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									                   Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans

 CODE       NAME                                   DESCRIPTION                                  NETTO PRICE

CF1     Temple Bar        Our best selling espresso blend has the strength to punch through      1 Kg   € 9.99
        Espresso Coffee   milk, making it ideal for a latte or cappuccino or exquisite on its
                          own. This blend has a lot of body, and produces a cup that is
        Beans             sweet, smooth, and sophisticated. Expect caramel and chocolate
                          sweetness, followed by a satisfying, long lasting, syrupy finish.

CF2     Extreme           Composed of the finest grade South American Arabica beans from         1 Kg   € 9.99
        Caffeine          Brazil and Colombia (50%), expertly blended with a touch of
                          premium African Robusta beans (50%) which enhances the
        Espresso Coffee   character of the coffee. Hardcore Espresso to get you moving!!

CF3     Espresso Bar      Espresso Bar Coffee Beans are the perfect authentic Italian style      1 Kg   € 11.99
        Coffee Beans      blend for any espresso bar. Espresso bars in Ireland who use this
                          100% Arabica blend just keep coming back for more.
                          Excellent cream smooth rich flavour balanced with medium body
                          sweet midtones. With a finish and aftertaste like no other blend.

CF4     Italian Passion   By Selecting only the highest grade Brazilian and Sumatran coffee      1 Kg   € 12.99
        Espresso Coffee   beans and roasting them to a delicious dark roast we can bring you
                          our finest 100% Arabica espresso coffee blend.

CF5     Estate Costa      Rich, volcanic soil, high elevation and climatic conditions all        1 Kg   € 15.99
        Rican Coffee      contribute to the unique flavor of this Costa Rican coffee. Intense
                          aroma and a medium body make for a very well-balanced and
        Beans             pleasing cup.

CF6     Colombian         This coffee is infused with beautiful notes of sweet tangerine, raw    1 Kg   € 17.99
        Supremo Coffee    sugar, and roasted walnuts. It's smooth and light, with a
                          refreshingly mellow, clean character and a wonderful aroma. It
        Beans             could be our most accessible coffee - a great beginner's coffee and
                          yet still appreciated by the connoisseur!

CF7     Kenyan AA         Our prime Kenyan AA coffee is deliciously fragrant with a fine         1 Kg   € 18.99
        Coffee Beans      balance of acidity and body, crisp, fruity and full of flavour.
CF8   Sumatra           These exotic Sumatra Mandheling Coffee Beans are for the full                    € 17.99
      Mandheling        bodied coffee lover who wants a rich and heavy finish every single
                        time. Sumatra Mandheling Coffee Beans hail from the west coast
      Coffee Beans      coffee producing region of Sumatra, which is outside of Padang in
                        Indonesia. These Sumatra Manheling Coffee Beans are highly
                        coveted by all coffee connoisseurs and the finest of the Sumatran
                        varieties. You will experience mild acidic flavors with a rich and full
                        body, unlike any coffee you have ever had before. This coffee truly
                        tops the list of all coffee lovers worldwide, and it is grown in high
                        altitudes that given the complexity to the taste of the bean. You will
                        also experience caramel and chocolate smoky undertones to be
                        enjoyed again and again.

CF9   JavaTopia         A honey-smooth medium roast animated by bold undertones, Our              1 Kg   € 17.99
      Organic           JavaTopia Bean livens up espresso drinks with its creamy, distinct
                        kick. Perfect for lattes and mochas, JavaTopia Organic range owes
      Espresso Coffee   its rich flavor profile to the Pure Roast Coffee exclusive Air Roast
      Beans             System. This advanced system unlocks the full flavour of premium
                        Arabica beans, giving them a consistently rich, caramelized taste.

                                  Importer Distributor: “Aroma Rex“
                                           175 The Sycamores
                                          Edenderry, Co.Offaly
                                 Tel.: 0851181522

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