Charles Darwin Postcard Activity by xiaopangnv


									                                  Charles Darwin Postcard Activity

In 1831, Charles Darwin set out for a voyage around the world on the HMS Beagle.
You will be Charles Darwin’s lab assistant as he sets out to sail. Explore the following website to
learn more about what Darwin did on his voyage and if needed, use to get the rest of your information.

On the “front side” of your postcard:
Describe what you learned on the voyage.
               • What was the primary mission of the voyage?

               •   What kind of observations did Darwin make?

               •   List the primary stops the HMS Beagle made along the way.

               •   Which stop was most interesting? Why?

               •   What book did Darwin write when he returned to England? How long did it take
                   him to write it?

               •   What was the most important discovery that Darwin made?

               •   List any interesting facts.

Don’t forget to include a date, salutation (who is your postcard being sent to) and a closing (who is
the postcard being sent from) in your letter.

Graphic Details
             • On the “backside” of the postcard, design an attractive photo layout representing
                Darwin’s Voyage.
             • Try to make it look like an authentic postcard.
             • Your pictures should refer to something you’ve written about.
                                          Grading Rubric

           Category          4 pts           3 pts          2pts           1 pts          0 pts
          Time            Used time       Used most of   Used some      Did not use     Visited
          Management      wisely          the class      of the class   class time      unrelated
                          during          time wisely.   time wisely.   wisely.         websites
                          class. Never    Rarely         Occasionally   Often           and
                          distracted      distracted     distracted     distracted      distracted
                          others.         others.        others.        others.         others.
          Salutation &    Both                           Only 1                         None
          Closing         present.                       present.                       present.
          Required        The             Majority of    Half of the    Less than       None of
          Questions       postcard        required       required       half of the     the
                          answers all     questions      questions      required        questions
                          required        are on the     are            questions       were
                          questions as    postcard.      included.      are             included
                          well as                                       included.       in
                          adding                                                        postcard.
          Graphics –      Includes 3      Includes 2     Contains a     Graphics do     No
          Relevance       or more         graphics       graphic        not relate to   graphics.
                          graphics        that are       related to     topic.
                          that are        related to     the topic.
                          related to      the topic
                          the topic       and makes
                          and makes       it easier to
                          it easier to    understand.
          Content –       All facts are   Almost all     Some facts     Most facts      All facts
          Accuracy        accurate.       facts are      are            are             are
                                          accurate.      accurate.      inaccurate.     inaccurate.
          Attractiveness The              The            The            The             Postcard
                         postcard is      postcard is    postcard is    postcard is     looks like
                         typed, not       neatly         handwritten,   sloppily        it was
                         wrinkled,        handwritten,   slightly       handwritten,    shoved at
                         and no           not            wrinkled       wrinkled or     the bottom
                         distracting      wrinkled,      and has        folded, and     of a locker
                         errors.          and has no     distracting    has             or
                                          distracting    errors.        distracting     crammed
                                          errors.                       errors.         in a

Total out of 24 points _________________ / 24

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