforce Development
                                      greater demand on the limited
 Regional Long-term Care             resources available for human           The 2000 Census reported
  Ombudsman                           services in Snohomish County.            that 6.9 percent (over 41,000)
 Project Self-Sufficiency                                                     county residents lived at or
                                                                               below the poverty level. The
 Community Action Services                                                    county’s poverty population
 Weatherization Program                                                       was the 5th largest in
 Veteran’s Assistance Fund                                                    Washington and the number
                                                                               of households with public
 Involuntary Treatment Services
                                                                               assistance income was the 4th
 Developmental Disabilities                                                   largest in the state. Estimates
 Community Mental Health                                                      by the Census Bureau indicate
                                                                               that poverty rates are likely to
 D.U.I. Task Force and Victim
                                                                               have risen considerably since
 Alcohol and Other Drugs
  (including treatment and
  prevention services)

                                                    — 24 —
Information Services                                                             Facts
                                                                                 Branch .......Executive
Technology development and              Web Services annually provides a         Locations ....7th floor
support services are vital for          half million public visits with access                 Admin EAST
meeting the public’s expectations       to over 12,000 pages of information,                    Courthouse
for the efficient operation of county   and dozens of on-line self-service                      Records Bldg
government. The Department              applications.                            Phone ........425-388-3349
of Information Services (DIS)           Telephone Services delivers              Employees 105
serves the Executive, Judicial          integrated calling, voicemail,
and Legislative branches by             automated queues, and specialized
providing and maintaining cost-         options to almost 4,000 phone,
effective, consistent and responsive    fax and modem devices across 18                           Gage Andrews
technological tools and business        primary switching sites.
services. The department delivers
business services that empower          Records Management Services                                   Director
and support all county departments      ensure mandated preservation and
in the accomplishment of their          retention of all county records,
respective missions.                    including historical and archival
                                        records; with records consulting;
Long-term interdepartmental             secure, managed storage of over

technology planning, coupled with       31,000 boxes; the handling of over
published standards and procedures,     22,000 file reference activities
clear deliverables and scrupulous       annually; along with authorized
costing allows the department to                                                 Did You Know?
                                        records destruction; and the
maintain the trust of its county                                                  Electronic Document and
                                        transition of appropriate records to
customers and fulfill its substantial                                              Records Management
                                        the State Archives.
and specific responsibilities under                                                handles emerging enterprise
county code and other applicable        Imaging Services provide enterprise        applications for the storage
laws.                                   level microfilming, digital scanning,      and management of almost
                                        and electronic storage of over 6           24 million digital records and
Information Services develops
                                        million pages annually in order to         electronic files
and supports 19 separate core
                                        preserve and protect documents,
Business Process Applications that                                                Financial Applications
                                        improve access and retrieval, and
ensure county departments and                                                      deliver enterprise level
                                        reduce paper storage volumes.
agencies can operate efficiently and                                               financial management for the
effectively, offer convenient, web-     Mail Handling & Distribution               receipt and disbursement of
based access to heavily used county     Services provide single-point              $6.2 billion annually, with
services, and meet statutory and        processing of over 2.1 million pieces      functions including general
contractual obligations.                of mail and packages annually for          ledger, payroll, purchasing,
                                        all campus-based and some off-             accounts payable, accounts
Geographical Information System
                                        campus county departments.                 receivable, cost accounting,
delivers over 1.37 terabytes of data
                                                                                   budgeting, and reporting.
for advanced geospatial data layer      Print & Copy Services provide
analysis, design, development,          desktop publishing support coupled        In 2006 and 2004, Snohomish
conversion, maintenance, and            with standardized processing of            County was named one of
support, integrated with business       almost 6.2 million pages of print          America’s top ten most
process data to dramatically            and copy output annually.                  technologically-advanced,
improve decision quality and                                                       cutting-edge county
timeliness across many departments.                                                governments by the Center
                                                                                   for Digital Government and
                                                                                   the National Association of

                                                       — 25 —
Medical Examiner                                                                Facts
                                                                                Branch .......Executive
Dr. Norman Thiersch is both the         Dr. Thiersch likens his job to          Location .....9509 29th Ave W
Medical Examiner and department         “writing the last chapter of a                         Everett
director. As a physician and forensic   person’s life . . . .” The Medical
                                                                                Phone ........425-438-6200
pathologist, authorized by state        Examiner works closely with other
statute and county code, the Medical    county, city, and state departments
                                                                                Employees 13
Examiner:                               such as police agencies, the courts,
 Investigates sudden, unexpected,      Health Districts, and the state
  violent, suspicious, or unnatural     Division of Children and Family
                                        Services.                                  Norman
 Determines the cause and manner       Most people are aware of the
  of such deaths.                       Medical Examiner’s role in                  Medical
                                        determining causes of death, but           Examiner
 Works in the interest of public
                                        the public health responsibilities of
  health, safety, and welfare.
                                        the department are less well known.

                                        It takes a delicate balance to
                                        investigate any death, acting as
                                        spokesperson for that person who        Did You Know?
                                        no longer has a voice, while at the
                                        same time not adding to a family’s       The Medical Examiner’s Office
                                        burden.                                   conducts investigations of
                                                                                  approximately 3,500 reported
                                                                                  deaths annually. Of these,
                                                                                  approximately 620 are sudden
                                                                                  and unexpected deaths which
                                                                                  fall within the jurisdiction of
                                                                                  the Medical Examiner for a
                                                                                  full investigation and a report
                                                                                  prepared documenting the
                                                                                  determination of cause and
                                                                                  manner of death.

The Snohomish County Medical Examiner is located near Paine Field, at
9509 29th Avenue West Everett.

                                                      — 26 —
Office of the County                                                            Facts

Performance Auditor                                                             Branch .......Legislative
                                                                                Location .....3rd Fl
                                                                                       Robert J. Drewel Bldg
The County Performance Auditor          and the County Council. The goals       Phone ........425-388-3006
objectively and independently           are to provide information that will    Employees 2, plus college
promotes effective, efficient, and      improve operations, facilitate good                      interns
accountable county government           decision making, and strengthen
by supporting positive practices        public accountability.
and making recommendations to
enhance the performance of county       The Performance Audit Committee            Vacant
operations.                             is a group of citizens that advises
                                        the Performance Auditor. The group
The Snohomish County Office of          consists of one appointee from
County Performance Auditor is an        each County Council member and
independent office in the legislative   two appointees from the County
branch of county government. The        Executive. Committee members
office reviews county departments,      assist in developing the annual
offices, programs, and functions        audit plan, review the audit process
to help ensure they are effective,      to provide input to the office on
efficient, and economical.              improvements and/or changes in the
                                        process and/or procedures used by
Performance audits are tools that       the office in carrying out the annual
many public and private entities        audit plan, and review final audit
use to make their work more             reports.
efficient, effective and economical.
In the process of a performance          Current Performance Audit Committee members include:
audit, evidence is assessed against        •    Paul Blowers, District 1 Appointee
objective criteria to determine
                                           •    Deborah Wright, District 2 Appointee
opportunities for improvement.
The Office of County Performance           •    Joe Runte, District 3 Appointee
Auditor uses the Government                •    Vacant, District 4 Appointee
Auditing Standards as a guideline for      •    Ed Husmann, District 5 Appointee
conducting performance audits.             •    Reginald Gillins, Executive Appointee
                                           •    Vacant, Executive Appointee
The office completes projects
requested by Snohomish County
citizens, the Performance Audit
Committee, Office and Department
Directors, the County Executive

                                                       — 27 —
Office of Public Defense                                                            Facts
                                                                                    Branch .......Executive
The Snohomish County Office of           with information pertaining to             Location .....Room C-103
Public Defense (OPD) is responsible      the setting of bail and release of                        Courthouse
for the administration of the            offenders pending trial.
                                                                                    Phone ........425-438-3500
assigned counsel program that            The assignment of counsel to people
provides legal defense services for                                                 Employees 8
                                         facing the potential loss of liberty
indigent persons in those criminal       and who cannot afford counsel on
and civil cases in which a jail          their own is a right guaranteed
sentence is a potential sanction. It     by Amendment VI of the U.S.
is also responsible for administration                                                 Elizabeth
                                         Constitution, as well as Chapter
of a system for providing the court                                                     Cullen
                                         10.101 of the Revised Code of
                                         Washington.                                   Attorney

The	Office	of	Public	Defense	strives	to	meet	three	main	mandates
Perform indigency screening to ensure Constitutional as      Perform pre-trial interviews and report to judges
well as cost-effective assignment of counsel at public       verified information for decisions on whether to hold
expense:                                                     defendants in the county jail prior to their trial:
•   Interviewers use state standards and federal             •     Interviews are conducted at the jail - Monday
    guidelines                                                     through Saturday
•   Interviewers conduct screenings in-office, at the        •     Verified information includes ties to community and
    County Jail and at the four divisions of the County            criminal history
    District Court – in Arlington, Monroe, Everett and       Represent defendants on specialized calendars in order
    Lynnwood                                                 to provide constitutional protections while containing
•   Once screened, cases for indigent defendants are         costs, including:
    referred to the Public Defender Association or           •     Involuntary mental health commitments
    conflict counsel for representation
                                                             •     Superior Court probation violations
                                                             •     Felonies expedited as gross misdemeanors
                                                             •     In-custody hearing coverage

                                                          — 28 —
Parks & Recreation                                                              Facts
                                                                                Branch .......Executive
Parks play a critical role in building    Offering a wide variety of           Location .....9623 32nd St SE,
livable and sustainable communities.       recreational programs for all age                     Everett
The environmental, economic, social        groups including swim lessons,
                                                                                               Fairgrounds
and individual benefits provided           outdoor adventure camps, youth
                                                                                               McCollum Park
through parks, recreation programs,        sports, and educational classes.
trails and open space create                                                    Phone ........425-388-6600
                                          Providing recreational
opportunities for our staff, citizens                                           Employees 62
                                           opportunities, such as swimming,
and communities to live well and           camping, picnicking, fishing,
thrive.                                    boating, and golfing (at the Kayak
The Snohomish County Park system           Point Golf Course).
is incredibly diverse and boasts          Maintaining a regional trail                           Tom Teigen
nearly 10,000 acres of parks and           system for biking, hiking, and                           Director
open space; 100 park properties; 34        horseback riding.
miles of regional trails; extensive
                                          Promoting year-round use of the
camping, cabin, RV and Yurt
                                           county’s fairground facilities in
facilities; more than 47 miles of
                                           Monroe, including an annual 12-

fresh and saltwater shoreline;
                                           day Evergreen State Fair.
regional assets such as the
Evergreen State Fairgrounds, Kayak       Park’s staff are committed to
Point Park and Golf Course, Lord Hill    creating and maintaining positive      Did You Know?
Park, Robe Canyon and numerous           relationships with individuals,         Snohomish County’s parks
community and neighborhood parks.        community groups, non-profit             have over 770,000 visitors
                                         organizations, corporate partners,       every year.
The more than 70 full time Parks
                                         municipalities and the many other
and Recreation professionals
                                         Snohomish County Departments. We        The Evergreen Fairgrounds,
consider it a privilege to serve
                                         realize that by sharing our human,       encompassing 186 acres, holds
the citizens of Snohomish County
                                         financial and community resources        numerous off-season events
in managing one of the premier
                                         we achieve more and are better           in addition to the annual
parks systems in the state. Parks is
                                         able to serve our citizens. The          Evergreen State Fair in which
responsible for:
                                         Parks and Recreation Department is       nearly 5,000 people show over
 Managing the county’s                  experiencing significant growth in       20,000 exhibits.
  9,875-acre park system.                both park locations and amenities
                                                                                 Snohomish County maintains
 Acquiring, planning, developing,       as we build the next generation of
                                                                                  35 developed parks totaling
  and operating park properties.         Snohomish County Parks.
                                                                                  4,166 acres, 19 undeveloped
                                         Make time this year to reconnect         park sites totaling 2,400
                                         with family and friends by taking        acres, and 3,309 acres of open
                                         a walk, enjoying a bike ride,            space preservation sites.
                                         registering for a class or learning
                                         a new skill. Get connected to your
                                         Snohomish County Parks.

                                                       — 29 —
Planning & Development Services
Planning & Development Services          Zoning and rezoning and
shares the PDS mission statement:         variances
“PDS is a service organization that
                                         Cartography, demographics & GIS
supports and facilitates growth as                                           Branch .......Executive
contained in the comprehensive           Flood plain protection
                                                                             Location .....2nd floor
plan.”                                   State Growth Management Act                      Bob Drewell Bldg
PDS plans and helps create livable        (GMA) planning                                   Admin WEST
communities by providing superior        Agricultural preservation and      Phone ........425-388-3311
services using innovative technology,     mining and forest land planning    Employees 104
building trust through partnerships
                                         Fire inspection and arson
with our citizens, protecting our
cultural and natural resources and
promoting community development.        From 1990 to 2000 Snohomish
                                        County’s population increased
The department’s activities are
designed to establish, monitor
                                        30.15%. Between 2000 and 2010,         Clay White
                                        Snohomish County total population        Director
and maintain a balance between
                                        has increased by 17.3% to 711,100.
housing needs, jobs, recreation, and
resource management within the
county’s geographic boundaries.
PDS responsibilities include:

 Permits for building, conditional
  uses, drainage, grading,
  mechanical, plumbing, shoreline
  management, temporary                                                      Did You Know?
  dwellings and accessory
  apartments                                                                  Since 1996, PDS has created
 Permitting and inspection of land                                            over 25,000 new building
  development and plat and short                                               lots through the subdivision
  plat construction                                                            process.
 Critical areas review                                                       PDS’s Information and Permit
 Code development and                                                         Center serves over 30,000
  interpretation                                                               customers annually at the
                                                                               permit counter, by phone, and
 Code enforcement                                                             by e-mail.
 Long-range comprehensive land
  use planning

                                                      — 30 —
Prosecuting Attorney                                                         Facts
                                                                             Branch .......Executive
Prosecuting Attorney Mark Roe,           Prosecuting and defending civil    Location .....3,6,7 & 8th floors
appointed in 2009, serves as County       actions in federal and state                     Admin EAST
Prosecutor and legal advisor to all       courts and before administrative                  Mission Bldg
county departments and agencies.          hearings boards, including the                    Denney Juv
The office is divided into three          Central Puget Sound Growth                        Justice Center
major divisions:                          Management Hearings Board,
                                                                                            Dawson Place
 Criminal Division Units:                the state Shoreline Hearings
                                                                                             Child Advocacy
                                          Board, the state Pollution
	  Felony                                Control Hearings Board, and the                    Center
	  Misdemeanor                           state Forest Practices Appeals
	  Special Assault                       Board.
                                                                                                 Mark Roe
	  Juvenile                             Presenting all violations of the
                                          election laws.                                        Prosecuting
	  Pre-Prosecution Diversion                                                                    Attorney
Victim/Witness                           Examining the records of the
                                          Auditor, Assessor, Treasurer and
	 Civil Division Units:                 Sheriff.

     Land Use                           Annually reporting to the
     Litigation / Employment Law         governor on operations of the
     Municipal Law                       Prosecutor’s Office.
 Family Support Division:               Seeking to reform and improve
                                          the administration of criminal
                                                                             Did You Know?
     Paternity
                                          justice.                            Each year the Prosecuting
     Modifications
                                        The Prosecutor’s Office has 189.5      Attorney’s Office has over
     Dissolution/Contempt              full-time employees, of whom 94.5      6,300 adult felony referrals,
The Prosecutor’s Office is a creature   are lawyers.                           2,300 juvenile court referrals
of the state Constitution and state                                            and 11,000 misdemeanor
law. The Prosecutor’s term is for                                              referrals from Snohomish
four years. The Prosecutor performs                                            County agencies.
duties as prescribed by state law,
                                                                              The Prosecutor, Superior and
                                                                               District Court judges are
 Advising all county boards and                                               elected in even-numbered
  offices.                                                                     years. All other County
 Prosecuting criminal and family                                              elected officials are elected in
  support cases on behalf of the                                               odd-numbered years.
  county and state, in 13 Superior
  Court departments and nine
  District Courts.

                                                      — 31 —
Public Works                                                                    Facts
                                                                                Branch .......Executive
Think of the Public Works                also provides an information counter   Locations ....2nd fL Adm EAST
Department as a wheel with               where right-of-way records are               3rd & 5th fls Adm WEST
seven spokes. “Each spoke,” says         available to the public.                      Road Shops: Snoh,
Department Director Steve Thomsen,                                                    Arlington & Paine Field
“is unique but complimentary to          Transportation and                            Signal Shop - Ev
the whole, together supporting the       Environmental Services:                       Fleet Mgmt - Ev
county’s largest department” (about      Provides transportation planning to    Phone ........ 425-388-3488
601 employees).                          support regional and countywide        Employees      660
Public Works’ seven divisions are:       planning efforts, prioritizes and
                                         seeks funding for county road
 Administrative Operations              improvement projects, performs
 Engineering Services                   environmental reviews of projects,
 Fleet Management                       and provides public information
                                         services throughout Public
 Road Maintenance                                                                  Director
                                         Works and to many other county
 Solid Waste Management                 departments. Other responsibilities
 Surface Water Management               include traffic impact and analysis

                                         of development activity, traffic
 Transportation and
                                         engineering, and traffic signal
  Environmental Services
As with most other county                                                       Did You Know?
departments, some of Public Works’       Fleet Management:                       Public Works is responsible
basic responsibilities only affect       Also known as ER&R (Equipment            for 1,657.17 miles of county
unincorporated areas and others          Rental and Revolving Fund),              roadway, and over 150 traffic
apply countywide.                        purchases, maintains and disposes of     signals.
                                         all county vehicles and radios.
Road Maintenance:                                                                Improves over 170 miles of
Performs the most traditional            Surface Water Management:                roadway annually.
public works function. Operating         Has a three-part mission to address     Maintains 188 bridges.
out of three road shops located in       flooding and drainage, water
Arlington, Snohomish and at Paine        quality, and aquatic habitat. This      Responds to flooding issues
Field, the division is responsible for   encompasses a broad work program         on 1,500 miles of rivers and
maintaining 1,660 miles of roads         from maintaining and enhancing           significant streams.
and 190 bridges, all located in          the county’s drainage infrastructure
the unincorporated county. During                                                Maintains approximately
                                         (both constructed and natural),          16 miles of dikes and flood
severe weather emergencies,              working to protect citizens and
division employees work long and                                                  control levees.
                                         property from flooding and erosion,
hard hours maintaining the county’s      and maintaining clean, healthy          Has inventoried over 1,200
many miles of roads.                     streams in compliance with the           miles of piped drainage
                                         Clean Water and Endangered Species       systems in the county.
Engineering Services:
Designs and oversees the                                Continued on page 32     Is available to provide
construction or improvement of                                                    technical assistance to
new or existing county roads and                                                  the more than 120,000
bridges. Most projects must be                                                    Surface Water Management
performed by private contractors.                                                 ratepayers.
The division handles design,
construction inspection, survey and
mapping, right-of-way acquisition
and materials testing. The division

                                                       — 32 —
More Facts                         Public Works                      (cont.)
Transfer Stations:
     Arlington                     Continued from page 31                  Solid Waste Management:
     Paine Field, Everett          The division’s work is based on
                                                                           Handles management and transfer
     Mountlake Terrace             planning, science and monitoring,
                                                                           of the county’s solid waste (garbage
                                   with a high rate of project
                                                                           — NOT sewage) at three transfer
Drop Boxes:                        implementation. Drainage
                                                                           stations and five drop box locations.
                                   infrastructure is a top priority,
       Gold Bar                                                            The county’s Household Hazardous
                                   providing economic development,
       Granite Falls                                                       Waste Drop-off Station, located
                                   public safety and quality of life
       Dubuque Road                benefits during a time of rapid         at 3434 McDougall Ave., Everett,
       Oso                         population growth.                      provides residents and Small
       Sultan                                                              Quantity Generator businesses an
                                   Customer service is also a core

                                                                           opportunity to safely dispose of
                                   element of SWM programs, including
                                                                           hazardous waste, and provides
                                   technical assistance to homeowners
                                                                           suggestions for alternative products.
Did You Know?                      (drainage improvements, watershed
                                   stewardship, pollution investigations   The division also plans and
 Public Works handles 507,000     and streambank stabilization),          implements waste prevention and
  tons of solid waste each year.   drainage improvement and                recycling programs, and works with
                                   restoration projects, education         the Snohomish Health District to
 Opened a new facility in 1999    and public involvement in decision-     prevent and clean up littering and
  in central Everett for year-     making – partnering with citizens,      illegal dumping in the county.
  round collection of household    local governments and community
  hazardous waste.                 organizations to fulfill county
                                   surface water goals.
 Opened a new Transfer Station
  near Paine Field in 2003 and
  a completely remodeled
  Transfer Station in Mountlake
  Terrace in 2004.

                                                  — 33 —
Sheriff John Lovick, who took office     a smooth transition back to the           Location...4th	floor
January 1, 2008 is the 32nd sheriff      community. Although incarcerated,
to serve Snohomish County since          these inmates are allowed to                             Courthouse
its formation in 1861. The county        maintain employment, treatment                           County jail
sheriff is a non-partisan position       or education and can leave the            Precincts
elected to a four-year term. Sheriff     facility for approved activities. The
                                         structured program requires drug           Marysville
Lovick is the chief law enforcement
officer in the county, overseeing a      and alcohol screening, and inmates         Mill Creek
full-service agency of nearly 700        must pay room and board based on a
                                                                                    Sultan
employees who provide 24-hour            sliding scale.
public safety and much more to
incorporated and unincorporated                                                    Phone....425-388-3393
county residents alike.                  Operations Bureau
The Sheriff’s Office is divided          The Operations Bureau is the second
into four bureaus: Corrections,          largest bureau in the Sheriff’s Office
Operations, Administrative Services      with more than 220 employees and            John Lovick
and Support Services.                    a budget of more than $3 million. It           Sheriff
                                         is divided into two divisions – Patrol
                                         and Investigations.
Corrections Bureau                       The Patrol Division includes three
With approximately 340 full-time         precincts: the North precinct in
employees, the Corrections Bureau        Marysville, the East precinct in

is the largest of the four. It manages   Sultan, and the South precinct in
a budget of more than $35 million.       Mill Creek. The Patrol Division also
The primary responsibility of the        includes several contract partners
Corrections Bureau is to operate         (Darrington region, Gold Bar region,
the county jail, providing inmate        the city of Stanwood, the city of
housing and security. The jail is,       Sultan, Community Transit, and
on average, at 92 percent capacity       more).
(about 1,200 inmates) on any given       Deputies respond to thousands
day. In addition to housing inmates      of 911 calls a year in all areas of
awaiting trial, the jail also houses     unincorporated county as well as
people sentenced by the courts to        assist other police and fire agencies.   Did You Know?
serve one year or less. Those whose
                                         The K9 Unit and school resource           As of January 4, 2008
sentences exceed one year serve
                                         officer programs are included in           the Sheriff’s Office’s
their time in a state prison.
                                         this bureau, as is the Office of           family included 284 total
While Corrections is often referred      Community Partnerships which               commissioned personnel, 21
to only as “the jail,” it is much        oversees a growing Neighborhood            reserve deputies, about 80
more. Partnerships with other            Watch Program as well as the law           civilian employees and 44
agencies allow Corrections to            enforcement bureau volunteers.             volunteers.
connect inmates with mental health,
                                         The office’s revitalized cadet            The Sheriff’s Office recently
substance abuse, anger management
                                         program falls under this bureau.           unveiled its new black and
and financial counseling programs.
                                         Cadets pick up service calls for           white patrol car, a project
Corrections is also known for
                                         which a uniformed deputy isn’t             that included deputy input.
its Work Release program. Work
                                         required, and they assist precinct         The new patrol cars will
Release offers qualified inmates
                                         property crimes detectives as              worktheir way into the fleet
the opportunity to prepare for
                                         necessary.                                 as older patrol vehicles need
a smooth transition back to the
community. Although incarcerated,                                                   replacing.
these inmates are allowed to

                                                        — 34 —
Sheriff            (cont.)
The Investigation Division            The Special Operations Division      The Snohomish Regional Drug
includes four units: major            includes units that respond to       Task Force (SRDTF) is a multi-ju-
crimes, special investigations        very specific emergency calls or     risdictional unit, partially funded
(crimes against children and          perform duties similar to patrol     by federal money with all other
sexual assaults), property            deputies but don’t fall under the    support coming from individual
crimes, general investigations        Patrol category – for example,       law enforcement agencies in the
(polygraphs, computer forensics,      the Motors Unit and Traffic En-      county. Its mission is to target
crime analysis, and sex offender      forcement Unit.                      mid to upper level drug viola-
registration). This division also     Other Special Operations units       tors, and reduce drug availability
oversees the Auto Theft Task          that respond to certain 911 calls    and trafficking in the county and
Force referred to as SNOCAT.          include: collision investigation,    state. No single agency controls
                                      search and rescue, reserve depu-     the task force. The task force
Support Services Bureau               ties, technical water rescue,        commander serves as a member
                                      marine services, Community           of the sheriff’s command staff.
With more than 100 employees,
                                      Transit police, SWAT, Paine Field
this bureau is divided into three
                                      Airport, Solid Waste, Courthouse     Snohomish County Sheriff’s Of-
divisions: the Technical Services
                                      Security, and Special Events         fice employees strive to empha-
Division, the Special Operations
                                      coordination.                        size the office’s four core values:
Division, and the Homeland
                                                                           Integrity, Dignity, Commitment
Security Division.
                                      The Homeland Security Divi-          and Pride.
The Technical Services Division       sion is responsible for ensuring
includes four units: records,         compliance with federal require-
civil, identification and             ments for training, as well as co-
evidence. All Sheriff’s Office case   ordinating projects and funding
reports are sent to the Records       for operations within the region
Unit for processing and file
management. This is also where
people apply for concealed pistol     Administrative Services
licenses, request documents           Bureau
through public disclosure laws        This bureau of about 18
and get their fingerprints taken.     employees is divided into
The Evidence Unit receives and        two divisions: the Finance
stores all the items gathered and     Division and the Organizational
processed in an investigation.        Development Division.
In 2008, this unit completed an       With the goal of making the
inventory of more than 80,000         Sheriff’s Office the best it can
items of property and/or              be, the Organization Develop-
evidence.                             ment Division is responsible for a
The Civil Unit is responsible for     variety of areas including ac-
documenting, processing and           creditation, data analysis, train-
scheduling actions respective to      ing and career development,
protection and domestic vio-          recruiting and hiring, quarter-
lence orders, warrant extradi-        master/range, and technology.
tions, court-ordered evictions
and other special writs and court

The Identification Unit is respon-
sible for fingerprint comparisons
in criminal investigations, finger-
print entry into the state system
and helping process extensive
crime scenes.
                                                     — 35 —
Treasurer                                                                 Facts
                                                                          Branch .......Executive
The job of County Treasurer         management results in more            Location .....1st & 3rd floors
is like being an impartial          interest earnings to fund county                    Admin EAST
gatekeeper of public tax            services. He says the Treasurer’s
                                                                          Phone ........425-388-3366
revenues.                           departmental workload is driven
                                                                          Employees 27
The County Treasurer was a          by	the	county’s	significant	
partisan position, but since 1999   population and development
it has been nonpartisan. The        growth.
Treasurer is elected countywide     In looking to the future, the
to a four-year term.                Treasurer’s	Office	will	improve	in	    Kirke Sievers
The Treasurer:                      its ability to deliver and retrieve
                                    information	more	efficiently,	           Treasurer
 Functions as a custodian          possibly add more payment
  of funds for all local taxing     options for the public (credit/
  districts	(school,	fire,	         debit card for example), and

  drainage, diking districts,       convert and upgrade the current
  etc.).                            computerized tax system.
 Collects real estate, personal
  property, and excise taxes
                                                                          Did You Know?
  in addition to surface water                                             In 2006, the Treasurer’s Office
  maintenance fees and special                                              billed about $768.3 million
  assessments.                                                              in property taxes, but only
 Invests and accounts for                                                  about 8.9 percent goes to
  funds in accordance with                                                  county government. Schools
  state and county laws and                                                 get the greatest share, with
  policies.                                                                 about 37.6 percent going to
 Manages	county	cash	flow	                                                 local schools and another 22.6
  and banking services.                                                     percent going to the state
                                                                            for redistribution to schools
When	dealing	with	finances,	                                                statewide.
better cash and investment
                                                                           The Treasurer actually
                                                                            earns extra value for
                                                                            taxpayers through short term
                                                                            investments of tax receipts —
                                                                            $7.9 million in 2006.

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