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									Franchise Opportunity
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About Ocean Blue

Ocean Blue is the ultimate dessert stop. Whether         ask if you would like to sample some of our creamy
you’re looking for a refreshing sorbet decked-out        yogurt teaming with live cultures or maybe a re-
with fresh fruit, or a rich cup of yogurt pooling with   freshing non-dairy sorbet. Sample as many of our
chocolate and caramel we have it! For those of           amazing flavors as you please before deciding.
you looking for something extra healthy may we           Don’t forget to hit the “Creation Station” where
suggest Acai, to which we add Indian Gooseberry          you will find a multitude of toppings to finish off
(rich in anti-oxidants) and Omega-3! Don’t want          your custom dessert.
to get out of your car, some of our locations offer
curbside “to go” service. No time to bake, take one      Committed to providing you with the best possible
of our yogurt pies home and impress your guests!         customer service and highest quality ingredients are
                                                         what set Ocean Blue apart from the other guys. You
When visiting an Ocean Blue store you will be            won’t find any artificial stiffeners or gums here, so
greeted by one of our personalized lifeguards.           you wont be left with that unpleasant aftertaste.
They aren’t there to protect you from drowning but       Every time you enjoy Ocean Blue Frozen Yogurt,
to help you create your perfect treat. They might        your tummy will thank you for the millions of live
                                                         cultures which aid in a healthy digestive tract. Sug-
                                                         ar highs and lows are a thing of the past when you
                                                         eat dessert here, since all of our yogurt and non-
                                                         dairy sorbets are sweetened with natural fruit sugar
                                                         (Fructose, not high fructose corn syrup).

                                                         Everyone loves a great tasting dessert and the com-
                                                         binations you can create are endless. Recent dis-
                                                         coveries have been: Peanut Butter and Jelly (Peanut
                                                         Butter and Boysenberry sorbet swirled), Key Lime
                                                         Pie (Key Lime Tart and graham cracker crumbs) and
                                                         Cream-sickle (Vanilla & Orange Sorbet swirled). If
                                                         you come up with a new combination, let an Ocean
                                                         Blue Lifeguard know and we just might feature it!
                                                         With so many toppings and flavors to choose from
                                                         a new discovery is right around the corner.

                                                         One taste and you’ll never forget the name; it’s the
                                                         yogurt that will cover the planet like a wave, an
                                                         “Ocean Blue” wave.
About Ocean Blue

               Why                                                           Why
           Frozen Yogurt?
Frozen yogurt is enjoyed around the world and           •   Practical, hands-on Training
U.S. sales have increased annually. With millions       •   Innovative, contemporary concept
of consumers looking to make healthier lifestyle        •   New flavors created often, with franchisee and
choices, offering a product that not only has health        customer input in mind
benefits, but also tastes delicious is a great asset.   •   Product that appeals to health-conscious consum-
Newer technologies and innovative flavors make              ers
                                                        •   On-going support
this industry exciting.
                                                        •   A strong desire to help all franchisees succeed
                                                            in ownership of an Ocean Blue Frozen Yogurt™
•   The frozen dessert market is expected to grow           franchise
    by more than $4 billion to a total of $27.6 bil-
    lion by 2012. (Source: The U.S. Market for Ice
    Cream and Related Frozen Desserts/Packaged
•   In 2006, total U.S. sales of ice cream and fro-
    zen desserts reached nearly $23 billion. Of that
    total, $13.9 billion was spent on “away from
    home” frozen dessert purchases, such as scoop
    shops, food service, and other retail sales out-
    lets..(Source: 2007 Dairy Facts/International
    Ice Cream Association)
•   U.S. yogurt sales more than doubled, to $5 bil-
    lion, from 1998 to 2006. (Source: Euromoni-
Nutrition Facts

 Creamy Tart      Milk Chocolate    Non Fat
Nutrition Facts

California Tart   Sorbet   Vanilla
Health Facts

           Obesity and high fructose corn syrup
  The number of Americans who are obese has quadrupled in recent
  years, a study shows. At the same time, high fructose corn syrup
  consumption has risen at parallel rates.

              Pounds Consumed:                                  Obesity: Bars
  80       The graph traces                                  track the increased
  pounds   average number of                                 percentage of obese                                  35%
           pounds of high fructose                           Americans age 20 years
           corn syrup consumed                               and older, for available
  70       by Americans each year                            years studied.                                        30


  10                                                                                                                5

  0                                                                                                                 0
       ‘76 ‘78 ‘80 ‘82 ‘84 ‘86 ‘88 ‘90 ‘92 ‘94 ‘96 ‘98 ‘00
                          Source: Centers for Disease Control, American Obesity Association, Chronicle research
Health Facts

                              Blood sugar response to fructose and glucose
  Unlike glucose, fructose does not cause marked hyperglycemia fol-
  lowed by a sharp decline in blood sugar level. (Adapted from Olef-
  sky, 1980.)


   Serum Glucose (mg/100ml)

                              110                                                                                                                                                                               Sugar


                                    0                     30                       60                                                                  120                                            180
                                                                                                    Time (min)
                                    *Fructose and Glucose Ingestion and Muscle Glygogen Use During Submaximal Exercise. L. Levine, W.J. Evans, et al., Journal of Applied Physiology: 55 (6) 1767-1771, 1983.

 Our Acai yogurt is not only     Comparison of ORAC Values
 loaded with live cultures, it   (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity)
 has another superfruit, Indi-
                                 ORAC measures the scavenging capacity of an antioxidant
 an Gooseberry plus the es-
                                 compound against cell-damaging free radicals.
 sential fatty acid Omega-3.
 Combined, these make a          Fruit Extracts                                 H-ORAC*
 power packed treat that no
 one else offers. Here are       Indian Gooseberry                     1770
 some of the benefits:           Acai                                  997
                                 Pomegranate                           105
 •   Lowers Stress               Cranberry                             93
 •   Promotes Sound Sleep        Plum                                  63
 •   Increases Energy Levels     Blueberry                             62
 •   Improves Liver Health
                                 Blackberry                            53
 •   Increases Focus
                                 Raspberry                             48
 •   Help’s Depression
 •   Reduces Risk of Cancer      Strawberry                            36
 •   Can help ADHD               Apple                                 27
                                 Peach                                 19
                                 Orange                                18
                                 Tangerine                             17
                                 Banana                                9
                                 *Data expressed as pmole of trolox equivalent/g.
                                 References: X, Wu et al, J Agri Food Chem, 52, 4026-37, 2004; A.G, Schauss at al, J Agri Food Chem, 54(22), 8604-10, 2006.
                                 H-ORAC value for Capros* (Indian Gooseberry) was determined by Brunswick Laboratories, a third-party commercial laboratory
                                 that developed the patented ORAC assays used in the above references.

   Tart          Chocolate        Sorbet
  Creamy           Mint
 California    Peanut Butter
   Peach       Double Fudge
  Mango           Banana
 Key Lime         Custard
Boysenberry    Caramel Pecan
                Mint Truffle
              Blueberry Muffin
Investment Breakdown

     Franchise Fee                                                            $35,000
     Leasehold Improvements & Computers                           $50,000 to $500,000
     Equipment and Signage                                        $50,000 to $200,000
     Opening Inventory                                             $50,000 to $70,000
     Permits, Real Estate, Rent & Deposits                          $4,000 to $30,000
     Training                                                          $600 to $6,000
     Pre-Opening                                                        $0 to $15,000
     Insurance                                                       $1,000 to $2,200
     Working Capital                                               $60,000 to $80,000
     Total                                                       $245,600 to $938,200
     Initial Costs
     Franchise Fee - Compensates Ocean Blue Frozen Yogurt™ for materials and services related to
     start-up, use of trademark, proprietary information, manuals, training, marketing materials,
     business forms, professional consultation, and other support and administrative activities.
     Leasehold Improvements – This depicts the costs you should expect to incur to complete the
     build out of your location.
     Computers – Our current hardware requirements ensure you will have the technological ability to
     operate your franchise efficiently. You must also maintain a high-speed Internet connection, such
     as cable, DSL, or fractional T1 (no ISDN), and a custom Ocean Blue Frozen Yogurt™ software
     Permits, Real Estate, Rent & Deposits – Required payments for business licenses and permits,
     facility rental, security deposits, and various other utility and insurance premium pre-payments as
     required on an individual basis.
     Training – Expense related to training-related travel including meals and lodging.
     Pre-Opening – Professional fees, opening expenses, and Grand Opening advertising.
     Insurance – You must obtain and maintain the specific insurance coverage that we require and
     satisfy other insurance-related obligations that may be regulated by your state or local
     Working Capital – Funds allocated for various other expenses regarding start-up and marketing
     costs, as well as an initial deficit reserve.
     On-going Franchise Fee – Ocean Blue Frozen Yogurt™ receives a monthly royalty of 6% of gross
     Advertising – Ocean Blue Frozen Yogurt™ may collect a monthly advertising fee in the amount of
     3% of gross sales to support the development and maintenance of a professional marketing plan
     for discretionary regional and local market areas.
Example Floor Plan

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