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Featuring an authoritative source of legislation
  across the world that deals with environment
   preservation through promulgating policies
  on sanctions, regulations, authorizations and
        restrictions on natural resources.
Asian legislation concerning the environment largely
varies due to the wide gaps in local customs that
could become challenges, leading them to agree on
standard procedures and strengthen ties among
each neighboring nation. Regulations also highlights
the need for dedicated agencies in each country that
will handle emergency scenarios with the notable
frequency of natural disasteres in the region as well
as issues of climate change. The need for
humanitarian organizations for more effective
deployment and better coordination with the
authorities in conducting relief activities is also
US                             
United States has specific legislations for each facet of the
environment              in         place           that           :
 - limits air pollutants by monitoring emissions of factories and
     utility                                                 plants.
 - leads probes in discharges of hazardous chemicals or oil and
     proper                                               cleanup.
 - closely monitoring pesticides for its possible effects in nature
     and                        on                          people.
  - manages the distribution and manufacture of chemicals to
     ensure that their exposure will not cause harm to the
   - regulates the commercial and individual production of
     hazardous wastes as well as its proper disposal.
    - implements clean and safe drinking water policies in
     conjunction with local water treatment plants and
     preventing pollution.
European Union

 Europe's environment legislations mainly
 deal with climate change and the subsequent
 decrease in biological diversity as socio-
 economic developments are inevitably
 dependent on those. Their regulations seek to
 protect and value life diversity for the coming
 generations by monitoring its
 implementation closely.