Rensselaer Robotics Engineering Academy by RodneySooialo


									Rensselaer Robotics Engineering Academy
Summer 2009: july 27-31 Full Day Vex Robotics Session AGES: 13-16
                                                                  “By all accounts,      What’s Vex Robotics?
                                                                   this was a great       VEX robotics builds upon LEGO Robotics
                                                                                          technology by reinforcing engineering
                                                                  experience for my
                                                                                          principles while introducing additional
                                                                         son!”            levels of complexity.      A VEX system
                                                                              -Parent     includes metal construction pieces,
                                                                                          wheels, sensors and motors. The robots
                                                                                          are controlled by a remote control
                                                                                          transmitter or by programming a
       !       !     !     !       !   !   !     !    !
                                               “AWESOME!!!”   !                           microprocessor that is built into the robot.
                                                                                          This allows students of various skill levels
                                                                                          to continually be challenged while using
                                                      -Student                            the system.       The robot can be
                                                                                          programmed in both a visual version of C
                                                                                          programming called easyC and the C
                                                                        get an            programming language itself. Students
                                                                                          work in teams to design and create VEX
                                                                    erit litterarum
                                                                   introduction           robots that can accomplish engineering
   VEX robotics provides a                                        formas humanitatis      challenges.
                                                                       to what
                                                                  per seacula quarta
hands-0n, intense engineering
                                                                  engineering is The Challenge course
 experience for Students ages                                                        Students will have one week to work in a
                                                                     all about
   13-16 who love to create,                                                         team to design, build and program a
                                                                   through this robot. These robots will have to navigate
experiment and build their own                                                       through an obstacle course. The course
                                                                      full day       will challenge students to create a robot
          inventions.                                                                that can identify, move, lift and push
                                                                    experience.      objects around. Students may also be
                                                                                          presented with problems that encourage
                                                                                          them to learn how to balance speed with
                                                                                          power in order to construct the most
                                           for more information contact:                  maneuverable robot.
      visit our website:                               Mike Gunther
                    Phone: (518) 276-8351

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