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									Textual Data (segmented by stanza)

"Joe Hill"
By Alfred Hayes and Earl Robinson (1936)
line #        stanza/verse

      1       I dreamed I saw Joe Hill last night
      2       Alive as you and me
      3       Says I, "But Joe, you're ten years dead,"
      4       "I never died," says he, "I never died," says he.

      5       "In Salt Lake, Joe, by God," says I
      6       Him standing by my bed,
      7       "They framed you on a murder charge."
      8       Says Joe, "But I ain't dead," says Joe, "But I ain't dead."

      9       "The copper bosses shot you, Joe,
              "They killed
              you, Joe,"
     10       says I.
     11       "Takes more than guns to kill a man,"
     12       Says Joe, "I didn't die," says Joe, "I didn't die."

     13       And standing there as big as life
     14       And smiling with his eyes
     15       Joe says, "What they forgot to kill
     16       Went on to organize, went on to organize."

     17       "Joe Hill ain't dead," he says to me,
     18       "Joe Hill ain't never died.
     19       Where workingmen are out on strike
              Joe Hill is at
              their side,
              Joe Hill is at
     20       their side."

     21       "From San Diego up to Maine
     22       In every mine and mill
              strike and
     23       organize,"
     24       Says he, "You'll find Joe Hill," says he, "You'll find Joe Hill."
Conversational Data (segmented by t-unit)
T-Unit #   Speaker                  Text

       1 Cheryl      This is a little cumbersome
       2 John        Very
                     I don’t know how anybody else
       3 Cheryl      would find it.
                     Well we’re using specialized
       4 Ed          knowledge(?)
       5 John        But that’s just our directory :

       6 John        that’s just our directory structure.
                     Yeah, it needs to be ***voice
       7 Cheryl      subsumed**
       8 Ed          I would suggest
                     th-at we each sort of brainstorm
       9 ED          individually :
      10 ED          at least that’s
                     what I would like to do first : just
                     get a few things on my private
      11 ED          unit
                     and then with this open one we
      12 ED          can then write with it …

      13   Cheryl    Should we talk about this stuff …
      14   Ed        It’s a three column …
      15   Cheryl    A little bit …
      16   John      No actually that’s …
                     To remember this? I don’t
      17 Cheryl      remember
      18 Cheryl      what we said last week.
      19 John        Well, I think
                     th-at we should go over this, all
      20 John        right,
      21 John        but I think th-at
      22 Ed          All right

      23 John        The way share*** normally go is
                     there is a time for individuals to
                     come up with ideas and then
      24 John        group …
      25 Ed          Right
                     and then group, group back and
      26 John        try to go over them.
      27 John        So I think
      28 John        that’s not a bad idea.

      29 John        Normally, we specify a time line.
      30 Cheryl      Ah, we need a time line
      31 Ed          Oh, establish a time line.
32   Cheryl   Okay, you take control
33   Cheryl   and let’s write this out.
34   Ed       Let’s do that.
35   John     Okay, so let’s talk just so
36   John     th-at we don’t so
37   John     th-at we know how much time
38   John     th-at we have.
              Now, take control and write it in
39 Cheryl     here.
40 John       Oh, okay.
              Don’t you get a pen out – come
41   Cheryl   on!
42   Ed       He’ll have to interrupt
43   Cheryl   That’s all right.
44   Ed       Okay
45   Cheryl   You can put it in that file
46   Cheryl   if you want to.
47   Cheryl   Are you four, Ed?
48   Ed       Yeah, I’m four.
49   John      That’s me now in control.
50   Cheryl   Yeah
51   Ed       Yeah, that’s you in control
52   John     So, should I …
              Yeah, you can close out all of
53   Cheryl   those windows.
54   John     Just get that one on top :
55   John     we’ve got two days.
56   Cheryl   That’ll work
57   John     We’ve got two days
58   John     so we’ve got Wednesday :
              Now, maybe the goal is to have a
59 Cheryl     draft …
60 John       Right.
              A draft of the proposal : about
              five pages? Maybe more than
61 Cheryl     that.
62 Ed         What ever turns out.
              I mean something : something of
63 Cheryl     that :
64 Cheryl     I’m just trying to think about
              how much time we have to leave
65 Cheryl     to actually create this.

              Okay, so are we going to look at
66 John       the MDL as a means to do this
              or are we just going to look at
67 John       general.

68   Cheryl   Well we don’t have that stuff yet
69   Cheryl   from Gary do we?
70   Ed       No
71   John     No, so we really don’t know
 72 John       what their set up is.
 73 Cheryl     I mean
               we have some vague ideas
 74 Cheryl     about limitations :
 75 Cheryl     I mean reasons
               th-at this doesn’t seem right for
               them : like size and shape and
 76   Cheryl   things like that.
 77   John     Right.
 78   Cheryl   So we could : all *** criteria
 79   Ed       We could ask them
               what they really think is
 80   ED       important,
 81   ED       what their requirements are.
 82   Cheryl   I mean
 83   Cheryl   I think th-at
               there’s a little bit of negotiation
 84 Cheryl     possible there too.
 85 Ed         So I think
 86 ED         th-at we ought to go with
               what we think is really the most
 87 ED         exciting new version …
 88 Cheryl     I mean,
 89 Cheryl     you see that thing

 90 Cheryl     th-at says “deliverable” up there.
               Here comes : here comes our
 91   Ed       guy.
 92   ???      Oh, geez that’s fast.
 93   John     Yeah.
 94   Cheryl   Right there? Let’s see if
               I can get my ghost cursor over
 95 Cheryl     there.
               It’s not getting any cooler in here
 96 ???        this morning
               *** more what you know about
 97   ???      the machines.
 98   Cheryl   Okay, I’m ghost cursor six :
 99   Cheryl   see that “deliverable”?
100   Ed       Uhm
               A draft of a proposal for the
101   Cheryl   second generation.
102   John     Ah-ha
103   Cheryl   I think
104   Cheryl   that’s a good thing :
105   Cheryl   if we can say

               we’re going to give something to
               Gary or something to Leahy(?) or
106 Cheryl     something to Marone(?) :
107 Cheryl     I mean,
108 Cheryl     we’d have a final draft.
109 Ed         I think

               what we want to do is present a
110 ED         product with this and then if we :
111 ED         if you think
112 ED         it is important

               then we should pick an audience
113 ED         like the dean of engineering.
114 Cheryl     Yeah
115 Ed         Fine : but I suspect th-at
               we’re going to want to adapt this
116   ED       to each of the sites.
117   Cheryl   Right, but it’s sort of,
118   Cheryl   you know, just a target.
119   Cheryl   I mean
               it’s not an NSF proposal which is
120 Cheryl     30 pages.
121 Cheryl     You know
122 Cheryl     what I’m saying.
               It gives you some sort of idea of
123 Cheryl     what …
124 Ed         I think

               the point is th-at there are many
125   ED       future directions of the DCR-
126   John     Right, so I …
127   Ed       And we’re going to move in
128   ED       and we may simply categorize.
               So you see more than one type
129 Cheryl     of DCR?
               And then we may decide to focus
130 Ed         on one?
               You see more than one kind of
131   Cheryl   DCR?
132   Ed       Sure
133   John     That’s
134   John     what I’m so far …
135   Cheryl   I don’t know
136   Cheryl   if I do.
137   John     Hmm?
138   Cheryl   I don’t know
139   Cheryl    if I do.
140   John     Well, that’s why
141   John     I think what
142   John     we need to do here …
143   Cheryl   That may be :
               makes it too complex for us to
144 Cheryl     handle.
               Well, no, as long as we
145 Ed         enumerate them
146 ED         then we have to chose.
147 Cheryl     Oh, okay.
               yeah, the reason th-at the
148 Joyhn      individual *** is important
               is because the : what often
149 John       happens is
               you go and sort of collect
150   John     everybody’s concerns
151   John     and it’s not just ***,
152   John     it’s th-at
153   John     it’s a whole bunch to get lost
               because whoever speaks first
154   John     get their …
155   Cheryl   Sure
156   John     on the table. So I think
157   John     it’d be well worth
158   John     us taking thirty minutes.
159   Cheryl   Is that the individual?
160   Ed       As …
161   John     yes
162   Ed       as a general process …
163   Cheryl   Brainstorming

164 Ed         you don’t want to lose people …
165 Cheryl     So it’s 8:30 now
166 Cheryl     so that’s until 9:00?
               from the conversation ***voice
167 Ed         subsumed*** on that table.
               That gives us until 9:00 to identify
168 John       issues
               th-at we would see from our
169   John     particular viewpoints.
170   Cheryl   So we want to put that in this
171   John     That’s right …
172   John     that’s
               We want to put it working on the
173   Cheryl   schedule.
174   John     that’s why :
175   John     that’s why :
176   John     so that’s why :
177   John     that’s why
178   Cheryl   Just put 9:00 in front of there :
               so that’s what we do until 9:00.
179   Cheryl   Okay.
180   John     Oh, I
181   Cheryl   Command Z
182   John     I hit the wrong key.
183   John     I didn’t control it.
184   John     I guess
185   John     I should …
186   Cheryl   Right, it’s the apple.
187   Ed       it’s a keyboard problem.
               Right, and we have a platform
188 Cheryl     problem.
189 John       Okay.
190 Cheryl     If we’ve got platform problems –

               we got Macintoshes to talk with
191   Cheryl   PCs yesterday and share files.
192   John     Yeah?
193   Ed       Well
194   Cheryl   Something called MacLand :
195   Cheryl   you put it on a PC and then …
196   John     Yeah, they say th-at Net …
               Apparently nobody else on
197 Cheryl     campus has done this.
198 Ed         Really?
199 Cheryl     Yes, we’re the first.
               We had Don Moore over there to
200   Cheryl   do it
201   Cheryl   and he said
202   Cheryl   th-at it’s never been done
203   Cheryl   and I said
204   Cheryl   what kind of stupid place is it?
               Right. That’s not uncommon at
205   Ed       all outside of Rensselaer.
206   Cheryl   Yeah, right
207   John     Even we’re …
208   Ed       I mean obviously
209   ED       there was a product
210   ED       th-at did it right off the bat.
211   Cheryl   No, I mean
212   Cheryl   it’s :

213   Cheryl   you know, the icon for the files –
214   Cheryl   I mean for the hard disk
215   Cheryl   shows up on both machines.
216   Ed       Oh that’s nice
217   John     Yeah, because I know
               th-at in mesh ware(?) would have
               brought Macintoshes and :
218   John     Novell.
219   Cheryl   Yeah, right.
220   John     … what they’re working :
221   John     they used this all the time …
222   Cheryl   Yeah
223   John     I guess
224   John     it just goes to show you
               people on this campus get stuck
225 John       on one platform.
               Yeah, but no department has just
226 Cheryl     one kind of machine..
227 Ed         No, heavens.
228 Cheryl     Unless it’s management..
229   Ed       We have four or five kinds.
230   Cheryl   Identify three goals?
231   John     Well, lets assume
232   John     we get a lot of different.
233   Cheryl   So, select one?
234   John     Select, yes
               … one for : what do you mean by
235   Cheryl   goals?
236   Cheryl   I mean, major goals?
237   John     I guess
238   John     I’m looking
239   John     th-at we might get :
               th-at we might get a lot of
240 John       proposals
               and th-at we might not be able to
241 John       get to them all today.
242 Cheryl     Uh-hmm
243 Ed         Sure
               So, maybe we should look at
244 John       them …
               …but I mean are these like three
               different DCRs? Or three
               aspects of a single second
245   Cheryl   generation …
246   Ed       I think
247   ED       we’ll find that out.
248   John     That’s what
249   John     I was going to say :
               we may all end up with the same
250 John       vision

251 John       and then we have three issues …
               So that should take about a half
252   Cheryl   hour?
253   John     Well, I think
254   John     that’ll actually be the process.
255   John      I think maybe
               we should leave that from 9:00-
256 John       12:00.
               We don’t develop any of those
257 Cheryl     goals?
258 John       Yeah, we select and develop.
               Maybe we should say select and
259 John       develop 3 goals.
260 Cheryl     I mean
261 Cheryl     I think th-at we :
               by ten o’clock we ought to start
262 Cheryl     developing

               and then we have two hours to
263 Cheryl     develop today. What is develop?
264 Cheryl     Well, do we have
               any sense of what that means?
265   Cheryl   Sketch?
266   John     well I think th-at …
267   Cheryl   criteria …
268   John     I think th-at
269   John     we’ll end up debating …
270   Ed       We’ll find out
271   ED       when we do it
272   Cheryl   Yeah.
273   John     The first stage is th-at
               we’ll end up debating the
274   John     relevance of something.
275   John     So if somebody, you know,
276   John     we’ll have to figure out
277   John     whether it is important.
278   Cheryl   Yeah.
279   John     And if it turns out
280   John     th-at it is important,
281   John     and I guess

282 John       that’s what the 9:00-10:00 will be
283 John       is to say is this …
284 Cheryl     Should we do this.
               … a valuable. So that’s
285 John       evaluation
               So then do we want to map out
286 Cheryl     tomorrow’s schedule?
287 John       Yes, Friday’s, yes.
288 Cheryl     I mean Friday’s schedule?
               Isn’t it nice just to go away to this
289 Cheryl     place?
290 John       Yeah.
               Stuff at your office is going on at
291   Cheryl   you.
292   Ed       Yeah
293   John     It’s like a little retreat
294   Ed       It is a retreat
295   Cheryl   I don’t know

296   Cheryl   what I would do without this place
297   John      that’s what
298   John     it should be.
299   Ed        that’s really
300   John     what it should be
301   Cheryl   I wouldn’t get anything done
               I went and hid in the alumni
302 Ed         house for a little bit yesterday.
303 ED         It was great.
304 Cheryl     Just?
               There was a faculty counsel
305 Ed         meeting over there …
306 Cheryl     so you went early or stayed late?
307 Ed         So, I went early.
               They have a nice little library
308   ED       there.
309   Cheryl   Oh, it’s beautiful over there.
310   Ed       Nobody’s there.
311   Cheryl   No, nobody is ever there.
312   John     Yeah, I often …

               In fact, I once tried to have a
313 Cheryl     meeting in there, in that library …
314 Ed         And they wouldn’t let you.

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