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					LGVMA Good News!
Lesbian and Gay Veterinary Medical Association             Volume 17 No. 2

The Garnier-Evans Family at the 2009 White House Easter Egg Roll

Letter to JAVMA
Ways to Move Forward
Montreal– The New Beginning
Toronto Pride Report and more….
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    Treasurer                  Michael Miller, DVM— Alameda, CA

    At-Large Board Members:
    Ted Eudy, DVM— Santa Fe, NM
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    Lyn T. Garson, CVT— Technician Representative— Enfield, CT
    E. Scott Weber, VMD— West Sacramento, CA

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2                                                     LGVMA’s GOOD NEWS! — Summer 2009
Letter from LGVMA President
Jennifer Thomas, DVM
                                                                                         Special Thank You For
Greetings!                                   Association of American Veterinary
                                             Medical Colleges (AAVMC) diversity
                                                                                         Supporting LGVMA
It has been an exciting year so far for      symposium that was recently featured in     Shane Bateman, DVM
                                                                                          (SAVMA Symposium panel, Montreal
LGVMA. I want to welcome all of our          the journal. To read the original article    booth, Toronto Gay Pride)
new members!                                 published in JAVMA regarding the
                                                                                         Michael Chaddock, DVM
                                             Iverson Bell Symposium 2009 follow           (donation)
We have developed a new logo and             this link:             Mathieu Chéhadé (Montreal 2010)
created a banner for our first ever          onlnews/javma/may09/090515a.asp              (Helped translate brochure into
                                                                                          French for Montreal)
conference exhibit hall booth at the         Look for our response letter to be
                                                                                         Larry Dawson, DVM
ACVIM/Canadian VMA in Montreal,              published soon in JAVMA. See full copy       (scholarship committee)
which gave LGVMA lots of interest. The       of our letter on page 4 of Good News!
                                                                                         Linda Detwiller, DVM
banner went to Pride in Toronto before       Already, in response to our letter, the      (SAVMA Symposium panel)

its next showing at our booth at the         AAVMC has invited LGVMA to be a co-         Mathew Hamilton, DVM
                                                                                          (scholarship committee)
AVMA convention in Seattle--be sure          sponsor of a North American Veterinary
to stop in and see us if you will be         Medical Education Consortium, which         Wayne Hollingshead, DVM
                                                                                          (Montreal booth)
attending, or, better yet, sign up to help   will develop a plan to address the future
                                                                                         Jenni Huelsman (Ohio)
us staff the booth.                          diversity needs of the veterinary            (SAVMA Symposium 2009)
                                             profession. We have finally been offered
                                                                                         Lesbian Connection Magazine
Speaking of the AVMA conference, we          a place at the table!
                                                                                         Michael McGuill, DVM
will be holding our annual meeting there                                                  (JAVMA letter)
on Sunday, July 12, 12:00-1:00 pm, in        Let's keep the momentum moving
                                                                                         Helen Platt
the Elliott Bay room of the Westin.          forward into the rest of the year. For       (banner design)
Please join us! We are also hosting our      LGVMA to continue representing the          Morris Samson, DVM
Annual Dinner on Sunday at 7PM.              issues important to our members and          (LGVMA supporter in Toronto who
                                                                                          displayed banner with Shane)
Check the LGVMA booth or our website         our profession, we need each of your
                                                                                         Ilana Strubel, DVM
for location.                                continued support. This includes              (donation)
                                             volunteering when possible,
                                                                                         Jennifer Thomas, DVM
We are also moving forward in our            encouraging your LGBT and straight-          (SAVMA Symposium panel)

veterinary technician outreach. We           supporting colleagues to become             Scott Weber, VMD
                                                                                          (scholarship committee-chair)
have established our first scholarship for   members and continued donations to
technician students, and we are in the       our general and student scholarship         Tim Withers, DVM
                                                                                          (JAVMA letter)
process of updating our bylaws and           funds. We appreciate your support!
                                                                                         American College of Veterinary
constitution to, among other things,                                                      Internal Medicine
make technicians full voting members.        Sincerely,
                                                                                         Canadian Veterinary Medical
Much thanks to Lyn Garson, CVT, our          Jennifer Thomas, DVM                        Association
technician representative to the board,      President LGVMA                             Montreal, Canada
and Wayne Hollingshead DVM, our
                                                                                         Association of American Veterinary
Canadian representative, for their                                                       Medical Colleges
                                                                                          (for inviting LGVMA to be co-
dedication and outreach efforts.                                                         partners)

We have also been busy drafting a                                                         (for publishing our letter)
response letter to JAVMA regarding the

                                               LGVMA’s GOOD NEWS! — Summer 2009                                               3
LGVMA’s Letter to JAVMA
June 1, 2009

Dear JAVMA Editor,

The Lesbian and Gay Veterinary Medical Association (LGVMA) applauds the 2009 Iverson Bell Symposium and AAVMC for
advocating college-wide education and diversity training in veterinary medicine (JAVMA, May 15, 2009). We have common goals.

As lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) individuals, we wholeheartedly agree that understanding and achieving diversity
within the veterinary profession “provides improved educational and professional experiences, making everyone better
practitioners.” We also agree it is vital for our profession – to meet the racial, ethnic and cultural needs of society – to produce
veterinary graduates and faculty who possess diverse perspectives. As Dr. Nivet pointed out during the symposium, doing so provides
a strategy for our profession to achieve excellence.

We believe Dr. Pappaioanou offered the answer when she told symposium attendees “education is the key . . . and that AAVMC is
moving ahead on that front.” Indeed, we are grateful AAVMC is committed to this process. But we encourage the discussion be
expanded beyond the racial and ethnic perspectives presented at the symposium by including the experiences of other “hidden”
communities within the profession.

Of course, total equality will not occur until boards, committees, faculty and clinic ownership mirror the diversity of our profession –
and our society. To illustrate this point, we share some insights obtained from our 2009 membership survey of LGBT veterinarians
and technicians: Twenty percent reported experiencing prejudicial attitudes and behaviors from within the profession, either in
academia or business, by other veterinarians. Additionally, a study of discrimination conducted by the British Medical Association,
(British Medical Association, Career Barriers in Medicine: Doctors Experiences, June 2004), revealed the following1:

—   LGBT doctors commonly experience homophobia in the workplace
—   LGBT doctors routinely fear and experience discrimination in their work environments
—   Incidents of LGBT discrimination are often unnoticed and unchallenged
—   Those in authority often cannot be relied upon for support
—   A supportive environment or person can make a genuine difference and benefit the doctor

Over the last 20 years, as society has taken progressive steps toward greater acceptance of LGBT individuals, the veterinary
profession has been slow to keep pace. Perhaps our profession can follow the example set by the American Medical Association,
and the corporate world, by recognizing the value of diversity training for employees to include LGBT perspectives as part of this
education. We call upon the veterinary profession, and all of its institutions of higher learning, to do the same.

Because we look no different from the rest of society, LGBT individuals often go unnoticed. But we have always been members
of your community and the veterinary profession. We are friends, family, faculty, staff, students, clients, practitioners, leaders
and colleagues. Despite differences, we are one profession joined in the pursuit of excellence. One day soon, like the Association
of Woman Veterinarians, we hope the LGVMA will be incorporated and welcomed into the greater veterinary profession.

On behalf of the LGVMA Board of Directors, respectfully,
Jennifer Thomas, DVM

Ted Eudy, DVM
Lyn T. Garson, CVT
Ken Gorczyca, DVM
Wayne Hollingshead, DVM
Michael McGuill, DVM, DMP, DACVPM
Scott Weber, VMD, MCs
Tim Withers, DVM


4                                               LGVMA’s GOOD NEWS! — Summer 2009
                                                                up for the general E-list, and only vet students and vet
LGVMA User Guide                                                techs are signed up to the other E-lists. Make sure your
Our move to MemberClicks is complete. As an all                 spam filter does not keep out these messages.
volunteer organization, we hope our new online
membership services will help cut down on volunteer
                                                                3. Worldwide Yahoo Listserve
hours by shifting the responsibility of updating profile
information to our members. Please remember to ensure           LGVMA has decided to keep our Yahoo listserve,

your E-mail address is kept up-to-date in our online            which we have utilized in the past. This list will be for

system so we can avoid losing track of you— especially our      individuals worldwide who are not LGVMA members,

student members who may no longer hold a school E-mail          but want to receive information and notices. LGVMA

account after graduation.                                       is the only group of LGBT veterinarians, veterinary
                                                                technicians and students in the world. We have

In the past, all memberships were renewed in January            individual e-list members from Africa, Asia, Europe,

of each year. Members will now receive an e-renewal one         the South Pacific and South America. To sign up for

year from the last payment date. Although we prefer that        the Yahoo listserve, go to and follow

members pay on-line, we will accept checks for those            posted instructions.

who prefer.

                                                                4. Calendar of Events
Below are some of the many features to help you navigate
                                                                You will find a calendar of events on our members-
our new MemberClicks online system:
                                                                only section and a similar public calendar on our
   1. Communication                                             public website. To add an event to the calendar, send

   You can contact an individual LGVMA member                   event information to

   through the online directory by going to the person's
   profile, or you can communicate to all members by            5. Discussion Boards
   clicking the "contact" button. Members can also elect
                                                                Our members-only section offers discussion boards for
   to stop receiving group messages by accessing and
                                                                communication and education.
   updating your profile. LGVMA uses the online
   directory to send important messages and our
   e-newsletter, Good News! Be sure your E-mail address         6. LGVMA Newsletter
   and all contact info is accurate so we can reach you.
                                                                We recently moved to an E-newsletter to save costs.
                                                                Our membership survey indicated that nearly half of
   2. E-listserves                                              you prefer a paper newsletter, so the board will be
                                                                revisiting this option. Current and past newsletters can
   For group communication and discussions.
                                                                be found in our library in the members-only section.—
                                                                To request an E-newsletter directly to you as an
   entire membership
                                                                attachment contact—
   veterinary students—                             7. Board Minutes
   technicians/technician students
                                                                Members can read board minutes to understand the
                                                                process and decisions. All members are always invited
   You can access your personal profile to turn on or off
                                                                to join our board meetings.
   any of these e-lists. Currently, all members are signed

                                           LGVMA’s GOOD NEWS! — Summer 2009                                                 5
One Member’s List of Ways to Move Forward
By Michael McGuill, DVM

Last month in JAVMA (May 15, 2009),           advocating radical political action. I am    profession and encourage our
I eagerly read the article summary of the     simply saying that it’s up to those of us    profession’s leaders and organizations
2009 Iverson Bell Symposium, a recent         in the LGBT veterinary community to          to include us. These are my suggestions,
diversity conference hosted by the            hold our profession’s leaders and            not necessarily those of LGVMA. My
Association for American Veterinary           organizations accountable; to speak up       intention is not to find a list that
Medical Colleges (AAVMC). The                 on behalf of LGBT inclusion at every         everyone can agree on; I encourage each
symposium’s intention was to strategize       opportunity; and, in general, to take        of you to create your own lists, and share
about how to increase diversity in            actions that will ensure that our            them with us. Here it goes:
veterinary schools, to reflect the            profession, our employers, and our vet
diversity of veterinary clients and of the    schools understand and support LGBT          1. Make a list of everyone you knew
population in general. I read with            veterinarians, technicians and LGBT          from your vet school who is a LGBT
interest about the conference to the last     veterinary clients.                          individual, and ask each one to join
word. There was no mention of the                                                          LGVMA (if they don’t already belong).
words “gay” or “lesbian.”                     We have all recently witnessed the           Send each an email or note, mention
                                              historic election of our Nation’s first      LGVMA’s recent letter in JAVMA, our
I thought about the article, and about        African-American President, who speaks       co-sponsorship of the newly-formed
the ways in which our profession has          openly about LGBT rights as part of his      North American Veterinary Medical
failed to support us, and I reached two       agenda, and we’ve either watched or          Education Consortium (see below), and
conclusions. The first is that, left to       participated in a growing momentum to        ask them to be part of a growing
themselves, the leaders of our profession     legalize gay marriage. I live in             movement to increase our presence and
and its umbrella organizations seem to        Massachusetts, and our six-year-old son      acceptance in the veterinary profession.
have little interest for inclusion of LGBT    now has two dads who are married. It’s a     Give them all the information they need
individuals or issues. Despite the leaps      great feeling, but many who watched          to join LGVMA.
that the LGBT community has made in           from other states may not realize that
our society and every other health            the struggle took years of intense           2. If you know LGBT faculty at your
profession in our nation, and despite the     coalition-building, strategy, and truth-     vet school or other vet schools, do the
tireless years of efforts made by LGVMA       telling by tens of thousands of              same. If you know LGBT pharmacy
to open doors, veterinary medicine            Massachusetts residents. Recently            representatives or distributors, tell
remains in the “dark ages” about LGBT         someone from the LGBT veterinary             them about LGVMA and encourage
inclusion. As much as our wishes to           community suggested to me that it’s          them to join.
stand tall beside other health                our profession’s turn to “ride the wave”
professions and demand that we be             of progress. Unfortunately, it’s not as if   3. Make a list of non-LGBT individuals
included under the “One Health”               we can effortlessly ask for doors to open,   you know who support LGVMA’s
umbrella, its retrograde politics, at least   and watch them do so. We can be              professional struggle. LGVMA needs
regarding LGBT matters, makes it look         emboldened by the knowledge that             to broaden its organization to include
more like a third world country than an       LGBT support is growing, especially          many more non-LGBT, supportive
organization poised to join elbows with       amongst the younger generation, but we       veterinarians and non-veterinarians.
the zeitgeist.                                must accept that if change is to occur in    All civil rights movements have
                                              our profession, we must lead it.             understood the need to build friendships
The second conclusion is that the field                                                    with others who support their rights.
of veterinary medicine will not change        I came up with a list of ways we might       LGVMA members should include vet
unless we demand it. I am not                 promote LGBT visibility within our           school deans, members of AVMA’s

6                                              LGVMA’s GOOD NEWS! — Summer 2009
Ways to Move Forward– continued

   executive team, veterinary pharmacy       they should. The Executive Director      regarding the Iverson Bell
   company executives, and countless         of our VMA in Massachusetts is an        Symposium’s exclusion of LGBT
   others. Currently, a class of             out lesbian, who speaks and writes       issues. As a result of that letter, the
   membership within LGVMA exists            about her partner and two kids           Executive Director of the Association
   which is called “Friend.” Only three      often; she is also a lawyer, and she     of American Veterinary Medical
   people have joined LGVMA in this          may be an ally to LGVMA in thinking      Colleges has invited LGVMA to
   category— three people! I suggest         about ways to include LGBT and           become a co-sponsor and participant
   that LGVMA think about ways to            non-LGBT veterinary professions in       in the North American Veterinary
   make membership for non-LGBT              our organization.                        Medical Education Consortium,
   supporters more attractive. Once                                                   which plans to create a national plan
   they do, we should all begin asking       7. As an alumni of your vet school,      for the societal needs of our
   non-LGBT leaders in our profession        offer to participate in diversity        profession. As one of several who
   who support our rights for full           workshops and training to offer the      participated in creating the letter to
   inclusion in our profession to join       perspective of a LGBT veterinary         JAVMA, and who signed it, I’m
   our organization. LGVMA, please           professional. Ask if your school has     excited to learn of other reactions to
   help us figure this out!                  an LGVMA chapter; offer to               our letter.
                                             participate in it.
   4. If you are looking for new career                                               I have one final suggestion. I’d like to
   opportunities, find out if potential      8. The next time someone speaks          ask LGVMA to offer a place on our
   employers offer domestic partner          about their family, and you “zip your    website for everyone to list their own
   benefits and if their nondiscriminatory   lips up” before speaking about your      ideas, and to tell stories about how
   policies include sexual orientation.      own, think again and, if you can,        others within and outside of the
   Speak openly about how you’ll be          mention your family. The more we         LGBT veterinary community have
   considering such benefits and             speak about our lives, partners, and     responded to our efforts to invite
   policies when deciding on your next       families as a part of regular            their participation in LGVMA, or ask
   career choice.                            conversation, the more likely others     for equal treatment at work, or in
                                             are to see us as part of the culture.    other ways act on any item in this list
   5. If you’re not out at work, come out.                                            or items added to the online list by
                                             9. If it seems appropriate, come out     LGVMA members. I am excited
   6. If you work in a practice that         to your LGBT and straight clients.       about the new energy I sense within
   doesn’t offer domestic partner            Be respectful; avoid mentioning your     LGVMA, and I look forward to the
   benefits or a nondiscrimination           sexual orientation in a way that         next months and years ahead as a
   policy that doesn’t include sexual        might be perceived as sexual             time when we will be leading the
   orientation, speak with the owners to     harassment. Coming out to clients in     profession into a new era of
   encourage them to change such             a friendly, subtle way may be            acceptance and inclusion of LGBT
   benefits and policies.                    especially helpful to clients in areas   individuals and issues.
                                             that are not known to be friendly
   7. If you’re involved in your state       toward LGBT individuals. Perhaps
   VMA (and many of us are or have           place a subtle rainbow symbol in         Editor’s note- LGVMA has started
   been), find out if they offer domestic    your waiting room.                       a discussion board in our Members
   partner benefits and if their                                                      Only section for a continuation of
   nondiscriminatory policies include        As you’ve read in this issue of the      this important and timely issue.
   sexual orientation. If they don’t,        LGVMA’s Good News!, LGVMA
   come out to them and let them know        wrote a formal response to JAVMA

                                             LGVMA’s GOOD NEWS! — Summer 2009                                                    7
LGVMA Updates Logo
By Ken Gorczyca, DVM
The original LGVMA logo was developed        The rainbow gay flag was first flown in
in 1991 under the wings of the               the San Francisco Gay Freedom Day
International Membership of Gay and          Parade on June 25, 1978 and designed
Lesbian Animal Doctors, nicknamed            by Gilbert Baker, a San Francisco artist.
“I’M GLAD.” We choose to use the             Baker dyed and sewed the material for
veterinary medical symbol, which is the      the first flag himself --in the true spirit
staff of Aesculapius with the letter “V,”    of Betsy Ross. The original flag consisted
overlaid onto the pink triangle which is     of eight colored stripes. Each color
the historic symbol that gay men were        represented a special quality—hot pink:
forced to wear in the concentration          sexuality; red: life; orange: healing;
camps of Germany (lesbians were forced       yellow: sunlight; green: nature;              Our new LGVMA logo.
to wear the black triangle).                 turquoise: magic/art; indigo: serenity/
                                             harmony; violet: spirit. The current gay
The pink triangle has become a symbol        rainbow flag has only six colors. Hot
of gay rights. Our logo has served us well   pink was removed due to lack of
during our “teenage” years of growth.        availability of colors during future flag
Now that we are 18 years old, the board      making, and indigo was removed to
felt it was time to update our image         make an even six colors. Today, the
within the veterinary profession.            rainbow is one of the most commonly
                                             recognized international symbols of
The staff of Aesculapius is an ancient       gay pride.
symbol associated the with Greek god
Asclepius and with medicine and              LGVMA has updated our logo to
healing. It consists of a single serpent     include the rainbow colors. The new logo      Variations, shown below, of the logo are available
                                                                                           on T-shirts and LGVMA merchandise online at
entwined around a rod. The addition of       keeps our historic triangle outline and       Cafepress:
the letter “V” to the rod of Asclepius is    incorporates the rainbow in the “V” on
the symbol used most commonly to             top of the rod of Asclepius.
represent veterinary medicine, especially
in North America. The wand of Hermes         Several versions of the LGVMA logo
(Greek) or Mercury (Roman) is the            will be available for merchandise and
symbol of commerce. The caduceus is          organizational communication and
depicted as a short herald’s staff           recognition. We are excited to introduce
entwined by two serpents in the form         our new logo as LGVMA has become
of a double helix, and sometimes             more accepted within the veterinary
surmounted by wings. Both the staff          community. We also hope that our
of Aesculapius and the caduceus are          symbol will spark purchase of LGVMA
referred to as the “caduceus.” In 1902,      merchandise at Café Press located on
the U.S. Army selected the winged staff      our website at We hope
with two snakes as its symbol. There are     you will purchase a t-shirt or two!
no guidelines or rules as to the forms
that they may take.

8                                            LGVMA’s GOOD NEWS! — Summer 2009
Vet Tech Outreach
LGVMA is reaching out to veterinary technicians and veterinary technician
students with the hope of expanding our membership in 2009. Although we
have always welcomed technician members, we are enhancing our efforts                LGVMA Five-Year Plan
through an active outreach program.
                                                                                     Doubling the budget in five years

Lyn Garson, CVT, was elected last year as LGVMA’s veterinary technician
                                                                                     Board development and expansion
representative and board member. She is leading these exciting outreach
efforts and is in the process of collaborating with veterinary technician schools    Become North American
and associations throughout North America to spread the word about LGVMA.              organization - include Canada,
Lyn is looking for volunteers to join in this outreach work. If you are interested     Caribbean and Mexico
please contact Lyn at
                                                                                     Active chapters in 75% of North
Another exciting initiative targeted at veterinary technicians is the                  American veterinary schools
development of a pilot veterinary technician student scholarship program,
                                                                                     Diversity— increase participation
which the board recently voted to begin in 2009. The application deadline has
                                                                                       in discussions
been extended to September 30, 2009. Scholarship information can be
found on the LGVMA website.                                                          Update LGVMA image

Finally, in an effort to be more inclusive to all veterinary professionals, the      LGVMA major event— LGBT cruise
LGVMA bylaws and constitution are being updated to reflect our commitment
                                                                                     75% of members “out” at workplace
to diversifying our membership.

                                                                                     Hire paid staff

                                                                                     750 members by the year 2014
                            Please join Pets Are Wonderful Support (PAWS)
                            as we go for a walk (or a run) and take our leashes      Scholarships:
                            to the San Francisco AIDS Walk on Sunday, July             three veterinary student
                            19th in Golden Gate Park.                                  and three technician student
                                                                                       scholarships at $1000 each
                            Team PAWS: Doggone Fun Run is an officially
                            registered team at the San Francisco AIDS Walk.          Major educational project
                             We’ll be back in the park and all the pledges
                                                                                     Increase value of website
                            collected by our team members will help support
                            the vital services of PAWS.                              Annual World AIDS Day as a
                                                                                       LGVMA project
                            To sign up and start collecting pledges, visit us
                            at or call 415-979-9550            Work to convince AVMA/CVMA
                            x309 today or sponsor John Lipp, President of             to recognize our World AIDS
                            PAWS.                                                     Day program

                                                  LGVMA’s GOOD NEWS! — Summer 2009                                       9
Montreal– The New Beginning
By Wayne Hollingshead, DVM

The ACVIM/CVMA meeting was our               Our presence also helped a few                     The booth needs to be staffed during the
first true “out” event for LGVMA. We         transgendered students who presently               entire convention time - it can be as busy
displayed our new banner at the LGVMA        struggle in vet schools as well as the             in between breaks as during a break.
booth, which was staffed by two              many vet and tech students who also
volunteers, besides me, over the three       stopped by to say “glad you are here and           The dinner should be planned well
days of the conference. We found that        glad we have a group to associate with.”           ahead of the conference, with day and
staffing the booth at all times became                                                          time posted on our website- actual place
important rather than just at coffee                                                            to be determined once the organizers are
breaks. Thanks Ken and Shane.                                                                   there. This allows for people to plan
                                                                                                ahead if they would like to join us.
We produced business cards to hand
out, as well as an informational sheet in                                                       I hope we can continue to participate
both English and French. The majority                                                           over the next few years at major
of these were given to interested gay and                                                       conventions- it is truly a rewarding
lesbian individuals as well as supportive                                                       experience for our association, as well
straight people.                                                                                as for the lesbian/gay/transgendered/
                                                                                                bisexual veterinary professionals who
There was no negativity toward us, and                                                          are out there.
in fact, those that stopped by kept saying
“I did not know you existed! I am glad                                                          Thanks Canada for your open arms and
you are here.” A positive, supportive        Wayne Hollingshead and Ken Gorczyca show off our   hospitality!
comment came from a well-known               new LGVMA banner at the booth in Montreal.

Canadian veterinarian who said, “I am
so glad you are here to push our             Another positive experience was an
conservative profession." We received an     inquiry from Veterinary Economics
honest “Thank you for being part of the      magazine.
exhibits” from the President of ACVIM.
                                             Our experience culminated with a Friday
Another of the unknown bonuses was           night dinner for 20 people. Everyone
the presence of many faculty members         had a great time at the dinner with some
from various veterinary colleges. Many       new people interested in joining and
who stopped by showed interest in            some that had let their membership
helping to promote our association to        lapse but wanted to come back.
veterinary students.
                                             Some of the lessons learned by staffing
While at the conference we developed         the booth include: when someone
a good rapport with the Canadian             approached the booth we used the non-
Veterinary Technician Association            threatening phrase: “Do you know
(CAAHT). They also offered to help with      anyone who might benefit from knowing
some of the translation work that may        about LGVMA's existance?"
need to be done.

10                                              LGVMA’s GOOD NEWS! — Summer 2009
Toronto Pride 2009
By Shane Bateman, DVM

   On Saturday, June 27, 2009, the          Dr. Shane Bateman volunteered to
   newly christened LGVMA banner            be the official banner monitor and
   was invited to join in Toronto's Pride   made this a part of his own Pride
   Celebration.                             celebrations this year in Toronto.
                                            For those unfamiliar with Toronto
   Dr. Morris Samson, a local               Pride, it is frequently considered one
   veterinarian and LGBT ally, saw the      of the top three Pride celebrations
   banner and was introduced to our         to attend in North America, after San
   organization during the promotional      Francisco and New York.
   activities at CVMA/ACVIM in
   Montreal. Dr. Samson, his family,        The parade is the culminating event
   and some of his staff members,           of the week long celebrations and
   participate annually in Toronto          frequently garners 800,000 to
   Pride's community festival, both to      1,000,000 gay and straight
   increase exposure of his clinic to       spectators. Although the weather was
   LGBT clientele and also as a tribute     not ideal this year, the parade was a
   to his late classmate and friend,        great success. The community              in the event this year was a great
   Martin DeForest. Dr. Samson made         festival occurs in the heart of the gay   start, we had lots of traffic and
   arrangements with LGVMA to have          village/ghetto in Toronto where           are hopeful we increased awareness
   the banner participate jointly with      several blocks are closed to traffic      and possibly increased membership
   his community festival booth.            but open to all sorts of revelry and      too. Happy Pride from Toronto!
                                            great fun. LGVMA participation

LGVMA Members Are Everywhere

Besides the United States and Canada, LGVMA is proud to have members from Australia, New Zealand, St. Kitts, and France.
We truly are everywhere– come join us!

Weddings are everywhere too– announce yours here!
LGVMA member Daniel K. Edge, DVM and AJ Wolff Edge of Lewisville, NC will be legally married on July 20th, 2009 in the
attendance of friends and family in Des Moines, Iowa.

                                            LGVMA’s GOOD NEWS! — Summer 2009                                               11
LGVMA Student Chapter News
Two Successful Student Events               both the human and veterinary fields to     The club, which is rumored to have
SAVMA Symposium 2009                        discuss the veterinarian’s role in the      once been very active with a healthy
On March 27, 2009 over 30 students          healthcare team necessary to help           membership, had not met for some time,
attended the 2nd Annual LGVMA               HIV/AIDS patients establish and             and there seemed to be no initiative to
SAVMA Social. A panel of "out"              maintain safe relationships with their      revive it. Since then, with minimal effort,
veterinarians from private practice,        animal companions.                          I received assistance from a faculty
public practice and academia were                                                       member, along with a few outgoing
present to interact with students about     Following the lecture, attendees were       students, and we’ve begun holding small
their experiences as "out" veterinarians.   provided lunch and offered the              social gatherings.
Our thanks to panelists Shane Bateman,      opportunity to rotate through several
DVM, Linda Detwiller, DVM, and              booths with additional information.         I hope that with a little more time and
Jennifer Thomas, DVM. It seems most         Representatives from East Alabama           exposure we will see membership grow
of the students' questions involved         Medical Center AIDS Outreach program        again. My goal is to develop a
general job search advice; it's             as well as a number of Auburn faculty       community-minded social group that
encouraging that not many involved          members were available with additional      can reach out to the campus, and
issues of discrimination or coming out in   information on zoonotic diseases, the       perhaps even the St. Kitts community, to
the workplace. A huge thank you to          global impact of HIV/AIDS and much          help increase awareness and to
Lemongrass Fusion restaurant and also       more. This student-led initiative was the   encourage tolerance and understanding.
to Jenni Huelsman (OSU '10) and             result of numerous organizations
everyone else who coordinated and/or        coming together and collaborating in an     Melissa J. Ryce
attended the event.                         effort to raise awareness and improve       Ross University School of Veterinary
                                            the lives of humans and animals             Medicine– Class of 2012
Now is the time to start planning for       alike. The feedback from event attendees
next year's event which will be hosted      was overwhelmingly positive, and
by the University of Wisconsin from         several individuals asked what the plans
March 10-14, 2010. If you are planning      are for next year!                                               Got Student
on attending or are a UW student please
contact us so that we can form the          Nick De Pompa
planning committee for 2010!                Auburn University
                                                                                                             Send it to
                                            College of Veterinary Medicine
World AIDS DAY 2008                         DVM Student - 2011
The First Annual World AIDS Day event
at Auburn University's College of
Veterinary Medicine, held on December
1st, 2008, was a huge success. Over         Ross University
600 informational packets and red           Hello, LGVMA members!
ribbons were distributed to students and    I am a new LGVMA member and first
faculty. Nearly 200 guests attended the     year student at Ross University School
lecture on the Veterinarian’s Continuing    of Veterinary Medicine on the Caribbean
Role in the HIV/AIDS epidemic,              isle of St. Kitts.
presented by Dr. Caroline Schaffer. The
one-of-a-kind event brought together        I arrived at Ross in January and found
health professionals, and students, from    the campus LGBT group was inactive.

12                                             LGVMA’s GOOD NEWS! — Summer 2009
LGVMA Student Scholarship Update
                                                                                     LGVMA Volunteer
We received 14 qualified applications       out and encourage qualified technician
for the 2009 LGVMA Vet Student              student applicants to apply.
                                                                                     Work From Home
Scholarship Program. This number is
                                                                                     Using Your Computer
up from applications received in 2008!      Check our website at to
The committee will choose two out-          find out more about the LGVMA
                                                                                     Student Scholarship
standing applicants and announce them       student scholarship programs.            Committee
at our Annual Meeting in Seattle. The                                                Review veterinary student and
awards were raised to $750 this year.       LGVMA depends on your generous           veterinary technician student
                                                                                     scholarship applications from the
                                            donations to help fund our student
                                                                                     comfort of your home!
Veterinary Technician Students!             scholarship programs. You can donate
Our first Veterinary Technician Student     directly on-line by visiting us at       Yahoo Listserve Moderator
Scholarship deadline has been extended or send a check to         Help LGVMA moderate our
to September 30, 2009 to allow for          LGVMA, 584 Castro Street # 492,          public listserve from home by
                                                                                     reviewing membership
greater publicity and participation. We     San Francisco, CA 94114.
                                                                                     applications and guiding
have done outreach to American and
Canadian veterinary technician schools
and associations to get the word out                                                 Newsletter Writer
about our new technician scholarship.                                                Submit an essay or article.

We also need your help to get the word
                                                                                     Bylaw and Constitution
                                                                                     Update Committee
                                                                                     Help with our official
                                                                                     organizational paperwork.
5 Ways You Can Help LGVMA
                                                                                     Veterinary Technician
                                                                                     Outreach Committee
1. Volunteer to help staff our information booth at conferences                      Help LGVMA outreach to the
                                                                                     veterinary technician community.
2. Bring our banner to a local event
                                                                                     Board Development
3. Donate airline miles or hotel extras                                              Join our board of directors. You
                                                                                     are not required to attend board
4. Donate to our general fund and/or student scholarship funds                       meetings in person, but can join
                                                                                     us via teleconference.
5. Encourage your friends and colleagues to become LGVMA members
                                                                                     LGVMA Special Event
                                                                                     Help us organize an educational
                                                                                     LGBT cruise event.

                                                                                     Contact us at to
                                                                                     volunteer or for more information
                                                                                     on these exciting opportunities.

                                               LGVMA’s GOOD NEWS! — Summer 2009                                          13
Upcoming Events
AVMA Annual Convention                                                          World AIDS Day
Seattle, Washington                                                             December 1, 2009
July 11 to 14, 2009                                                             (Auburn and beyond)
While attending the conference in                                               Come join us for the second annual
Seattle, come join LGVMA for a             Two sequential conferences jointly   World AIDS Day events. Watch for
networking dinner and other events…        sponsored by:                        updates and information as this event
                                           University of Missouri               gets closer.
Planning meeting—                
Saturday, July 11 at 10AM to 4PM                                                LGVMA 2010
Hotel and room on            International Society for            LGVMA will be hosting networking
                                           Anthrozoology (ISAZ)                 social opportunities at NAVC, WSVC,
LGVMA annual meeting—                      18th Annual Conference               MWVC, SAVMA Symposium, AVMA,
Sunday, July 12 noon to 1PM followed by    Oct. 20 to 23, 2009                  Canadian VMA and ACVIM in 2010.
board meeting from 1 to 2PM                Kansas City, Missouri                Please contact us if you are interesting in
                                                                                helping at any of these exciting events.
Educational booth planned for exhibit      Research Center for Human-
hall— volunteers are needed to staff our   Animal Interaction (ReCHAI)          If you would like to organize an LGVMA
booth during peak hours. Please contact    1st Human Animal Interaction         event at another conference, we can help
us at if you are            Conference                           you do this. Contact us at
interested in helping.                     Oct. 22 to 25, 2009
                                                                                Check our website at for
                                                                                all the latest conference event updates.
Emergency and Critical Care
Hyatt Regency- downtown Chicago
Sept 9 to 13, 2009

LGVMA needs volunteers to organize
networking dinners at these conferences.

                                           Complex Disease Management
                                           American Association of Feline

                                           October 30 - November 2, 2009
The 27th Annual Conference of the          Hyatt Regency Denver at
Gay & Lesbian Medical Association          Colorado Convention Center
Sept 30-October 3, 2009                    Denver, CO
Washington, DC                               More information click here . . .
Many of LGVMA members have
physician spouses!

14                                         LGVMA’s GOOD NEWS! — Summer 2009
LGVMA Networking Cards
LGVMA networking cards are a great way to introduce your friends and colleagues to our organization and encourage membership.
Simply send us a self-addressed stamped envelope and we will send you a packet of 5 cards (or more if you request number).

LGVMA Networking Cards, 584 Castro Street #492, San Francisco, CA 94114
                                                                                                                              Card Back

16th Annual Pride of Pets Fund Dog Show
PETS-DC 16th Annual “Pride of Pets” Fun Dog Show took place at Dupont
Circle on June 21, 2009. Founded in October 1990 as a non-profit organi-
zation of volunteers dedicated to enhancing the lives of people with HIV/
AIDS or other disabling conditions and their companion animals, PETS-
DC also provides public health education, exercise, pet food, veterinary
care, grooming, foster care, and adoptions at no cost to individuals in the
Metropolitan Washington DC area. Chip Wells, DVM is founder and has
helped run this organization.

Description of categories included: Best Tail Wagging, Most Affectionate,
Best Mirror Image, Most Obedient, Most Original Costume , Least Obedi-
                                                                              Bryan, the handler, and “Diesel”, the dog, (owned by Daniel Sadory
ent, Most Mysterious Heritage, Terrific Pet Tricks, Best Puppy, Best Sen-     and Matt Baty) as First Place Winner of Peoples Choice/Best of
ior Dog, Best Pairs, Most Glamorous, Best Vocal Performance, Most Ador-       Show. Photo by Elvert Xaview Barnes Photography

able, Peoples Choice of Best of Show Award.

                                                 LGVMA’s GOOD NEWS! — Summer 2009                                                             15
 You can advertise in LGVMA's Good News!
 quarterly newsletter.

 Current members receive complementary
 classified ads for job listings in the newsletter
                                                         LGVMA store open at
 and on our website.                                     CafePress
 Non-members can advertise job listings for              visit
 $30 per issue (includes website post).
                                                         Check out LGVMA wear and LGVMA
 1/4 page business ad for one newsletter issue           wares. 100% of all proceeds from the
 is $100 and includes free link on our website.          sale of LGVMA products will go directly
 Members receive 50% discount. Contact us                into our General Fund.
 for 1/2 page and full page ad prices.

16                                      LGVMA’s GOOD NEWS! — Summer 2009

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