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									               Health care step by step

Food and nutrition:
Many people think that the words "food" and "nutrition" are two words synonymous. But they
in fact indicate different things. Nutrition for example, depends in part on food, so food
provides the body with food to be consumed in the feed of living cells in the human body.
And clearly, no human lives on intake during the day of eating and drinking are different, but
live on the body and this digestion him palatable. The body does not grow to engulf him
mouth, but what passes in the intestinal blood channels.

On the other hand, the food inadequate and incomplete person leads to poor and lack of
nutrition. Therefore, doctors advise always good food and complete.
At times incapable of human body on the analysis of this food. Analysis and use of food
relies solely on internal and external glands, secretions produced by these glands.
If the glands work incorrectly, the result is malnutrition. But mostly, the healthy food and
natural and correct contributes to healing the glandular organ in the body. Conversely, the
unhealthy food and incomplete and lean to be harmful to the health of the human body

The evolution of the ages, Became modern humans is an important food has helped him to
fill his hunger and satisfy his greed. And satisfy greedy. Forgot this was an integral part of
human nature, not in the body of any changes or developments, its digestive system is the
same for everyone-past times and so on. It is to note that no right to violate the laws of life
arbitrarily, because if he did he would be the result of various diseases, and will all of his
children and grandchildren.

health care step by step
Energy Development: Carbohydrates:
Many people go through during the day period semi fatigue, or fatigue full. And it's up to the
low level of energy present in the food they eat.

When to choose the best fuel for the body you can raise the level of energy well and
tangible. And requires releasing energy from food four basic stages.
1 proper digestion: After chewing food. Enters the digestive tract where fracturing and
degrade as a result of the impact of acid in the stomach and digestive enzymes in the

2 represent food and processed well from the gastrointestinal tract to the blood circulation
and the liver.

3 transfer of food after the completion of treatment to where it is needed through the blood.

4 burning food and the process of "metabolism" and that generate power from oxygen that
results from burning food by billions of cells in the human body.

In case of failure of any one of these basic operations, power generation may hang in the

The bad digestion leads to inadequate absorption of nutrients from the gut, which in turn
loses the body of energy.

The food deficit and one or more may lead to an imbalance in the reactions that generate
energy within the cell.

Thus, keeping the energy-generating systems under the right action is linked to the health of
digestive and circulatory functions, chemical and dynamic within the body

Where to store this energy?
This fuel is located in the body may be saved in three basic forms:

1 sugar: It is the most readily available and conserved energy. It resides in the circulatory

2 glycogen: a substance very similar to starch. The reservation of this article in the muscle
and liver, and is rapidly converted to sugar is subject to burning and energy producer.

3 fat: but to transform this fat into energy for immediate use is the hardest.

Food energy donor
Carbohydrates :

Carbohydrates are the primary source of energy of the human body that keeps him on
temperature and activity. It also provides for the body some main building materials in the
human body.
Vegetables are one of the main sources of carbohydrates as well as: fruits, starches ,
breads , rice , pasta , chips , potato , beans and pulses and fruits pulps .

Carbohydrates are more than providing raw materials for energy. They also provide vital
minerals , vitamins and enzymes which are essential for proper nutrition.

The food must contain carbohydrates to ensure adequate calories needed for energy and
body including muscle and nerve activity .

The body stores energy in the form of glycogen synthesis. And building body fat
from carbohydrates. And if someone wants to lose weight should reduce the amount of
starchy carbohydrates or cut it short of food, especially bread, cereals and potatoes.


Fats are essential food for being provide unsaturated fatty acids and essential. Evacuating
some vitamins and ensure fuel up body.

Fat can be half a second store fuel in your body after carbohydrates. Animals and vegetables
are the main sources of fats, Valkyrie and butter that are fat or include vegetable oils (such
as peanut oil, corn oil, and other oils ...) these unsaturated acids necessary for healthy cells.
Fats are also necessary for the production of yellow substance which in turn is essential for
proper digestion and expulsion of dirt from the body.
There are some fats are harmful to good health. These fats are saturated or
hydrogenated fats such as margarine, hydrogenated peanut butter. In natural situations
these oils completely natural. But when thedrg become if no human body can be dealt with
But when it becomes hydrogenated become in the case will not be able to human body
easily eaten.The perceived "hydrogenated vegetable oil" that hydrogen may be entered him,
and that of hydrogen atoms have united with natural molecules, and thus almost human do
not eat them often, especially animal fat. Here we must be alert to that when you eat meat
cooked or grilled, would be wise to put rights with some of the fat that is essential for good
health and to increase energy in humans.


Protein is essential to the human body because it provides the body with vital acids that help
the human growth process as well as maintain tissue.

It can be said that everything in the body almost consists of proteins as we say that the car is
composed of metal. The protein structured allowed the formation of brain cells, bones and
    There are two essential proteins:

    Animal protein , vegetable protein .

    A) animal protein: available animal protein from meat, fish, fowl, eggs, milk. It is the best
    and most useful to humans for the following reasons:

     1. This protein is a for-like protein found in the human body in terms of installation.
     2. Can be used easily in the human body.
     3. Contains mineral salts and vitamins.
     4. Contains hemoglobin values.
     5. Animal protein requires the least amount of activity for digestion.
     6. Animal protein leaves very small deposits and low compared with deposits of
    B) vegetable protein: it is also important to humans, and is found in huge quantities in
    whole grains, such as seeds, beans, green peas, nuts.And with all the benefits of vegetable
    protein, it cannot alone to maintain good health for the following reasons:

     1. 1 does not contain enough acids necessary.
     2. Vegetable proteins do not contain acid in methionin, one of the major acids, notify to
        mind here is the question:
    vegetarians people
    How vegetarians people live ?

      From what they eat everyday

      Because they eat meat in secret

      they remain on milk and its products

    The answer of the question is :
    When close scrutiny will result that vegetarians omit meat from their list , but they
    remain on milk and its products (cheese, Dairy ...), as eggs.All that therefore animal
    protein 100% Genuine.

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