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									CHIPS April – June 2012 | Vol. XXX Issue II
    Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer
                Mr. Terry A. Halvorsen                            The Department of the Navy is making                                                                                                                                                     Navigation
                                                                  transformative changes in business information
               Department of the Navy
        Deputy Chief Information Officer (Navy)                   technology, including data center consolidation,
               Vice Adm. Kendall L. Card
                                                                  data standardization and reducing duplicative
               Department of the Navy                             and underused applications. DON CIO Terry
    Deputy Chief Information Officer (Marine Corps)
                Brig. Gen. Kevin J. Nally                         Halvorsen said, “Beyond cutting costs, IT business

       Space & Naval Warfare Systems Command
                                                                  transformation presents a unique opportunity to                                                                                                       56
                                                                  identify and implement more efficient, agile and
         Commander Rear Adm. Patrick H. Brady
                                                                  effective ways to purchase, operate and maintain                                                      in EvEry issuE                                                               31                      9
     Space & Naval Warfare Systems Center Atlantic                                                                                                                      4    Editor’s Notebook
        Commanding Officer Capt. Mark V. Glover                   business IT.”
                                                                                                                                                                        5    A Message from the DON CIO
      Space & Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific                                                                                                                      43   Hold Your Breaches!
        Commanding Officer Capt. Joseph J. Beel
                                                                  IntervIews                                                                                            46   Full Spectrum
                                                                                                                                                                        48   Going Mobile

            Senior Editor/Layout and Design
                                                                                                        6 Corporate Director for Information Dominance (OPNAV N2/       62   Enterprise Software Agreements                                                               59                                         38
                                                                                                        N6) Ms. Katherine E. Flattery discusses cutting-edge training
                    Sharon Anderson
                                                                                                        and educational opportunities available to the Navy ’s 45,000
    Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer
                                                                                                        members of the Information Dominance Corps.                                                                     From tHE Don Cio
     Sharon Anderson, Dan DelGrosso, Terry Halvorsen,                                               12 Program Manager for CANES (PEO C4I PMW 160) Capt.                9    SPAWAR: At the Tip of the Spear
                                                                                                                                                                             for the Navy’s Data Center
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        21   IT Vendor Business Case Analyses
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             By Floyd Groce, Brian Fischbeck
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  50   Tips for Creating 508 Compliant
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       IT Solicitations
          Mike Hernon, Thomas Kidd, Steve Muck                                                      D.J. LeGoff talks about the innovative design and acquistion                                                             and Behrad Mahdi                          By Sherrian Finneran
                                                                                                                                                                             Consolidation Effort
                                                                                                    strategy for the Consolidated Afloat Networks and Enterprise
                      Contributors                                                                                                                                           By Tina C. Stillions
     Lynda Pierce, DON Enterprise IT Communications                                                 Services program that will replace legacy networks with
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        34   Tools to Achieve the Best Value in   52   Department of the Navy Congratulates
    Michele Buisch, DON Enterprise IT Communications                                                                                                                    16   Air Force Warfighting Integration               Commercial Software Acquisitions          Award Winners
                                                                                                    a single network to be installed on more than 180 ships,                                                                 By Floyd Groce and John Zettler           By the DON Enterprise IT Communications Team
                                                                                                    submarines and maritime operations centers by 2020.                      Decision Support – Smart investing to
                                                                                                                                                                             get the most bang for the acquisition
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        44   SSN Reduction Plan Phase 3
CHIPS is sponsored by the Department of the Navy Chief                                                                                                                                                                       By Steve Muck
Information Officer (DON CIO), the DoD Enterprise Soft-                                                                                                                      By Air Force Lt. Col. Jordon Cochran
ware Initiative and the DON’s ESI software product man-
ager team at SPAWARSYSCEN Pacific. CHIPS is published                                                                                                                   29 milSuite Promotes Efficiency Across          From ArounD tHE FlEEt AnD ProgrAm oFFiCEs
quarterly by SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic, 1837 Morris St., Suite
3311, Norfolk, VA 23511.
   Requests for assistance should be directed to Editor,
                                                                                                    18        Program Manager for the Sea Warrior Program Office
                                                                                                                                                                             the Enterprise – 
A wide range of social
                                                                                                                                                                             media tools available in a secure domain   38   Data-Centric Solutions are           57   SPAWAR says 7% of all new hires
CHIPS, SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic, 1837 Morris St., Suite 3311,                                          (PEO-EIS PMW 240) Ms. Laura Knight talks about the portfolio             By Emily Gee                                    Changing Navy Recruiting                  will be Wounded Warriors
Norfolk, VA 23511-3432, or call (757) 443-1775; DSN 646.                                            of 33 IT systems, which PMW 240 maintains and modernizes, to                                                             By the PEO-EIS Sea Warrior Program        By Tina C. Stillions
Email: chips@navy.mil; Web: www.doncio.navy.mil/chips.                                                                                                                                                                       (PMW 240) Public Affairs Office
                                                                                                    recruit, train, pay, promote, move, retire and support U.S. Navy    31 NCAMS Tames Bold Alligator 2012 –
    Disclaimer: The views and opinions contained in CHIPS                                           personnel afloat and ashore.                                             Navy and Marine Corps fighters from the    41   The Software Communication           59   NCTAMS LANT Supports Joint Training
are not necessarily the official views of the Department                                                                                                                     sea train with real and synthetic assets        Architecture – Advancing the              and Operations – Communications
of Defense or the Department of the Navy. These views                                                                                                                        By Sharon Anderson
do not constitute endorsement or approval by the DON                                                                                                                                                                         Field of Software Defined Radio           professionals ensure smooth
CIO, Enterprise Software Initiative or SPAWAR Systems                                                                                                                                                                        By JPEO JTRS Corporate                    sailing in Bold Alligator 2012
Centers Atlantic and Pacific. The facts as presented in each                                                                                                                                                                 Communications and Public                 By Lt. Peter J. Beardsley
article are verified insofar as possible, but the opinions are                                                                                                                                                               Affairs Directorate
strictly those of the individual authors. Reference to com-
mercial products does not imply Department of the Navy                                                                                                                                                                  56   From Wounded Warrior to Civilian     61   The War of 1812
    ISSN 1047-9988
                                                                                                    24        Program Manager for the Navy Communications Satellite                                                          Employee                                  From Our Flag Was Still There.org
                                                                                                    Program Office (PEO Space PMW 146) Capt. Paul Ghyzel leads                                                               From the Department of the Navy
    Web ISSN 2154-1779: www.doncio.navy.mil/chips.
                                                                                                    a discussion about the Mobile User Objective System Satellite
                                                                                                    constellation which uses smart-phone like technology to
                                                                                                    provide voice, video and data communications to warfighters
                                                                                                    on the move. The 3G mobile technology can penetrate dense
                                                                                                    jungle foliage and performs well in urban canyons.

2    CHIPS www.doncio.navy.mil/chips       Dedicated to Sharing Information - Technology - Experience                                                                                                                                                                                          CHIPS April – June 2012   3
Editor’s Notebook – A U.S. Sailor’s Life for Me
   The Department of the Navy is moving smartly to consolidate
data centers and gain control of information technology assets                                                                                              Transforming Business IT for a                                                       money is spent with specific IT vendors, insight
and capabilities to capitalize on future IT investments and become                                                                                                                                                                               into market and technology trends, and recom-
more cost efficient. The slate of articles and interviews in this issue                                                                                     More Effective Department                                                            mendations for managing vendor relationships.
illustrates just how quickly the department is replacing costly leg-                                                                                                                                                                             This information aids the department in optimiz-
acy systems, improving cyber security and reducing the number                                                                                                  Two years ago, Adm. Mike Mullen, former                                           ing resources and negotiating favorable contract
of software applications it supports.                                                                                                                       chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, called the                                    terms. Additional changes include: no longer
   The Navy is celebrating several anniversaries in 2012 that define                                                                                        national debt the greatest threat to national                                        requiring use of commercial vendors for certain
its very essence and underscore the need for a strong Navy as a                                                                                             security. He also emphasized the importance                                          cybersecurity workforce certifications when a
fearsome fighter from the sea with global reach.                                                                                                            of good fiscal stewardship and the need for                                          military option is available and optimizing mobile
   In April, the Navy with its seafaring partners, the Marine                                                                                               Department of Defense leaders to work together to cut spend-         plan use based on need.
Corps and Coast Guard, commence the commemoration of the                                                                                                    ing, which had doubled from 2000 to 2010.                               The memo “Guidance for Cybersecurity Workforce Operat-
                                                                                         DON CIO Terry Halvorsen discussing information technology busi-
War of 1812, the first declared war in our nation’s history. Two-                                                                                              Since then, Department of the Navy leadership has come            ing System/Computing Environment Certification Compliance
                                                                                         ness reform at the DON IT Conference in San Diego in January.
hundred years ago, the Royal Navy was the most powerful in the                           Photo courtesy of AFCEA International.                             together to scrutinize budgets and focus on maximizing the           Process,” which was updated Feb. 9, 2012, was the result of effi-
world positioning its 1,000 ships in the Atlantic and fighting the                                                                                          return on investment for every dollar spent. While not easy,         ciency reviews directed by the Under Secretary of the Navy and
Napoleonic Wars in France. With dominating force, the Royal Navy                                                                                            it is vital that the department transforms business operations       the DON CIO. This memo is available at: www.doncio.navy.mil/
blockaded Europe and the American East Coast in the early 1810s                                                                                             for greater effectiveness and efficiencies. As the defense bud-      PolicyView.aspx?ID=3743.
seizing American merchant vessels and forcing their crews into                                                                                              get has been significantly reduced and will likely stay flat for        “Department of the Navy Policy on Mobile (Cellular) Services
Royal Navy service. It was intolerable to our fledgling nation that                                                                                         years to come, it is imperative that department personnel work       Cost Management,” signed on March 13, 2012, provides interim
Britain would interfere with our freedom of the seas and impress                                                                                            together to find savings. By achieving savings through transfor-     policy stating that all mobile devices that overuse or underuse
our citizens. Visit ourflagwasstillthere.org to read this fascinating                                                                                       mation of DON business IT systems and processes, the depart-         minutes for three consecutive months will be reviewed with
history. For information about War of 1812 bicentennial events,                                                                                             ment can maximize funding for mission critical systems and           the option to change to a more appropriate plan. This policy
visit facebook.com/Navy1812 and twitter.com/Navy1812.                                                                                                       continue to ensure the nation’s security.                            is available at: www.doncio.navy.mil/PolicyView.aspx?ID=3813.
   On March 5, 1942, the U.S. Navy Seabees (Construction Battal-                                                                                               Beyond cutting costs, IT business transformation presents a          Efficiency and transformation efforts continue in other areas
ion) took form as an engineering unit whose purpose was to build                                                                                            unique opportunity to identify and implement more efficient,         such as data center consolidation (DCC), application rational-
shore facilities in combat areas for the Navy and the Marine Corps.                                                                                         agile and effective ways to purchase, operate and maintain           ization and data standardization. DCC has the potential to save
Years later the Bees are still busy all around the world.                                                                                                   business IT. This is one of those moments in which department        the department in excess of $1 billion by reducing the number
   This year, Naval Special Warfare celebrates the 50th anniversary                                                                                         personnel have the opportunity to positively impact the long-        of data centers, associated applications and operational costs.
of the first two Sea, Air and Land Teams. SEALs are conducting                                                                                              term future of the DON. While it may be a significant near-term      In addition to saving money, consolidation of the more than
some of our nation’s most critical missions, proving they are as                                                                                            challenge, the DON will reap the benefits for years to come.         150 data centers in the department into fewer, more modern,
relevant today as they were when they were first created in 1962.                                                                                              Up to now, many decisions were made without full purview          standardized and efficient enterprise data centers will enhance
   The Office Of Naval Intelligence celebrates its 130th anniversary,                                                                                       of activities occurring across the department. This lack of enter-   network security and reduce complexity. The article “SPAWAR:
and the Navy Information Warfare/Cryptology community cel-                                                                                                  prise focus resulted in a proliferation of systems, applications     At the Tip of the Spear for the Navy’s Data Center Consolida-
ebrates its 77th anniversary in 2012. The Navy Supply Corps cel-                          The commanding officers of Space and Naval Warfare Systems        and data centers that meet individual requirements, but add          tion Effort,” on page 9 provides details about the consolidation
ebrated its 217th anniversary Feb. 23, commemorating a history                            Centers Pacific and Atlantic, Capt. Joseph Beel and Capt. Mark    network complexity and cost. To streamline operations and            process.
                                                                                          Glover, respectively, in the SPAWAR exhibit at the West Confer-
that traces back to 1795.                                                                                                                                   processes, greater transparency and collaboration at the enter-         A natural partner of data center consolidation is application
                                                                                          ence. Below, Suzi Ellison (left), program manager for the DoD
   These are just a small sampling of the memorable events in                             ESI Navy software product team at SPAWARSYSCEN Pacific, with
                                                                                                                                                            prise level are necessary. While challenging in an agency as         rationalization — fewer applications require less storage and
naval history. President Teddy Roosevelt said, “The deeds of our                          team member Kim Boisvert. Bottom two photos by Rick Naystatt/     large and dispersed as the department, great strides are being       reduce total cost of ownership. Many applications have been
Navy form a part of history over which any American can be par-                           SPAWAR HQ.                                                        made in collaborating to identify areas for improvement and          customized to meet organizational needs, are duplicative or
doned for lingering.”                                                                                                                                       savings, and in implementing changes.                                exist in multiple versions. Maintaining duplicative and under-
   Today, the men and women of the Navy and Marine Corps con-                                                                                                  An example is the Feb. 22, 2012, memo “Mandatory Use of           utilized applications uses valuable resources. The DON must
tinue to engage in a history steeped in honor, courage and pro-                                                                                             Department of the Navy Enterprise Licensing Agreements”              balance enterprise-wide requirements against the needs of
fessionalism, and thousands of youngsters continue to dream of                                                                                              signed by the DON CIO, the Assistant Secretary of the Navy for       individual commands.
a Sailor’s life for me.                                                                                                                                     Research Development and Acquisition, and the Assistant Sec-            Finally, data standardization is necessary to ensure accuracy
   In January, CHIPS staff exhibited CHIPS with one of our spon-                                                                                            retary of the Navy for Financial Management and Comptroller,         and enhance usability of DON information. One of the major
sors, the DoD Enterprise Software Initiative Navy software product                                                                                          which mandates the use of enterprise licensing agreements.           obstacles in DON business decision making is the siloed nature
team from SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific in an exhibit hosted by                                                                                             Purchasing as an enterprise increases buying power and pro-          of data. Standardization results in better business intelligence
SPAWAR HQ at the West Conference, held concurrently with the                                                                                                vides better visibility into IT spend. This memo is available at:    and transparency and, therefore, strategic decisions based on
DON IT Conference, hosted by CHIPS’ other sponsor, the DON CIO,                                                                                             www.doncio.navy.mil/PolicyView.aspx?ID=3777.                         accurate data. It is also essential to auditability
in San Diego.                                                                                                                                                  Another example of collaboration is detailed in the article:         These are just some ways we have begun to reduce costs and
                                                                                                                                                            “IT Vendor Business Case Analyses,” on page 21. Working with         enhance operations, without impacting mission capabilities. If
                               Welcome new e-subscribers!                                                                                                   stakeholders from across the DON, the Enterprise Software            done correctly, in five years the department will look back at
                                                                                                                                                            Licensing Integrated Product Team developed business case            this turning point and see that collaboration and realignment
                               Sharon Anderson                                                                                                              analyses that provide enterprise-level visibility of how much        led to some of the most strategic advancements.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Terry Halvorsen

4   CHIPS www.doncio.navy.mil/chips   Dedicated to Sharing Information - Technology - Experience                                                                                                                                                                           CHIPS April – June 2012   5
Q & A with Ms. Katherine E. Flattery    
                                                                                                                lished with their Surface Warfare Training
Corporate Director for Information Dominance (OPNAV N2/N6)
                                                                                                 Our goal is to promote mission whole-
                                                                                                                                                         ness solutions.
    Ms. Katherine Flattery has spent most of her career in the resource management field. She has served in a variety of                                    Regarding graduate-level education,
positions within Naval Intelligence throughout her career and is currently a member of the Defense Intelligence Senior                                   we have several new educational initia-
                                                                                                                                                         tives underway with the Naval Postgradu-
Executive Service (DISES). As of October 2010, Ms. Flattery serves in the office of the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations
                                                                                                                                                         ate School (NPS) and a pilot program with
for Information Dominance/Director of Naval Intelligence as the N2/N6 corporate director and manages and oversees all                                    Carnegie Mellon University, and are in our
Information Dominance Corps manpower, personnel, training and education resources.                                                                       second year of participating in the Cyber
                                                                                                                                                         Federal Executive Fellowship program.
    Ms. Flattery provided a written response to questions in late March.                                                                                    We continue to research other educa-
                                                                                                                                                         tional institutions with particular focus
Q: What is the state of the Information               Q: Has the vision for the IDC changed since      ize the true capability of a system unless        on cyber systems and operations, along
Dominance Corps (IDC) today?                          coming together in 2009?                         we invest in training and educating our           with software computer science, network
                                                                                                       force.                                            operations and technology, and most
A: The IDC is fully engaged around the                A: The vision has not changed. We are                                                              importantly, on identifying the optimal,
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Information Dominance Warfare Specialty pins. U.S. Navy photo by Gary Nichols.
world as a warfighting asset in the Navy’s            still focused on pioneering, fielding and        Q: What are your current training and edu­        subsequent placement of those students
arsenal. Since [the former] Chief of Naval            employing game-changing capabilities             cation priorities and initiatives?                to better support the Navy's mission.
Operations Adm. Gary Roughead estab­                  to ensure information dominance over                                                                                                             Command/10th Fleet, Navy Education               from a technical and operational perspec-
lished the IDC in 2009, we’ve successfully            adversaries and decision superiority for         A: Our forthcoming IDC Human Capi­                                                              and Training Command and the Center              tive, [and] that promote an ID warfighting
come together to deliver dominant infor­              commanders, operational forces and the           tal Strategy will outline the direction we        "Our goal is to promote                       for Information Dominance.                       culture earlier in their careers.
mation capabilities as a crucial element of
U.S. Navy, joint and national warfighting.
                                                      nation.                                          need to develop our total workforce to
                                                                                                                                                         mission wholeness                                Our next steps are to begin looking at
                                                                                                                                                                                                       the enlisted cross-training requirements
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           We will need to partner with aca-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        demia, industry, our sister services and
   Our communities include intelligence,
METOC (meteorology and oceanogra­
                                                        "The desired end state is for the IDC to deliver decision quality information                    solutions."                                   for the IDC. For the courses we have
                                                                                                                                                                                                       already established, officers (both active
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        other agencies to promote consistency
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        and potentially eliminate duplicative
                                                        and warfighting options to the commander and frontline warrior with assured
phy), information warfare, information                                                                                                                                                                 and Reserve component), senior enlisted          efforts (given considerable resourcing
professional, and the space cadre, and we
                                                        C2 (command and control), exquisite knowledge of the battlespace, precise                           We have also undertaken a major            and civilians attend.                            constraints) and remain vigilant to ensure
now have roughly 45,000 people — mili­                  targeting, freedom of maneuver and action in and through cyberspace and the                      assessment of the curricula at NPS; spe-         These opportunities and others enable         efficacy and efficiency of our efforts.
tary (officer and enlisted) and civilian —              electromagnetic spectrum and power projection through the network."                              cifically, we are assessing those curricula   our workforce to experience the warfare
working hard to achieve our goals.                                                                                                                       relevant to the information dominance         aspects of information dominance and             Q: What are your challenges?
   The IDC can now more effectively and                                                                                                                  related areas of study. We want to ensure     promote cross community understand-
collaboratively lead and manage a spe­                Q: What is the desired end state for the         include active duty, Reserve and civilians.       curriculum relevance and a logical blend      ing of what they provide to the Navy's           A: Our challenges include:
cialized collective of officers, enlisted and         corps?                                           To that end, we have already undertaken           of technical and operational knowledge        warfighting capability.                            ✓Balancing community specialization
civilian professionals who possess exten­                                                              several initiatives we believe are critical to    for our warfighters. NPS and N2/N6 have          [For the] IDC Acquisition Professional        versus ID core specialization, in other
sive skills in information-intensive fields.          A: The desired end state is for the IDC to       our success. We are developing a process          established a new Cyber Systems and           Career Track, we are developing an IDC           words — what makes sense?
                                                      deliver decision quality information and         to identify, vet and validate cross commu-        Operations degree program. This is an         acquisition workforce strategy by review-          ✓Emerging cyber threat — what does
Q: What is your role within the IDC                   warfighting options to the commander             nity skillset gaps, especially critical in this   18-month program focusing on critical         ing IDC acquisition billets and manning          that mean for our workforce? Is commer-
leadership?                                           and front-line warrior with assured C2           fiscally constrained environment. This            elements in our warfighting domain.           to identify requirements and developing          cial certification the right answer or is on-
                                                      (command and control), exquisite knowl-          is not only internal to our specific Navy            Our team is also heavily involved in the   processes to manage, track and mentor            the-job training more valuable? What is
A. I report to Vice Adm. Kendall Card,                edge of the battlespace, precise target-         requirements but also in support of our           review, coordination and transition of        acquisition professionals within the IDC.        the right mix of technical skills versus lib-
Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for                  ing, freedom of maneuver and action in           Title 10 responsibilities to train the joint      training in support of fielding new capa-        OPNAV N2/N6 is working to ensure the          eral arts or political science skills?
Information Dominance (N2/N6) as the                  and through cyberspace and the electro-          community to include the intelligence             bilities. Ensuring that timely and relevant   following: The Acquisition Professional             ✓Understanding civilians’ role in sup-
corporate director for the IDC.                       magnetic spectrum and power projec-              community (IC).                                   training solutions are being delivered to     track is sustainable, requirements driven,       porting our missions — do we hire with
   My goal as the corporate director for              tion through the network.                           Our role in USDI's (Under Secretary            our schoolhouses is of the utmost impor-      aligned with Navy acquisition policy and         skills — or train and develop from within
this corps of professionals is to ensure                                                               of Defense for Intelligence) Intelligence         tance to leadership.                          delivers to the Navy the double benefit of       once they are onboard?
that our workforce has the right blend                Q: How will training and education assist        Training and Education Executive Boards,             Specifically relevant to Navy infor-       an information dominance warrior ready             ✓Operating in a fiscally constrained
of formal education, training, certifica­             (aid) in realizing the vision?                   and the other Combat Support Agency's             mation dominance, we have morphed             to meet the DoD and Navy’s acquisition           environment and ensuring that training
tion and professional experience across a                                                              functional management training councils           two legacy courses into the Information       needs.                                           and education remain a major priority.
career continuum.                                     A: While we are delivering technical capa-       (as per USDI's 3305 Instructions), is key to      Dominance Senior Leadership Sympo-                                                                ✓We have to accomplish much in the
   Also, along with other IDC leaders, I              bilities to the fleet, we also need to ensure    ensuring a unity of effort within DoD and         sium (IDSLS) run by retired Rear Adm.         Q: What are your long-term initiatives?          short term for the long term-gain. How
am charged with promoting the devel­                  that the Sailors we are training (and edu-       the IC.                                           Andy Singer. Our IDC Mid-Career Officers                                                       do we develop programs as we go for-
opment of an IDC culture emphasizing                  cating) have the knowledge, skills and              In conjunction with our DoD and IC             Course, run by the Navy Marine Corps          A: I want to identify ways to further the        ward to ensure our information domi-
operational context and warrior ethos                 abilities to effectively operate and main-       partners we will address individual skills        Intelligence Training Center in Dam Neck,     information dominance warriors into a            nance warriors are second to none?
while supporting the specialized require­             tain the equipment.                              training, education, and Navy training            Va., has been running for about a year.       warfighting force whose value is intrinsi-
ments for information, intelligence, coun­              Beyond just the ‘buttonology,’ they            systems plans solutions, as well as fund-            We are validating data in support of       cally understood and demanded by the             Q: Can you talk about the IDC Human
terintelligence, human-derived informa­               have to be able to employ critical thinking      ing prioritization.                               developing competency-based curricu-          Navy.                                            Capital Strategy? Does it include the same
tion, networks, space and oceanographic               skills and fundamental knowledge, i.e., to          This process is analogous to what the          lum for entry level officers with our part-      I want holistic training and education        standards of competency and performance
disciplines.                                          think on their feet. We will never fully real-   surface warfare community has estab-              ners at Navy Cyber Forces, Fleet Cyber        continuums, which are effective both             mapped to jobs and grade levels for civil
6   CHIPS www.doncio.navy.mil/chips   Dedicated to Sharing Information - Technology - Experience                                                                                                                                                                             CHIPS April – June 2012   7
ian personnel and ranks and ratings for                                                                                                                     SPAWAR: At the Tip of the Spear for the Navy’s Data Center
                                                                                                                                                            Consolidation Effort
military personnel? There was some discus­
sion on this in the beginning of developing
these skills across the workforce, and also to
ensure that military and civilian personnel                                                                                                                 Transforming Department of the Navy business information technology
in the same jobs had the same standards of
competency.                                                                                                                                                 By Tina Stillions, SPAWAR Headquarters Public Affairs

A: The IDC Human Capital Strategy
(HCS) is aligned to and consistent with                                                                                                                        Enterprise information technology and      systems command, SPAWAR is leveraging          significant cost savings across the five-
the umbrella Navy Strategy for Achiev­                                                                                                                      its supporting components can eat up          its breadth and depth of technical exper-      year defense plan.
ing Information Dominance (2012–2016),                                                                                                                      a significant chunk of an organization’s      tise and incorporating best practices and         “The Navy’s effort will be a significant
which emphasizes the elevation of                                                                                                                           budget, with much of it allocated to the      lessons learned from previous data cen-        contribution to the federal data cen-
information as the centerpiece of Navy                                                                                                                      infrastructure and personnel needed to        ter consolidations. SPAWAR established         ter consolidation mandates,” Wolbor-
warfighting.                                                                                                                                                sustain it. In this respect, the Department   a Data Center Consolidation (DCC) Task         sky said. “In addition to maximizing the
   The HCS provides the strategic direc­                                                                                                                    of Defense (DoD) is no different than         Force, which consists of team members          Navy’s return on investment, one of our
tion and priorities needed to build a cross-                                                                                                                many large corporations because IT is a       from across the Navy, including SPAWAR         principal objectives is to consolidate at
trained, competent and mission-ready                                                                                                                        significant investment across the entire      headquarters, SPAWAR Systems Centers           least 58 Navy data centers into the Navy
workforce optimized to deliver informa­                                                                                                                     Department of Navy (DON).                     Pacific and Atlantic, and the Program          Enterprise Data Center over the next five
tion-based capabilities and warfighting                                                                                                                        In recent years, as budgets rose, the      Executive Office for Enterprise Informa-       years.”
                                                      PENSACOLA, Fla. (March 13, 2012) Cryptologic Technician Networking 1st Class Jessica Gaukel, a
effects to the fleet. This HCS identifies                                                                                                                   Navy and other government organiza-           tion Systems.
                                                      Joint Cyber Analysis Course (JCAC) course manager and lead instructor at the Center for Information
four strategic goals, each supported by               Dominance, Unit Corry Station, answers questions during a JCAC class. U.S. Navy photo by Gary         tions experienced a substantial growth            The purpose of this effort is to provide   Background
a set of measurable objectives, that will             Nichols.                                                                                              in IT networks, systems and applications.     more robust and secure Navy data cen-             Prior to the Pentagon's current fis-
drive strategy implementation: (1) fusion,                                                                                                                  To attack these rising costs, the President   ter operations, while realizing savings by     cal drawdown, the Navy realized that
integration and effectiveness; (2) compe­                                                                                                                   signed a directive that started the Fed-      aggressively pursuing data center con-         decreasing budgets and diminishing
tencies, training and education; (3) total                                                                                                                  eral Data Center Consolidation Initiative     solidations, application virtualization and    resources could dramatically affect cur-
force management; and (4) IDC culture.                                                                                                                      (FDCCI) in February 2010, with the intent     server reductions.                             rent missions. A vital need to more effi-
                                                      A: The Information Dominance Corps is              must provide sufficient experience to the          of addressing harsh fiscal realities while        The DCC Task Force works in lock-step      ciently refocus and transform the Navy’s
"Our corps has some of the best and                   working to develop acquisition exper­              workforce. These officers must be com­             positioning government IT for the future.     with resource sponsors, the DON CIO and        business model, without sacrificing oper-
brightest people the Navy has to                      tise within its officer communities. The           petitive for promotion and assignment to              Specifically, the FDCCI requires agen-     SPAWAR’s chief engineer — the Navy’s           ational readiness, was evident.
offer and we want to do all we can                    emergence of the IDC presented an                  acquisition leadership positions.                  cies to reduce their data center foot-        IT technical authority — to ensure align-         Information technology, as a critical
                                                      opportunity for the Navy to more fully               Detailing into key acquisition billets           print by minimizing overhead costs and        ment with DoD and Navy IT operational          asset, is a significant investment across
to give them the tools to succeed,
                                                      align responsibility for weapon and C4I            within major information dominance pro­            increasing the security and stability of      requirements.                                  the Navy. The spiraling cost of IT is a con-
whether that is additional training                   systems development, as well as improve            grams will enable the IDC to effectively           their data centers which when combined            Robert Wolborsky, a member of the          tributing factor associated with how effi-
and education, or a broad base of                     accountability for the acquisition of infor­       develop and implement information                  improve the overall efficiency of the fed-    Senior Executive Service and SPAWAR’s          ciently the Navy conducts business. The
experience."                                          mation dominance systems and services              dominance capabilities. Success will be            eral IT infrastructure. Under the provi-      chief technology officer, was selected as      Navy has always prioritized other invest-
                                                      with the appropriate future IDC leaders.           evidenced by accelerated acquisition life          sions of FDCCI, the DoD is required to        director of the DCC Task Force. Wolborsky      ment portfolios, such as procurements
   The IDC has developed an informa­                     This broadened horizon for the IDC              cycles, more efficient procurement, and            close more than 1,000 data centers by the     and his team are charged with aggres-          for ships, submarines and aircraft, but the
tion dominance competency framework                   requires a transformational cadre of               improved installation and sustainment              end of 2015 to help meet the goals.           sively pursuing a high return on invest-       Navy needed to re-evaluate how day-to-
describing the required core and enter­               highly qualified IDC officers with sig­            management of all future information                  To align with the federal mandates,        ment (ROI) for the Navy with respect to        day business operations are conducted.
prise management level competencies                   nificant operational experience, astute            dominance systems and services.                    the DON Chief Information Officer (CIO),      data center consolidation, and to realize      In particular, the Navy needed to assess
for the IDC Total Force.                              technical expertise and practical systems                                                             the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations
   The IDC has also conducted separate                engineering acquisition skills. IDC officers       Q: What would you like the members of IDC          for Information Dominance (N2/N6) and
competency development initiatives                    are uniquely qualified to effectively man­         to know about you and your team’s efforts?         the Assistant Secretary of the Navy for         “The Navy’s effort will be a significant
(e.g., Human Performance Requirements                 age the Navy's information dominance                                                                  Research, Development and Acquisi-              contribution to the federal data center
Review) for sub-populations within the                capability development and acquisition             A: We are committed to building, main­             tion drafted policy initiatives to increase     consolidation mandates. In addition to
corps. There is now a requirement to align            process in this fiscally constrained envi­         taining and retaining an IDC team that             business IT efficiency without sacrificing
                                                                                                                                                                                                            maximizing the Navy’s return on investment,
these efforts and apply them uniformly                ronment to effectively close warfight­             delivers all the capabilities the Navy and         operational effectiveness for the Navy.
across the IDC. Once accomplished, these              ing gaps and leverage technological                the nation need to win the battle today               To meet a challenge of this magni-           one of our principal objectives is to
competencies must be aligned to the                   advances and enterprise IT investments.            — and to be prepared to win the battle             tude, the Navy recognized the need for          consolidate at least 58 Navy data centers
Navy Education and Training Command                      The IDC acquisition workforce strategy          tomorrow.                                          a technical authority and world-class           into the Navy Enterprise Data Center
business process to inform training and               seeks to produce and maintain acquisi­                Our corps has some of the best and              expert capable of executing th Navywide
                                                                                                                                                                                                            (NEDC) over the next five years.”
development requirements.                             tion expertise and create a sustainable            brightest people the Navy has to offer             data center consolidation effort. With
                                                      capability to proficiently lead develop­           and we want to do all we can to give them          those requirements in mind, the Space           Department of the Navy
Q: I think some people would be surprised to          ment of the Navy's information domi­               the tools to succeed, whether that is addi­        and Naval Warfare Systems Command               Director Data Center Consolidation Task Force
see that you are developing an IDC acquisi­           nance systems and services. In the near            tional training and education, or a broad          (SPAWAR) was selected to lead the Navy’s        Robert Wolborsky
tion workforce strategy. Why is this impor­           term, the IDC will focus on building the           base of experience. Our diverse team of            effort as the technical authority and exe-
tant — it doesn't sound like a cyber work­            requisite credentials to fill the critical IDC     professionals is indeed our strength —             cution agent.
force job.                                            acquisition billets. The IDC billet base           and our greatest asset.                               As the Navy’s information dominance
8   CHIPS www.doncio.navy.mil/chips   Dedicated to Sharing Information - Technology - Experience                                                                                                                                                                            CHIPS April – June 2012   9
the way IT infrastructure was managed                operational model, operational perfor-              finalized test plans for systems to ensure         draw from their lessons learned and best          Wolborsky simplifies all of those words      a world class IT workforce — to carry this
and how the number of data centers and               mance will increase and environmental               all capability is fully functional within          practices.”                                    into a single descriptive term: “applica-       out to completion.”
hosting facilities aligned with the over-            resources will be conserved.                        the NEDC pre-production environment                                                               tion rationalization.”                              This is an extremely challenging and
arching vision of more efficient and effec-             In addition to cost savings and bet-             framework prior to formal transfer from            Cost and Application                              To make any kind of fiscal determina-        pivotal time for the SPAWAR enterprise.
tive Navy business IT investment.                    ter performance, the NEDC will provide              the legacy data center.                            Rationalization Drive the Effort               tion, however, the Navy must understand         It is the first of a major series of business
                                                     a common set of services and common                                                                                                                   how much it currently spends on the back-       transformations the Navy is undertaking.
Navy Enterprise Data Centers                         infrastructure, thus decreasing facility            Assessment and Execution                              The Navy has a significant number of        end for IT infrastructure. Though Wolbor-       With strong leadership and IT expertise,
   As the DCC Task Force carries out the             maintenance costs while increasing econ-                Based on an initial analysis of data cen-      legacy networks and circuits deployed          sky says it is a significant challenge to       the DCC Task Force is exercising rigorous
mission to consolidate data centers,                 omies of scale.                                     ters that pose the least technical risk for        for fleet service. The technical rigor being   accurately capture those figures, it is still   planning and execution to realize the ROI
it is necessary to identify strategically               A common rate card for hosted service            consolidation, OPNAV N2/N6 developed               incorporated into the vetting process          part of the assessment process. Once the        needed to allow the Navy to focus pre-
located sites that can accommodate the               enables all customers to have a clear and           a list of sites to close. The task force con-      is the critical component determining          analysis is complete, the team can better       cious dollars on critical needs to support
transitioning applications from a power,             consistent picture of the services offered          ducted detailed on-site assessments of 39          which data centers to close and what           ascertain the actual cost savings. As Wol-      warfighter readiness.
networking and computing perspective.                and their associated costs. Customers               data centers to gain a better understand-          additional savings and resources could         borsky and the task force move forward,             “I’ll echo what the Navy’s Deputy Under
These sites provide a “landing” for appli-           will sign service-level agreements with             ing of their capabilities and challenges.          be recouped. It is a process that will         they will invariably discover additional        Secretary Eric Fanning has said, ‘Data cen-
cations and systems that are being con-              a NEDC based on these standard rates,               During those assessments, the team col-            change the Navy’s application landscape        savings and assets which could have the         ter consolidation is essential if the Navy is
solidated from legacy data centers. Three            enabling Navy commands better fore-                 lected technical requirements and cost             across the board and support the busi-         potential to change the business process.       to successfully meet its business transfor-
initial locations have been identified for           casting and budgeting information.                  data in preparation for system transitions.        ness transformation initiatives expected          The issues are not just technical ones,      mational goals in the future,’” Wolborsky
the Navy’s Enterprise Data Center (NEDC):               The vision for the NEDC is that it will              After conducting detailed engineering          to come out of the data center consolida-      according to Wolborsky.                         said. “This is one of the first, concrete,
San Diego, Charleston and New Orleans.               posture the Navy for future IT transfor-            analyses, the team prepares each site for          tion effort. Fewer applications and wider         “Technically, this initiative is fairly      tangible efficiency initiatives, and sets a
   As the Navy moves forward with data               mations, such as server virtualization              system build out, systems migration and            functionality, with less overlap with exist-   straightforward,” he said. “Much more           precedent for everything that needs to
center consolidation, an ongoing assess-             and migration to cloud computing. It is             testing prior to final transition to NEDC.         ing applications, will increase the amount     profound are the changes associated with        be done to make the Navy more efficient.
ment of other hosting options will be                also anticipated that the Navy’s ability to         Though the process may be technically              of money the Navy can save and drive the       culture, policy and advocacy. We have tre-          “It’s very exciting that here in San Diego
considered, including commercial enter-              maximize the utilization of data will pro-          challenging and represent a cultural shift,        changes in business IT.                        mendous support from Navy leadership            we are leading a very important effort for
prises, joint programs under the Defense             vide richer information capability to the           the return on investment for the Navy                 Wolborksy’s cost model will help the        to get this done. However, this is a major      the entire Navy. It’s extremely rewarding
Information Systems Agency (DISA) and                warfighter.                                         makes the process worthwhile.                      Navy better understand how much it is          change in the way data centers are doing        to watch us grow the IT workforce into a
expansion of the NEDC to additional                     Wolborsky explained that the entire                  According to Wolborsky, industry is            spending and how much it will save.            business and it will require a huge cultural    formidable force to be reckoned with.”
locations.                                           Navy is affected by the federal mandate             ahead of the Navy in data center con-                 “We have a good idea of how much we         shift as well.”
   By migrating applications from smaller            to reduce budgets and everyone in the               solidation best practices. Many large              will spend for the transition, but there is       SPAWAR has been in the business of                SPAWAR: www.spawar.navy.mil.
legacy data centers to an enterprise data            Navy is expected to benefit from a suc-             corporations have gone through similar             another factor associated with it that we      data consolidations for years. While there
center under a common centralized man-               cessful execution of this transition.               consolidations.                                    call additional opportunities,” Wolborsky      are challenges inherent to each applica-
agement model, the Navy will increase                   Under Wolborsky’s leadership, the                    “We want to learn as much as we pos-           said. “As we make progress, we are find-       tion and each system, it is difficult to find   From the DON CIO: To date, the U.S. Navy has closed 13
operational performance while saving                 team has identified standard configura-             sibly can from industry — the most effec-          ing more assets and more ways for the          one that is completely insurmountable.          data centers and plans to close approximately 23 more
resources. The NEDC will position the                tions and developed network tools that              tive things done and their lessons learned         Navy to save money, such as working            Wolborsky’s SPAWAR team is up to the            during the next fiscal year. Additionally, during the
Navy for future IT transformation, while             can track bandwidth usage to capture                to increase capability, security and reduce        with all the other organizations that own      challenge.                                      past five years, SPAWAR has transitioned a number of
enhancing the ability to maximize the use            metrics from the many legacy networks.              overall cost,” Wolborsksy said.                    applications with the Navy and looking at          “One of the most important facets of        applications out of existing data centers and into SPAWAR
of all Navy data to provide richer informa-          The tools will help the team identify                   “We expect a lot of what we do in the          how we can change business processes           this effort is SPAWAR’s ability to step up      hosting facilities. This has resulted in significant savings
tion to the warfighter. In the meantime,             underutilized networks so that the Navy             future will be based on what industry              and adapt applications, so that we have        and assume IT tech authority for the Navy.      for affected commands. Commander of the Navy Reserve
as migration of applications continues to            can eliminate these expensive systems.              tells us. They have already consolidated           fewer specialized applications and more        We are the Navy’s information dominance         Force, reports more than $31 million of life cycle savings
progress from smaller legacy data centers               Seven data center consolidations are in          many of their data centers and have real-          generic and multipurpose functionality         systems command after all,” Wolborsky           and $6 million that would have been spent on contractor
to the NEDC under a common centralized               progress as of March 2012. The team has             ized tremendous savings. The Navy can              across the DON.”                               said. “As such we have the capability —         services and license fees. – www.doncio.navy.mil

                                                                                                                                                         The DCC Task Force will assess and
                                                                                                                                                         consolidate at least 58 data centers over
                                                                                                                                                         the next few years to:

                                                                                                                                                         ✓Realize significant cost efficiencies
                                                                                                                                                         by reducing hardware and application
                                                                                                                                                         ✓Improve information assurance and
                                                                                                  Space and Naval Systems Center Pacific                 cyber security;
                                                                                                  in San Diego provides a centrally managed
                                                                                                                                                         ✓Improve service to users via
                                                                                                  and secure hosting environment for Navy
                                                                                                  customers. Team members who built, maintain            implementing continuity of operations and
                                                                                                  and continuously enhance the Navy Enterprise           disaster recovery procedures; and
                                                                                                  Data Center, from left, Paul Lichenstein, Al           ✓Gain control and understanding of Navy
                                                                                                  Cassedy, Paul Plummer, Bobby Nutting and               IT assets and capabilities to position the
                                                                                                  Thai Ly. Photos by Rick Naystatt/SPAWAR                Navy to capitalize on future technologies
                                                                                                  audio visual production specialist.                    and cloud-like services.
10 CHIPS www.doncio.navy.mil/chips   Dedicated to Sharing Information - Technology - Experience                                                                                                                                                                                      CHIPS April – June 2012 11

Q & A with Capt. D.J. LeGoff, PEO C4I, Tactical Networks Program Manager                                                                                                                                                                                 CANES consolidates five legacy networks,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         including the Integrated Shipboard
(PMW 160) and program manager for Consolidated Afloat Networks and                                                                                                                                                                                       Network System (ISNS), Sensitive
                                                                                                                                                      SCI Networks
Enterprise Services program design and acquisition                                                                                                                                CENTRIXS-M
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  CANES                                  Compartmented Information (SCI) network,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Combined Enterprise Regional Information
   The Navy’s CANES program encompasses the consolidation and enhancement of five existing leg­                                                                                          VIXS                                                            Exchange System - Maritime (CENTRIXS-M),
acy network programs and implements a single support framework for about 40 command, control,
communications, computers, and intelligence (C4I) applications that require dedicated infrastructure
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  *ADNS                                  Video Information Exchange System (VIXS)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         and SubLAN, into a single integrated
to operate. CANES utilizes an innovative business model that includes continuous, robust competi­                                                    *Automated Digital Network System is the bandwidth optimization                                     framework that will improve network
                                                                                                                                                     program of record for the Navy.                                                                     security and drive operating costs down.
tion, open architecture, government owned data rights and obsolescence and technology refresh
that when combined, will increase the operational agility of the warfighter, as well as decrease total
ownership costs for the Navy.                                                                                                                        authorizes an application to go on a ship,         A: Yes. We absolutely are. There are a lot       Q: And that’s going to be competed?
                                                                                                                                                     then that application then enters our              of places where we are similar and we’re
   The Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command announced Feb. 1 that Northrop Grumman won
                                                                                                                  Capt. D.J. LeGoff                  integration process so that’s kind of the          sharing as much as we can there. But             A: Absolutely. I own all the data rights, I
the CANES design competition. The next step is the completion of an operational assessment in                                                        check in the box. Unless they’re autho­            there are a lot of things that drive us to       own all the designs — and it will be open
SPAWAR’s enterprise, engineering and certification laboratory in support of a Milestone C decision forecasted before the end of the fiscal           rized by Fleet Forces, they [applications]         different solutions because of the envi­         to everyone for full competition.
year. The Milestone C decision authorizes the program’s entry into limited deployment. Ultimately, the network will be deployed to more              don’t even go into our integration pro­            ronments that we respectively go to.
                                                                                                                                                     cess. They don’t get on the ship.                     Capt. Shawn Hendricks (Naval Enter­           Q: And the RFP on that comes out?
than 180 ships, submarines and maritime operations centers by 2020.
                                                                                                                                                                                                        prise Networks program manager) and I
   CHIPS asked LeGoff, CANES program manager, to explain the CANES unique acquisition strategy and its fleet implementation in a series              Q: Why is it so important to reduce the num­       have a routine dialogue on how we can            A: The fourth quarter of FY 2012 with an
of discussions that concluded in March.                                                                                                              ber of applications?                               compare and contrast things. The timing          award in the third quarter of FY 2013.
                                                                                                                                                                                                        makes things a little bit difficult. One of us
Q: Can you discuss the CANES strategy?               the certification training that an ashore IT                                                    A: The hard part is getting the applica­           is entering source selection (NGEN); one         Q: So if I’m a vendor I might say, 'Gee, I went
                                                     professional would get. But we know that                   Why CANES?                           tions to work together. We would like to           of us is coming out (CANES). However,            through all this effort, and you’re only going
A: We are using commercial off-the-shelf             you can’t put 20 years of experience into       •	 Existing	legacy	networks
     	              get down to 100. All the applications that         we are trying to line up things as much as       to give me two years worth of business?'
technology, government ownership of                  a six-month school. So we send the guys            are	unaffordable	and
 	                      we have on ships are in various stages of          possible.
data rights, open architectures and con­             out with training, but we have a very sig­         operationally	ineffective;
                  sustainment and development with mul­                                                               A: This was the strategy that was pub­
stant competition to keep costs down. It             nificant trouble desk and trouble ticket        •	 Aligns	multiple	similar
	                    tiple vendors. No two ships are the same.          Q: I wonder if you could run through the         lished from the very beginning. Now,
helps us get out of the sole source nego­            system at sea so if there’s an issue, we           programs,	capabilities,
  	                  Information assurance is patched in. With          next competition and what that’s for and         on the other hand, if your team has the
tiations and price creep issues that some­           work with them.                                    resources	and	requirements
         	        CANES, IA will be ingrained. Every appli­          then the RFP date, award date.                   winning design, you’ve got to think that
times plague programs.                                                                                  into	a	single	program;
  	                   cation will be tested, certified, accredited                                                        you potentially have a leg up on the
   We have never had that issue on our               Q: Have you tried to reduce the equipment       •	 Consolidates	and	focuses
      	             and supported with an ATO (authority to            A: The key part to remember here is              next one as well. That would be a logical
legacy networks, they have always been               footprint or reuse equipment with CANES?                               	
                                                                                                        overall	acquisition,
                        operate). We will have version control;            we’re not down-selecting to a vendor.            explanation.
government owned. In fact, until now,                                                                   engineering,	logistics
	                     we’ll avoid duplication.                           I’m down-selecting a design [Northrop               But there’s no guarantee, that’s why it’s
networks have always been government                 A: What we specified in our contract is a          and	security	efforts;
                                                                          Grumman’s design was selected Feb.               all competition. I’m trying to get the best
designed and mostly government built.                couple things. We mandated as much as           •	 Reduces	installations
	                      Q: You said as part of the rationalization         1]. That is a fundamental, foundational          price for the government. The best way
But they were all GOTS — based on gov­               is physically possible that the racks that         and	sustainment	costs
    	                  process that an application has to have a          piece of the program. Now, as soon as            to do that is to be constantly competing.
ernment designs. This is really the first            house the system go where the racks for            across	networks;
 	                          resource sponsor, it has to be accredited and      we down-select, two things happen in             You asked me for dollar figures earlier.
time we’re going to industry and saying,             the legacy system was, we don’t want to         •	 Adds	efficiency	value	to
   	                have a logistics tail for installation on CANES.   parallel. One, we’re going to immediately        The limited deployment contract ceiling
‘We want to hear what you guys have …                do more foundation work or redo work if            manpower	challenges;
    	                                                                      put on contract production units. So the         is $690 million. That’s the government
and best practices that you’ve learned               we don’t need to.                               •	 Reduces	overarching
  	                      A: Correct. That’s one of the things that          vendor whose design wins is going to get         cost estimates figure.
from integrating with major corporations,               We also mandated that if it was in              network	maintenance;	and
                    we look at as we go through the testing            the first two years of production because
and we want to take advantage of all that.’          usable shape, we would reuse as much            •	 Directly	addresses	critical
    	            process. So what we don’t want to do is            I don’t want to lose any time in modern­         Q: How many ships does that cover?
                                                     as possible of the fiber optic cable plants        information	assurance/
                      put an application, or any kind of system,         izing the platforms.
Q: Can you talk about sustainment once the           that already exist on platforms. Now, we           computer	network	defense
         	          on a ship that has no owner because that              In parallel, since I mentioned that           A: It is a notional schedule, and sched­
network is built?                                    have networks out there that are over 10           requirements	by	providing
       	           means then all its care and feeding falls          everything that comes out of this design         ules change because of availabilities and
                                                     to 15 years old. The odds of being able            more	secure	and	reliable
     	              on the back of the Sailors. We want to             effort is government owned, I take that          deployments, but at the time of the con­
A: What we do at sea is fundamentally                to reuse a lot of that cable are probably          afloat	network	architecture.
                make sure that when something goes to              design package and it will become GFI,           tract, the notional schedule was 54.
different from how you maintain and                  minimal. So we’ll replace it.                                                                   sea, it has a support infrastructure behind        government furnished information, that
operate a network ashore. All of our sys­               However, we also have our legacy                                                             it just like we talked about the support           informs the RFP (Request for Proposal) for       Q: And you can do the build in two years?
tems, including our IT systems, are main­            systems in a form that’s fairly new that                                                        infrastructure for the network. That has           our next production contract.
tained by our Sailors. The average age of            we’re still fielding today. So when I go        of fleet applications, estimated at 800, and    to be there for everything else that goes             So the limited deployment contract            A: Yes. We have more than that num­
a Sailor today is about 20 to 21 years old.          and replace one of those, I fully expect to     said your office isn’t in charge of what goes   on the ship as well.                               that we’ll execute as a result of this down-     ber of ships going through availabilities
The junior ITs (information systems tech­            reuse the bulk of those cable plants. It’s a    on the ships — it is up to Fleet Forces Com­                                                       select will be in production for [fiscal         every year. Just remember we built this
nicians) are probably younger than that,             hull by hull analysis.                          mand. But are you leading the effort?           Q: You spoke a little bit about this; I asked      years] ‘12 and ‘13. I fully intend our full      program after 10 years of history build­
they’re somewhere between 18 to 19.                                                                                                                  you if you were interacting with the Next          deployment contract to pick up at the            ing networks on ships. In the heyday of
And so we teach them as much as we can               Q: You talked earlier about rationalizing the   A: We are their technical arm. We exe­          Generation Enterprise Network (NGEN) pro­          beginning of ‘14 and take me out four            the legacy system back in 2000, 2001, we
in schoolhouses where we give them all               software applications to reduce the number      cute their policies. So when Fleet Forces       gram office. Are you sharing ideas?                years after that.                                were doing 35 to 45 ships a year. So we
12 CHIPS www.doncio.navy.mil/chips   Dedicated to Sharing Information - Technology - Experience                                                                                                                                                                              CHIPS April – June 2012 13
CANES program
manager Capt. D.J.                                                                                         CANES Delivers                         Q: You mentioned mission critical. Is CANES        I don’t think that we’re ready yet to con-     Q: Is there any exercise that you will be
                                                                                                     Systems	Management
                          going to run the ventilation system in the         verge the two into a single one.               participating in once you have a sufficient
LeGoff briefing the                                                                                                                               ship or other life support systems? Could it                                                      number of ships that have CANES loaded to
CANES program in                                                                                                                	
                                                                                                     ✔	Performance,	availability

                                                                                                     and	service	level	managment;
                combine with other shipboard systems? Or           Q: On the LPDs (amphibious transport dock      test it out in the fleet?
the SPAWAR exhibit at                                                                                                                             is it just specifically for warfighting systems?   ship) and the flatbacks, does the CANES
the West Confence in                                                                                                               	
                                                                                                     ✔	Fault,	problem,	incident	and

                                                                                                     service	desk	management;
                                                                       upgrade include the Marines’ spaces?           A: Not scheduled around the deploy-
January 2012. West is                                                                                                                             A: Currently in the installation of this                                                          ment of CANES. So there will be ships with
co-sponsored by AFCEA                                                                                ✔	Configuration,	change
                                                                                                     and	release	management;
                     design we’re not doing the mechanical              A: Yes.                                        CANES in fleet exercises because that’s
International and the                                                                                                                             [hull, mechanical and electrical (HM&E)]                                                          how they’re going to deploy. However,
U.S. Naval Institute.                                                                                                       	
                                                                                                     ✔	Security,	information

                                                                                                     assurance	and	computer
  	                   engineering type of functionalities.               Q: Marines on amphibs always feel they’re      my first test is going to be in-lab tests
Photo by Rick Naystatt/                                                                                                                                                                              getting the short end of the network stick.    with COMOPTEVFOR (Commander, Oper-
SPAWAR audio visual                                                                                  network	defense;	and

                                                                                                     ✔	Capacity	management.
                      Q: Did you think you might take on those                                                          ational Test and Evaluation Force). So the
production specialist.                                                                                                                            other things? I mean, if CANES proves to be        A: It’s an ongoing discussion. I try to stay   operational test community is going to
                                                                                                                                                  a good business case and design?                   out of the middle because that’s an oper-      do an operational assessment (OA) of the
                                                                                                     Data	Services

                                                                                                                                                                                                     ational requirement issue. I do what the       network in the lab. We’re getting our lab
                                                                                                     ✔	Network	support;
                                                                                                                                                  A: Right, so there is a lot of dialogue            requirements folks tell me the need is.        certified by a representative.
                                                                                                     ✔	Information	management;

                                                                                                                                                  around that. I can’t predict right now             Fleet Forces works it out with the ACMC           We’re going to load the system and
                                                                                                     ✔	Core	infrastructure	services;

know that we have the industrial capacity            given by the Navy leadership at the high­                                                    where that dialogue is going to go                 (Assistant Commandant of the Marine            OPTEVFOR is going to do an evaluation of
                                                                                                     ✔	Network	access(IPv4/

to do that.                                          est levels. The faster we get the new infra­                                                 because the functional owners of that              Corps) in terms of what the allocations are    how well it performs. And that’s a gated
                                                                                                     IPv6)	capabable;	and

                                                     structure out there, the faster we have                                                      capability are in NAVSEA (Naval Sea Sys-           between blue and green.                        function going into my Milestone C.
                                                                                                     ✔	Information	delivery.

Q: What yards are you going to use?                  to stop supporting the legacy and stop                                                       tems Command) and not SPAWAR. There                   So the message that came out was not        Once we pass the OA, then we do our first
                                                     spending all that money, right? So first                                                     are some that advocate consolidating               written by CANES, it was written by the        installations. Once we complete our ini-
A. I’m going to use AITs (alteration instal­         and foremost, don’t stop; go as fast as
                                                                                                    Voice	Services
                               into a common design.                              fleet and it mentioned the Marines, here’s     tial installations aboard a fleet destroyer,
                                                                                                     ✔	IP	telephony;

lation teams); I’m not using the yards.              you can. While you do that, try to priori­                                                     There are some that advocate going               how things are. Now, that’s just from a        we’ll go into a formal at-sea operational
                                                                                                     ✔	Mobile	and	stationary;	and

We’re contracting installation services off          tize the older networks first.                                                               further than that and consolidating to a           critical perspective. The Marines also         evaluation.
                                                                                                     ✔	Secure	and	unsecure.
SPAWAR’s contracts. SPAWAR has a mul­                   So I mentioned we have networks that                                                      common single network. I’m personally              come on board with their own software,
tiple award contract to do installation of           have been on board ships for almost 15                                                       of the belief that we may in the near term         so we provide hotel services for that infra-   Go to the Space and Naval Warfare Systems
C4I gear. And we’ll go to whatever yard              years. We still have ATM networks on           Video	Services
                               get to a common design so that an HM&E             structure in both our legacy network and       Command website for more information at
the platform happens to be for its avail­            ships, Asynchronous Transfer Mode on            ✔	Video	teleconferencing;	and
               network looks just like a C4 network, but          our new network.                               www.spawar.navy.mil.
ability. And that’s a typical strategy that          ships. Almost impossible to support at                                        	
                                                                                                     ✔	Video	graphics	distribution.

we use in the C4I world.                             this point, can’t get parts for them, train­
   When a ship goes into an extended                 ing is difficult, they’re hard to use and
availability, however many months it hap­            they’re old. So while I’m going as fast as I   cial offerings. We don’t ask them to do
pens to be, at one of the public yards,              can, I’m going to keep an eye out. If I have   anything special for us. However, we do
we contract these alteration installation            more availabilities than I have ships and      integrate into racks, where the rack really
teams to install our stuff.                          I have to choose between platforms, I’m        takes up the bulk of the environmental
                                                     going to choose the ones that have the         protection. So we have to follow what we
Q: Do you already have your schedule for             oldest network first.                          call 501D specification, which is grade A
deployment?                                             It’s not a single legacy baseline that      shock requirements for the system.
                                                     we’re replacing. I’m replacing 20 odd             We [CANES] are a mission critical system
A: We have a schedule for deployment                 baselines that have grown over the years.      because we have mission critical applica­
that identifies hull number and instal­              The latest ones that we’re fielding now,       tions that rely on us. So that means that
lation windows that change very fre­                 we actually took a lot of the technology       the system has to be able to take a hit
quently based on the ship’s schedule so              that we thought was going to come into         and continue operating through damage.
if ships get surged or their deployment              CANES and we backed it into our legacy         That includes shock and vibration, high
goes later, or they get sent to do some­             design. So the ones that we’re installing      temperature, high humidity; all of those
thing that was unexpected, that perturbs             over the recent past are fairly modern         things are environmentally tested before
the rest of the schedule. But we use it              networks and are in good shape. It’s the       we field.
for planning purposes, and we update it              baselines that are 10, 15 years old that I’m      So that was part of our design crite­
every quarter.                                       really anxious to get out of operation.        ria we gave to the vendors. They had to
                                                                                                    prove to us that their system would sur­
Q: Which ships have priority?                        Q: You said you are using COTS equipment,      vive those environmental conditions and
                                                     but there is vibration on ships and other      show us the test results.
A: I have multiple sets of priorities given          environmental factors. Is there a rugged          Interesting question, again, why are       ATLANTIC OCEAN (March 21, 2012) The aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (CVN 65), the guided-missile cruiser USS Vicksburg (CG 69),
to me by different leaders.                          spec for CANES?                                we different from shore? We reject more       and the Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Porter (DDG 78) participate in an replenishment at sea with the Military
                                                                                                    products because of environmental             Sealift Command fast combat support ship USNS Supply (T-AOE 6). Enterprise, Vicksburg, Porter, and Supply are deployed as part of
Q: How do you rationalize your priorities?           A: We do have a fairly high specification      shortfalls than we do because of perfor­      the Enterprise Carrier Strike Group supporting maritime security operations and theater security cooperation efforts in the U.S. 6th
A: Well, first and foremost, go as fast as           for the commercial gear; it’s within indus­    mance. The environment drives different       Fleet area of responsibility. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Daniel J. Meshel.
you can. That is the direction I’ve been             try’s capability and within their commer-      material conditions.
14 CHIPS www.doncio.navy.mil/chips   Dedicated to Sharing Information - Technology - Experience                                                                                                                                                                        CHIPS April – June 2012 15
 Air Force Warfighting Integration Decision Support
                                                                                        Figure 2 depicts the enhanced first-order
                                                                                                                                            and second-order programmatic and
                      Smart investing to get the most bang from the acquisition buck                                                        operational relationships among program
                                                                                                                                            elements that our WFI analysis produced.
By Air Force Lt. Col. Jordon Cochran                                                                                                        This mapping effort provides visibility of
                                                                                                                                            how programs and capabilities are linked,
   Given today’s fiscal realities and emerg-         used to ensure everyone involved in plan-     Air Force Service Core Functions
ing threats, the need for warfighting                ning and programming has a shared and                                                  particularly across functional lines. In this
                                                                                                   •	   Nuclear	Deterrent	Operations
integration (WFI) has never been greater.            sustained view of real relationships and                                               example, there are three core functions
                                                                                                   •	   Air	Superiority
What is WFI, and why is it so important for          dependencies. This is what the WFI DST is     •	   Space	Superiority                   spanned: Command and Control (C2),
you to understand it? In this context, WFI           attempting to address, and the project is     •	   Cyberspace	Superiority              Nuclear Deterrent Operations (NDO)
is the ability to maximize interoperability          off to a very promising start.                •	   Global	Precision	Attack             and Cyberspace Superiority. Key DST
and effectiveness of warfighting systems                The tool harvests available authorita-     •	   Rapid	Global	Mobility               functionality includes this ability to easily
to produce synergistic capabilities for              tive data, such as that found in the Air      •	   Special	Operations
joint warfighters by effectively inform-             Force Automated Budget Interactive Data                                                discern programmatic versus operational
                                                                                                   •	   Global	Integrated	Intelligence,	
ing and influencing corporate planning,              Environment System (ABIDES), program                                                   relationships between programs, to
                                                                                                        Surveillance	and	Reconnaissance
requirements, programming and acquisi-               element monitor (PEM) data briefings,         •	   Command	and	Control                 hyperlink directly to related authoritative
tion processes.                                      major command (MAJCOM) architecture           •	   Personnel	Recovery                  data, and to quickly scale a view across
   Effective warfighting integration accel-          artifacts, and subject matter experts’        •	   Building	Partnerships               multiple degrees of separation (which
erates the observe, orient, decide and act           knowledge, and fuses it together to           •	   Agile	Combat	Support                translates to first-, second- or third-order
(OODA) loop process and provides the                 provide increased programmatic situ-
joint force commander with information               ational awareness, particularly with inter-                                            relationships).
superiority that yields decision superi-             program touch points. Figures 1 and 2         Air Force Capability Portfolios
ority, which ultimately translates into              illustrate the power of the tool.             •	   Net-Centric
domain superiority and more effective                                                              •	   Command	and	Control
use of scarce warfighting resources.                 Evidence over Eloquence                       •	   Battlespace	Awareness               As the Decision Support Tool matures, the knowledge base gets richer and richer by leveraging stakeholders’
   WFI is not about developing advanced                To promote evidence-based over              •	   Force	Application                   and subject matter experts’ authoritative information contributions. This ever-expanding knowledge base holds
weapon systems and having them oper-                 eloquence-based investment decisions,         •	   Protection
                                                                                                   •	   Force	Support                       great potential as a continuity and training aid.
ate in isolation; nor is it about taking the         we have mapped Air Force programmatic
latest technology and adding so much                 and operational relationships for nearly      •	   Logistics
complexity that it is improbable or too              1,000 program elements across the 12 Air      •	   Building	Partnerships               programmatic mappings to the Joint              stand the collateral effects of investment        The WFI DST uses a commercial off-
expensive to field or making investment              Force Service Core Functions as well as       •	   Corporate	Management	and	           Capability Areas (JCAs), Joint Capability       decisions and avoid or mitigate unin-          the-shelf software product hosted on a
decisions without understanding the                  nine Capability Portfolios. This includes          Support                             Gap Analysis and Air Force Enterprise           tended consequences.                           secure classified government network.
second- and third-order effects that need                                                                                                   Assessment. These mappings enable the              The WFI DST allows users to view pro-       The DST allows the user to craft tailored
to be considered in today’s tightly con-             Figure 1. An example of basic first-order programmatic relationships between program   user to quickly visualize the operational       gramming through a warfighting capabil-        views of the data and permits “what if”
                                                     elements that enable a particular mission capability.
strained budget environment.                                                                                                                capability supported by a given program         ity lens and expedites research and data       data excursions without corrupting or
   For these reasons, the Secretary of the                                                                                                  or program element and has value in             gathering to allow more time for analysis,     modifying any of the underlying authori-
Air Force Chief of Warfighting Integration                                                                                                  decreasing the time spent on data gath-         advocacy and better-informed decision          tative source data.
and Chief Information Officer (SAF CIO/                                                                                                     ering, leaving more time for course of          making. The DST’s visualization of cross-         The WFI DST shows great potential to
A6), Directorate of Warfighter Systems                                                                                                      action analysis and decision making.            functional relationships is potentially very   enable warfighting integration in a visible,
Integration (SAF/A6W) has been working                                                                                                         At this point, we recognize that there is    powerful, not only in terms of helping         actionable and enduring way by leverag-
on methods to better inform senior leader                                                                                                   much more work to be done as we refine          portray an enterprise perspective, but         ing enterprise architectures and authori-
decision making with respect to WFI.                                                                                                        the quality and quantity of data in the         also serving as a knowledge base for           tative data sources to better inform Air
One especially promising effort is the                                                                                                      DST by leveraging an Air Force functional       those who are new to the programming           Force corporate decision making.
Warfighting Integration Decision Support                                                                                                    integrator’s expertise. We are collecting       world and may not fully understand the            The shared view of programmatic real-
Tool (WFI DST) that has been created by                                                                                                     authoritative data, which includes many         programmatic and operational linkages.         ity it provides will facilitate coordinated
SAF/A6W personnel in partnership with                                                                                                       architecture artifacts contained within            As the DST matures, the knowledge           planning, programming and budget ex-
the Air Force Enterprise Architects (SAF/                                                                                                   MAJCOM master plans and PEM briefings,          base gets richer and richer by leveraging      ecution to realize envisioned capabilities
A6PA) organization with assistance from                                                                                                     and feeding data into the visualization         stakeholders’ and subject matter experts’      and maximize joint warfighting effective-
MITRE Corp. and Systems Planning and                                                                                                        tool. Just as we fuse and expose sensor         authoritative information contributions.       ness in the years to come.
Analysis, Inc. contractor support.                                                                                                          data on the battlefield, we ought to be         This ever-expanding knowledge base                Email questions to SAF/A6WS at saf.a6ws.
   There is a need for senior leaders to                                                                                                    taking the same approach from a plan-           holds great potential as a continuity          strategydiv@pentagon.af.mil.
have a mechanism for viewing programs                                                                                                       ning and programmatic perspective by            and training aid. Further, the tool has
and their dependencies from a cross-                                                                                                        exposing lead integrator knowledge to           the potential to enable more effective
functional, holistic perspective. Although                                                                                                  the enterprise. In the coming years, if we      horizontal integration across service core
there are subject matter experts with                                                                                                       can use functional architectures as the         functions, platforms, systems and pro-         Lt. Col. Jordon Cochran is the deputy of the
knowledge of these relationships, there is                                                                                                  authoritative, integrated source of opera-      grams leading to lower costs, improved         Warfighting Integration Strategy Division in the
a need to institutionalize a “programmatic                                                                                                  tional and programmatic relationships,          interoperability and enhanced net-             Secretary of the Air Force, Office of Information
common operating picture” that can be                                                                                                       we will be in a position to better under-       enabled warfighting capabilities.              Dominance and Chief Information Officer.
16 CHIPS www.doncio.navy.mil/chips   Dedicated to Sharing Information - Technology - Experience                                                                                                                                                                 CHIPS April – June 2012 17
Q&A with Laura Knight, PEO-EIS Sea Warrior Program Manager 
                                                                                        uling transmissions during off-peak times          Environment/Authoritative Data Ware­            of the Navy’s personnel and pay modern-
                                                                                                                                                    and also by allowing data transfers to start       house (ADE/ADW). This effort is focused         ization effort. The MPTE portal will enable
   The Sea Warrior Program (PMW 240) is the primary information technology (IT) acquisition agent for non-                                          again where they previously ended when             on establishing a single operational store      Sailors to view their personnel information
tactical business operations addressing manpower, personnel, training and education (MPTE) capability gaps,                                         connectivity was lost.                             of personnel data that is authoritative,        relevant to their service history, records
                                                                                                                                                       To make it easier for Sailors and the           verifiable, and easily accessible to autho­     and benefits; collaborate among commu-
legacy systems, and Distance Support to the fleet. The program’s role is to modernize Navy human resources                                          fleet to get help while afloat, we are re-         rized people and applications. The ADE/         nities of practice; and interact with Navy
(HR) management systems and afloat business IT used by Sailors, the fleet, and the Navy Enterprise in re-                                           branding the Navy Distance Support CRM             ADW is a significant undertaking.               customer service centers.
sponse to functional requirements. To that end, Sea Warrior is a “program of programs,” managing a complex                                          to Navy 311. This new effort is built upon            For example, the Navy Personnel Data­           We’re in the early stages of planning
portfolio of 33 systems across five product lines in support of four sponsors: OPNAV N1 (Manpower, Personnel,                                       the non-emergency telephone number                 base currently contains source data on          and designing a new consolidated MPTE
                                                                                                                                                    3-1-1 in cities across the U.S. and Canada         1.75 million Navy members and annui­            portal. Industry and government bench-
Training and Education), N2/N6 (Information Dominance), N4 (Fleet Readiness/Logistics) and the Director of                                          that provides quick access to services via         tants that is exchanged across thousands        marks indicated that getting to a single,
Navy Staff. The program is part of the Navy Program Executive Office for Enterprise Information Systems (PEO-                                       a centralized call center. There are about         of interfaces. The long-term goal is to         consolidated portal can be a long journey
EIS) within the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR).                                                                                   90 such service outlets operating in the           move to a fully integrated data environ­        over many years. The MPTE portal vision is
                                                                                                                Laura Knight
   CHIPS attended a presentation by Ms. Laura Knight, Sea Warrior program manager, as part of the SPAWAR                                            U.S. In like manner, Navy 311 will simplify        ment built on a service oriented archi­         to provide a secure, reliable, single point
                                                                                                                                                    the ashore reach-back capability avail­            tecture, which is foundational to deliver­      of entry for all Navy HR content and busi-
Speaker Series at the West Conference in January and asked her about the Navy’s human resources systems modernization and key chal-                 able to the fleet via an easy-to-remember,         ing net-centric data services to the Navy       ness applications.
lenges associated with enterprise integration. Ms. Knight responded in writing in April.                                                            single point of entry for any issue the fleet      enterprise.                                        As you might imagine, much work lays
                                                                                                                                                    encounters.                                           Finally, there are numerous cultural         ahead to design the portal look and feel,
Q: Can you describe what the Sea Warrior             NeL is a distance learning capability that       We’re also supporting modernization                                                              and governance challenges. In the past,         integrate applications, enable online com-
program is? On a typical day how would a             includes online courses, multimedia con­      in the recruiting and accessions busi­           Q: Why is it so challenging to update the sys­     commands with a software development            munity collaboration and authenticate
Sailor use the systems that are supported by         tent, a learning management system            ness area. The Personalized Recruiting           tems in the Sea Warrior Program?                   competence and funding could enhance            users. A first step is to replace the technical
the Sea Warrior Program?                             ashore, and a learning management sys­        for Immediate and Delayed Enlistment                                                                applications when and how they needed.          infrastructure of Navy Knowledge Online.
                                                     tem afloat that provides 24/7/365 on-         Modernization, or PRIDE MOD, supports            A: There are multiple challenges on mul­           Today, those of us responsible for the sys­     The NKO tech refresh will provide a more
A: In 2006, the Chief of Naval Personnel             demand access to course offerings for         the Recruiting Command’s real-time               tiple levels. First, on the technical level, the   tems engineering supporting the Navy’s          stable and flexible platform that can sup-
requested that the Assistant Secretary of            active duty and Reserve military, civilians   business process for managing recruit­           MPTE domain consists of approximately              business mission, are taking an enter­          port today’s interactive portal function-
the Navy for Research, Development and               and contractors. It’s one of the largest      ing by providing full Web-enabled com­           51 systems, 741 applications and 240,000           prise-wide view of IT effectiveness and         ality, self-service delivery and workflow
Acquisition appoint the Program Execu­               distance learning implementations in the      munication with Navy and DoD partners            data elements that have evolved over 30            efficiency.                                     management needs. NKO eventually will
tive Office for Enterprise Information               world with more than 900,000 users and        across all aspects of the accession process.     to 40 years. Consequently, these systems
Systems (PEO-EIS) as the lead for afford­            6,500 online courses.                         PRIDE MOD lets five different applications,      can’t share data electronically, so we’ve           “We look at how modernization benefits both the end user and the overall
able business IT delivery and incremen­                 The afloat learning management sys­        including the U.S. Military Entrance Pro­        been maintaining about 2,000 different              performance of the Navy enterprise before any taxpayer dollars are
tal capabilities. The Sea Warrior Program            tem, called the Afloat Integrated Learn­      cessing Command’s system, ‘talk to one           interfaces. Plus, significant business logic
                                                                                                                                                                                                        committed. We are supporting the Department of Defense, and driving a
(PEO-EIS PMW 240) began operating in                 ing Environment (AILE) operates on 233        another’ almost instantly via the Web and        and rules are hard-coded within these
September 2007 with the mission of coor­             deployed platforms. Since NeL was first       a shared data environment. PRIDE is now          applications and are redundant across               management culture that analyzes the business case for each change and
dinating manpower, personnel, training               launched in 2000, the system has logged       processing about 6,000 recruiting applica­       systems. Given these issues, the MPTE               measures the payback of each IT investment.”
and education (MPTE) IT development,                 nearly 25 million course completions.         tions per month.                                 ‘system of systems’ has become complex,
acquisition, and life cycle maintenance                 Also in the training and education            Afloat business IT is also a large part       inflexible and expensive to maintain and
under a single systems command and                   business area, we have Navy Knowledge         of our portfolio. Currently under the            operate.                                              We look at how modernization benefits        be rebranded and migrate into the con-
program office.                                      Online, the largest Navy portal with over 1   umbrella of Distance Support, we pro­               So, we’re working with our business             both the end user and the overall perfor-       solidated portal. We expect to submit the
   This was important because the MPTE               million registered users. About 92 percent    vide and maintain the IT infrastructure          and requirements stakeholders to mod­              mance of the Navy enterprise before any         MPTE Portal Investment Review Board
businesses were merged to form the                   of active duty and 73 percent of Reserve      and capabilities to provide at-sea logistics,    ernize technology that is fast approach­           taxpayer dollars are committed. We are          package in the spring for certification, and
Navy’s single manpower resource spon­                personnel use NKO. And as a corporate         technical and training support to afloat         ing or well beyond the end of its intended         supporting the Department of Defense,           begin work no later than early FY13.
sor, called Navy Total Force.                        example, the Navy Training Management         units. This includes Customer Relation­          useful life. There are many dimensions to          and driving a management culture that
    Today, the Sea Warrior Program Office            and Planning System (NTMPS) collectively      ship Management (CRM), which includes            making improvements, but key is migrat­            analyzes the business case for each             Q: You mentioned in your brief at the con-
manages a complex portfolio of 33 major              generates 300,000 Sailor training readi­      communications media, contact centers, a         ing from mainframe-based computing to              change and measures the payback of each         ference that there is about $15 million avail-
IT systems used to recruit, train, pay, pro­         ness reports per month for use by the         directory and network of service and sup­        Web-enabled applications hosted in Navy            IT investment. This means we work very          able for R&D for modernizing the legacy
mote, move, retire and support Navy                  fleet. NTMPS also includes the Electronic     port providers, websites, an action report­      data centers. This will reduce the expense         closely with the end users and stakehold-       systems in the Sea Warrior program. What
personnel ashore and afloat. Also, a large           Training Jacket that is used by all Sail­     ing (and tracking) IT system, and associ­        of large platforms and allow for more              ers impacted by the change so all parties       kind of technology improvements are you
percentage of our systems are used cor­              ors in preparation for boards and career      ated fleet customer advocacy provisions.         responsive and cost-effective technology           can understand the impacts, benefits and        anticipating?
porately for manpower planning and                   development.                                     Navy Distance Support also deploys a          modernizations.                                    tradeoffs.
readiness.                                              In the career and manpower manage­         number of applications on a single ship­            Related to systems, of course, is the                                                           A: In keeping with our portfolio mod-
   In a nutshell, our role is about part­            ment area, Sailors use the Career Manage­     board software suite called the Navy             challenge of harnessing our siloed busi­           Q: Can you talk about the manpower, per-        ernization strategy, our approach is to
nering with our OPNAV sponsors and                   ment System/Interactive Detailing (CMS/       Information/Application Product Suite.           ness data while ensuring its security. Pro­        sonnel, training and education portal initia-   improve core IT within each line of busi-
functional business leaders to build and             ID) to submit their own job applications      NIAPS is helpful to Sailors at sea in mitigat­   tecting personnel data is of paramount             tive that you are working on? Did you say       ness so we can move the Navy’s HR busi-
deploy IT solutions to enable the Navy to            via the Internet. CMS/ID has given Sailors    ing bandwidth limitations by having soft­        importance, therefore the DoD and Navy             that it would be integrated into the Navy       ness off its aging technology infrastruc-
get the Sailors into the fight while sup­            more direct control over their orders while   ware applications run locally on the ship.       management controls are more stringent             Knowledge Online portal?                        ture. By reducing our legacy IT footprint
porting their welfare, careers and families.         reducing manual paperwork for career          NIAPS also allows applications to store          than commonly employed using com­                                                                  we’ll achieve business efficiencies such
   With regard to your second question,              counselors and detailers, saving time and     data and transactions and then to trans­         mercial Web 2.0 technologies. A data               A: The Navy envisions an integrated HR          part as reducing overlapping functional-
our IT products touch Sailors every day.             money. An average of 16,500 applications      mit that data ship-to-shore when network         consolidation effort within OPNAV N1 is            portal as a self-service environment for        ity, migrating software off the mainframe,
Let’s start with Navy eLearning (NeL).               per month come through CMS/ID.                access is limited or intermittent by sched­      underway called the Authoritative Data             Sailors, and so the portal is an integral       and eliminating unnecessary reports.
18 CHIPS www.doncio.navy.mil/chips   Dedicated to Sharing Information - Technology - Experience                                                                                                                                                                            CHIPS April – June 2012 19
 The Sea Warrior Program Office (PMW 240) manages a complex portfolio of 33 major IT systems used to recruit,         Solution-Navy (IPPS-N) CONOPS (concept
 train, pay, promote, move, retire and support Navy personnel ashore and afloat. Sailors depend on the IT products    of operations) and a capabilities-based
 managed modernized by PMW 240 to manage their careers, train and get paid.
                                                                                                                         As part of this strategy, the Navy has
 • Navy eLearning (NeL) – accessible 24/7/365, 900,000 users, 6,500 online courses.                                   chosen to leverage its investment in the
                                                                                                                                                                     By Floyd Groce,

                                                                                                                                                                                           IT Vendor

 • Afloat Integrated Learning Environment (AILE) operates on 233 deployed platforms. Since NeL was first launched     Navy Standard Integrated Personnel Sys­
 in 2000, the system has logged nearly 25 million course completions.                                                 tem (NSIPS), along with making multiple,       Brian Fischbeck and
                                                                                                                      incremental modernization investments
 • Personalized Recruiting for Immediate and Delayed Enlistment Modernization (PRIDE MOD) processes about                                                            Behrad Mahdi
                                                                                                                      to the human resources IT portfolio. This
 6,000 Navy applications per month.                                                                                   will let us avoid the pitfalls, expense and
 • Navy Knowledge Online, the largest Navy portal, more than 1 million registered users.                              delays of a large program while making
 • Navy Training Management and Planning System (NTMPS) collectively generates 300,000 Sailor training readiness      ongoing improvements to the services
                                                                                                                      that Sailors use daily.
 reports per month for use by the fleet. NTMPS includes the Electronic Training Jacket.
                                                                                                                         With regard to milestones, we have
 • Sailors use the Career Management System/Interactive Detailing (CMS/ID) to submit job applications via the         started three business process initiatives
 Internet. An average of 16,500 applications travel through the system per month.                                     (BPIs) as risk reduction efforts. In addi­
 • The Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS) supports more than 400,000 Sailors afloat and ashore         tion, the first development/moderniza­
                                                                                                                      tion increment will be for active and
 and contains 1.5 million records.

                                                                                                                                                                      Case Analyses

                                                                                                                      Reserve retirements and separations.
 • New Navy 3-1-1 capability will simplify ashore reach-back available to the fleet via an easy-to-remember, single   We expect that most of the effort will be
 point of entry for any issue the fleet encounters.                                                                   implemented in NSIPS, which currently
                                                                                                                      supports over 400,000 Sailors afloat and
                                                                                                                      ashore, contains 1.5 million Sailor records,
We are continuing to work with our spon­                   Q: At the brief you also indicated that there              and interfaces with 32 other systems.
sors and functional owners as they clarify                 was a change coming in the continuity of                      Concurrent with the NSIPS design for
requirements and determine how we                          operations planning (COOP) for MPTE sys-                   active and Reserve retirements and sepa­

                                                                                                                                                                                      Driving Savings Today and

allocate development and modernization                     tems housed at the Navy Personnel Com-                     rations, the Navy is examining the busi­
funding. Some current examples include                     mand in Millington, Tenn. I think you said                 ness processes associated with military

                                                                                                                                                                                 Sustaining Relationships in the Future 

the PRIDE MOD Phase II effort, a new                       the physical infrastructure would be moving                pay, which may result in a new program
Learning Management System to sup­                         to San Diego?                                              effort in about 2015. A key near-term tran­
port Navy eLearning, the NKO technology                                                                               sition goal is to establish effective inter­
refresh, and Billet Based Distribution using               A: PMW 240 is coordinating the effort to                   nal control over the Navy’s $31 billion in
CMS/ID.                                                    establish a continuity of operations capa-                 enlisted and Reserve manpower accounts
                                                           bility for the Navy Personnel Command                      to meet financial improvement and audit
Q: Can you talk about how work is progress­                and the Navy Recruiting Command in Mil-                    readiness requirements.
ing in support of the Personalized Recruit­                lington, Tenn. Initially the effort is focused                 Finally, I mentioned earlier the ADE/
ing for Immediate and Delayed Enlistment                   on data replication and disaster recovery.                 ADW, and this is a core part of the person­
system?                                                    The actual COOP site is at the SPAWAR                      nel and pay modernization effort. The
                                                           Systems Center Pacific’s San Diego data                    ADE/ADW activities consist of data cleans­
A: The PRIDE system is one of six legacy                   center.                                                    ing, governance, interface standards and
systems supporting the mission of the                         For the past two years, flooding disas-                 management, all of which reduce risk
Navy Recruiting Command (NRC). PRIDE                       ters have hit the Millington area and                      before making major IT investments. The
supports the Navy’s processes of bringing                  securing the data and providing access                     BPIs will be the first personnel modern­
new recruits into the service and assign­                  to the systems and information during a                    ization test case for the ADE/ADW, exer­
ing them to Navy positions. With phase                     disaster is a high priority within the Navy.               cising the governance and the technical                               HE DEPARTMENT Of THE NAVy CHIEf INfORMATION OffICER (DON CIO)
I of PRIDE MOD in operation, NRC now                       The COOP capability will come online in                    concepts.
                                                                                                                                                                                            and the Information Technology/Cyberspace Efficiency Integrated Product
seamlessly shares accessions data with                     March 2012 with a full operational capa-                       In summary, the near-term FY12-FY13
the U.S. Military Entrance Processing Com­                 bility by September 2012.                                  acquisition effort comprises concurrent                               Teams (IPTs) have undertaken a number of initiatives that have important
mand, Recruit Training Command and                                                                                    initiatives supported by development/                                 implications for the future of the DON business IT environment. Specifically,
Navy Personnel Command.                                    Q: Can you talk about the significant mile-                modernization and sustainment funding.                                the DON Enterprise Software Licensing (ESL) IPT developed business case
   The PRIDE MOD II capabilities being                     stones coming up in the Future Pay and Per-                Alongside our functional counterparts,
                                                                                                                                                                                            analyses (BCAs) that provide enterprise-level visibility of how much money
considered include electronic forms tech­                  sonnel Solution system?                                    we are committed to making our Sailors’
nology, positive applicant identification                                                                             lives and jobs easier through better, more                            is spent with specific IT vendors, insight into relevant market and technol­
via biometrics, workflow management                        A: The Navy Personnel and Pay Modern-                      accessible IT.                                                        ogy trends, and recommendations for better managing vendor relationships,
tools for paperless processing, and inte­                  ization effort (formerly FPPS) is a portfolio                                                                                    optimizing resources and negotiating favorable contract terms. This article
gration of officer and enlisted active and                 investment strategy not a large develop-
                                                                                                                                                                                            details the methodologies and approaches used to develop the BCAs, as well
Reserve component processes. We’re cur­                    ment program to acquire a new IT system.                   Sea Warrior Program Public Affairs Office
rently working to release the Request for                  This decision was made following comple-                   Email: pmw240_pao@navy.mil                                            as some of the anticipated results of this work.
Proposal for PRIDE MOD II.                                 tion of the Integrated Personnel and Pay                   Phone: (703) 604-5400
20 CHIPS www.doncio.navy.mil/chips        Dedicated to Sharing Information - Technology - Experience                                                                                                                                                      CHIPS April – June 2012 21
Meeting Business IT Goals in a
Challenging Environment
                                                                                    The BCA Process: An Inclusive, Data-
                                                                                    Driven and Fact-Based Approach                                         Step 2                Spending Visibility and
                                                                                                                                                                                 Projecting Future Spending
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               puts of this process are comprehensive business case analyses
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               which quantify the hard savings impact of implementing a set
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               of strategies for a particular IT vendor and a DON-specific IT
As a result of the challenging fiscal environment, the                              The BCA methodology was developed collaboratively using an             The data analysis portion of the BCA process allows stakehold-      vendor strategy roadmap to support the sustainment of sav-
DON must reduce business IT costs by 25 percent by fiscal                           inclusive process to ensure perspectives from stakeholders across      ers to address visibility challenges related to understanding       ings over the long-term.
year 2017. However, the department is still expected to                             the DON’s technical and business IT communities, as well as other      what the DON has spent historically with particular IT vendors,       The roadmap provides a high-level view of a slate of initiatives
meet its mission, support the warfighters, maintain current                         enterprise stakeholders, who have years of technical and cus-          as well as to develop a confident, fact-based projection of         proposed for coordinated execution over time across all DON
operational and security levels, and improve operations                             tomer experience. Additionally, the BCA methodology ensures            future spending on products and services from these vendors.        agencies and offices that acquire a particular IT vendor’s products
and efficiencies. To meet this challenge, the DON CIO has                           the most complete and detailed understanding of the current            Developing fact-based future estimates of potential DON             and services. The roadmap includes a combination of actions that
identified a number of IT efficiency focus areas, including                         context of the DON’s relationship with any particular high-inter-      spending with an IT vendor allows the DON to understand the         may be initiated immediately as an integral part of driving near-
improvements to enterprise software licensing across                                est IT vendor with whom the department has invested signifi-           “as-is” state and estimate the potential savings that can reason-   term savings, as well as key strategic enablers to be implemented
the department.                                                                     cant funds in its products, as well as an understanding of the         ably be achieved based on the implementation of specific            over time to ensure sustainable long-term savings and improved
   An important step in improving enterprise software                               vendor’s particular position within its own industry and market.       near-term strategies. The work toward achieving enterprise          vendor relationships. Some examples of these strategic enablers
licensing within the DON was reached with the issuance                                 The BCA is focused on developing strategies that address the        visibility to better understand both historical spending and        include performance management, vendor scorecards, require-
of a Feb. 22, 2012, policy memo “Mandatory Use of DON                               full range of a given IT vendor’s offerings. This is a critical ele-   fact-based future spending has taken the DON Enterprise             ments optimization and demand management.
Enterprise Licensing Agreements” jointly signed by the                              ment of strategy development because many IT vendors provide           Software Licensing BCA teams across the department’s land-
Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development                           software, hardware and professional services, often packaging          scape to search for every piece of data available from internal
and Acquisition, the Assistant Secretary of the Navy for                            two or more of these products together in an attempt to bind           procurement documents, financial records, inventory lists           Making “Doing More with Less” a Reality
Financial Management and Comptroller (ASN FMC) and the                              customers to a particular solution. The primary goal of each BCA       and budget data systems, as well as information directly from       The work of the BCA teams has provided unprecedented
DON CIO. This policy is available at www.doncio.navy.mil/                           is to ensure a foundational set of strategies that comprehensively     vendors and resellers.                                              visibility into the magnitude of the DON’s spending with
PolicyView.aspx?ID=3777.                                                            addresses each IT vendor. Additionally, market research and              The goal of developing a future projection in the BCA is to       particular IT vendors and contributed to the understanding
   Within the ESL focus area and as described in the DON                            experience have demonstrated the trend of IT vendors pressing          understand what the current environment looks like if no effort     of key constraints and opportunities for the department in
enterprise licensing agreements policy, the DON has identi-                         for deployment of combined “appliances” — solutions that com-          to identify and execute efficiencies and savings opportunities is   achieving the goal of reducing business IT costs. Moreover,
fied several potential opportunities for further analysis and                       bine hardware and software components. While these technolo-           made. Clearly, this baseline is critically important as BCA teams   stakeholders have already begun to see the benefits of this
evaluation, as well as execution of efficiencies related to                         gies suggest potential performance improvements, they also             also attempt to understand the implications of specific strate-     inclusive, data-driven and fact-based process. Some of the
the acquisition and management of products and services                             have potentially negative implications for the DON’s total cost of     gies on future business IT costs to the DON.                        key benefits include:
from potential vendors. The BCA process was developed                               ownership and technical flexibility in the future.                                                                                         » Achieving unprecedented visibility into complete DON
and executed to identify near-term savings opportunities                               Additionally, the DON Enterprise Software Licensing BCA                                                                                      spending on a portfolio of products and services for

                                                                                                                                                           Step 3
that will enable the DON to meet its objective to reduce                            development teams work closely with the DON Enterprise                                       Leveraging Vendor Insights                         specific vendors;
IT business costs, while also developing a set of strategies                        Software Licensing IPT members tasked with executing near-                                                                                 » Providing critical input into future data systems to support
that will enable the department to sustain those savings                            term activities to ensure that the BCA findings are well-under-                              and Market Trends                                  increasing spending visibility;
into the future.                                                                    stood and support their efforts to achieve near-term savings.          Thorough market analysis is a critical component of IT ven-         » Strategically engaging vendors at the enterprise level and
   The challenge of quickly identifying near-term savings                           In short, the DON CIO believes that this process-oriented              dor BCAs. The market analysis process includes developing                encouraging them to be a source of data for the analysis;
opportunities within the DON relative to specific IT vendors                        and disciplined BCA approach arms the DON with the tools,              an understanding of the vendors and broader markets and             » Building organic collaboration and knowledge sharing across
is exacerbated by a variety of factors in the current                               insights and data to achieve both near-term and long-term              industries in which they operate. To identify key areas where            stakeholder groups focused on particular IT vendors; and
IT environment:                                                                     goals. The following sections detail each element of the BCA           the DON can work more effectively with a particular IT ven-         » Providing input into near-term acquisitions that will have
                                                                                    process and provide further description of the approaches              dor, it is important to understand the vendor’s core business,           immediate impact on achieving near-term savings.
   Large and fragmented IT vendor base: There are myriad                            taken to mitigate some of the key challenges identified earlier.       its existing and emerging technologies and capabilities, and          The BCAs are living documents that support ongoing col-
IT vendors providing the DON with software, hardware and                                                                                                   its strategic focus areas. Moreover, it is critical to develop an   laboration and coordination with critical stakeholders from
services, including software publishers and hardware manu-                                                                                                 understanding of an IT vendor’s competitive landscape and           across the department. As the department continues to meet

                                                                                    Step 1
facturers, as well as their respective resellers, partner integra-                                         Launching the Business Case                     market positioning to identify areas for negotiations or oppor-     the challenges of the fiscal environment, the BCA processes will
tors and service providers.                                                                                                                                tunities to better leverage the market’s competitive dynamics.      contribute to the collective successes of the DON Enterprise
   Minimal visibility into key IT spending data and other                                                  Analysis Process                                Developing an understanding of vendor-specific and broader          Software Licensing IPT and help achieve the goals of efficiently
information: While some strides are being made in updating                          At the onset of the BCA process, BCA teams collaborated with           market trends and dynamics informs DON leadership of what           and effectively meeting the needs of the warfighter.
and more fully using IT spending and asset tracking systems,                        stakeholders from across the DON. The teams used a holistic,           drives an IT vendor’s business behaviors and how they relate
the visibility into IT spending, deployments and asset inven-                       enterprise-wide approach with a number of key stakeholder              to identifying savings opportunities.
tories, including what is being purchased and from which                            groups, including, but not limited to the DON CIO; U.S. Marine
vendors, remains limited.                                                           Corps Director for Command, Control, Communications and

                                                                                                                                                           Step 4
   Rapidly changing IT environment: The speed of tech-                              Computers (USMC C4) and the Marine Corps Systems Com-                                        Building the Roadmap
nology introduction and the disruptive impact of new                                mand; Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information                                                                                     Floyd Groce is director of commercial IT strategy for the Depart-
technologies require an ever-vigilant approach to under-                            Dominance, N2/N6; Echelon II organizations; ASN (FMC) and                                    for Savings                                   ment of the Navy Chief Information Officer (DON CIO) and co-
standing the changing dynamics and trends in key indus-                             the ASN Office of Budget; and, where appropriate, representa-          Spending visibility and market analysis provide key input for       chair of the Department of Defense Enterprise Software Initiative
tries and how they affect the way the DON is managing                               tion from major programs and initiatives, including the Data           BCA development, which identifies a DON-specific set of busi-       program.
and using its IT.                                                                   Center Consolidation IPT. As a result of this work, a high level of    ness opportunities with a particular IT vendor. The quantitative
   Because these challenges exist for nearly all major IT ven-                      concurrence and a common understanding were achieved. This             data assessment of the current DON environment is combined          Brian Fischbeck and Behrad Mahdi provide support to the DON
dors working with the DON, the BCA process addresses many                           makes the BCA relevant to achieving the DON’s goals based on           with the spending visibility analyses of key market insights to     CIO in a variety of business IT management, acquisition and cost-
of the issues outlined above.                                                       the realities of the department’s business IT environment.             rank and prioritize identified opportunities. The primary out-      reduction initiatives.

22 CHIPS www.doncio.navy.mil/chips   Dedicated to Sharing Information - Technology - Experience                                                                                                                                                                           CHIPS April – June 2012 23

Mobile User Objective System Satellite Q&A                                                                                                                  The Atlas booster for this mission will
                                                                                                                                                         be powered by the RD AMROSS, RD-180
                                                                                                                                                                                                          WCDMA payload operationally. However,
                                                                                                                                                                                                          in the interim, we will be doing some
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Mobile User Objective System – 3G Global
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Military Communication System
New constellation of satellites will provide smart-phone like communications                                                                             engine [propulsion system], and the Cen-         engineering tests on it. We will turn it
technology for deployed warfighters	                                                                                                                     taur upper stage will be powered by a sin-       on after launch, and we will check it out,       Communication Characteristics
                                                                                                                                                         gle Pratt and Whitney Rocketdyne RL10            but just like your commercial cell phone         Satellites: 4 geostationary satellites and an
   Riding an Atlas V rocket, the Mobile User Objective System-1                                                                                          engine. This launch will also mark the           providers, they don’t build all their cell       on-orbit spare
(MUOS-1) satellite lifted off at 5:15 p.m. EST, Feb. 24 from Florida’s                                                                                   200th flight of the Centaur, and it’s a very     towers the same day. They come on in a           16 WCDMA beams per satellite
Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.                                                                                                                        big milestone for the ULA team as Cen-           sequence, same thing with the satellites.        Satellite carries MUOS WCDMA and legacy UHF
   MUOS is a next-generation narrowband tactical communications                                                                                          taur has been pioneering space launch                                                             SATCOM payloads
system designed to improve communications for U.S. forces on the                                                                                         for the last 50 years.                           Q: Could talk a little bit about once the sat-   Access Type: WCDMA
move. MUOS will provide military users simultaneous voice, video                                                                                            The first launches of Centaur in the          ellites are operational what the schedule of     Data Rates: Up to 384 kbps “on the move”
and data capability by leveraging 3G mobile communications                                                                                               early 1960s demonstrated the extremely           users will look like.                            Bandwidth: 4 5-MHz carriers
technology. The MUOS spacecraft is the first in a satellite commu-                   CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla.                                                high performance that can be achieved                                                             DoD Teleport: Portal to Defense Information
                                                                                     (Feb. 24, 2012) A United
nications system that will replace the legacy Ultra High Frequency                                                                                       with the liquid hydrogen, liquid oxygen          Ghyzel: The second satellite is tentatively      Systems Network: DSN, SIPRNET, NIPRNET
                                                                                     Launch Alliance Atlas V
Follow-On system. Offering enhanced capabilities to the mobile                       rocket blasts off from                                              rocket stage and were subsequently used          scheduled to launch in July of 2013, and         Access Type: Legacy UHF SATCOM
warfighter, MUOS will provide 10 times greater communications                        Space Launch Complex-41                                             for the Saturn I and Saturn V space shut-        then the launch manifest beyond that has         Bandwidth 17 25-kHz and 21 5-kHz channels
capacity than the legacy system.                                                     with the U.S. Navy Mobile                                           tle Titan and Delta programs. Although           not been settled, but we expect to launch
   MUOS consists of five geostationary Earth orbit satellites—one an                 User Objective System-1                                             the basic architecture of the Centaur has        roughly on an annual basis after the sec-        Communication Service Types
on-orbit spare—and a terrestrial network connecting four ground                      (MUOS-1) satellite. The                                             stayed the same, all of the components           ond satellite launches.                          Voice: Conversational and recognition voice
stations around the world. Each satellite features dual payloads                     nearly 15,000-pound                                                 and subsystems have evolved many times              So during this timeframe between the          Data: Low data rate telemetry, short digital
that upgrade military users to the MUOS wideband code division                       satellite is the heaviest                                           for increased reliability, flexibility and       first satellite and the second satellite, we     messaging, imagery transfer, file transfer,
multiple access (WCDMA) system while enabling concurrent opera-                      satellite launched to date                                          performance.                                     will be completing the MUOS ground sys-          electronic mail, remote computer access,
                                                                                     by an Atlas launch vehicle.
tions for existing legacy users. Using commercial 3G cell phone and                                                                                                                                       tem, and then as the additional satellites       remote sensor reception, sporadic messaging
                                                                                     MUOS-1, built by Lockheed
satellite technology, MUOS will provide mobile warfighters point-                    Martin, is a next-generation                                        Q: It sounds like the existing technology        come online, we’ll be completing our full        for distributed applications, video, video
to-point and netted communications services at enhanced data                         narrowband tactical                                                 will be active within around six months of       global coverage that we’ll have with this        teleconferencing
rates and priority-based access to on-demand voice, video and                        satellite communications                                            launch, and the MUOS payload, the new            system.                                          Mixed Voice and Data Services: Mixed transport of
data transfers.                                                                      system designed to                                                  technology won’t be used until the second           In parallel with that, the completion of      voice and data
   The Navy’s Program Executive Office (PEO) for Space Systems,                      significantly improve                                               bird is up, and until the ground station is      the MUOS waveform [scheduled for next
Communications Satellite Programs Office (PMW 146) is responsible                    ground communications                                               complete. Can you just walk through a little     summer], or if you will the software code        Supports
for the MUOS program. Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company                          for U.S. forces. Photo by                                           bit of the details in terms of payload capac-    that runs in the terminals that we use with       UHF SATCOM terminals and Joint Tactical Radio
is the MUOS prime contractor and lead system integrator.                             Pat Corkery, courtesy of the                                        ity and performance?                             MUOS, will be put in MUOS user terminals.        System (JTRS)-compatible terminals
                                                                                     United Launch Alliance.
   In preparation for the launch, mission partners held a MUOS-1                                                                                                                                             Now the way we’re organizing to                Internet Protocol versions 4 and 6 (IPv4/IPv6) to
teleconference Feb. 13 to discuss the program. Initial launch was                                                                                        Ghyzel: Each of the MUOS satellites has          develop those, those are [in] different          give the warfighter global roaming connectivity
scheduled for Feb. 16, but high winds and thick clouds delayed the                                                                                       two payloads on it to support communi-           organizations within the Department              to the Global Information Grid. The architecture
launch until conditions improved.                                                     The top requirements for the MUOS system deal with capac-          cations. One is what we refer to as the leg-     of Defense that actually build the termi-        is also designed for significant future growth as
   The Q&A began with opening remarks and follow-up responses                      ity, coverage and link availabilities. So we provide 24-hour a day,   acy payload, and that payload is equiva-         nals. But the expectation is that each of        capacity demand increases.
were completed in March. The following participants were part of                   7 days a week global coverage, the ability for a warfighter to        lent to one UHF follow-on satellite worth        the services will procure terminals to uti-                                         – Lockheed Martin
the initial teleconference discussion.                                             make a telephone call over a MUOS terminal, to send that data         of capacity and capability. The current          lize MUOS over the next several years to
   Navy Capt. Paul Ghyzel, program manager, Navy Communica-                        at 10 times more [capacity] than it does now, that’s what MUOS        constellation, the UHF follow-on constel-        take full advantage of the capability. But
tions Satellite Program Office (PMW 146)                                           brings to the table. Whether it’s in vehicles, on ships, in subma-    lation, consists of eight satellites… When       it’s not the purview or my responsibility        Q: Could you expand a little on the global
   Mark Pasquale, vice president and MUOS program manager,                         rines, in aircraft, or simply carried by service members who are      we launch a MUOS, the legacy payload             to speak to the details of the schedule for      terrestrial system, how many there will be
Lockheed Martin                                                                    dismounted from vehicles and on the move, this system was             on MUOS has the capacity of one of those         the terminal development and delivery.           and what exactly they’re handling?
   Jim Sponnick, vice president of mission operations, United                      designed to bring them voice and data communication services,         UFO, or UHF follow-on satellites.
Launch Alliance                                                                    both in point-to-point mode and through communications.                  The second payload, which a lot of peo-       Q: So the individual services are responsible    Ghyzel: In addition to satellite control
                                                                                      Those capabilities have not existed with previous programs.        ple refer to as the MUOS payload, utilizes       for their own ground systems?                    facilities located at the Naval Satellite
Ghyzel: I’m happy to be here with our mission partners from the                    Beyond providing that continuous communications for all four          a 3G cellular technology, also known as                                                           Operations Center in Point Mugu, Calif.,
Air Force and from industry. I’d just like to set the stage. Start-                branches of the military and many of our allies, the Navy pro-        wideband code division multiple access,          Ghyzel: The individual services are              and with a back-up location in Schriever
ing in the mid-1960s, and born from the need for stable 24/7                       vided space-based communications and reliable worldwide               or WCDMA, to vastly increase the capa-           responsible for their terminals, their           Air Force Base, we have four additional
ship-to-shore communication that was successful under all                          coverage for national emergency assistance, disaster response         bility and the capacity of narrowband            radios if you will. They will either be car-     ground sites that will interact with the
conditions and environments and geographic [locations], the                        and humanitarian relief.                                              SATCOM.                                          ried by soldiers or be installed in ships        satellites. They’re located in Hawaii, West-
U.S. Navy had a leading role within the Department of Defense                                                                                               If you think of the spacecraft using a        or installed in aircraft. The MUOS system        ern Australia, in Italy and in Chesapeake, 

[for] providing narrowband communications for all warfighters,                     Sponnick: At nearly 15,000 pounds, MUOS-1 is the heaviest sat-        cellular technology, the MUOS spacecraft         itself, in addition to the five satellites       Va.

regardless of the service. So we do it for the entire department.                  ellite to be launched to date … on an Atlas V evolved expendable      as a cell tower in the sky, each of the sat-     that we’ll put in orbit, also consists of a         And those four sites are well on their 

   Right now with military narrowband SATCOM, with UHF SAT-                        launch vehicle 551 configuration, which includes a five-meter         ellites represents a cell tower. And you’re      global terrestrial network which includes        way and on schedule to support delivery
COM, our users have to be sitting in one place, stationary, with                   diameter RUAG space payload fairing along with five narrow            right… part of what you said was correct         ground stations that communicate with            of the capability. And those are the sta­
an antenna up pointing straight at a satellite to be able to use                   jet rocket motors attached to the Atlas booster. [Payload fairing     in that it won’t be fully utilized right after   the satellites. So there is no additional        tions where the traffic from the user ter­
narrowband SATCOM. As we bring MUOS online, we’ll bring                            is one of the main components of a launch vehicle. The fairing        we launch the first spacecraft. Per our          ground infrastructure that the other ser-        minals as it comes down from the satellite
capability that allows them to move around the battlespace and                     protects the payload during the ascent against the impact of the      plan, we will get the second spacecraft          vices are developing, it’s just strictly the     gets routed to and processed to complete
be able to continue to communicate beyond the line of site.                        atmosphere (aerodynamic pressure and aerodynamic heating).]           on orbit before we start to utilize the          terminals — or the radios, if you will.          the calls depending on the nature of the
24	 CHIPS www.doncio.navy.mil/chips   Dedicated to Sharing Information - Technology - Experience                                                                                                                                                                                 CHIPS April – June 2012 25
traffic. They will handle voice calls, data          Ghyzel: So after the spacecraft sepa-              exploration, system design, procurement           MUOS Post-Launch Accomplishments
calls, and they’ll connect the users to the          rates from the Centaur, which is just over         of five satellites and their launch vehicles,     March 9: Completion of the final Liquid Apogee Engine burn to achieve geosynchronous orbit and successful deployment of the solar
Global Information Grid from the users               three hours after launch, we’ll go through         the complete ground system, the black­            arrays, 14-meter and 5-meter unfurlable mesh reflectors, and Ka-band antennas as planned. Each of these deployments represent a
out in the field.                                    a series of orbit raising burns, I believe         side (unclassified) waveform and the Navy         complex mechanical operation to get from the stowed/launch configuration to the flight/mission configuration.
                                                     there are eight total over the next 10 to          share of the Joint Tactical Radio System-
Q: The fact sheet listed five different orbital      14 days following launch. And then once            developed red-side (classified) waveform.            March 16: Spacecraft health and performance going according to plan. Achievements include:
slots for the constellation, which slot is this      we’re at our planned altitude, we’ll start                                                               Satellite in geosynchronous orbit in the test slot
particular spacecraft going into, and if you         a checkout period that will be conducted           Q: Could you talk about the different types           Deployments complete
could talk a little bit about just geographi-        by the team from Lockheed Martin, with             of environments that this particular pay­             Bus testing nearly complete
cally what part of the world the satellite is        oversight from the U.S. Navy, to deploy            load will be able to operate in? I’m talk-            Payload testing commenced
going to be serving.                                 the satellite and, as you would expect, full       ing about whether you can communicate                UHF legacy test signals uplinked from Hawaii, processed through the legacy payload, retransmitted and received back at Hawaii
                                                     arrays of unfurlable mesh reflectors [part         through canopy forests or urban jungles?
Ghyzel: Sure, I can speak to that to some            of the antenna system] [to] make sure that
degree. The first slot the satellite goes            everything is working the way it’s sup-            Ghyzel: Sure, happy to, but I think you         Ghyzel: We’ve, the Navy program office,             The Navy has been very disciplined in        as well as the WCDMA MUOS transmit
to is our test slot which is located over            posed to, and it has been through testing.         actually answered your own question             we’ve worked with Lockheed Martin to             turning us on as they projected, so we          receipt. So it’s a combination of shared
the middle of the Pacific. From there,                 And then we’ll turn on the payloads              because we can do all of that. One of the       ensure that as we go through with sub-           were willing to go out on our own, pur-         and unique. The legacy [payload] will go
we have clear view of it from our Hawaii             and exercise those to make sure they’re            beauties, and one of the reasons that           sequent spacecraft, and efforts across the       chase hardware that allowed our factory         through both reflectors.
ground station and that’s where it will be           working properly. All of that takes nomi-          the Navy originally pursued UHF com-            board on the program, that we’re always          floor to stay at a very level load, which
for several months after launch while we             nally about 90 days after launch. And              munications or the UHF frequency band           vigilant to look for more efficient ways to      meant our experienced personnel were            Q: You talked about the ground terres­
activate it and do the on-orbit checkout.            then once all that is complete, it will be         for doing communications, is because            do things and ways to reduce costs.              actually able to go from (Systems View-         trial stations, and you mentioned that the
After that, it’s still to be determined.             turned over for some additional govern-            UHF does have the ability to penetrate                                                           point) SV-2 to 3 to 4 to 5 without a break in   capabilities would be voice and data. What
   We’re in close coordination with the              ment testing.                                      weather, all weather.                           Pasquale: I think I heard two questions,         production. We didn’t have to go through        kind of processing will go on at the ground
operational community with U.S. Stra-                  PMW 146 will complete technical evalu-              It has the ability to penetrate dense        but one was what were some of the dif-           a loss of learning and then a retraining,       stations?
tegic Command. The final decision on                 ation, followed by Multi-Service Test and          jungle foliage, and it also performs very       ficulties, and what are we doing to con-         we were able to just continue to produce
where satellite number one will go hasn’t            Evaluation led by COMOPTEVFOR with                 well in the urban canyon environment,           trol and maintain costs. So it really is two     hardware, put it on the shelf, [and] have it    Ghyzel: The bulk of the processing hap-
been made yet. However, I can tell you               representatives from the Navy, Marine              where [in] some other systems the radio         pieces. One was the original develop-            ready to go.                                    pens on the ground station as far as the
that when the constellation is fully popu-           Corps, Army and Air Force, as well as an           frequency energy gets bounced around            ment for a first of a kind, next generation         It’s the same with our major subcontrac-     WCDMA capability. If you think of the
lated, we will have one satellite over the           operational evaluation before we put the           off buildings and other things, and that        satellite; we had our development issues         tors. They were able to do the same thing       capability, if you liken it to 3G cellular
Atlantic, one over the Indian Ocean, one             spacecraft in full operation.                      ultimately interferes with the signal. We       relative to passive intermodulation which        which really allowed us to… reduce the          service, that’s a very good way to think
over Pacific Command, and one over the                                                                  don’t have that issue nearly as much with       was really a noise concern that comes in a       number of non-conformances, improve             about it with the spacecraft serving as
continental United States. They’re evenly            Q: Could somebody speak to the value of            UHF. So one of the strengths of the MUOS        UHF environment.                                 our one over one learning and produc-           the cell towers. And then the ground
distributed to give us the global coverage           the initial contract for two satellites, as well   is it will be able to operate in all antici-       We worked through those, we worked            tion rates, and really get into… somewhat       infrastructure is everything else that it
that the system brings.                              as the value if all options are added for, I       pated environments.                             through the fact that as it was described        of a production line.                           takes to route a call …Let’s say I’m in
                                                     believe, it’s an additional three spacecraft?                                                      earlier this is one of the largest satellites       We’re certainly never going to get to        Cape Canaveral, and I want to talk to
Q: You mentioned checkout for a few                                                                     Q: You had some issues with the cost of         to be built in this class of satellites; there   the place that the automotive compa-            somebody in the middle of the Pacific, I
months. Could you go through the actual              Ghyzel: Costs to acquire the system at             this first system; maybe you can talk about     were a lot of accommodation activi-              nies are with the sheer numbers of prod-        would actually enter their phone number,
plan following separation from the launch            contract award was $5.303 million in base          some of the steps that have been taken to       ties that we worked through. We have             uct they put out, but to have a line that       they’ll have a unique number assigned to
vehicle, what the plan would be?                     year 2004 dollars. This included concept           contain costs?                                  an entire legacy payload, and a legacy           stayed constant and also gives the Navy         them, and place a call. That call will go up
                                                                                                                                                        spacecraft, if you will, embedded with our       customer great kudos for maintaining a          into the satellite, down into the ground
                                                                                                                                                        MUOS WCDMA payload, so the isolation             consistent set of requirements from SV-1        architecture.
                                                                                                                                                        between the two, ensuring those work             to SV-5, there has been no churn put into          The ground architecture will be just like
                                                                                                                                                        together, making sure the thermal mass           the system…                                     your commercial cell phone system, the
                                                                                                                                                        and all of the RF properties were accom-            We’ve really been able to go from 1 to       network knows where the phone is within
                                                                                                                                                        modated was something we worked                  5 in a really stable environment, a stable      the network, geographically where it is
                                                                                                                                                        through.                                         throughput, level load, our best talent         on the planet, same thing with MUOS. So
                                                                                                                                                           We have two large unfurlable anten-           engaged without having those breaks             when that request for a call comes down
                                                                                                               WAHIAWA, Hawaii (Nov. 3, 2008)           nas that have to be stowed and nested            in production that have hurt other pro-         into the ground station, the ground sta-
                                                                                                               The Mobile User Objective System         together to meet the requirements of             grams in the past.                              tion is going to say I have a call from user
                                                                                                               (MUOS) located at Naval Computer         the fairing envelope. All of that combined                                                       ‘A’ in Cape Canaveral and I need to route
                                                                                                               and Telecommunications Area              with the standard first-of-a-kind con-           Q: One of you mentioned the unfurling           it to user ‘B’ in the middle of the Pacific.
                                                                                                               Master Station Pacific, Wahiawa,         cerns that you have with any spacecraft          antennas and fitting them in the fairing.          So the ground station will, knowing
                                                                                                               Hawaii, is a next-generation             development are some of the things we            Does the legacy payload have its own            where user B is, say OK, I need to send it
                                                                                                               narrowband tactical satellite            overcame.                                        antenna that is unfurlable and then the         from the Chesapeake, Va. ground station
                                                                                                               communications system intended              A lot of the first time activities that       advanced payload has other antenna? Or          through terrestrial fiber optic networks to
                                                                                                               to significantly improve ground          we’ve learned... we’ve put into our base-        do they share an antenna?                       the Wahiawa [Hawaii] ground station.
                                                                                                               communications for U.S. forces.          line going forward. One of the things that                                                          The Wahiawa ground station will then
                                                                                                               U.S. Navy photo by Mass                  Lockheed Martin did on its own was to            Pasquale: There are two unfurlables, the        take the signal, send it up to the satellite
                                                                                                               Communication Specialist 2nd             procure an advance of the follow-on pro-         five-meter for legacy transmit, and then        that services the Pacific, the one that’s in
                                                                                                               Class John W. Ciccarelli Jr.             duction orders.                                  a 14-meter that provides legacy receive         the slot over the Pacific, and then send it
26 CHIPS www.doncio.navy.mil/chips   Dedicated to Sharing Information - Technology - Experience                                                                                                                                                                             CHIPS April – June 2012 27
SAN DIEGO (Feb.24, 2012) Space and
Naval Warfare Systems Command                                                                                                                     milSuite promotes efficiency across
(SPAWAR), Program Executive Office for
Space Systems (PEO Space) and PMW
146 personnel watch the launch of the
                                                                                                                                                  the enterprise …                   a wide range of social media tools
                                                                                                                                                                                     available in a secure domain
Navy's first Mobile User Objective System                                                                                                         By Emily Gee
(MUOS) satellite at Cape Canaveral Air
Force Base live from San Diego. MUOS is
a next-generation narrowband tactical
communications system designed to
                                                                                                                                                  A    s the Pentagon looks to save more
                                                                                                                                                       than $400 billion across the Depart­
                                                                                                                                                  ment of Defense over the next decade,
                                                                                                                                                                                                  While developing mil-
                                                                                                                                                                                               Suite, MilTech Solutions
                                                                                                                                                                                               successfully leveraged com­
improve communications for U.S. forces.                                                                                                           department personnel are using a secure,     mercial off-the-shelf (COTS)
U.S. Navy photo by Rick Naystatt/SPAWAR                                                                                                           collaborative platform called milSuite to    products, such as Jive Social
audio visual production specialist.                                                                                                               identify duplicative efforts and realize     Business Software, and
                                                                                                                                                  cost-efficiencies across the services.       open source software that
                                                                                                                                                     milSuite is a DoD enterprise-wide suite   includes MediaWiki and
                                                                                                                                                  of collaboration tools that mirrors the      WordPress. This significant­
back down to the user that’s in the middle             When we go to wideband CDMA we              operations allow for a more efficient use      functionality of existing social media       ly reduced cost, time and
of the Pacific to complete the call. And it’s        can use it much more efficiently. And         of the limited UHF spectrum.                   platforms such as YouTube, Wikipedia,        manpower associated with
the same way with voice and with data …              what that allows us to do is offer a system                                                  Facebook and Twitter. Responsibility for     development and support.
Just think of the kinds of things that you           that’s going to provide greater than 10       Q: In your opening remarks, you mentioned      milSuite is assigned to the Army’s Pro­         “MilTech took the COTS
receive over the Internet — laptop, tablet           times the capacity with MUOS and wide-        support for national emergency assistance,     gram Executive Office for Command,           products a step further
or smart phone — and those are the kinds             band CDMA than we’re currently able to        disaster response and humanitarian relief.     Control and Communications-Tactical          by jumping fully into the
of different transmissions that we expect            provide today with the legacy system.         Will non-DoD users who provide these ser­      (PEO C3T) Military Technical (MilTech)       development side of the house
to have through MUOS. Like your modern                                                             vices be able to access MUOS capabilities,     Solutions Office.                            and building on the existing
3G cellular service, we route the traffic            Q: Is the increased demand for satellite      like federal, state and local responders, or      Through milSuite, DoD professionals       applications,” said Jason Bock,
using Internet Protocol based schema. So             bandwidth and UHF due to the increase in      will access be limited to DoD users?           and leadership can access a growing          a milSuite support representa­
everything is moved digitally.                       military unmanned vehicles?                                                                  repository of the military’s thousands       tive. “The Army has many COTS
                                                                                                   Ghyzel: U.S. Strategic Command is the          of organizations, people and systems         products that are used in the tac­
Q: If you could talk about the demand for            Ghyzel: Although UAVs play a part in the      SATCOM operational manager for all DoD         around the globe. DoD professionals          tical environment, but to develop
capacity and channels and so forth with              demand for satellite bandwidth and UHF,       owned and leased SATCOM resources.             can share their best practices with an       them in the realm of collabora­
UHF and just the overall added capacity              UAVs are just part of the equation. MUOS      As such, USSTRATCOM will provide over­         enterprise-wide community, as well as        tive websites and social networking was        Cmdr. Erica Kraft of the Navy Reserve,
that this system is going to bring and the           Communications Service Requirements           sight, planning and control of MUOS            leverage knowledge to improve current        something new for the DoD.”                    who maintains the “Navy on milBook”
demand for it.                                       were established to meet a broad range        resources in support of the combatant          processes.                                      The use of existing products allows         group on milSuite. “It is a cost-effective
                                                     of UHF SATCOM capabilities on multiple        commanders and other users (both DoD              “These applications allow us to break     milSuite users to benefit from an environ­     way to partner with the other services.”
Ghyzel: Certainly. So the current demand             weapons systems to enable the war-            and non-DoD).                                  down barriers in how we collaborate and      ment that can easily expand to meet their         As of February 2012, more than 2,600
for UHF actually exceeds the require­                fighter to defend the homeland; prevail in                                                   share information, because they encour­      needs. Users can create custom pages,          Navy and Marine Corps personnel are
ment that we have on the books that the              the war on terrorism and conduct irregu­      Q: Will NATO and other coalition partners      age instant communication and real-time      portals and applications to meet the           registered on milSuite, with more than
systems are built to. That’s a function of           lar operations; and conduct and win con­      be able to access MUOS?                        situational awareness,” said Emerson Kes­    needs of their individual organizations.       200 groups on milBook relating to the
many things. One is certainly the global             ventional campaigns.                                                                         lar, director of MilTech Solutions, which                                                   Navy, Marine Corps and joint forces.
nature of our operations, part of it is also                                                       Ghyzel: NATO and other coalition               developed the product and led the effort     Meeting Individual Needs                          MilSuite’s tools can be used together to
just the nature of warfare in the 21st cen­          Q: Why is wideband CDMA more efficient in     partners will have access to the services      to institute its use on behalf of the DoD.   in a flexible Environment                      create a customized virtual workspace.
tury and the way that we have a very net-            terms of the radio frequency and channels?    provided by the MUOS legacy payload. As           More than 190,000 users, from interns                                                       In 2011, leadership of the Army Forces
centric military today and our need to be                                                          stated above, USSTRATCOM will provide          to general officers, have joined milSuite       Currently, milSuite is composed of four     Command (FORSCOM) shared a vision to
able to communicate.                                 Ghyzel: The MUOS WCDMA waveform               the oversight, planning and control of         since its launch in 2009. Users have lev­    tools: milWiki, a living knowledge bank of     create a secure location where Soldiers
  So the current UHF constellation                   operates the satellite downlink over exist­   MUOS resources.                                eraged milSuite’s milWiki application,       military encyclopedia entries; milBook,        can see and learn about the equipment
does meet the requirement; however,                  ing allocations at power levels below the                                                    modeled after Wikipedia, to share lessons    a professional networking tool and col­        they will encounter in theater. To fulfill
the requirements for UHF services are                interference threshold of non-MUOS nar­       Q: Does the MUOS support Link 16 and new       learned on enterprise-wide systems and       laborative space for hosting communities       its vision, FORSCOM is partnering with
expected to grow significantly in the                rowband ground terminal receivers and         links?                                         technologies. They have used its milBook     of practice; milBlog, a place to share and     MilTech Solutions to develop a custom­
future. So unfortunately, the way we use             by operating the terminal uplinks using                                                      capability, similar to Facebook, to bring    comment on internal news and events;           ized Virtual Training Portal for Soldiers on
UHF today with the legacy payload, we’re             pre-planned and adaptive notching (not        Ghyzel: No, MUOS does not support Link         thousands of professionals into com­         and milTube, a video-sharing capability.       milSuite.
nearly maxed out with spectrum.                      transmitting) within the wideband spec­       16 or new links.                               munities of practice centered on such        The tools are integrated through a com­           “Our goal is to allow non-commissioned
  So the UHF spectrum is predominantly               trum that overlap collocated non-MUOS                                                        diverse subjects as chaplaincy, medicine     mon user profile and linked by a Google        officers and junior officers to go to a web­
a military unique portion of the spectrum,           narrowband ground terminal receive                                                           and tactical communications.                 search appliance. Users can share unclas­      site, see and then understand the equip­
and one of the reasons we went to wide-              bands.                                                                                          “Today, Sailors, Soldiers, Airmen,        sified and For Official Use Only information   ment that they are going to receive in
band CDMA is that it uses the spectrum                                                                                                            Marines and DoD civilians can discover       on the platform.                               theater,” said Lt. Gen. Howard Bromberg,
far more efficiently, only as necessary for          Q: Does WCDMA allow more spectrum or                                                         information, engage with other experts          “Because milSuite is already in existence   deputy to the commanding general of
an individual call whereas today we dedi­            frequencies to be used?                       For more information on PMW 146, please        and collaborate in a protected environ­      as a DoD product, the Navy can benefit         FORSCOM.
cate specific circuits to support certain                                                          phone the program manager (619)                ment regardless of their location,” said     from using it rather than developing their        Soldiers will be able to read about the
channels of UHF.                                     Ghyzel: No, as stated above WCDMA             524-7839.                                      Tom Curran, product director for milSuite.   own collaborative platform,” said Lt.          equipment in a Weapons Systems Port­
28 CHIPS www.doncio.navy.mil/chips   Dedicated to Sharing Information - Technology - Experience                                                                                                                                                                  CHIPS April – June 2012 29
milSuite is a collection of online tools that promotes
workforce collaboration and secure information
                                                                                                                                                        NCAMS Tames Bold Alligator 2012
sharing behind the Department of Defense firewall.                                                                                                      Navy and Marine Corps fighters from the sea respond to real and synthetic threats
The secure capabilities include milWiki, a living
                                                                                                                                                        By Sharon Anderson
military encyclopedia editable by the experts who
know their subjects best; milBook, a professional                                                                                                          You’ve heard the maxim: “How do you         Navy Doctrine Library                         occurs in the planning and post-exercise
networking tool providing communities of                                                                                                                eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” You      System                                        analysis, said Kraft. “There will be a Bold
                                                                                                                                                        could say the same for Navy Warfare               Rear Adm. Terry B. Kraft, NWDC com-        Alligator ’13 and, more importantly, this
practice; milBlog, the place to share and comment                                                                                                       Development Command’s Navy Center              mander, briefed media observers about         could be an actual event in the real world,
on internal news and events; and milTube, a                                                                                                             for Advanced Modeling and Simulation           the unique modeling and simulation            so we need the lessons that come out of
                                                                                                                                                        (NCAMS), the high-tech lab that served         capabilities resident in NCAMS during a       here. A lot of what we document is about
video-sharing platform for the DoD workforce.                                                                                                           as the nerve center for the exciting Bold      tour of the facility Feb. 8. Speaking about   the command and control structure.
                                                                                                                                                        Alligator 2012 — and documented the            the center’s role in training and shaping        "Other participants will look at whether
folio (WSP) on milWiki, view training                  On milBook, Gillis engages colleagues in     TRADOC’s project was recognized by the              myriad lessons learned of each exercise        the future force, Kraft said, “We deliver     we need more LCACs (landing craft air
videos on milTube and discuss and share              discussions about IT issues, posts relevant    White House as a DoD Open Government                component — one bite at a time.                the future to the warfighter.”                cushion) or more LCUs (landing craft util-
information on milBook. These multiple               Navy and DoD policies for widespread           Initiative.                                            NCAMS hosted the upper echelons of             NWDC owns the Navy Doctrine Library        ity), and if certain other aspects worked or
capabilities will be linked through a cus-           dissemination and advertises events such          The next generation of milSuite, ver-            naval leadership exercising command            System (NDLS), but NWDC isn’t just a          didn’t work. What we will review closely is
tomized FORSCOM homepage on the                      as the annual Community Workforce              sion 4.0, is planned for release later this         and control for BA12, including the Joint      repository. Rather, NWDC assists in evolv-    how we commanded this operation, and
milsuite.mil domain.                                 Leader Summit, without worrying the            year. The upgrade will include enhance-             Exercise Control Group (JECG), the Com-        ing doctrine in a phased approach that        what were the relationships between the
   Cmdr. Michael Hudson of Navy Recruit-             information will reach the public domain.      ments, including integration with Micro-            bined Force Maritime Component Com-            injects innovation moving from concept        commanders — and whether or not that
ing District Ohio created a portal on mil-           His colleagues or other IT professionals       soft SharePoint, the ability to leverage            mander (CFMCC) blended blue-green              development to a concept of operations.       worked.”
Wiki to serve as his organization’s virtual          can register for his events virtually and      widgets across milSuite and a developers’           staff and other portions of the control           Rear Adm. Kraft explained that NWDC’s         There are also improvements coming
workspace. Through the portal, Hudson                provide real-time feedback on policies.        area that will provide application pro-             group.                                         doctrine and training integration direc-      to the NDLS and Navy Lessons Learned
is able to reach his entire workforce and                                                           gramming interfaces to extend milSuite                 Vice Adm. David H. Buss, deputy com-        torate put together a readily acces-          database.
share an extensive archive of information            Meeting Knowledge                              products through external resources.                mander, U.S. Fleet Forces and commander        sible "electronic bookshelf" of relevant          “We have our Navy Doctrine Library
without using email. As well as command              Management Challenges                             As milSuite continues to expand, Mil-            for Task Force 20, served as the CFMCC for     amphibious related doctrine for BA12 par-     System and we have our Lessons Learned
directives and common operating proce-                                                              Tech Solutions is working with Army and             BA12. CTF 20 supports U.S. Fleet Forces’       ticipants. In the NCAMS lab, BA12 partici-    System, and they actually moved their
dures, the collaboration space includes                 Creating a living knowledge bank was a      DoD leadership to begin offering milSuite           mission by planning and conducting             pants could click on an icon at the edge      offices right next to each other in this
weekly leadership messages from                      driving motive for the creation of milSuite.   as an official enterprise product.                  training and exercises for maritime forces     of their monitors for easy access to NDLS.    building because they need to be con-
Hudson, his executive officer, the chief             The product line grew out of a need for           Through milSuite, DoD professionals              to ensure combat-ready naval forces can        The directorate also solicited input from     nected," Kraft said. "If you search for a
recruiter and the command master chief.              new knowledge management solutions             can access knowledge about military                 meet global requirements.                      BA12 exercise participants, observers         lesson learned, it should link to the appli-
   “It’s a great communications tool,                for an Army workforce at Fort Monmouth,        missions and programs, and work with                   From the “bridge” at NCAMS, Buss            and evaluators for potential updates to       cable doctrine and vice versa. If you look
because everyone can contribute infor-               N.J., that lost personnel due to Base          others across the enterprise to continue            could talk directly to the commanding          amphibious operations-related doctrine.       up a piece of doctrine, it should also show
mation and easily put documents or                   Realignment and Closure (BRAC) 2005.           creating cost-effective processes and               officer of the multipurpose amphibious            Kraft explained how lessons learned        you what the people who have actu-
announcements up on the wiki,” Hudson                Under BRAC legislation, Fort Monmouth          reduce duplicative efforts. With network            assault ship USS Wasp (LHD 1), the flag-       from an exercise or training event can        ally done this — an amphibious assault
said.                                                was closed in 2011, with its organizations     firewall protection, more than 190,000              ship for BA12, and any of the other opera-     move to actual doctrine. At the conclu-       — have learned. We are doing a lot of
   Hudson’s efforts were echoed by the               relocating to Aberdeen Proving Ground,         users from branches and organizations               tional commanders via Voice over Secure        sion of Bold Alligator, NWDC’s analysts       research now on better ways to access
leadership of the Navy Recruiting Dis-               Md., and other installations.                  across the DoD can share official unclassi-         IP (VoSIP), part of the robust Digital Radio   will study the results of the exercise to     and link information.”
tricts of Jacksonville, Fla., and Chicago,              Organizations, including some com-          fied information and collaborate.                   Management System. DRMS provides               recommend changes in training or doc-
who created their own milWiki portals.               mands from the former Fort Monmouth               “In this challenging fiscal environment,         high-fidelity communications regardless        trine, as well as suggest new concepts. In    NCAMS Navy Continuous
   Peter Gillis, who serves as the com-              community, leveraged milSuite to build         it is important that the DoD leverages              of users’ geographic location.                 this way, Kraft explained, NCAMS helps        Training Environment
munity manager for civilian informa-                 and update living archives through a mil-      existing proven technologies to enable                 Bold Alligator 2012 was the largest         bring the future to the operational level
tion technology (IT) professionals in                Book group or a collection of milWiki arti-    the workforce to work more efficiently,”            amphibious exercise conducted by the           of war. “We are only as good as we inno-          Doctrine is “tested” and forces are
the Marine Corps, created a group on                 cles. Other Fort Monmouth commands             Curran said.                                        Navy/Marine Corps team in at least the         vate,” Kraft added.                           trained through the Navy Continuous
milBook to serve as a virtual workspace              used different capabilities to capture            “milSuite does this by making more               last 10 years, revitalizing and reinforcing       Changing doctrine requires approval        Training Environment (NCTE), a model-
for his colleagues stationed around the              knowledge. In this regard, the expertise       data, information and knowledge avail-              the Navy and Marine Corps’ traditional         through the Navy and Marine Corps             ing and simulation infrastructure that
world. Users can share documents in this             of departing leaders and the specialized       able and timely, enhancing the decision             role as “fighters from the sea.” BA12,         chains of command, warfare centers of         provided a challenging scenario for BA12.
workspace to diminish the number of                  knowledge of subject matter experts can        making process and enabling collabora-              which included the full gamut of mari-         excellence and fleet commanders, “But         NCTE is a robust, high-speed, switched
emails they need to send.                            be captured on virtual documents within        tion outside of the office space.”                  time operations, ran from Jan. 30 through      you have to start somewhere, and that’s       global IP network that provides reliable
   "The collaborative opportunities pro-             milSuite and are easily accessible to new                                                          Feb. 12, 2012, and the Navy/Marine Corps       what we do here,” Kraft said.                 bandwidth and a complete simulation of
vided by milSuite give us a chance to save           employees.                                     Registration for milSuite is open to DoD            team didn’t disappoint.                                                                      the entirety of war, meaning the complete
money and time,” Gillis said.                           U.S. Army Training and Doctrine             military, civilian and contractor person-              There was so much high drama on the                                                       battlespace with all the dynamic systems,
   The online group offers Gillis a cost-            Command (TRADOC) uses milWiki to               nel at https://www.milsuite.mil.                    open seas and littorals during BA12, it        Gather, Observe, Analyze                      physical models and environmental fac-
effective way to boost productivity and              promote online collaboration for Army                                                              would be easy to overlook the shore com-         A lot of focus is centered on the           tors, as well as everyone operating inside
communicate across continents by cut-                field manuals, allowing the knowledge          Emily Gee is a staff writer supporting the Army’s   mands that supported the exercise. But         advanced technology in an exercise —          it.
ting down on email traffic and the need              and experiences of Soldiers to be rap-         Program Executive Office for Command, Control       there were many supporting elements to         the aircraft, ships and equipment — but           Darrel Morben, NWDC’s director for
for face-to-face meetings.                           idly incorporated into doctrine. In 2010,      and Communications-Tactical (PEO C3T).              BA12.                                          so much of what is important about BA12       Modeling and Simulation, said NCTE
30 CHIPS www.doncio.navy.mil/chips   Dedicated to Sharing Information - Technology - Experience                                                                                                                                                                         CHIPS April – June 2012 31
supports live, virtual and constructive                                                                                                                      Expeditionary Brigade with fuel and
training that can operate 24 hours a day,                                                                                                                    other supplies. Because once the Marines
365 days per year. In the last year, NCTE                                                                                                                    achieve their amphibious landing, “You
enabled more than 350 training events.                                                                                                                       have to be able to resupply them,” Kraft
In some cases, events were conducted                                                                                                                         said.
simultaneously, but, Morben said, “Bold                                                                                                                        Realism was reinforced with role play­
Alligator has maxed out NCAMS. How­                                                                                                                          ers who took on the parts of non-govern­
ever, by reaching out to other NCTE loca­                                                                                                                    mental organizations, or NGOs, that pro­
tions, such as the II Marine Expeditionary                                                                                                                   vided aid to stricken civilian populations.
Force Simulation Center at Camp Lejeune,                                                                                                                     There were also role players who advised
we are able to bring together all the                                                                                                                        commanders on the legal aspects of
required training capability.”                                                                                                                               engagement, and others who repre­
   It is easy to understand why a simula­                                                                                                                    sented political advisers from the State
tion network was needed. The sheer                                                                                                                           Department.
number of assets in BA12 was breathtak­                                                                                                                        White said commanders had to deter­
ing — 20,000 personnel participated;                                                                                                                         mine if threats were real or benign — was
a “D-Day” amphibious landing, where                                                                                                                          that a fishing boat on the horizon or an
more than 3,600 Marines, Sailors and                                                                                                                         imminent terrorist attack? He explained
Coast Guardsmen representing 11 coun­                                                                                                                        that even daily press reports were gen­
tries scaled beaches in Virginia and North                                                                                                                   erated so commanders could see how
                                                                                                                                                                                                             ATLANTIC OCEAN (Feb. 1, 2012) An AV-8B Harrier from Marine Attack Squadron (VMA) 542 maneu-
Carolina during a complex training sce­                                                                                                                      the fictional local population viewed
                                                                                                                                                                                                             vers on the flight deck of the amphibious assault ship USS Kearsarge (LHD 3) during Bold Alligator
nario; 25 ships at sea conducted the full              VIRGINIA BEACH, VA (Feb. 8, 2012) Darrel Morben, director of modeling and simulation for the          their actions — were they welcomed or
                                                                                                                                                                                                             2012. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Tommy Lamkin.
range of maritime operations, as well as               Navy Warfare Development Command, briefs media outlets about exercise Bold Alligator 2012.            resented?
synthetic ships and personnel operating                Bold Alligator, the largest naval amphibious exercise in the past 10 years, represents the Navy and
in the overall training scenario.                      Marine Corps' revitalization of the full range of amphibious operations. The exercise focuses on      BA12 Communications
   NCTE is dynamic and exercise con­                   today's fight with today's forces, while showcasing the advantages of seabasing. This exercise                                                       “An exercise of this size doesn’t happen without the efforts of all the Sailors
                                                       will take place Jan. 30 through Feb. 12, 2012 afloat and ashore in and around Virginia and North      and Technology
trollers were able to stimulate the live                                                                                                                                                                    and Marines at the planning and tactical level to make sure the equipment
                                                       Carolina. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Joshua T. Rodriguez.
action by injecting unknowns into play.                                                                                                                         Cmdr. Keith “Keebler” Holihan, from
Even though the exercise’s main compo­                                                                                                                       Strike Force Training Atlantic, and Lt. Col.
                                                                                                                                                                                                            is ready to go. They make all of us look good. It’s the people that check the
nents were known ahead of time, BA12                     Fictional nations were a part of the                were pulled from units in Marine Corps          Daniel “Gonzo” Seibel, from Marine Air         communications, get the ships underway — and keep them underway — that
participants were challenged to think                BA12 scenario, but the action was real.                 Special Operations Command and                  Ground Task Force (MAGTF) 26, explained        allows us to do all this highfalutin command and control. It really does come
agilely throughout the exercise, mainly              Even when threats were synthetically                    force recon troops from the 24th MEU.           that in preparation for the exercise, the
by throwing asymmetric threats at them,              generated via the NCTE, naval forces had                The forces were used for "shaping"              Navy and Marine Corps team staged
                                                                                                                                                                                                            down to the individual Sailor and Marine.”
said Michael “Mort” White, plans and sim­            to respond in a realistic way. While the fic­           operations or for missions designed to          a two-day rehearsal to make sure that                                              – NWDC Commander Rear Adm. Terry B Kraft
ulation director, from Commander, Strike             tional 1st Mechanized Infantry Division of              prepare the shoreline and areas inland          communications between participants,
Force Training Atlantic. White is referred           aggressor nation Garnet invaded Amber                   for the arriving Marine Corps troops.           including the Enterprise Carrier Strike
to as the “puppet master” — one of the               and Amber called for help, real Navy and              •	Other operations included long-range            Group, 24th MEU and Iwo Jima Amphibi­          moved the ball forward with real-time              was, instead of doing these certifications
controllers of the exercise who “harasses”           Marine Corps assets responded. In secur­                insertions, non-combatant emergency             ous Ready Group, worked well together,         full-motion video on board the carrier,            individually, to bring them together, add
or “surprises” the operational command­              ing Amber, naval forces were faced with                 evacuations, tactical recovery of air­          as well as with coalition partners.            Kraft said. "They were able to watch live          another layer through simulation, and
ers in the exercise by forcing them to               a variety of challenges which tested the                craft and personnel (TRAP), visit, board,          Rear Adm. Kraft called Voice over Secure    video from a helicopter’s FLIR (Forward            we were able to multiply the training
react to asymmetric threats, such as a               concepts of seabasing and maritime                      search and seizure (VBSS) and amphibi­          IP — the “biggie” — the most important         Looking Infrared Radar) system, down­              exponentially.”
swarm of fast attack boats, pirates, smug­           dominance, and they responded in the                    ous raids.                                      communications tool in the exercise.           load it real-time and then provide it to             Kraft praised the Navy/Marine Corps
glers or other unknowns.                             following examples.                                                                                        “In the old days we used STU phones         the commander. They didn’t have to wait            team for their hard work.
   White manned a terminal with other                  •	Marines from the 24th Marine Expe­               Seabasing                                          (secure telephone unit for encrypted           until an aircraft landed to download the             “An exercise of this size doesn’t happen
exercise controllers in the “ring of fire,”              ditionary Unit (MEU) raided a terror­               Seabasing is defined as the rapid deliv­        communications). STU was a classified          footage.                                           without the efforts of all the Sailors and
a raised platform in the middle of the                   ist training camp, separated enemies             ery of follow-on equipment to the assault          phone in which you inserted and turned           "Additionally, the video from the P-3s           Marines at the planning and tactical level
NCAMS lab. Strike Force Training Atlan­                  from noncombatants, gathered intel­              force by a maritime prepositioning force,          a key and normally ended up with very          went straight to a common data link                to make sure the equipment is ready to
tic, reporting to U.S. Fleet Forces Com­                 ligence and disposed of bomb-making              which does not necessarily require access          garbled sound. Now you pick up a VoSIP         system. In both training and live events,          go. They make all of us look good.
mand, is responsible for training and cer­               equipment.                                       to airfields or ports in theater. As part of       phone and can talk clearly person-to-per­      everybody is always hungry for visuals —             "It’s the people that check the commu-
tifying Atlantic Fleet carrier strike groups,          •	Amphibious craft and thousands of U.S.           the seabasing effort, Naval Expedition­            son. We still have chat and other secure       whether it is still photos or live video —         nications, get the ships underway — and
amphibious ready groups and indepen­                     Marines and British and Canadian com­            ary Forces included Riverine units, intel­         communications, but being able to pick         so we are really progressing in that area.”        keep them underway — that allows us to
dently deploying surface ships. Its train­               mandos deployed from multiple ships              ligence exploitation teams, maritime civil         up a phone and have a direct conversa­                                                            do all this highfalutin command and con-
ing counterpart for the Pacific Fleet is Tac­            to the shores of North Carolina follow­          affairs units, explosive ordnance disposal         tion with immediate feedback is criti­         The Blue-Green Team                                trol. It really does come down to the indi-
tical Training Group Pacific in San Diego.               ing a week at sea practicing all facets of       (EOD), port security units and Seabees,            cal. We had to install some towers near           BA12’s live training, which is more costly      vidual Sailor and Marine.”
   White explained that the scenario used                amphibious operations. The exercise's            which all contributed to support Marine            Onslow Beach (North Carolina) for line of      than simulated training, proved to be a
in BA12 was a standard “Treasure Coast”                  scope and scale were last seen during            landing forces.                                    sight ability, but VoSIP has been key.”        tremendous value.
training exercise for carrier strike groups              the opening days of Operation Iraqi                 Military Sealift Command (MSC) ships               Another technology improvement is in           “The beauty of Bold Alligator was that          Sharon Anderson is the senior editor of
leading to certification or readiness for                Freedom.                                         were integrated to simulate sustainment            intelligence, surveillance and reconnais­      all of the units had to go to sea to do            CHIPS magazine. Contact CHIPS staff at
deployment.                                            •	Real-world special operations elements           and reinforcement of the 2nd Marine                sance. “The Enterprise Strike Group really     their certifications anyway, so the idea           chips@navy.mil.
32 CHIPS www.doncio.navy.mil/chips   Dedicated to Sharing Information - Technology - Experience                                                                                                                                                                                      CHIPS April – June 2012 33
              TOOLS                                                                               Imagine a scenario in which you are tasked with a multimillion-dollar soft-
                                                                                                  ware acquisition. You have limited experience with enterprise software terms
                                                                                                  and conditions or market pricing, and you do not know the government’s
                                                                                                  acquisition history about the software you intend to purchase.

              TO ACHIEVE THE                                                                      I
                                                                                                         f your time, funding and resources are con-
                                                                                                         strained, you may be forced to accept the
                                                                                                         vendor’s quote and the software publisher’s
                                                                                                         standard terms and conditions, and hopefully
                                                                                                                                                             Establishing Requirements
                                                                                                                                                             The first step in the requirements phase is to have
                                                                                                                                                             the end-use technical and management teams

               BEST VALUE IN
                                                                                                  achieve some additional value as a result of basic         identify and finalize current and future requirements.
                                                                                                  research and negotiation. But even when you have           This requires familiarity with the product, software
                                                                                                  sufficient time, funding and resources for a more          publisher licensing terms, desired licensing metric,
                                                                                                  methodical approach, where do you begin?                   customer operating environment and the customer’s
                                                                                                     To provide assistance, the Department of Defense        planned physical, system or operational changes.
                                                                                                  Enterprise Software Initiative (ESI) developed the         Also, prepare to answer the following questions:

                                                                                                  Best Value Toolkit for commercial software acquisi-
                                                                                                  tion. It includes a disciplined process, tools, guidance   »   Does this purchase include all the products and
                                                                                                  and recommendations that enable an IT buyer to                 tools needed to fulfill current requirements?
                                                                                                  obtain the “best value” on large enterprise software       »   What additional items or licenses might be
                                                                                                  acquisitions. The toolkit is available at www.esi.             needed, now or later?
                                                                                                  mil/bestvaluetoolkit. A best value acquisition of          »   Can usage requirements be consolidated across

                                                                                                  high-dollar enterprise software, whether spanning              organizations, commands, outside the organiza-
                                                                                                  a period of two months or 12, can be broken down               tion, etc.?
                                                                                                  into four key areas: establishing requirements, ref-       »   Is there a licensing or usage metric (per proces-
                                                                                                  erencing existing contracts, identifying target price          sor, named user, employee, enterprise license,
                                                                                                  and terms, and planning for negotiation with pricing           concurrent device, etc.) that best fits the needs?
                                                                                                  and terms and conditions.                                      If not, can the requirements be adjusted? Is this
                                                                                                                                                                 software needed for one specific application or

                                                                                                                                                                 can it be combined with other applications or
                                                                                                                                                                 processes? For multiple uses? Are development
                                                                                                                                                                 or user rights required?
                                                                                                                                                             »   Is a perpetual license, term license or Software as
                                                                                                                                                                 a Service (SaaS) model preferred?

                                                      By Floyd Groce and John Zettler

34 CHIPS www.doncio.navy.mil/chips   Dedicated to Sharing Information - Technology - Experience                                                                                                       CHIPS April – June 2012   35
          Referencing Existing Contracts                                           cerning acquisition planning and identify trends for                                                                      What is ESI?
                                                                                   software vendor pricing and licensing methods.
          Researching existing contracts or schedules that                            Data from prior government transactions can also                                                   The Department of Defense Enterprise Software Initia-
          include basic terms and conditions and some estab-                       be leveraged, provided that key elements of similar
          lished pricing guidelines for comparable purchases                       acquisitions, discount levels or key terms and condi-
                                                                                                                                                                                         tive is an official DoD program sponsored by the DoD
          can provide an effective frame of reference. If the                      tions are comparable. If no historic transaction is simi-                                             Chief Information Officer (CIO) to save time and money
          initial acquisition was relatively uneventful, then there                lar, the target price and terms and conditions could                                                  on purchases of commercial software, IT hardware and
          is a framework for avoiding some of the major pitfalls                   be extrapolated from existing known values. Use the
          experienced in commercial software licensing. Such                       following key criteria to identify and prioritize similar                                             services. Through its joint team of experts, ESI consoli-
          contracts include DoD ESI/SmartBUY blanket purchase                      transactions:                                                                                         dates requirements and establishes agreements with IT
          agreements (BPAs) and organizational enterprise
          licenses and volume purchase agreements. Baselines                       »     Dollar value of the transaction;                                                                providers, resulting in a unified contracting and vendor
          for price and terms and conditions can be established                    »     Type of license and license restrictions;                                                       management strategy across the entire department.
          against which improvements can be sought and bet-                        »     Total contract value, including all option years,
                                                                                                                                                                                         In its first 10 years of operation, DoD ESI has generated
          ter value obtained by examining existing contracts in                          product options, maintenance and support;
          the context of the following checklist:                                  »     Discount percentage — from list price to GSA                                                    more than $4 billion in cost avoidance as compared
                                                                                         schedule and ESI/SmartBUY base prices;                                                          with prices established on the General Services Admin-
          »    How does the contract price compare to the                          »     Product list, including quantities;
               vendor’s list price? How long is it valid? Are                      »     Licensing metric, such as named user, per processor                                             istration Federal Supply Schedule.
               discounts available for larger orders? What are                           or per server;
               future period prices?                                               »     Identification of contingencies, performance claus-
          »    Do the licensing and usage metrics (per processor,                        es, acceptance criteria and solution guarantees; and
               named user, etc.) match the requirements? If not, is                »     Time of year (relative to vendor fiscal periods).
               it easier to change requirements or seek a different
               licensing metric?
                                                                                                                                                Planning to Negotiate
          »    What are the contract terms? Are they transfer-                                                                                  Armed with pricing, terms and conditions, you should
               rable? Are previous software orders placed under                                                                                 be well-prepared to enter negotiations with the soft-
               this contract available for review? What terms and                                                                               ware vendor. Understanding the nuances of the trans-
               conditions were modified or added? Were any                                                                                      action from the seller’s perspective can also help with
               restrictions added?                                                                                                              proposing arrangements desirable to the seller, while       financial incentives to segregate the license transac-
          »    What specific information or insights can the                                                                                    satisfying the requirements of the end user.                tion from consulting services because potential claims
               cognizant contracting officer(s) for the contract                                                                                   Term licensing and SaaS licensing are very different     tied to performance of consulting services could make
               vehicle or individual orders provide?                                                                                            from perpetual license grants because they essentially      the transaction ineligible to be recorded as current
                                                                                          ESI’s Best Value Toolkit                              limit negotiation options to price, products included,      revenue. That said, it is still an effective strategy to
                                                                                                                                                licensing metric and license restrictions.                  negotiate labor rates for future unspecified services
          Identifying Target Prices and Terms                                             ESI’s Best Value Toolkit (www.esi.mil/                   When negotiating a perpetual software license,           at the time of license negotiations, including separate
          In the event that price, terms and conditions data                                                                                    some important requirements, such as intellectual           rates for qualified vendor personnel versus the poten-
          about recent, similar transactions are not available,
                                                                                          bestvaluetoolkit) emphasizes review,                  property ownership, transaction revenue recognition,        tial need for subcontractors to assist later.
          there are two resources that might be helpful —                                 analysis and decision making based on                 definition of user rights and timing of the transaction        There is no reason to be intimidated by large enter-
          industry guidance and historic government transac-                              software requirements and fit, price,                 relative to the seller’s fiscal accounting periods, can     prise software transactions. Simply follow the steps
          tion data.                                                                                                                            affect the financial value to the seller or possibly be     outlined in this article, gain some insight into the
             Look for a resource, such as an industry analyst, that                       terms and conditions, and total cost of               non-negotiable depending on specific circumstances.         nuances of software publishing and take advantage
          offers software acquisition benchmarks and guidance.                            ownership. The toolkit includes a road-               Knowing these issues up-front can help in give-and-         of the information and resources available at www.
          These firms can provide general information con-                                                                                      take negotiations that create a win-win situation for       esi.mil to ensure that the acquisition can be com-
                                                                                          map, guidance, informational checklists               both parties. In any case, it is advantageous to negoti-    pleted within the framework defined by the Federal
                                                                                          and worksheets, and a library of tools to             ate ancillary items such as software maintenance            Acquisition Regulation as a best value purchase.
                                                                                                                                                and support; training and education; and consulting
                                                                                          be used during the acquisition process
                                                                                                                                                services, including projected pricing for the life of the   Floyd Groce is director of commercial IT strategy for the
                                                                                          to help attain best value. It also identi-            deal, along with the software license purchase, while       Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer (DON
                                                                                          fies resources to assist with any step of             there is still the greatest leverage.                       CIO) and co-chair of the Department of Defense Enter-
                                                                                                                                                   Consulting services, however, are a unique element       prise Software Initiative (DoD ESI) program. John Zettler
                                                                                          the acquisition process.                              in license acquisition. The vendor has very strong          provides support to DoD ESI.

36 CHIPS www.doncio.navy.mil/chips   Dedicated to Sharing Information - Technology - Experience                                                                                                                                                      CHIPS April – June 2012   37
Data-centric SolutionS are changing navy recruiting                                                                                                 Figure 1. PRIDE
                                                                                                                                                    MOD electronically
Revolutionary mobile capability for recruiters on the go … and much more                                                                            exchanges data
                                                                                                                                                    with NRC and four
By the Program Executive Office for Enterprise Information Systems Sea Warrior Program (PMW 240) Public Affairs Office
                                                                                                                                                    business partners
   "NRS Modesto unleashed!” That was                 roughly 4,500 strong — had been relying        Case in Point: Electronic Scheduling            to streamline Navy
the reaction of Petty Officer Martin Benitz          on a 1974 Fortran version of PRIDE to          of ASVAB Exams for Navy Applicants
as he experienced the Navy’s newest                  process U.S. Navy applicant data. These        An important step in the Navy                   recruit accessions
mobile recruiting capabilities. The Navy             data are very detailed (e.g., aptitude, aca­   recruiting process requires all                 processing. The
Recruiting Station (NRS) in Modesto, Calif.,         demic test scores, color perception, etc.)     applicants to take the DoD’s Armed
was one of the first stations to implement           and were manually entered into PRIDE                                                           graphic shows only
                                                                                                    Services Vocational Aptitude Battery
the Mobile Recruiting Initiative (MRI),              at many different touch points along the       (ASVAB) exam, which measures                    a representative
the Navy’s revolutionary IT solution for             recruiting and accessions process.
                                                                                                    arithmetic reasoning, word knowledge,           sampling of
recruiters.                                             Because of this complexity, NRC was
                                                                                                    comprehension and mathematics.
   The MRI uses wireless computing with              incurring numerous processing ineffi­
                                                                                                    Today, Navy field recruiters can register
                                                                                                                                                    shared data
3G (third-generation mobile communica­               ciencies and escalating costs in an effort
tions) connectivity and merges digital               to ensure ongoing data quality. For exam­      an applicant, process the applicant’s           between systems.
data with the Navy Recruiting Command’s              ple, each year approximately 2,800 appli­      military entrance information, and
(NRC) core applications: WebRTools and               cants erroneously passed through the           schedule the applicant’s ASVAB exam
the Personalized Recruiting for Immedi­              PRIDE system and into boot camp. This          — all within a seamless transaction. The
ate and Delayed Enlistment Moderniza­                problem, largely traceable to inadequate       behind-the-scenes technology making
tion (PRIDE MOD). The result is an effec­            data exchange and validation, costs the        this possible is PRIDE MOD’s complex,
tive Web-based capability that allows                Navy about $117 million annually.              real-time data sharing environment that            “In order for NRC’s process to be cen-      and Navy Personnel Records Manage-                •	The applicant is announced by PRIDE
faster, more ubiquitous prospecting and                 In addition, accession data accuracy is     interfaces core recruiting, accessions,         tered around applicants and recruiters         ment (PERS-3).                                      MOD as “ready to ship” and the pro-
processing of U.S. Navy applicants.                  critical because it determines the job rat­    training and personnel applications.            — instead of computer systems — our               This approach enabled NRC to replace             cessing for shipping takes place within
   Previous to the combination of PRIDE              ings and programs for which an enlisted                                                        developers needed to make five legacy          the legacy PRIDE system, where data                 MEPS eSOA/MIRS.
MOD and MRI, field-level recruiters could            applicant is best qualified. Last year NRC                                                     software systems talk to PRIDE in real         was embedded in the application, with             •	Once the applicant arrives at Recruit
gather only limited information on appli­            processed more than 43,000 applicants,         inbound recruit’s anticipated “ship” date       time,” said Jeff Bowell, recruiting and        flexible data exchanges using Navy stan-            Training Command, PRIDE MOD passes
cants through a time-intensive process               resulting in a total of 33,444 accessions.     to the Recruit Training Command (RTC) in        accessions assistant program manager           dards. To support NRC’s real-time busi-             the applicant’s electronic record data
of multiple meetings at the applicant’s              Given this size and scale, information         Great Lakes, Ill., the Navy’s only bootcamp.    with PMW 240, the office responsible for       ness process for enlistments, PRIDE MOD             to NSIPS, CeTARS and WebRTools so all
home or at one of 1,450 recruiting sta­              integrity is a top priority.                      Some key efficiency benefits resulting       PRIDE acquisition efforts.                     allows full Web-enabled communication               systems have the same information.
tions nationwide. Each meeting had to                   With Phase I of PRIDE MOD in opera­         from PRIDE MOD are:                                “PRIDE MOD’s data exchanges with            with its partners across all aspects of the
be manually scheduled, and all resulting             tion, NRC seamlessly shares accessions            •	A more seamless, automated process         partner systems are triggered by various       accession process.                              Interface Development
information compiled over time was                   data with its business partners and Navy            for initiating a Sailor’s Electonic Ser­   transactions and events. For example,             The following examples show the              Challenges and Lessons Learned
entered into various systems that were               human resources and training systems.               vice Record (ESR);                         when a recruiter uses PRIDE MOD                seamless data exchange enabled by
tied to a particular NRS. When an appli­                “Before [PRIDE MOD], the accessions            •	Common applicant data across key           to project an applicant, the system            PRIDE MOD:                                         Exchanging data from one set of legacy
cant’s information was complete and                  workflow was weighted down with phone               systems associated with recruiting         sends USMEPCOM’s accessions data                  •	A new applicant record is created          applications to another, particularly when
finally ready for processing, the required           tag, multiple call backs and other delays,”         and accessions;                            environment [eSOA/MIRS] a projection                in WebRTools to include all the data       the applications were never designed to
forms were faxed to assigned U.S. Military           said Kevin Sullivan, NRC chief information        •	Data is entered once, signifcantly         qualification and enlistment message. Or,           needed to access an individual in          interact, is a complex task. Add the lack of
Entrance Processing Command (USMEP­                  officer (CIO). “Now, we’re definitely saving        reducing enlistment data errors;           submitting the applicant’s shipping con-            PRIDE MOD and the MEPS service             a common data structure or definitions to
COM) sites.                                          time in transitioning an applicant from           •	Eliminates faxing documentation and        firmation message to CeTARS (Corporate              oriented        architecture/Integrated    share data, plus random errors associated
   Administrative personnel then manu­               civilian to Sailor.”                                data entry and re-entry by recruiters,     Enterprise Training Activity Resource Sys-          Resource System (eSOA/MIRS) acces-         with years of manual data entry, and a
ally transcribed the printed information                That’s because PRIDE MOD is a sig­               processors, classifiers and Defense        tem), followed by an enrollment transac-            sions data environment.                    significant challenge awaits any software
into both the mainframe-based PRIDE                  nificantly improved recruit classification          Department processors; and                 tion at RTC, triggers PRIDE MOD to send a         •	Data in WebRTools are electronically       development team. Furthermore, NRC
system and the MEPS Information                      and reservation capability that captures          •	Enables significant progress toward        final strength gain notification to NSIPS,”         forwarded to PRIDE MOD and MEPS            owns only WebRTools and PRIDE MOD;
Resource System (MIRS). Since the initial            enlisted applicant qualifications and then          data integration within the Deputy         Bowell explained.                                   eSOA/MIRS, and data exchanges occur        the other accessions systems are owned
installment of PRIDE MOD in May 2011,                matches them to available ratings, deter­           Chief of Naval Operations for Man­            The core of the solution involved replac-        frequently and seamlessly between          by separate commands and are hosted in
however, this legacy process has become              mined by the needs of the Navy and “A”              power, Personnel, Training and Educa­      ing legacy PRIDE software components                the two systems throughout applicant       different geographic regions.
history.                                             School seat availability.                           tion (OPNAV N1) domain.                    with a Navy Marine Corps Intranet com-              processing (e.g., recording individual        Addressing the size and scope of
                                                        The system also processes incentives                                                        pliant application that uses commercial             results of aptitude and medical tests).    challenges associated with PRIDE MOD
The Path to Digital Recruiting                       and waivers as required and makes “A”          Breaking the Language Barrier                   off-the-shelf, service oriented architec-         •	Once all the prerequisites for an appli-   involved 20 months of systems analysis,
   As the information above shows, PRIDE             School reservations. Sailors enter “A”           Imagine assembling five people of             ture components. The functions and data             cant’s enlistment are completed, Navy      design and development. The technical
MOD is an integral part of NRC’s strategic           School following boot camp to learn the        diverse cultures and languages into one         capture inherent in the recruiting and              classifiers use PRIDE MOD to assign a      team used the popular, domain-inde-
plan to transition from pre-Information              specialized skills required for the duties     room and then asking them to instantly          accessions process were separated into              job to the new applicant using the Rat-    pendent Extensible Markup Language
Age systems and processes to digital                 they will be performing. Finally, PRIDE        communicate effectively. This analogy           distinct application services accessible via        ing Identification Engine (RIDE) Web       (XML) and DON standards to format
tools that facilitate anytime, anywhere              MOD is enabling Navy recruiters to search      sums up the task of the PRIDE MOD tech­         Web interfaces to USMEPCOM, the Navy                service and to select an appropriate       data exchanges with Navy and business
recruiting. Today’s Navy recruiters —                for enlisted job quotas based on the           nical team.                                     Education and Training Command (NETC)               date for the applicant to ship to RTC.     partners. In addition, the software devel-
38 CHIPS www.doncio.navy.mil/chips   Dedicated to Sharing Information - Technology - Experience                                                                                                                                                                       CHIPS April – June 2012   39
opment and application hosting teams
collaborated on the engineering pack­
                                                           About the Sea Warrior Program                                                                   The Software Communication Architecture –
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            SC4 – the software
age to capture the infrastructure hosting                 PRIDE MOD is an application within the Sea Warrior Program (PMW 240)
                                                                                                                                                           Advancing the Field of Software Defined Radio
requirements of PRIDE MOD and config­                  portfolio of information technology (IT) systems the Navy uses to recruit, train, pay,                                                                                                               developer’s dream
ure the system interfaces.                                                                                                                                By JPEO JTRS Corporate Communications and Public Affairs Directorate
                                                       promote, move, retire, and support personnel and deliver Distance Support IT to the
   While restructuring data for different              Fleet. The PMW 240 Program is part of the Navy Program Executive Office for
targeted system schemas is a major                                                                                                                           The Software Communication Architecture (SCA) is an open-           technological advancements and lessons learned in the field of
undertaking itself, the largest challenge              Enterprise Information Systems (PEO-EIS) which develops, acquires, and deploys                     architecture specification that defines the interactions between       software defined radio since the release of SCA 2.2.2, the frame­
to PRIDE MOD proved to be testing the                  seamless enterprise-wide IT systems with full life cycle support for the warfighter                software applications and radio hardware platforms. The SCA            work remained relatively static and was extended to include a
interfaces in a representative operating               and business enterprise.                                                                           framework has guided the development and evolution of the              small subset of the candidate new features.
environment. To effectively simulate live                 Sea Warrior Program Public Affairs Office                                                       software defined radio domain, and its concepts have been                 The latest specification release, commonly known as SCA4,
transactions, the software developers                                                                                                                     used within multiple industries, products and countries beyond         incorporates a wider range of resolutions, significantly optimizes
needed to build XML “stubs” to mimic                      Email: pmw240_pao@navy.mil                                                                      the Defense Department community.                                      the framework and improves a programmer’s ability to develop
data sent to PRIDE from partner systems.                  Phone: (703) 604-5400                                                                              A primary goal of military software defined radios is to mini­      software defined radios efficiently. The modular nature of SCA4
   For example, once PRIDE received                                                                                                                       mize the level of effort required in migrating software applica­       builds in flexibility for the evolution of SCA-compliant products
an applicant’s record from WebRTools                                                                                                                      tions to different radio platforms, in other words: to maximize        and the standard itself as technology and requirements change.
and sent the record to MEPS, the eSOA/               Whether Navy recruiters are mobile or desk-bound,                                                    application portability. The SCA establishes the infrastructure           In addition, SCA 4 is no longer a one-size-fits-all approach so
MIRS application would then search for               PRIDE MOD is always ready to hire.                                                                   to achieve this objective. An SCA-based software defined radio         product developers will be able to “right size” their SCA-based
existing data on that individual. Then, an                                                                                                                enables enhanced software portability and provides a standard­         infrastructure so that more energy can be focused on providing
XML stub built by the interface partner                                                                                                                   ized infrastructure for software deployment and configuration          mission specific solutions. The new standard builds on a decade
containing the individual’s requisite data                                                                                                                — while ensuring interoperability between SCA products. SCA            of expertise and makes the SCA even more relevant in today’s
was returned to PRIDE.                                                                                                                                    components may be extended by the Joint Tactical Radio Sys­            market of resource constrained systems with the ever increas­
  All interface testing proceeded in this                                                                                                                 tem application program interfaces (APIs) to provide platform          ing need for secure mobile communications. With the breadth
way, based on the documentation and                                                                                                                       specific capabilities. As depicted in Figure 1, the SCA and JTRS       of potential SCA based target platforms and applications, SCA4
business rules provided by the partner                                                                                                                    APIs promote waveform portability and reuse by isolating the           broadens its applicability beyond U.S. military software defined
system owners. Additionally, differences                                                                                                                  waveform application from the radio set.                               radios.
between documentation and actual code
for interfacing Web services necessitated                                                                                                                 How SCA4 was Developed                                                 SCA4 Benefits, Advantages and Expectations
numerous recurring changes to PRIDE’s                                                                                                                       It’s been more than 10 years since the first iteration of SCA and      This newest framework, SCA4, emphasizes flexibility and scal­
interfaces and then retesting.                                                                                                                            more than five years since the release of the previous version of      ability throughout the specification. From a system developer
   Looking toward PRIDE MOD II, all stake­                                                                                                                the specification, SCA 2.2.2. While there have been numerous           perspective, the flexibility can be used to innovate and provide
holders are applying important lessons
learned from the initial development.                                                                                                                     Figure 1. The SCA and JTRS APIs promote waveform portability and reuse by isolating the waveform application from the radio set.
First, interface partners are engaging with
the technical team early in the process
before any application code is generated,
and signed internal agreements will sup­
port the test management process. Sec­
ond, the team will establish test instances
at each interface site to discover issues
associated with Web service transactions
and address them early. This will ensure
partner systems generate actual error
messages if an XML transaction cannot
be processed, thereby reducing rework
costs and avoiding project delays.
   NRC continues to build on PRIDE MOD
as an important information technology
foundation for “street-to-fleet” recruiting.
Future PRIDE MOD capabilities being
considered include electronic forms
technology, applicant identification via
biometrics, workflow management tools
for paperless processing, and integration              CHULA VISTA, Calif. (March 2, 2012) Special Warfare Operator (SEAL) Justin Gonzales and Chief
of officer and enlisted active and Reserve             Special Warfare Operator (SEAL) Brad Woodard, assigned to the U.S. Navy parachute demonstration
component processes.                                   team, the Leap Frogs, perform a bi-plane maneuver during a training day at Brown Field Municipal
   Whether Navy recruiters are mobile or               Airport. The Leap Frogs are based in San Diego and perform aerial parachute demonstrations in
desk-bound, PRIDE MOD is always ready                  support of Naval Special Warfare and Navy recruiting. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication
to hire.                                               Specialist 1st Class Michelle Turner.                                                              Figure 1. Software defined radio architecture using the SCA.
40 CHIPS www.doncio.navy.mil/chips   Dedicated to Sharing Information - Technology - Experience                                                                                                                                                                            CHIPS April – June 2012 41
                                                                                                                                                        Sailor Stores PII in Commercial Facility;
                                                                                                                                                        Fails to Pay the Bill
                                                                                                                                                        By Steve Muck

                                                                                                                                                                he following is a recently reported personally identifi-                                          Actions Taken
Figure 2 – The new technology and features introduced in SCA4.
                                                                                                                                                                able information (PII) data breach involving a Sailor
solutions which are appropriately tailored to a particular prod-                  will become even more apparent for systems with applications                  who improperly handled PII. Incidents such as this one                                            The records had to be reviewed to identify the extent and serious-
uct. For the radio user, the flexibility permits customization and                that require hundreds of port connections.                            will be reported in CHIPS magazine to increase PII awareness.                                             ness of the PII breach. Names of more than 2,800 personnel with
extension of the features and capabilities of the original product.                  Security aware customers will be pleased with the informa-         Names have been changed or omitted, but details are factual                                               associated personally identifiable information were identified.
   Notable new SCA4 core features include lightweight com-                        tion assurance enhancements in SCA4. The original pull model          and based on reports sent to the Department of the Navy                                                   A list of personnel with high-risk PII elements, such as Social
ponents, profiles, static ports, push model registration, intra-                  approach allowed access points to vulnerable system data.             Chief Information Officer Privacy Office.                                                                 Security number, date of birth and place of birth, reduced the
application connectivity and Common Object Request Broker                         SCA4’s push model pattern eliminates the possibility of clients                                                                                                                 total number of personnel who were considered at risk for poten-
Architecture (CORBA) neutrality as depicted in Figure 2.                          requesting information they should not have and removes sus-                                                                                                                    tial identity fraud to 1,200. The DON CIO Privacy Office deter-
   The SCA4 lightweight components can lower the cost of                          ceptible access points. Security-minded developers of earlier         The Incident                                                                                              mined that notifications to the high-risk personnel were required.
software defined radios with the new optional inheritance                         versions of the SCA no longer have to manage these challenges         A Sailor removed several boxes of personnel and training                                                  Approximately half the high-risk personnel had left the command
technology, which reduces software development and main-                          in SCA4, it’s simply built-in, and enables a cyber-hardened SCA4,     records from his command and stored them, along with his                                                  and in those cases, home addresses were researched. The irre-
tenance. Previously, the developer was required to implement                      software defined radio without increasing cost and battery            personal gear, in an off-base commercial facility. Months                                                 sponsible Sailor was punished for mishandling PII and failure to
all of the inherited interfaces even though all of the inherited                  consumption.                                                          passed during which time the Sailor failed to pay his monthly                                             follow DON policy in accordance with the Privacy Act of 1974.
interfaces may not have been necessary. For example, an SCA                          Suppose you want your software defined radio application           storage fee. While the bills remained unpaid, the Sailor trans-
2.2.2 Resource Interface inherits the TestableObject Interface                    to connect to another application running on the radio. SCA4          ferred to a new command. After a several months-long delin-
and needs to implement the runTest operation regardless of                        introduces intra-application connectivity to connect multiple         quency period, the storage facility auctioned off the property                                            Lessons Learned
whether or not the component provides a test capability.                          applications for sharing and exchanging information. This per-        to a church. In assessing the contents, the church discovered                                             »   Unless it is your own, personally identifiable information
   SCA4 allows the developer to only include the interfaces                       mits the inclusion of tactical mobile apps, such as those found       hundreds of documents containing PII and notified the base                                                    should never be taken home.
necessary for the implementation, eliminating unused or unde-                     in the U.S. Army’s Marketplace, an Android-based app store, to        security officer who then retrieved the boxes and reported                                                »   PII must be physically secured at all times.
rutilized code. With SCA4, the developer would not include                        be deployed on military software defined radios and intercon-         the incident as a PII breach.                                                                             »   A breach of this magnitude requires extensive administra-
TestableObject within the interface inheritance hierarchy and                     nected with military applications. The SCA4’s new connectivity                                                                                                                      tive work to mitigate.
not be required to implement a runTest operation. An optional                     options are ideal for handling communication to these external                                                                                                                  »   Supervisors must monitor their workplace and be mindful
inheritance’s benefit is the reduction in the number of appli-                    apps seamlessly via the Android presentation layer.                                                                                                                                 that subordinates need continual training and supervision.
cable requirements; however, one should not lose sight of the                        The most anticipated stance in SCA4 was leniency on requir-                                                                                                                  »   Paper and electronic records must be reviewed on a routine
fact that the savings associated with this feature are distributed                ing specific middleware technologies, namely CORBA. The SCA                                                                                                                         basis for retention or destruction.
across the entire software development life cycle.                                no longer mandates the usage of CORBA as the sole middleware                                                                                                                    »   The DON CIO Privacy Office can provide assistance in finding
   Users that demand minimal boot-up times will benefit from                      option. CORBA is still a viable alternative for SCA platforms and                                                                                                                   addresses of personnel who have transferred to a new com-
the introduction of the “push” model design pattern in SCA4.                      applications, but the SCA4 provides mechanisms to extend the                                                                                                                        mand or have left the service.
The SCA was originally developed with a client-side “pull” design                 specification with additional transfer mechanisms.
pattern which required components to register with the frame-                        SCA4 transcends the boundaries of software developers and                                                                                                                      Similar acts of carelessness are frequently reported to the
work upon entry to the domain and then the framework would                        architects with mass appeal through a model driven architec-                                                                                                                    DON CIO Privacy Office. While this particular incident caused
query the component for information needed to complete the                        ture approach. A specific industry could tailor its own platform                                                                                                                a number of people a substantial amount of administrative
deployment process. Within the SCA4’s push model approach,                        specific model from SCA4 by detailing which options and fea-                                                                                                                    work, the department is fortunate in that a responsible person
when a component registers with the framework it is able to                       tures are right for its system. SCA4 takes the next step in stream-                                                                                                             returned the documents to government control. This mini-
provide all of its information upfront. The change in the interac-                lining the development and maintenance of software defined                                                                                                                      mized the potential risk to those personnel whose documents
tion model can achieve reductions in boot-up time, perhaps a                      radios all while promoting flexibility and security as ingrained                                                                                                                were improperly stored. DON personnel are reminded to prop-
50 percent decrease.                                                              features. This newest standard, officially versioned as SCA 4.0,                                                                                                                erly safeguard all PII when it is under their control and to report
   The push model can be optimized even more in SCA4 by                           was approved by the JTRS Interface Control Working Group and                                                                                                                    any breach as soon as it is discovered.
extending it with the new static ports feature. Static ports allow                the Wireless Innovation Forum Feb. 28, 2012. A complete set of        The Cyber Security Division with Marine Corps Camp Lejeune implemented required training for Department
for an implementation specific approach to connection estab-                      SCA4 documentation, JTRS APIs, models and informative pre-            of Defense personnel to increase awareness and protect the Marine Corps network. Devices such as thumb    Steve Muck is the privacy lead for the Department of the Navy
                                                                                                                                                        drives and smart phones, when connected to a computer, are one of the many ways a government computer     Chief Information Officer.
lishment. Connections can be formed in an efficient manner at                     sentations are available on the SCA public website: www.public.
                                                                                                                                                        can contract malware. U.S. Marine Corps photo by Pfc. Nikki Phongsisattanak.
run time or at build time which will result in more savings that                  navy.mil/jpeojtrs/sca/Pages/default.aspx.
42 CHIPS www.doncio.navy.mil/chips   Dedicated to Sharing Information - Technology - Experience                                                                                                                                                                                                              CHIPS April – June 2012   43
                                                                                                  The Department of the Navy implemented phases one
                                                                                                  and two of the Social Security Number Reduction Plan and
                                                                                                  is now implementing phase three. This DON-wide effort
                                                                                                  requires senior leadership’s attention and cooperation, as
                                                                                                  well as compliance from all Sailors, Marines, civilians and

                                                                                                  support contractors.

                                                                                                     Naval message DTG 171625Z Feb 12 “Department of the
                                                                                                  Navy Social Security Number Reduction Plan Phase Three” was
                                                                                                  released Feb. 17, 2012, and is summarized below.
                                                                                                     All DON business processes must meet acceptable use
                                                                                                  criteria for continued SSN use, eliminate the SSN or transition
                                                                                                  to the Department of Defense identification number, which
                                                                                                  is also known as the Electronic Data Interchange Personal
                                                                                                  Identifier Number (EDIPI), as a substitute. Acceptable use crite­

                                        Reduction                                                 ria for collecting SSNs can be found at: www.doncio.navy.mil/

                                                                                                     All letters, memorandums, spreadsheets, hard copy lists
                                                                                                  and electronic lists must meet the acceptable use criteria if
                                                                                                  they include SSNs. A formal review of documents that justify            Network-attached multifunction devices and scanner scan­
                                                                                                  continued use of SSNs will be required in 2015. Commands are         to-email functionality may be used only if the sender can
                                                                                                  strongly encouraged to eliminate use of SSNs or transition to        verify that the intended recipients are authorized to access the
                                                                                                  the DoD ID number now.                                               scanned file and the MFD, or the scanner encrypts the email
                                                                                                     When changes to a process result in the elimination of the        containing the scanned file.
                                                                                                  use of SSNs, applicable directives and instructions must be             Network-attached multifunction devices and scanner scan­
                                                                                                  updated to reflect those changes.                                    to-file or scan-to-network-share functionality may be used only
                                                                                                     Personally identifiable information (PII) must be limited to      if the sender can verify that all users are authorized to have
                                                                                                  the minimum elements required to fulfill the purpose for             access to the scanned file or network share location.
                                                                                                  which it is intended and must never include SSNs. For example,          A fundamental shift will occur when DON business practices
                                                                                                  recall rosters should only contain names, addresses and tele­        rely on the DoD ID number as the unique personal identifier
                  By Steve Muck                                                                   phone numbers.                                                       instead of the SSN. While some processes will always require
                                                                                                     Effective Oct. 1, 2012, using a fax machine to send infor­        the use of an SSN as a result of certain laws, the substitution of
                                                                                                  mation containing SSNs and other PII is prohibited. Exter­           the DoD ID number and other SSN reduction actions greatly
                                                                                                  nal customers such as service veterans, Air Force and Army           improve the security of PII for all DON personnel.
                                                                                                  personnel, family members and retirees may continue to fax              To download a copy of the Department of the Navy Social
                                                                                                  documents containing the SSN to DON activities but shall be          Security Number Reduction Plan Phase Three naval message,

                                                                                                  strongly encouraged to use an alternative method. Alterna­           go to www.doncio.navy.mil/PolicyView.aspx?ID=3757.
                                                                                                  tives include mailing the information via the U.S. Postal Service
                                                                                                  and scanning. Scanned documents must be transmitted using
                                                                                                  a secure means such as encrypted emails or the Safe Access           Steve Muck is the privacy lead for the Department of the Navy
                                                                                                  File Exchange (SAFE). Details regarding the use of SAFE can be       Chief Information Officer.
                                                                                                  found at: www.doncio.navy.mil/Products.aspx?ID=3544.
                                                                                                     The use of network-attached multifunction devices (MFD) and
                                                                                                  scanners to scan documents containing an SSN and other PII is
                                                                                                                                                                             For more information about the SSN Reduction Plan,
                                                                                                  restricted to the following limitations and prohibitions effective
                                                                                                  Oct. 1, 2012. These restrictions do not apply to scanner/MFDs              visit: www.doncio.navy.mil/privacy.
                                                                                                  that are directly connected to a user’s workstation.

44 CHIPS www.doncio.navy.mil/chips   Dedicated to Sharing Information - Technology - Experience                                                                                                                  CHIPS April – June 2012 45
Transforming Spectrum Management
By Thomas Kidd

                                                                                                                                                                                                                           U.S. Navy Boatswains Mate 2nd Class Steven Douglas, a native of

                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Helmstedt, Germany, assigned to Beach Master Unit 1st Detachment
       merging technology has always compelled traditional                                                                                                                                                                 Western Pacific (BMU1DETWESTPAC), communicates with the lighter
       spectrum management processes to adapt and evolve.                                                                                                                                                                  amphibious resupply cargo (LARC) vehicle as it performs a hole check Feb
       The 2012 International Telecommunication Union World                                                                                                                                                                13. The amphibious ready group is underway to support Cobra Gold 2012,
Radiocommunication Conference issued new international                                                                                                                                                                     the exercise consists of multinational training events executed annually
radio regulation treaty language regarding software defined                                                                                                                                                                and held throughout the Kingdom of Thailand. Exercise Cobra Gold is the
radio and cognitive radio systems.                                                                                                                                                                                         largest multilateral exercise in the Asia-Pacific region, offering more than
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           20 participating countries opportunities to improve interoperability. U.S.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Navy photo by MC2 Eric Crosby.
  During the coming months, the United States and each
member nation of the International Telecommunication
Union will begin incorporating the decisions made during
the conference into their national regulatory processes. For                                                                                                                                                               capabilities for spectrum sensing: detecting the unused spec-
the United States and other nations that seek to assure their                                                                                                                                                              trum and sharing it without harmful interference with other
communications license holders access to specific electro-                                                                                                                                                                 users. Depending on the local electromagnetic environment,
magnetic spectrum, these new technologies will challenge                                                                                                                                                                   a dynamic frequency selection device will modify its behavior
the stability of the current spectrum management business                                                                                                                                                                  to operate on some frequencies while avoiding others. During
paradigm. For industry professionals who assure their cus-                                                                                                                                                                 the past decade, dynamic frequency selection systems have
tomers access to the electromagnetic spectrum, the emer-                                                                                                                                                                   been introduced into some Wi-Fi technologies. This is a primi-
gence of these new technologies also poses a challenge to                                                                                                                                                                  tive example of cognitive radio systems but, like JTRS, it too has
the spectrum management process.                                                                                                                                                                                           challenged traditional spectrum management practices.

  In a software defined radio, the software defines the charac-                                                                                                                                                              The transformation of spectrum management business
teristics of the radio, and software waveforms may be reused                                                                                                                                                               processes will be led by the intersection of technological
and ported onto different radio hardware similar to computer                                                                                                                                                               capabilities and regulatory requirements. Spectrum manage-
applications. Traditional hardware components are replaced                                                                                                                                                                 ment business processes will harness these two forces to put
with embedded computing devices.                                                                                                                                                                                           cognitive radio systems and software defined radios into the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           hands of warfighters. Procedures for spectrum management
  Cognitive radio systems obtain knowledge and then adjust                                                                                                                                                                 will not only adapt to incorporate these new technologies, they
their operational behavior based on that information. While                                                                                                                                                                will transform as these technologies bring new concepts and
neither of these technologies is in widespread use today, they                         Software defined radios present a challenge for equip-         ware profiles installed in the hardware platform. The permuta-       capabilities to spectrum management.
are already affecting the traditional concepts of equipment                        ment certification processes because their specific operational    tion of multiple platforms and multiple waveforms does not fit
certification and frequency assignment.                                            parameters may not be determined until a software profile          within the paradigm of a traditional hardware radio with finite        Spectrum management business processes must incorporate
                                                                                   is loaded into a device. As the term software implies, this        operational characteristics.                                         aspects of behavior enforcement to ensure that the technol-
   There are several steps in the Department of the Navy’s                         new generation of radios is not restricted to operating in the                                                                          ogy acts the way operators want it to in a given situation, as
spectrum dependent systems development process during                              historical structure determined by design and manufacturer           Cognitive radio systems present a challenge to spectrum            well as support a level of autonomy for the technology to make
which the effects of the technology under development in                           constraints. The profiles may vary greatly depending on the        management during the frequency assignment process. In its           decisions without human intervention, while enabling configu-
the electromagnetic environment is assessed. The system                            flexibility of the software defined radio. One military software   extreme implementation, a cognitive radio system automati-           ration management in near real-time. The business process will
is certified to function without harming its intended opera-                       defined radio program, the Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS),     cally adapts its communication parameters to network and user        evolve from a system of strict predetermination toward one
tional electromagnetic environment or exceeding a rigid set                        has been challenging the equipment certification paradigm for      demands based on its interpretation of available spectrum. As        based on trust.
of operational criteria. Once deployed, radio frequencies are                      more than a decade. The obvious benefit of this technology is      the electromagnetic environment changes, the cognitive radio
assigned to that device for specific operations within pre-                        enhanced mission capabilities. The electromagnetic character-      system’s behavior may change as well. Dynamic frequency              Thomas Kidd is the lead for strategic spectrum policy for the
scribed parameters for a specific geographic location.                             istics of JTRS radios are dependent on specific waveform soft-     selection technology is an early indication of a cognitive radio’s   Department of the Navy.
46 CHIPS www.doncio.navy.mil/chips   Dedicated to Sharing Information - Technology - Experience                                                                                                                                                                            CHIPS April – June 2012 47

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           ARABIAN SEA (April 29, 2011)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Aviation Electrician’s Mate 2nd
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Class Amanda Mondino, assigned
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           to Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           22, reads publications on a lap-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           top as Aviation Electrician’s Mate
Enabling Business Transformation “On the Go”
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Airman Christopher Carter listens
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           in the cockpit of an F/A-18F
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Super Hornet while performing
By Dan DelGrosso and Mike Hernon                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           maintenance on the aircraft’s

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           tail-hook assembly aboard the
        ncreasing the ability to conduct business on the go,                      zation, but must also have ready access to the same informa­                                                                                                                             aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson
        away from a traditional office or desktop environment,                    tion available to senior management to make good decisions.                                                                                                                              (CVN 70). U.S. Navy photo by
        can be a key enabler of the Department of the Navy’s                      A robust mobility capability is necessary to meet this require­                                                                                                                          Mass Communication Specialist
business transformation process. Arming DON personnel with                        ment for an increasingly mobile workforce.                                                                                                                                               3rd Class Travis K. Mendoza.
access to the department’s knowledge base regardless of their
location will improve effectiveness in any new or improved
business process.                                                                 Telework
  A robust enterprise mobility capability can improve communi­                    Telework is one of the major business transformation initiatives
cations, save money, enhance the ability to make decisions and                    underway throughout the DoD. While telework is already an
facilitate organizational restructuring — all of which are critical               active program, a major increase in the number of participating
business transformation rationales.                                               personnel is expected once a new DON telework policy is
                                                                                  signed. This follows the signing into law of the Telework
                                                                                  Enhancement Act of 2010 (www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/BILLS­
Leveraging the Cloud
                                                                                                                                                            “ Remoteinformation are basic requirements for
                                                                                  111hr1722enr/pdf/BILLS-111hr1722enr.pdf ) and the DoD
Mobility and business transformation can each leverage ongo­                      Instruction 1035.01, Telework Policy of Oct. 21, 2010                               and mobile communications and
ing Department of Defense (DoD) IT initiatives such as cloud or                   (www.dtic.mil/whs/directives/corres/pdf/103501p.pdf ).
tablet-based computing. In a cloud environment, an organiza­                        The new environment created by these policy changes                     access to
tion’s data and applications reside in centralized data centers                   will transform the way business is conducted with telework
and are accessed via the Internet or an intranet such as the Navy                 becoming a common practice, instead of one reserved for                   personnel to be effective when working from

Marine Corps Intranet.                                                            special situations. Telework’s benefits include supporting
   There are a number of advantages to this approach. Perhaps                     continuity of operations, cutting costs, promoting “green”                home or other locations outside the office.                           users buy their personal device with a supported operating
the most obvious one from an end user perspective is that the                     work practices and retaining qualified staff.                                                                                                   system and can connect to a DoD network. The govern­
traditional desktop computer with its large disks to store applica­                 Without a viable mobility capability, a successful telework                                                                                   ment data and apps would be accessed through a secure
tions and data is replaced with zero- or thin-client devices, which               program will be difficult to achieve. Remote and mobile com­                                                                                    “sandbox” that is segregated from personal data. Moving
have no or minimal storage, respectively. This is particularly                    munications and access to information are basic requirements         Challenges and Mitigations                                                 to the cloud will also facilitate this approach.
well-suited for a more mobile workforce as mobile devices typi­                   for personnel to be effective when working from home or
cally do not have the processing power or storage capacity of a                   other locations outside the office.                                  There are a variety of challenges in taking the department’s          »	   Backend Infrastructure: The prevalent IT architecture is
desktop computer.                                                                                                                                      mobility environment to the next level. For each challenge,                oriented toward the desktop computing environment of the
   In this environment, a tablet may be more useful than a                                                                                             however, there are actions that can be taken to mitigate the               past 25 years as mainframe dumb terminals were replaced
standard desktop computer because it can have the same                            Is There an App for That?                                            factors working against progress. The major challenges are:                by personal computers with ever-increasing memory, stor­
application functionality but with the added benefit of remov­                    At this time, there is not a DoD app for that — yet. Typical                                                                                    age and processing power. This is not conducive to either a
ing the tether from the wall jack. Tablets are especially useful                  mobile access across the DoD today supports basic business           »	    Information Assurance: IA remains the primary concern                robust mobility model or a business transformation effort
on the move in varied settings, such as a hangar deck or on the                   functionality — email, calendar, tools and address books. Por­             for DoD IT platforms and is why the DoD is not on the                because of the fragmentation and dispersal of enterprise
flight line, whereas laptops are good for access from a remote,                   tals may also be accessed, primarily through laptops because               cutting-edge of adopting new technologies. IA can be                 data. Adopting the cloud model as quickly as possible will
but generally fixed location.                                                     the browsing experience and ability to work on documents                   improved by cloud-based mobile computing because data                enable a more potent mobility capability to support busi­
                                                                                  on a smart phone-sized screen are limited. While this level                does not reside on the device. Consequently, a lost or stolen        ness transformation.
                                                                                  of functionality has proved beneficial, the department must                tablet would not result in compromised information. Accel­
Organizational Transformation                                                     take it to the next level to more effectively support business             erating the move to the cloud will help address IA concerns.
Flattening organizations — reducing the levels of hierarchy                       transformation.                                                                                                                            Moving Forward
— is a common business transformation strategy. Flattened                            Moving to the next level means the mobile environment             »	    Pace of Change: The processes to certify, accredit and          Business transformation can be supported and significantly en­
organizational structures significantly increase decision agility by              will provide the same functionality available at a traditional             deploy devices that connect to DoD networks have not,           hanced by enterprise mobility. As the department’s IT model itself
cutting red tape and eliminating multiple review and approval                     workstation and, in many instances, even more. As in the com­              and will never, keep up with the pace that manufacturers        is transformed toward cloud computing, the role mobility plays in
steps before taking action. Empowering employees to assess the                    mercial sector, the key to reaching this level is the availability         set. As a result, DoD is approving devices built on hardware    supporting new or modified business practices will only grow.
environment and make decisions at a lower level is often a goal                   of feature-rich apps that are easy to use and designed for the             or operating systems that are either obsolete or no longer
of organizational flattening.                                                     mobile environment. As today’s applications are redesigned                 commercially available. These devices have not proven to        Dan DelGrosso is the director of naval networks and enterprise services,
   The effectiveness of a flattened organization largely                          to take advantage of the cloud and thin and zero clients, the              be popular with the user base. As a result, the department      Office of the Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer
depends on the ability to publish, share and discover informa­                    department must also ensure it will be mobile friendly. This               must streamline certification and accreditation and deploy­     Mike Hernon is the former chief information officer for the city of
tion in a timely fashion. Empowered employees must not only                       entails vetting and approving existing commercially available              ment processes. Another approach the DoD is studying            Boston. He supports the DON CIO in telecommunications and wireless
have the authority to make decisions on behalf of the organi­                     apps for use in the DoD network environment.                               is the bring-your-own-device model. With this approach,         strategy and policy.

48 CHIPS www.doncio.navy.mil/chips   Dedicated to Sharing Information - Technology - Experience                                                                                                                                                                             CHIPS April – June 2012 49

Compliant iT Solicitations

                                                                                                                                                                                 Provide a clear statement that the          »   Telecommunications products (§1194.23);
                                                                                                                                                                                 provisions of Section 508 do or do          »   Video and multimedia products (§1194.24);
                                                                                                                                                                                 not apply to the solicitation. It is im­    »   Self-contained or closed products (§1194.25); and
                                                                                                                                                              DO                 portant that the solicitation documen­
                                                                                                                                                                                 tation indicates if the deliverables to
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             »   Desktop and portable computers (§1194.26).

By Sherrian Finneran                                                                                                                                                             be acquired are electronic information      Indicate which information, documentation and support
                                                                                                                                                                                 technology (EIT) and subject to Section     requirements are applicable to the EIT contract deliverables.
                                                                                                                                                        508. In accordance with FAR 39.203, this determination is the        Solicitations for EIT equipment should identify whether infor­
                                                                                                                                                        responsibility of the agency.                                        mation, documentation and support requirements apply to
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             support the documentation and services provided by agencies
                                                                                                                                                        Indicate if an exception is being claimed. When claiming an ex­      to end users of the acquired EIT products.
                                                                                                                                                        ception as provided by the FAR 39.204, clearly specify this in the
                                                                                                                                                        solicitation and show which general exception is being claimed.      Specify applicable accessibility factors as evaluation criteria.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Solicitation evaluation should be based in part on the proposal
                                                                                                                                                        Request accessibility information from the responder.                responses to the identified Section 508 requirements and ac­
                                                                                                                                                        Potential vendors should be asked to provide information             cessibility considerations. Solicitations for EIT equipment should
                                                                                                                                                        about the accessibility of their EIT product through a Volunteer     specify accessibility factors as part of their evaluation criteria.
                                                                                                                                                        Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) or a Government Product
                                                                                                                                                        Accessibility Template (GPAT) (available on the Information          Specify accessibility factors as part of the acceptance criteria.
                                                                                                                                                        Technology Industry Council website at: www.itic.org).               Solicitations should include a statement indicating that supplies
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             or services delivered as a result of the solicitation will be re­
                                                                                                                                                        Indicate which technical standards in Subpart B of the               viewed to verify they meet accessibility requirements. Potential
                                                                                                                                                        Section 508 Standards Guide (www.section508.gov/docs/
               vendors need to be informed of these reviews and inspections.
                                                                                                                                                        Section%20508%20Standards%20Guide.pdf ) apply to the

                                                                                                                                                        EIT contract deliverables being procured, developed or 
             Create solicitation documents that are accessible. All docu­
                                                                                                                                                        maintained. The technical standards are: 
                           ments and attachments associated with an EIT solicitation
                                                                                                                                                        » Software applications and operating systems (§1194.21);
           should be in accessible format. A service-disabled veteran
                                                                                                                                                        » Web-based intranet and Internet information and
                   owned business or other disabled vendor may be able to fulfill
                                                                                                                                                             applications (§1194.22);                                        the solicitation requirements.

                                                                                                                                                                                Create solicitations that fail to refer­     can and should be requested from the vendor in the form of a
                                                                                                                                                                                ence Section 508. As noted above, it         VPAT or a GPAT.
                                                                                                                                                                                is a FAR requirement to state whether
                                                                                                                                                          DON’T                 Section 508 applies to the solicitation.
                                                                                                                                                                                Further, once a solicitation is posted on
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Request an accessibility certificate of compliance. Potential
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             vendors should be asked for proof of conformance with the
                                                                                                                                                                                FedBizOpps.Gov (www.fbo.gov/?s=opp           stated accessibility factor requirements through a VPAT or a GPAT.
                                                                                                                                                                                ortunity&mode=list&tab=list), it may be      A certifying body for Section 508 accessibility does not exist.

                                                                                                                                                        evaluated for Section 508 compliance by automated software.
        ccessible information technology is                                          Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act supports employment          Not mentioning Section 508 or referring to it in a vague, non­       Create inaccessible solicitation documents. A service-dis­
                                                                                  of people with disabilities, improves public access to govern­        specific manner may be detected.                                     abled veteran owned business or other disabled vendor may
        technology that can be used by peo­                                       ment IT, reduces the need for individual accommodations,                                                                                   be able to fulfill the solicitation requirements.
        ple with disabilities. Electronic docu­                                   encourages improvements in accessible design, increases the           Request a vendor to determine Section 508 exceptions.
                                                                                  availability of accessible products and raises general aware­         This is the responsibility of the agency and cannot be delegated     Additional information about Section 508 is available at
ments, websites, software, computers, kiosks                                      ness of disability issues. To comply with Section 508, it is essen­   to a vendor.                                                         www.section508.gov and the BuyAccessible.Gov website at
and other IT equipment that are inaccessible                                      tial to understand the law, the Section 508 standards (avail­                                                                              www.buyaccessible.gov. The BuyAccessible website assists
                                                                                  able on the U.S. Access Board website at: www.access-board.           Request a vendor to determine Section 508 relevance.                 federal agencies in determining when Section 508 applies
to people with disabilities essentially exclude                                   gov/508.htm) and the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)             This is the responsibility of the agency and cannot be delegated     to a particular purchase and helps in conducting market
                                                                                  both Subpart 7.103 and Subpart 39.2. Solicitations created            to a vendor.                                                         research for compliant vendors.
them from the technological advantages                                            by the federal government to procure, develop or maintain IT
enjoyed by people without disabilities who                                        equipment must comply with these requirements. To ensure              Request a vendor to determine Section 508 applicability.             Sherrian Finneran is the Department of the Navy Section 508
                                                                                  DON solicitations are compliant with Section 508, heed these          This is the responsibility of the agency. However, assistance        coordinator.
can easily access IT products.                                                    Dos and Don’ts.

50 CHIPS www.doncio.navy.mil/chips   Dedicated to Sharing Information - Technology - Experience                                                                                                                                                                         CHIPS April – June 2012 51
                                                                                                           Our iNDiviDuals aND eiGht teaMs Were hONOreD                               skills in designing and implementing
                                                                                                                                                                                      a private Internet Protocol address
                                                                                                           for their outstanding contributions to excellence in infor­                solution for the Defense Switched

                                                                                                           mation management/information technology during the                        Network Voice over Internet Protocol
                                                                                                                                                                                      network for Forward Operating Base
                                                                                                           Department of the Navy IT Conference, Jan. 24, in San Diego.               (FOB) Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan.
                                                                                                  The John J. Lussier Electromagnetic Spectrum Leadership award,                      The successful design led to the use of

                                                               of the
                                                                                                                                                                                      this same plan and execution strategy

                                                                                                  which recognizes superior achievement in electromagnetic spectrum                   by two other FOBs in Afghanistan.
                                                                                                  management and use, was also presented at the conference.
                                                                                                                                                                                      DebOrah OlsON, program man­
                                                                                                    The annual DON IM/IT Excellence Awards recognize IM/IT projects,                  ager, Marine Corps Enterprise Services
                                                                                                  teams and individuals that have helped to transform the Navy and                    for her superior management skills,
                                                                                                                                                                                      consolidating infrastructure support­
                                                                                                  Marine Corps through information technology.                                        ing legacy and virtual application
                                                                                                    DON Chief Information Officer Mr. Terry Halvorsen and DON                         services and data environments with
                                                                                                                                                                                      a common validation and inclusion
                                                                                                  Deputy CIO (Navy) Ms. Janice Haith recognized the following indi­                   process. The consolidation reduces
                                                                                                  viduals and teams for their hard work and dedication to furthering                  costs, improves access to enterprise

                                                                                                                                                                                      information and provides a collab­
                                                                                                  the DON’s IM/IT strategic goals.                                                    orative sharing environment. Olson
                                                                                                                                                                                      also delivered the first Marine Corps

                                                                                                                                                                                      instance of a validated and accred­
                                                                                                                                                                                      ited cloud computing environment
                                                                                                  DaviD GreeN, senior level chief          program for the U.S. Marine Corps          through the achievement of the
                                                                                                  technology advisor, Headquarters         TFITS Program Office portfolio, which      Marine Corps Enterprise Information
                                                                                                  Marine Corps/C4 for his visionary        includes 62 projects sponsored by          Technology Services Initial Operating
                                                                                                  leadership and support in the de­        seven Marine Corps organizations           Capability in July 2011.
                                                                                                  velopment of an enterprise archi­        and more than 600 software releases
                                                                                                  tecture five-year strategic plan and     annually with possible IA impact.          CeNter fOr iNfOrMatiON
                                                                                                  in overseeing the new Marine Corps       Through his efforts, the program office    DOMiNaNCe (CiD) iNfOrMatiON

                                                      winners                                     IT Procurement Request/Review
                                                                                                  Approval System, which facilitates
                                                                                                  enterprise level visibility of Marine
                                                                                                                                           achieved 100 percent compliance
                                                                                                                                           with the DoD Information Assurance
                                                                                                                                           Certification and Accreditation process
                                                                                                                                                                                      systeMs teChNiCiaN Of the
                                                                                                                                                                                      future (itOf) teaM for develop­
                                                                                                                                                                                      ing a DON $134 million fully re-
                                                                                                  Corps procurement requests. In 2011      and dramatically improved its percent­     sourced and implemented phased
                                                                                                  the system facilitated the review        age of fully accredited projects. Kelley   IT/IA workforce strategic training
                                                                                                  of more than 6,800 IT procurement        managed the improvement of the             solution that expertly balanced com­
                                                                                                  requests totaling more than $1.1         Federal Information Security Manage­       plex training requirements, captured
                                                                                                  billion, achieving a cost avoidance of   ment Act from 24 percent compliance        and realigned enduring assets, and
                                                                                                  more than $150 million.                  in early 2011 to 84 percent compliance     secured funding to further DoD/
                                                                                                                                           as of August 2011.                         DON IM/IT strategic goals. Team CID
                                                                                                  Peter Kelley, U.S. Marine Corps                                                     designed and deployed an expand­
                            By the Don enterprise it communications team                          Information Assurance (IA) Manager,      Chief WarraNt OffiCer (CWO)                able virtual lab network infrastruc­
                                                                                                  Total Force Information Technology       2 rafael MasalbalaDejO, U.S.               ture accepted as the Navy enterprise
                                                                                                  System (TFITS) for his outstanding       Marine Corps Network Operations            solution that provided cost savings
                                                                                                  performance in managing the IA           and Systems Officer for his exceptional    in hardware, technical refresh and

52 CHIPS www.doncio.navy.mil/chips   Dedicated to Sharing Information - Technology - Experience                                                                                                      CHIPS April – June 2012 53
life cycle maintenance support                         to mitigate the impact of lost spec­       perseverance in guiding multiple or­      Security System (HBSS) to afloat SIPR     spectrum processes and policies that     DaN DelGrOssO, director, naval
estimated at $6.2 million across the                   trum and increased interference to         ganizations to provide Navy Reserve       networks and deploying HBSS to 348        benefit all DON commands within the      networks and enterprise services,
Future Years Defense Program.                          commercial wireless service providers.     Wi-Fi access to Navy Reserve Sailors      U.S. Navy and Military Sealift Com­       PACOM AOR.                               Office of the Department of the Navy
                                                                                                  at the operational level. The NNWF        mand platforms in an unprecedented          The John J. Lussier Electromagnetic    Chief Information Officer.
CeNter fOr seal aND sPeCial                            Naval NetWOrK eNterPrise                   project is the first DoD/DON approved     timeline of less than eight months.       Spectrum Leadership Award is named
Warfare COMbataNt-Craft                                PaCifiC (NNe PaCifiC) seNiOr               wide-scale deployment of commer­          The team ultimately provided train­       for the former DON Principal Deputy      briG. GeN. KeviN Nally, Depart­
CreWMaN (CeNsealsWCC) iM/                              Chief iNfOrMatiON systeMs                  cial Wi-Fi to operational sites for the   ing to 762 fleet operational and sup­     Chief Information Officer who lost       ment of the Navy Deputy Chief
it teaM for significantly increasing                   teChNiCiaN (itCs) (seal) DaNiel            purpose of completing mission and         port personnel.                           his courageous battle with cancer in     Information Officer, U.S. Marine
the commanders’ knowledge man­                         healy COMMuNiCatiONs CeN­                  readiness related tasking. The solution                                             June 2009. Lussier was an advocate       Corps.
agement (KM) capability by provid­                     ter for outstanding achievement in         provides secure and reliable access to    rObert MarCial received the John          for protecting the DON’s equities in
ing the ability to extract timely and                  planning, leading and executing the        Navy Selected Reserve members for         J. Lussier Electromagnetic Spectrum       the electromagnetic spectrum and         CaPt. MartiN M. MiNNiCh,
accurate data on the operational                       successful transition of Pacific region    less money than other alternatives.       Leadership Award in recognition of his    advancing the DON’s strategic vision     communications officer, Marine
characteristics of their units and                     naval and joint telecommunications                                                   superior performance as chief, Pacific    for spectrum. This award is presented    Corps Air Station Iwakuni.
individuals within their units, enhanc­                and information technology services        Naval NetWOrK Warfare COM­                Joint Frequency Management Office,        to an individual who demonstrates
ing organizational efficiency and                      to the ITCS (SEAL) Daniel Healy Com­       MaND/fleet Cyber COMMaND/                 Pacific Command (PACOM). Marcial          superior achievement in Navy and
operational effectiveness by improv­                   munications Center, orchestrating          PrOGraM exeCutive OffiCe                  was recognized for his visionary          Marine Corps electromagnetic spec­
ing the commanders’ employment of                      and executing the largest and most         fOr eNterPrise iNfOrMatiON                leadership and foresight in identifying   trum management and use.
their units’ human capital. Addition­                  complex theater-wide communica­            systeMs/sPaCe aND Naval War­              critical spectrum-related requirements
ally, leveraging an existing enterprise                tions shift ever undertaken in the U.S.    fare systeMs COMMaND (NNWC/               in the Pacific Area of Responsibility
IM/IT system saved time and money,                     Navy’s history. The new ITCS (SEAL)        fCC/PeO-eis/sPaWar) C2 iNfOr-             (AOR) and developing innovative solu­
improved the KM of Naval Special                       Daniel Healy Communications Center,        MatiON MaNaGeMeNt teaM [fOr               tions to those requirements.
Warfare commanders, increased                          which provides automated real-time         COMMaND aND CONtrOl Of the                   In 2011, Marcial headed the Pacific
mission effectiveness and improved                     situational awareness and dynamic,         Navy MariNe COrPs iNtraNet                Joint Frequency Management Office
electronic records management.                         agile management of Pacific C4I            (NMCi) thrOuGh the CONtiNuity             through some of the most tumultu­
                                                       networks, will be better positioned to     Of serviCes CONtraCt (COsC)]              ous months in PACOM’s recent history.     Also, five information technology
N2/N6 eNterPrise eleCtrOMaG-                           meet Pacific theater conflict plans and    for outstanding contributions on an       His leadership during PACOM’s relief      leaders from the DON were among
NetiC eNvirONMeNtal effeCts                            operational plans well into the future.    information management project            efforts for Japan during Operation        this year’s Federal 100 Award winners.
aND sPeCtruM MaNaGeMeNt                                                                           that resulted in the development and      Tomodachi (initiated as a result of the   Federal Computer Week magazine
teaM for its efforts on the Electro­                   DePartMeNt Of the Navy (DON)               implementation of command and             earthquake and tsunami) ensured           presents the award to 100 govern­
magnetic Spectrum Usage Roadmap,                       eNterPrise sOftWare liCeNsiNG,             control (C2) processes for the NMCI.      that spectrum control was complete        ment and industry leaders who have
which will ensure warfighter access                    sOftWare asset MaNaGeMeNt                  The effort resulted in the integration    and thorough, removing impedi­            played pivotal roles in effecting
to critical electromagnetic spectrum                   aND tOOls (esl aM&t) iPt for               of government and vendor processes        ments that threatened to delay the        change, progress and efficiency in
resources, and the National Broad­                     the exceptional efforts of a diverse       at key flow points; common under­         relief effort.                            determining how the federal govern­
band Plan, which established an enter­                 group of Navy and Marine Corps mili­       standing of data and information by          The ultimate result of this effort     ment acquires, develops and man­
prise process to assess the technical,                 tary and civilian personnel, who col­      C2 personnel; increased transparency      was Mercury, the world’s first multina­   ages IT. The 2012 DON Fed 100 Award
operational and financial impacts and                  laborated and delivered four options       in network status; and the integra­       tional online spectrum coordination       winners are:
feasibility of reallocating military and               for implementation of a net-centric        tion of the “Operational Layer” and       tool. In its first year of development,
federal radio frequencies. The team’s                  enterprise solution for IT asset man­      “Global Tactical” for network actions     Mercury is set to become a local          russell C. COleMaN, lead systems
effort ensured that Navy capabilities                  agement that could save the DON 10         supporting the warfighter and the         standard for spectrum planning in         engineer, Space and Naval Warfare
for training were not compromised,                     to 30 percent per annum within its IT      network operator.                         disaster-relief operations by nations     Systems Center Atlantic, Charleston,
resulting in minimum initial cost                      asset spending.                                                                      in PACOM’s AOR. Marcial’s significant     S.C.
avoidance of more than $2.3 billion to                                                            tasK fOrCe NiMble Matrix                  contributions also include leadership
develop new off-shore training ranges                  Navy reserve fOrCe Navy                    (tfNM) (hbss aCCeleratiON)                initiatives such as improved spectrum     CMDr. raNDy DarrOW, director,
and minimum annual recurring cost                      OPeratiONal suPPOrt CeNter                 teaM for its innovative approach to       education and awareness, coordi­          enterprise services, Office of the
avoidance of more than $300 million                    NNWf teaM for the team’s superior          meeting the Chief of Naval Opera­         nation activities with senior-level       Department of the Navy Chief Infor­
to train naval forces farther off shore                leadership, technical acumen and           tion’s mandate to field the Host Based    foreign nation military personnel, and    mation Officer.

54 CHIPS www.doncio.navy.mil/chips   Dedicated to Sharing Information - Technology - Experience                                                                                                                                              CHIPS April – June 2012 55
From Wounded Warrior                                                                                    The DON is committed to meeting
                                                                                                        the goals of Executive Order 13548,
                                                                                                                                                            SPAWAR says 7% of all new                                                                         Getting the greatest
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              generation back to
                                                                                                                                                            hires will be Wounded Warriors
to Civilian Employee
                                                                                                        Increasing Federal Employment
                                                                                                        of Individuals with Disabilities, by                                                                                                                  school and work
                                                                                                        implementing efforts to increase
“Wounded Warriors are, by definition, tenacious and resilient. They are leaders                         recruitment, hiring and retention of                By Tina C. Stillions, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command Public Affairs
and doers.”

                                                                                                        individuals with disabilities, including
  – Juan Garcia, Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Manpower and Reserve Affairs)                         disabled veterans and wounded warriors                       pace and Naval Warfare                Regional Maintenance Center; Gerry             large corporations to small businesses
                                                                                                                                                                     Systems Command (SPAWAR)              Borja, wounded warrior internship              and nonprofits, participated in the
                                                                                                                                                                     and Naval Medical Center San          lead for Qualcomm; Trevor Blair from           networking portion of the event.

            edical advances have allowed             million Americans living with disabilities.        veterans may include: gunshot wounds,               Diego hosted a senior leadership panel         Manpower; and Justin Casido from Booz          Representatives from Qualcomm,
            combat wounded service                   There are currently more than 13,000               burns, amputations, paralysis, blast inju­          discussion and networking forum for            Allen Hamilton.                                Lockheed Martin, Booz Allen Hamilton,
            members to obtain medical                DON employees who have self-identified             ries and sensory impairments (e.g., hear­           wounded warriors and service members              The question and answer portion of          Major Innovations, Soltek Pacific and the
treatment faster and closer to the point             as having a disability. The DON is com­            ing and sight). Some hidden disabilities            transitioning to civilian life March 15.       the discussion included a broad range          Workshop for Warriors were just some
of injury which has resulted in increased            mitted to meeting the goals of Executive           may include PTSD and TBI.                              The event is the second in a series         of topics, from resume preparation and         of the organizations providing advice or
survival rates for our servicemen and                Order 13548, Increasing Federal Employ­               The DON is committed to support­                 of events SPAWAR is spearheading               various benefits for businesses hiring         employment opportunities.
women. This means more men and                       ment of Individuals with Disabilities, by          ing individuals with disabilities, which            to provide employment support and              veterans to the advantages of using               "The main goal of this networking
women are returning home, and some                   implementing efforts to increase recruit­          includes both disabled veterans and                 mentoring opportunities for San Diego          social media to find work.                     event is to connect warriors to
are returning with disabilities. Many are            ment, hiring, and retention of individuals         wounded warriors. The DON has imple­                area wounded warriors. The event                  Members of the local hiring                 opportunities," said Mark McLain, the
reintegrating into civilian life and seeking         with disabilities. Part of the DON’s com­          mented an effective reasonable accom­               included a panel discussion with SPAWAR        community said that more than 80               event organizer for SPAWAR. "Many of
employment. Some are living with visible             mitment to increasing employment of                modation policy which can be located at             and industry leaders and a networking          percent of businesses will do a Google         the businesses here have some sort of
and invisible wounds due to the uncon­               individuals with disabilities, includes hir­       the following website: www.public.navy.             session comprised of members of local          search on a job applicant or will check        veteran hiring program. They are here
ventional nature of current conflicts.               ing of our wounded warriors.                       mil/donhr/eeo/ResourceLibrary/Pages/                businesses to discuss veteran hiring           various social networking sites to see         today because they care about our
   Today, employers are looking for indi­                                                               InstructionsandGuidance.aspx.                       programs, internships and employment           if the candidate would be a good fit           wounded warriors and want to provide
viduals who are mission and team-ori­                Transition to the Civilian Workforce                  Creating a supportive and conducive              opportunities.                                 within their organization. The panel           assistance to the men and women who
ented leaders with a variety of skills and           and Common Combat-related                          workplace environment promotes inclu­                                                              was in agreement that when it came             served their country and now need
experience gained from their military ser­           Disabilities                                       sive practices.                                     Mentoring, Coaching, Leading                   to finding employment the key is in            career guidance and partners for the
vice. Our veterans bring this to the civilian                                                                                                                  SPAWAR Commander, Rear Adm.                 preparation and taking advantage of            next chapter in their working lives. It's
workplace. The Department of the Navy                   Service members have experienced                The guide, From Wounded Warrior to                  Patrick Brady opened the session               the employment programs available              great to be able to provide that kind of
has issued a quick reference guide, "From            increased survival rates; yet, many are            Civilian Employee, is available from the            held at the wounded warrior barracks           to veterans and transitioning service          support."
Wounded Warrior to Civilian Employee,"               returning with physical and psychologi­            Department of the Navy Chief Information            auditorium at Naval Medical Center San         members.                                          According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor
for employers, managers and supervisors              cal disabilities. Some physical disabilities       Officer website at www.doncio.navy.mil/             Diego (also known as Balboa Hospital).            SPAWAR developed the event as part          Statistics, the unemployment rate for
which provides information on how to                 that are common to combat exposed                  PolicyView.aspx?ID=3800.                            He compared the new generation of              of its hiring initiative to ensure 7 percent   young veterans ages 18 to 24 was more
successfully support veterans who have                                                                                                                      injured and recovering service members         of all its new hires in 2012 are wounded       than 30 percent in 2011. Part of the
transitioned to the civilian workplace.                                                                                                                     with the "greatest generation," a term         warriors, which is a subset of the broader     problem for young veterans seeking
   Specific areas addressed in the guide                                                                                                                    first coined by Tom Brokaw in his book,        group of wounded, ill and injured, said        work is that they entered service right
include the DON's commitment to indi­                                                                                                                       "The Greatest Generation," where he            Cmdr. George Byrd, SPAWAR's wounded            out of high school and often lack the
viduals with disabilities and wounded                                                                                                                       wrote about the sacrifices and bravery of      warrior program manager.                       formal education sometimes necessary
warriors, as well as post-traumatic stress                                                                                                                  the World War II generation.                      "Our strategy on hiring wounded             to succeed in today's competitive job
disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain injury                                                                                                                        "I really think your generation is one of   warriors is more proactive than it was         market. Wounded warriors, many with
(TBI), suicide prevention and response,                                                                                                                     the greatest, so first I want to say thank     in previous years," said Byrd, who is also     life-altering disabilities, may face an
disability etiquette for the workforce,                                                                                                                     you for your service," Brady said. "Events     the wounded warrior San Diego regional         even more difficult challenge due to
handling leave requests, retention strat­                                                                                                                   like this are important because you didn't     coordinator. "Most of our wounded, ill         their injuries and need for physical
egies, workplace accommodations, and                                                                                                                        become a member of our Navy or Marine          and injured population in the region are       accommodation on the job.
additional resources.                                                                                                                                       Corps on your own and for those of us          between the ages of 19 and 25 and have            Wounded warriors attending the
   Equality of opportunity is recognized                                                                                                                    here today we know how important it is         not gone to college and may not have           event were hopeful and found value in
as an essential element of readiness and                                                                                                                    to help you transition from your military      the technical credentials necessary to get     the panel discussion and networking
is vital in retaining a top-quality work­                                                                                                                   life back into civilian life again. We are     a job in San Diego — a tech-savvy town         opportunities. When asked why he
force to accomplish the DON’s strategic                                                                                                                     here to show you what is possible and          with a lower than the national average         attended the event, Marine Corps
mission. The DON’s policy is to provide                                                                                                                     to do what we can to help put you on a         unemployment rate."                            veteran Marcus Chischilly, a Marine
reasonable accommodation to quali­                                                                                                                          path to get there."                               SPAWAR's goal is to help warriors find      currently participating in a radiology
fied employees and applicants with                                                                                                                             Brady was part of a senior leader panel     other paths to their next career through       internship, said he attended to find out
disabilities.                                                                                                                                               that included Marty Brown, deputy              the myriad programs, internships,              the types of jobs and programs available
   An effective reasonable accommoda­                                                                                                                       director for the SPAWAR fleet readiness        training and mentoring opportunities           for veterans.
tion policy is an important aspect of the                                                                                                                   directorate; Dan Slack, wounded warrior        that are available to them from a variety         Chischilly lost his left leg in
DON’s commitment to create employ­                   VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (Sept. 9, 2011) A Sailor greets wounded warriors and veterans participating        lead for SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific;        of government, nonprofit and private           Afghanistan last year when an
ment opportunities for individuals with              in a Warrior Ride at Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-Fort Story. The ride is in remembrance of   Gabriel Castleberry, wounded warrior           industry organizations.                        improvised explosive device detonated
disabilities. There are approximately 54             the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. U.S. Navy photo by Spencer R. Layne.     program manager for the Southwest                 More than 15 businesses, from               near him, "The difficulty for me is the
56 CHIPS www.doncio.navy.mil/chips   Dedicated to Sharing Information - Technology - Experience                                                                                                                                                                             CHIPS April – June 2012 57
physical aspect. I'm somewhat limited in
what I can do. My hope is that I can find
                                                        "As you go through your studies and
                                                     careers, you have to think competitively,                                                     nCtAms lAnt suPPorts Joint trAining AnD oPErAtions
something I like and enjoy. This is a great          and you have to think about what other
opportunity to see what's available."                gifts you can bring to the workforce,"                                                        CommuniCations professionals ensure smooth sailing in Bold alligator 2012
                                                     Metzger said. "You will need that business
Back to School for Opportunities                     edge to be successful."
in STEM Carreers                                        Metzger added that the PEO C4I's                                                           By Lt. Peter J. Beardsley
                                                     success in moving capabilites to the
  In December 2011, SPAWAR and                       fleet is the result of three priorities:                                                         Bold Alligator 2012, the largest Navy/      messaging and video communications                    the diligent operations and reporting
San Diego State University hosted                    controlling contracting costs; contracting                                                    Marine Corps amphibious exercise in the        systems for command and control during                between NCTAMS LANT’s messaging and
a panel discussion and networking                    for technology that can be delivered          SPAWAR Commander Rear Adm. Patrick Brady        past 10 years, tested the limits of naval      each phase of the exercise, including capa­           tech control divisions, as well as the UAR­
forum for veteran and wounded                        today; and funding stability. He told the     engages the audience at a STEM event in         equipment, personnel and training. Naval       bilities from the Defense Satellite Com­              NOC, the regional IP service provider for
warrior students studying for careers in             audience they will have to be able to         December 2011.                                  Computer and Telecommunications Area           munications System (DSCS), Commercial                 the ships and the satellite Earth stations
science, technology, engineering and                 understand cost models to make sound                                                          Master Station Atlantic (NCTAMS LANT)          Broadband Satellite Program (CBSP) and                responsible for the physical receipt and
mathematics. Held on the SDSU campus,                business decisions as STEM professionals.     The United States is ranked a                   was a key player in the exercise providing     all IP services. There was continuous plan­           transmission of the electromagnetic sig­
the event gave veteran-owned small                      The Navy is competing with industry                                                        vital communications links for command         ning and coordination between the war-                nals between ships and shore.
                                                                                                   disappointing 27th out of 30 for
businesses an opportunity to mentor                  for technical talent. Statistics show only                                                    and control of operating forces.               fighting platforms and communication                     The NCTAMS LANT messaging division
students, while SPAWAR representatives               6 percent of U.S. high school seniors         college graduates with STEM                        To give you an idea of the scale of         providers due to the complexities of the              manages regional naval messaging sys­
provided information on doing business               will earn a bachelor of science degree                                                        BA12 and the complexity of communica­          communications involved. NCTAMS LANT                  tems. The division operates such IP-based
with SPAWAR to small business owners.                in a STEM field. The United States is         degrees in developed countries.                 tions, consider that exercise participants     advised operational commanders within                 systems as Fleet SIPRNET Messaging
  Rear Adm. Brady emphasized the                     ranked a disappointing 27th out of 30                                                         included two submarines, 25 ships, 120         BA12 about support that the regional                  (FSM), the Navy Regional Enterprise Mes­
benefits of networking. He said that                 for college graduates with STEM degrees       Engaging with Small Business                    aircraft, 20,000 Sailors and Marines, along    shore communications facilities, such                 saging System (NREMS) and Navy Inter­
networking is a two-way street. Students             in developed countries. Further, the            SPAWAR is an advocate for small               with forces and assets from eight other        as the Unified Atlantic Region Network                face for Command Email (NICE), as well
learn what companies are looking for in              U.S. shortage in STEM professionals is        business opportunities. In fiscal year          countries.                                     Operations Center (UARNOC), NAVSAT­                   as legacy systems, such as the Common
new hires and can align their education              expected to worsen because of the aging       2010, it obligated approximately $1.2              Embedded within their participa­            COMMFAC Northwest and NCTS Naples                     User Digital Information Exchange Sys­
and military experience for success.                 Defense Department workforce since 30         billion, or roughly 20 percent of the           tion in BA12 were the Enterprise Carrier       could provide, especially in the areas of             tem (CUDIXS) and Fleet Broadcast. The
In the same way, small businesses can                percent of DoD's science and technology       command's total obligation authority,           Strike Group's Joint Task Force Exercise       messaging, IP services, voice nets and                NCTAMS LANT tech control division ter­
interface with the future workforce and              professionals are expected to retire by       to small businesses. It depends on the          and Composite Unit Exercise; the Iwo           video. NCTAMS LANT also worked closely                minates and troubleshoots RF communi­
the educational institutions that are                2020.                                         interoperability and non-proprietary            Jima and 24th MEU certification exercise;      with afloat units, embarked Marine Corps              cations circuits, including but not limited
preparing them.                                         SDSU has approximately 1,100 veterans      solutions provided by small business to         and Riverine Group 1 Maritime Security         units, combatant commanders and the                   to those used for IP services.
  "Networking is like ballroom dancing,"             currently enrolled. SDSU hosts the Joan       ensure that cutting-edge technology is          Operations Ready certification by Navy         U.S. Air Force 527th Space Aggressor                     NCTAMS LANT’s Joint Fleet Telecom­
Brady said. "You can't do it alone, and you          and Art Barron Veterans Center (http://       available for the Navy.                         Expeditionary Combat Command. These            Squadron.                                             munications Operations Center (JFTOC)
may not be very good in the beginning,               arweb.sdsu.edu/es/veterans/) and ranks          The small business program at SPAWAR          pre-deployment exercises are designed             The success of the communications in               watch officer, the central point of contact
but with practice it gets easier and you             30th among 100 universities nationwide        provides training, advice, guidance and         to forge individual units into a cohesive      BA12, and the other embedded exercises,               for communications and troubleshooting
get better at it."                                   for services offered to military veterans.    innovative strategies to ensure those           fighting force.                                would not have been possible without                  within the Atlantic, Mediterranean and
  A panel discussion followed Brady's                   The staff at the Veterans Center does      quality solutions are available, while at the      The exercise scenario combined syn­
opening remarks with participation from              everything from helping coordinate            same time maximizing opportunities for          thetic and live training which allowed         ATLANTIC OCEAN (Feb. 4, 2012) The aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (CVN 65), left, and the Arleigh Burke-
SPAWAR senior leadership and private                 psychological counseling for veterans         small businesses, as required by the Small      units to meet their training objectives.       class guided-missile destroyers USS Porter (DDG 78) and USS Cole (DDG 67) are underway participat­
industry. Participants included Tim                  who might need it, to managing the            Business Act and Federal Acquisition            BA12 included three large-scale events         ing in exercise Bold Alligator 2012. Bold Alligator, the largest naval amphibious exercise in the past 10
                                                                                                                                                                                                  years, represents the Navy and Marine Corps' revitalization of the full range of amphibious operations.
Dowd, contracts director for SPAWAR;                 nation's first on-campus housing reserved     Regulation.                                     within the exercise: an amphibious
                                                                                                                                                                                                  The exercise focuses on today's fight with today's forces, while showcasing the advantages of seabas­
John Metzger, acquisition manager in                 exclusively for veterans.                       As the Navy's information dominance           assault at Camp Lejeune, N.C.; an aerial       ing. This exercise takes place Jan. 30 through Feb. 12, 2012 afloat and ashore in and around Virginia
the Program Executive Office, Command,                  Because the unemployment rate for          systems command, SPAWAR participates            assault from the sea into Fort Pickett, Va.;   and North Carolina. U.S. Navy photo by Boatswain's Mate 2nd Class Alfredo R. Martinez II.
Control, Communications, Computers                   veterans ages 18 to 24 hovered around         regularly in events and programs for            and an amphibious raid on Fort Story, Va.
and Intelligence (PEO C4I); Will                     a startling 30 percent in 2011, it is         students with a goal of inspiring and              Units were required to demonstrate
Nevilles, senior vice president of INDUS             anticipated that college attendance will      preparing young men and women                   their ability to effectively carry out their
Technologies; Benito Hobson, director                increase as many leave the service and        for STEM careers with the federal               missions in a challenging communica­
of business development for Integrits                have difficulty finding work.                 government.                                     tions environment, which involved close
Corp.; and Joe Bulger, senior business                  According to SDSU's College of                                                             coordination and execution with NCTAMS
development manager for SPAWAR                       Engineering, veterans are twice as likely      Facebook : www.facebook.com/                   LANT and other shore facilities, such as
programs, Lockheed Martin.                           to go into engineering careers than other      spaceandnavalwarfaresystemscommand             NCTAMS PAC, Naval Computer and Tele­
  Panel members shared perspectives                  disciplines.                                                                                  communications Station (NCTS) Naples
on success strategies and skills necessary              "I spent time in Guam and when I            Twitter : http://twitter.                      and the Naval Satellite Communications
to compete in today's tough job market.              returned to California, it was hard to find    com/#!/SPAWARHQ                                Facility Northwest in Virginia.
Top strategies discussed included the                a job," said James Sparks, a veteran and                                                         Among other capabilities, NCTAMS
importance of vigorous networking,                   SDSU engineering student. "I thought           Flickr : www.flickr.com/                       LANT provided the connectivity for alter­
thinking competitively, working as a team            there would be more job security in an         photos/teamspawar/                             nate secure and non-secure Internet Pro­
and understanding the cost of doing                  engineering field, so I decided to go back                                                    tocol (IP) service paths and ultra high fre­
business.                                            to school and enrolled here at State."         YouTube : www.youtube.com/                     quency (UHF) voice nets.
                                                                                                                                                      NCTAMS LANT provided the data, voice,
58 CHIPS www.doncio.navy.mil/chips   Dedicated to Sharing Information - Technology - Experience                                                                                                                                                                               CHIPS April – June 2012 59
Indian Ocean regions, maintained care­
ful coordination with operators and area
                                                     Chief Warrant
                                                     Officer 3 Terrill
                                                                                                                                                          The War of 1812                                                   From Our Flag Was Still There.org

                                                     Stafford and En­
supervisors. The JFTOC watch officer                 sign Adria Hicks                                                                                        From 2012 to 2015, the United States Navy and its partners,            Today, one of those
ensured that operators at the supporting             on watch in the                                                                                      the U.S. Marine Corps and Coast Guard, will commemorate the           first six frigates
shore commands were properly execut­                 NCTAMS LANT                                                                                          Bicentennial of the War of 1812 and the writing of our National       that 200 years ago
ing the requirements of the exercise.                Joint Fleet Tele­                                                                                    Anthem, the Star Spangled Banner. It is remarkable that 200           fought in the War
Furthermore, JFTOC was responsible                   communications                                                                                       years ago, the first declared war in our nation’s history was         of 1812, the USS
for tracking the real-time communica­                Operations Cen­                                                                                      fought against the nation (now two nations, the United Kingdom        Constitution,       is
tions capabilities and limitations of the            ter, the central                                                                                     and Canada) which have become our closest allies. Many things         still a commissioned
                                                     point of contact
units involved, as well as informing the                                                                                                                  change in 200 years, but what doesn’t change is the importance        ship in the U.S. Navy.
                                                     for communica­
NCTAMS LANT chain of command of rel­                 tions within the                                                                                     of sea power in the affairs of maritime nations.                      She is a tangible link
evant changes in capabilities.                       Atlantic, Mediter­                                                                                      Since its birth in 1776, the United States has always been a       to those critical events
   BA12 was designed to challenge the                ranean and                                                                                           maritime nation, which means that unobstructed access to              in our nation’s history, and
operational commanders as well as the                Indian Ocean                                                                                         and free use of the world’s oceans are essential to our national      anchors one end of the arcs
operating forces. As part of the scenario,           regions. NCTAMS                                                                                      welfare and prosperity. That’s what the United States went to         of technological change
Commander Strike Force Training Atlan­               LANT provides                                                                                        war in 1812 to defend, and that is what the U.S. Navy has been        just described. As such,
tic (CSFTL) laid the blueprint for just how          classified and unclassified messaging, voice, data and video to Navy, joint and coalition units.     protecting ever since.                                                she invites attention to
and when communications outages                                                                                                                              Why is keeping the seas free so important? Here are a few          the intangible lessons of the War of 1812 that have shaped,
would occur to force units to quickly                the only SHF IP path, maintaining the                of services attack, closed ports, denial of     facts about the world:                                                and must continue to shape, the nation’s sea services today
come up with alternatives. For example, if           EHF IP path becomes more important.                  UHF voice nets or unplanned outages,               ✔ 70 percent of the world is covered by the oceans.                and in the future. The traditions, customs, and norms of the
super high frequency (SHF) IP platforms              To this end, NCTAMS LANT, the regional               ships’ personnel kept their chains of com­         ✔ 80 percent of the world’s people live near the oceans.           U.S. Navy in the 21st century were laid down in the War of 1812.
were denied, there was an extremely                  provider of secure and non-secure voice,             mand informed of their communications              ✔ 90 percent of all international trade travels on the oceans.     The outstanding Navy commanders of the War of 1812, such
high frequency (EHF) platform available.             messaging, video and data platforms                  capabilities and limitations.                      ✔ 95 percent of all global communications are transported under    as Stephen Decatur, Isaac Hull, Oliver Hazard Perry, Thomas
If an UHF command net was lost, EHF or               to surface, subsurface, air and ground                  Providers, such as NCTAMS LANT               the oceans.                                                           Macdonough, Charles Morris and others, set benchmarks for
Iridium satellite phones could be used for           forces, instituted watch stander reporting           and NCTS Naples, NAVSATCOMMFAC                     Looking at those numbers, one begins to understand the             leadership, seamanship and innovation that shape and inform
secure point-to-point communications.                procedures for leadership in the chain of            Lago di Patria, Italy, NAVSATCOMMFAC            immense importance of ensuring the freedom of the oceans              the officer corps of America’s Navy today.
   The ability to quickly switch from one            command to keep them informed of the                 Northwest, UARNOC, the Landstuhl                with capable and effective sea services.                                  The performance of America’s Sailors and Marines in that
communications method to another is                  rapidly changing capabilities and limita­            Global Information Grid Facility, NCTS             The piracy off the Horn of Africa that emerged in the first        war, fighting always against great odds and in great peril, set
important because capabilities in real               tions of exercise participants.                      Bahrain, and commercial satellite pro­          decades of the 21st century reminds us of the 18th century            the standards proudly met by our ships’ crews over the last 200
operating environments can be lost or                   Operators and their supervisors paid              viders located in Holmdel, N.J., and            Barbary Coast pirates and the threat they posed to our nation         years and today.
denied by enemy forces at any time, and              special attention to how unplanned out­              Fuchsstadt, Germany, tracked anomalies          in its early years. In response to that threat, the United States         Ultimately, the commemoration of the Bicentennial of the War
the various frequencies and methods of               ages and weather-related problems could              and responded via troubleshooting pro­          commissioned six frigates, built up and down the Atlantic coast       of 1812 is a salute to all of our Sailors and Marines who fought so
communications cannot be used at the                 degrade communications capabilities.                 cedures, communications spot reports            from New Hampshire to Virginia. Since America’s Navy began            gallantly against great odds in that conflict, in all of our nation’s
same time, therefore, communications                 For example, rain may cause outages for              (COMSPOT) and service advisories to             with those first six frigates, American sea power has been            conflicts between then and now, and those who are today
professionals must be able to quickly                equipment operating in EHF, which might              units reporting problems.                       essential to countering threats, winning wars and furthering the      defending freedom around the world — from the mountains of
assess a lost connection, rapidly restore it,        be used as an alternate IP path in the                  The vigilant maintenance of the com­         interests of peace and prosperity worldwide.                          Afghanistan to the coasts of Africa to the Straits of Hormuz —
or come up with an alternative.                      event of an SHF outage. Heavy winds and              munications links between ship and                 Our sea services team and its capabilities are absolutely          and standing ready to provide compassionate humanitarian aid
   NCTAMS LANT and its subordinate                   heavy seas may inhibit a ship’s or shore             shore demonstrated that even in a less          critical to our nation’s security. We learned that lesson first and   from Haiti to Japan to wherever catastrophe strikes.
commands, NCTS Naples and NCTS Bah­                  facility’s ability to track a satellite. There­      than ideal communications environment,          well during the War of 1812, and that tuition is worth reviewing          The Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard reflect the quality
rain, and NAVSATCOMMFAC Northwest,                   fore, watch standers at NCTAMS LANT                  the command and control capability              again as we commemorate the war’s bicentennial over the next          of the people that served over the last 200 years, and the tens
UARNOC and the commercial SHF provid­                are always mindful of any conditions that            of shore commanders is not lost, nor is         several years.                                                        of thousands of Sailors and Marines now making sacrifices
ers shared tasks relating to the planned             may disrupt communications.                          the ability to actively troubleshoot and           To say a lot has changed in the last 200 years is an obvious       every day, something that America can be very grateful has not
outages and provided procedures to                      To ensure successful communications               restore communications circuits.                understatement. In 1812 America’s Navy operated wooden                changed over the past 200 years.
prevent disruption. Procedures included              between units, NCTAMS LANT embed­                       Results of exercises demonstrated the        ships; now it operates steel ships and is working on constructing         If America remembers the lessons of the naval war of 1812,
testing the connectivity of existing cir­            ded junior enlisted personnel and officers           ability of joint U.S. amphibious units to       ships of futuristic synthetic materials. The sails powered by wind    lessons paid for with the lives of Sailors and Marines, then
cuit trunks and ensuring non-disruption              on board the USS Enterprise (CVN 65) and             effectively operate in a challenging com­       in 1812 have given way consecutively to steam (from coal and          America can be confident that the nation will always answer
by instructing operators how to maintain             USS Iwo Jima (LHD 7). This enabled both              munications environment with both U.S.          then oil), to gas turbines, to nuclear energy — and in the future     Francis Scott Key’s question in the affirmative: Oh, say does that
connectivity and verify that alternate cir­          the ships’ and NCTAMS LANT’s personnel               and international military forces. The high     to green energy sources.                                              Star-Spangled Banner yet wave O’er the land of the free, and
cuit trunks were in place in the event of            to learn firsthand about the communica­              visibility of the exercises, which included        In 1812, the Navy’s situational awareness was limited to the       the home of the brave?
a circuit outage where outages were not              tions and troubleshooting capabilities of            national and international media cover­         horizon of visibility from the top of the tallest mast on a ship.         Beginning in April 2012 and continuing through 2015, the
planned.                                             one another and to refine the reporting              age, embarked Congressional leaders and         Today, America’s Navy enjoys instantaneous communications to          Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard will commemorate the
   NCTAMS LANT’s operational priorities              and troubleshooting procedures of each               foreign military leaders, marked not only       any point on the globe, to the bottom of the ocean, and to and        Bicentennial of the War of 1812 and The Star Spangled Banner.
are always defined by the current situa­             in a controlled exercise environment.                a tremendous operational success for the        from outer space.                                                     Events will include Blue Angels air shows, visits by ships of the
tion. The command’s mission of provid­                  Lessons learned included new tech­                Navy/Marine Corps team, but a diplo­               The smoothbore cannons of 1812 have metamorphosed                  U.S. Navy and international navies, parades of tall ships and
ing classified and unclassified messaging,           niques in the detection of satellite jam­            matic success as well.                          into modern naval guns, aircraft, missiles and torpedoes, and         “Galley Wars” cook-off events.
voice, data and video to Navy, joint and             ming and the importance of maintaining                                                               America’s Navy is on course to a force armed with lasers and
coalition units does not change. If, how­            a SHF IP link during rainy conditions. If it is                                                      railguns, technologies unimaginable to the Sailors who fought            For more information, go to www.ourflagwasstillthere.org/.
ever, NCTAMS LANT knows that a unit or               raining units can’t rely solely on SHF.              Lt. Peter J. Beardsley is a NCTAMS LANT JFTOC   in the War of 1812.                                                                                 U.S. Navy War of 1812 Commemoration site
group of units has a planned outage on                  During BA12, whether it was a denial              watch officer.

60 CHIPS www.doncio.navy.mil/chips   Dedicated to Sharing Information - Technology - Experience                                                                                                                                                                             CHIPS April – June 2012 61
                                                                                                                     Carahsoft                                        integration; Anywhere integration; and vertical process integration, devel-
                                                                                                                                                                      opment and management. Specific products include but are not limited to:
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                                                                                    services.                                                                         Business Studio; HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)
                                                                                    Contractor: Carahsoft Inc. (W91QUZ-07-A-0004)                                     and Patriot Act Compliance; PowerBuilder; and a wide range of application
                                                                                    Authorized Users: This BPA is open for ordering by all Department of              adaptors. In addition, a Golden Disk for the Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE)                    Enterprise Management
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used to coordinate multiple IT investments and leverage the buying power of
the government for commercial IT products and services. By consolidating IT
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Regulation Supplement (DFARS) Section 208.74 on Oct. 25, 2002, and DoD
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                                                                                    has available on GSA schedules. The federal government anticipates significant
Oracle – See information provided under Database Management Tools on page                                                                                               iGrafx – Provides software licenses, maintenance and media for iGrafx Process            Adobe Desktop Products                 – Provides software licenses (new and
                                                                                    savings through these BPAs.The BPAs were awarded under both the DoD’s Enter-
62.                                                                                                                                                                     for Six Sigma 2007; iGrafx Flowcharter 2007; Enterprise Central; and Enterprise          upgrade) and maintenance for numerous Adobe desktop products, including
                                                                                    prise Software Initiative (ESI) and GSA’s governmentwide SmartBUY programs,
                                                                                                                                                                        Modeler. Contractors:                                                                    Acrobat (Standard and Professional); Photoshop; InDesign; After Effects; Frame;
                      RWD Technologies                                              making them available to all U.S. executive agencies, independent establish-
                                                                                    ments, DoD components, NATO, state and local agencies, Foreign Military Sales       Softchoice Corporation (N00104-09-A-ZF34); (416) 588-9002 ext. 2072                      Creative Suites; Illustrator; Flash Professional; Dreamweaver; ColdFusion and
RWD Technologies – Provides a broad range of integrated software prod-              (FMS) with written authorization, and contractors authorized to order in accor-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 other Adobe desktop products.
ucts designed to improve the productivity and effectiveness of end users in
                                                                                                                                                                        Softmart, Inc. (N00104-09-A-ZF33); (610) 518-4192                                        Contractors:
                                                                                    dance with the FAR Part 51.
complex operating environments. RWD’s Info Pak products allow you to easily                                                                                             SHI (N00104-09-A-ZF35); (732) 564-8333                                                   Dell Marketing L.P. (N00104-08-A-ZF33); (224) 543-5314
                                                                                       Service component chief information officers (CIO) are developing compo-
create, distribute and maintain professional training documents and online help     nent service-specific enterprise strategies. Accordingly, customers should check    Authorized Users: These BPAs are co-branded ESI/GSA SmartBUY BPAs                        CDW Government, LLC (N00104-08-A-ZF34); (312) 705-1889 GovCon-
for any computer application. RWD Info Pak products include Publisher, Admin-       with their CIO for component-specific policies and strategies before procuring      and are open for ordering by all Department of Defense (DoD) components, U.S.
istrator, Simulator and OmniHelp. Training and other services are also available.                                                                                       Coast Guard, NATO, Intelligence Community, authorized DoD contractors and all            nection, Inc. (N00104-08-A-ZF35); (800) 998-0019
                                                                                    a DAR solution.
Contractor: RWD Technologies (N00104-06-A-ZF37); (404) 845-3624                                                                                                         federal agencies.                                                                        Insight Public Sector, Inc. (N00104-08-A-ZF36); (800) 862-8758
                                                                                    The Department of the Army issued an enterprise solution for Army users             Ordering Expires: 31 Jan 14                                                              Ordering Expires: 30 Jun 12
Ordering Expires: Effective for term of the GSA FSS Schedule                        purchasing DAR software. See the information provided on the Army CHESS
Web Link: www.esi.mil/contentview.aspx?id=150&type=2                                website at https://chess.army.mil/ascp/commerce/index.jsp. As of this               Web Links:                                                                               Web Links:
                                                                                    printing, the Air Force has not yet provided a DAR solution.                        Softchoice                                                                               Adobe Desktop Products
                                                                                                                                                                        www.esi.mil/contentview.aspx?id=118&type=2                                               www.esi.mil/agreements.aspx?id=52
                                    SAP                                             immix Group, Inc. (FA8771-07-A-0301)                                                Softmart
                                                                                                                                                                        www.esi.mil/contentview.aspx?id=117&type=2                                               www.esi.mil/contentview.aspx?id=53&type=2
SAP Products – Provide software licenses, software maintenance support,             McAfee – Rocky Mountain Ram (FA8771-07-A-0302)
                                                                          SHI                                                                                      CDW-G
information technology professional services and software training services.        Information Security Corp. –
 Carahsoft Technology Corp.                            www.esi.mil/contentview.aspx?id=123&type=2                                               www.esi.mil/contentview.aspx?id=52&type=2
Contractors:                                                                        (FA8771-07-A-0303)                                                                                                                                                           GovConnection
                                                                                    McAfee – Spectrum Systems, Inc. (FA8771-07-A-0304)                                                                                                                           www.esi.mil/contentview.aspx?id=33&type=2
SAP Public Services, Inc. (N00104-08-A-ZF41);
Large Business; (202) 312-3515
Advantaged Solutions, Inc. (N00104-08-A-ZF42);
                                                                                    SafeNet, Inc. – SafeNet, Inc. (FA8771-07-A-0305)                                                                       Minitab                                               www.esi.mil/contentview.aspx?id=54&type=2
                                                                                    Checkpoint – immix Group, Inc. (FA8771-07-A-0307)                                   Minitab – Provides software licenses, media, training, technical services and
Small Business; (202) 204-3083
                                                                                    SPYRUS, Inc. – Autonomic Resources, LLC (FA8771-07-A-0308)                          maintenance for products, including: Minitab Statistical Software, Quality Com-
Carahsoft Technology Corporation (N00104-08-A-ZF43);                                WinMagic, Inc. – Govbuys, Inc. (FA8771-07-A-0310)                                   panion and Quality Trainer. It is the responsibility of the ordering officer to ensure
Small Business; (703) 871-8583                                                                                                                                          compliance with all fiscal laws prior to issuing an order under a BPA, and to ensure                       Adobe Server Products
                                                                                    CREDANT Technologies – Intelligent Decisions (FA8771-07-A-0311)                                                                                                              Adobe Server Products – Provides software licenses (new and upgrade),
Oakland Consulting Group (N00104-08-A-ZF44);                                                                                                                            that the vendor selected represents the best value for the requirement being or-
Small Business; (301) 577-4111                                                      Symantec, formerly GuardianEdge Technologies – Merlin Interna-                      dered (see FAR 8.404).                                                                   maintenance, training and support for numerous Adobe server products includ-
Ordering Expires: 14 Sep 13                                                         tional (FA8771-07-A-0312)                                                           Contractor: Minitab, Inc. (N00104-08-A-ZF30); (800) 448-3555                             ing LiveCycle Forms; LiveCycle Reader Extensions; Acrobat Connect; Flex; ColdFu-
                                                                                    Ordering Expires: 14 Jun 12 (If extended by option exercise.)                                                                                                                sion Enterprise; Flash Media Server and other Adobe server products.
Web Links:                                                                                                                                                              Authorized Users: This BPA is open for ordering by all Department of
SAP – www.esi.mil/contentview.aspx?id=154&type=2                                    Web Link: www.esi.mil                                                               Defense (DoD) components, U.S. Coast Guard, NATO, Intelligence Community and             Contractor:
Advantaged – www.esi.mil/contentview.aspx?id=155&type=2                                                                                                                 authorized DoD contractors.                                                              Carahsoft Technology Corp. (N00104-09-A-ZF31); (703) 871-8556
Carahsoft – www.esi.mil/contentview.aspx?id=156&type=2                                                                                                                  Ordering Expires: 07 May 13                                                              Small Business; (703) 871-8503
Oakland – www.esi.mil/contentview.aspx?id=157&type=2                                                        Websense (WFT)                                              Web Link: www.esi.mil/contentview.aspx?id=73&type=2                                      Ordering Expires: 14 Jan 14
                                                                                    Websense – Provides software and maintenance for Web filtering products.                                                                                                     Web Link: www.esi.mil/contentview.aspx?id=186&type=2
                           Collaboration                                            Contractor: Patriot Technologies (W91QUZ-06-A-0005)
                                                                                    Authorized Users: This BPA is open for ordering by all DoD components                                           PowerSteering                                                                      Microsoft Products
                             Collabnet                                              and authorized contractors.
Collabnet – Provides CollabNet Licenses, CollabNet Support for TeamFor-                                                                                                 PowerSteering          – Provides software licenses (subscription and perpetual),        Microsoft Products         – Provides licenses and software assurance for
                                                                                    Ordering Expires: 08 Sep 12                                                         media, training, technical services, maintenance, hosting and support for Power-         desktop configurations, servers and other products. In addition, any Microsoft
geTM (formerly SourceForge) and Subversion, Consulting Services and Train-
                                                                                    Web Link: https://chess.army.mil/ascp/commerce/contract/                            Steering products: software as a service solutions to apply the proven discipline        product available on the GSA schedule can be added to the BPA.
ing operating system software license subscriptions. TeamForge                      ContractsMatrixView.jsp                                                             of project and portfolio management in IT, Lean Six Sigma, Project Management
Enterprise integrates software configuration management, issue tracking,                                                                                                                                                                                         Contractors:
                                                                                                                                                                        Office or any other project-intensive area and to improve strategy alignment, re-
project management, and collaboration tools into a single Web-Browser                                                  Xacta                                            source management, executive visibility and team productivity. It is the respon-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 CDW Government, LLC (N00104-02-A-ZE85); (888) 826-2394
based ALM platform that empowers distributed teams to deliver                       Xacta – Provides Web Certification and Accreditation (C&A) software products,       sibility of the ordering officer to ensure compliance with all fiscal laws prior to      Dell (N00104-02-A-ZE83); (800) 727-1100 ext. 7253702 or (512) 725-3702
great software.                                                                     consulting support and enterprise messaging management solutions through its        issuing an order under a BPA, and to ensure that the vendor selected represents          GovConnection (N00104-10-A-ZF30); (301) 340-3412
                                                                                    Automated Message Handling System (AMHS) product. The software simplifies           the best value for the requirement being ordered (see FAR 8.404).                        GTSI (N00104-02-A-ZE79); (800) 999-GTSI ext. 2071
Contractor:                                                                         C&A and reduces its costs by guiding users through a step-by-step process to        Contractor: immix Group, Inc. (N00104-08-A-ZF31);
Carahsoft Technology Corp. (HC1047-11-A-0100)                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Hewlett-Packard (N00104-02-A-ZE80); (845) 337-6260
                                                                                    determine risk posture and assess system and network configuration compliance       Small Business; (703) 663-2702
Ordering Expires: 31 Mar 16                                                         with applicable regulations, standards and industry best practices, in accordance
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Insight Public Sector, Inc. (N00104-02-A-ZE82); (800) 862-8758
                                                                                                                                                                        Authorized Users: All DoD components, U.S. Coast Guard, NATO, Intelli-
Web Link: www.esi.mil                                                               with the DITSCAP, NIACAP, NIST or DCID processes. Xacta’s AMHS provides au-         gence Community, and authorized DoD contractors.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 SHI (N00104-02-A-ZE86); (800) 527-6389 or (732) 564-8333
                                                                                    tomated, Web-based distribution and management of messaging across your
                                                                                                                                                                        Ordering Expires: 14 Aug 13                                                              Softchoice (N00104-02-A-ZE81); (877) 333-7638
                                                                                    enterprise.                                                                                                                                                                  Softmart (N00104-02-A-ZE84); (800) 628-9091 ext. 6928
        Information Assurance Tools                                                 Contractor: Telos Corp. (FA8771-09-A-0301); (703) 724-4555                          Web Link: www.esi.mil/contentview.aspx?id=145&type=2
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Ordering Expires: 31 Mar 13
  Data at Rest (DAR) BPAs offered through                                           Ordering Expires: 24 Sep 14                                                                                                                                                  Web Link: www.esi.mil/agreements.aspx?id=173
                                                                                    Web Link: https://esi.telos.com/contract/overview/default.cfm
  The Office of Management and Budget, Defense Department and General
Services Administration awarded multiple contracts for blanket purchase agree-
ments (BPA) to protect sensitive, unclassified data residing on government lap-
tops, other mobile computing devices and removable storage media devices.
  These competitively awarded BPAs provide three categories of software and
hardware encryption products — full disk encryption (FDE), file encryption (FES)
and integrated FDE/FES products to include approved U.S. thumb drives. All
products use cryptographic modules validated under FIPS 140-2 security re-

64 CHIPS www.doncio.navy.mil/chips     Dedicated to Sharing Information - Technology - Experience                                                                                                                                                                                                                   CHIPS April – June 2012 65
                Red Hat/Netscape/Firefox                                                             Research and Advisory BPA
   Through negotiations with August Schell Enterprises, DISA has established         Research and Advisory Services BPAs provide unlimited access to telephone in-
                                                                                     quiry support, access to research via websites and analyst support for the num-
                                                                                                                                                                             ITEC-Direct Website Now Integrated with ESI.mil
a DoD-wide enterprise site license whereby DISA can provide ongoing support
and maintenance for the Red Hat Security Solution server products that are at        ber of users registered. In addition, the services provide independent advice on
                                                                                     tactical and strategic IT decisions. Advisory services provide expert advice on a
                                                                                                                                                                             Purchasing IT products and services is now easier than ever
the core of the Department of Defense’s Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). The Red
Hat Security Solution includes the following products: Red Hat Certificate System    broad range of technical topics and specifically focus on industry and market trends.
and dependencies; Red Hat Directory Server; Enterprise Web Server (previously        BPA listed below.
                                                                                     Gartner Group (N00104-07-A-ZF30); (703) 378-5697; Awarded Dec. 1, 2006

Netscape Enterprise Server); and Red Hat Fortitude Server (replacing Enterprise
Server). August Schell also provides a download site that, in addition to the Red    Ordering Expires: Effective for term of GSA contract                                           he Department of the Navy’s (DON) Information              To assist users, there is a tutorial in PDF or video format
Hat products, also allows for downloading DISA-approved versions of the follow-
                                                                                     Authorized Users: All DoD components. For the purpose of this agreement,                       Technology Electronic Commerce (ITEC) Direct            that demonstrates how the portal works.
ing browser products: Firefox Browser; Netscape Browser; Netscape Communica-
tor; and Personal Security Manager. The Red Hat products and services provided
                                                                                     DoD components include: the Office of the Secretary of Defense; U.S. Military De-       website, managed by SPAWAR, has merged with the                   The ESI website also offers informational briefs about
                                                                                     partments; the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; Combatant Commands; the
through the download site are for exclusive use in the following licensed com-
                                                                                     Department of Defense Office of Inspector General; Defense Agencies; DoD Field          Department of Defense ESI website in an effort to avoid        some of the top purchasing questions confronting IT users
munity: (1) All components of the U.S. Department of Defense and supported
organizations that utilize the Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications Sys-
                                                                                     Activities; the U.S. Coast Guard; NATO; the Intelligence Community and Foreign          duplication and save money in the purchasing of approved       today at: www.esi.mil/ContentView.aspx?ID=270&type=3.
                                                                                     Military Sales with a letter of authorization. This BPA is also
tem, and (2) All non-DoD employees (e.g., contractors, volunteers, allies) on-site                                                                                           IT products and services.                                      Topics include:
at the U.S. Department of Defense and those not on-site but using equipment          Web Link: www.esi.mil/contentview.aspx?id=171&type=2
                                                                                                                                                                                This integration is just one effort in the DoD’s            •	 Cloud Computing and its Impact on Software
furnished by the U.S. Department of Defense (GFE) in support of initiatives which
are funded by the U.S. Department of Defense.                                                                                                                                enterprise-wide approach to find efficiencies in these              Licensing;
   Licensed software products available through the August Schell contract are                                         Autodesk                                              budget-constrained times. Both the ITEC Direct and             •	 DoD IT Consolidation Roadmap: What’s Ahead with
for the commercial versions of the Red Hat software, not the segmented versions      Autodesk – Provides software licenses for more than two dozen AutoCAD
of the previous Netscape products that are compliant with Global Information         and Autodesk products.                                                                  ESI sites had similar information on contract vehicles,             the DoD ESI and Enterprise Software Initiative;
Grid (GIG) standards. The segmented versions of the software are required for                                                                                                enterprise software and service agreements and policy          •	 Software Licensing: A Deep Dive in these Changing
                                                                                     Contractor: DLT Solutions (N00104-12-A-ZF30 )
development and operation of applications associated with the GIG, the Global
Command and Control System (GCCS) or the Global Combat Support System (GCSS).        Ordering Expires: 20 Nov 14                                                             guidance. By consolidating the two sites and eliminating            Times; and
   If your intent is to use a Red Hat product to support development or operation    Web Link: www.esi.mil/contentview.aspx?id=267&type=2                                    these commonalities, the Defense Department hopes              •	 Website: www.esi.mil, New Features and Upcoming
of an application associated with the GIG, GCCS or GCSS, you must contact one of
the websites listed below to obtain the GIG segmented version of the software.                                                                                               to provide as much new information and direction as                 Changes.
You may not use the commercial version available from the August Schell Red
                                                                                            Department of the Navy Agreement                                                 possible in a cost-effective and easy-to-use format. As this      The DoD ESI has excelled at negotiating software
Hat download site.
   If you are not sure which version (commercial or segmented) to use, we                                                                                                    integration effort continues in the coming months, more        licenses for commercial software applications for the DoD
strongly encourage you to refer to the websites listed below for additional infor-
                                                                                           Oracle (DEAL-O) Database Enterprise                                               new and exciting features will be added to ESI.mil.            since 1998.
mation to help you to make this determination before you obtain the software
                                                                                                                                                                             New ESI Product and Pricing Portal                                DoD IT buyers reduce buying cycle time and risk by
from the August Schell Red Hat download site (or contact the project manager).                     License for the Navy
  GCSS users: Global Combat Support System                                                                                                                                     ESI’s Product and Pricing portal (www.esi.mil/pricing/       using ESI’s enterprise agreements (ESAs) with enhanced
                                                                                        On Oct. 1, 2004 and May 6, 2005, the Navy established the Oracle Database
                                                                                                                                                                             product/details.ashx?id=1) offers an organized, easy-to-       terms and conditions that support many DoD objectives
Contractor: August Schell Enterprises (www.augustschell.com)                         Enterprise License, effective through Sept. 30, 2012. The enterprise license            navigate database to access software products and pricing      and industry best practices.
Download Site: http://redhat.augustschell.com                                        provides Navy shore-based and afloat users, to include active duty, Reserve and
                                                                                     civilian billets, as well as contractors who access Navy systems, the right to use
                                                                                                                                                                             information. With this portal, customers can quickly              Since its inception, the DoD ESI has garnered more than
Ordering Expires: Nov 12; All downloads provided at no cost.
Web Link: www.disa.mil                                                               Oracle databases for the purpose of supporting Navy internal operations. Navy           search thousands of products, compare vendor prices and        $4 billion in cost avoidance for the department through its
                                                                                     users in joint commands or supporting joint functions should contact Dan                export key product and pricing data. Additional publishers’    enterprise agreements.
                                                                                     McMullan, NAVICP Mechanicsburg contracting officer, at (717) 605-5659 or email
                                                                                                                                                                             and resellers’ product information will be continually            ESI.mil contains contract news for IT customers, as
                            Red Hat Linux                                            daniel.mcmullan@navy.mil, for further review of the requirements and coverage.
                                                                                        This license is managed by the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center
Red Hat Linux – Provides operating system software license subscriptions                                                                                                     added, soon totaling nearly 100,000 products. This initial     well as for vendors, and you can sign up for the DoD ESI
                                                                                     (SPAWARSYSCEN) Pacific. The Navy Oracle Database Enterprise License provides
and services to include installation and consulting support, client-directed en-     significant benefits, including substantial cost avoidance for the department. It       pilot release features available products from Adobe,          quarterly newsletter from the Customer Information tab.
gineering and software customization. Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the premier
operating system for open source computing. It is sold by annual subscription,
                                                                                     facilitates the goal of net-centric operations by allowing authorized users to ac-      Gartner, iGrafx, Microsoft, Minitab, PowerSteering and            Now is the time to save on all your IT purchases through
                                                                                     cess Oracle databases for Navy internal operations and permits sharing of au-
runs on seven system architectures and is certified by top enterprise software       thoritative data across the Navy enterprise.                                            RWD.                                                           the DoD ESI!
and hardware vendors.                                                                   Programs and activities covered by this license agreement shall not enter
Contractors:                                                                         into separate Oracle database licenses outside this central agreement when-
Carahsoft Technology Corporation (HC1028-09-A-2004)                                  ever Oracle is selected as the database. This prohibition includes software and
                                                                                     software maintenance that is acquired:
DLT Solutions, Inc. (HC1028-09-A-2003)                                               a. as part of a system or system upgrade, including Application Specific Full Use
Ordering Expires:                                                                    (ASFU) licenses;
Carahsoft: 09 Feb 14                                                                 b. under a service contract;
DLT Solutions, Inc.: 17 Feb 14                                                       c. under a contract or agreement administered by another agency, such as an
Web Link: www.esi.mil                                                                interagency agreement;                                                                                                                    For your convenience all contract information is
                                                                                     d. under a Federal Supply Service (FSS) Schedule contract or blanket purchase
                                                                                     agreement established in accordance with FAR 8.404(b)(4); or                                                                              consolidated under WWW.ESI.MIL
                             Sun (SSTEW)                                             e. by a contractor that is authorized to order from a Government supply source
SUN Support – Sun Support Total Enterprise Warranty (SSTEW) offers ex-               pursuant to FAR 51.101.
tended warranty, maintenance, education and professional services for all Sun           This policy has been coordinated with the Office of the Assistant Secretary of
Microsystems products. The maintenance covered in this contract includes flex-       the Navy (Financial Management and Comptroller), Office of Budget.
ible and comprehensive hardware and software support ranging from basic to           Web Link: https://chess.army.mil/ascp/commerce/contract/                                                                                  Visit the DON CIO and CHIPS websites for more enterprise
mission critical services. Maintenance covered includes Sun Spectrum Platinum,
Gold, Silver, Bronze, hardware only and software only support programs.
                                                                                     ContractsMatrixView.jsp                                                                                                                   acquisition information:
Contractor: Dynamic Systems (DCA200-02-A-5011)                                                                                                                                                                                                WWW.DONCIO.NAVY.MIL
Ordering Expires: 30 June 11 (Please call for information about follow-on                                                                                                                                                                     WWW.DONCIO.NAVY.MIL/CHIPS
Web Link: www.disa.mil/contracts/guide/bpa/bpa_sun.html

66 CHIPS www.doncio.navy.mil/chips      Dedicated to Sharing Information - Technology - Experience                                                                                                                                                                                  CHIPS April – June 2012 67
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