Continued growth predicted despite world credit crunch

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ISSUE 673                                                                                      January 25th, 2008

Continued growth                                                                 Two Milford link
                                                                                 proposals still live?
predicted - despite                                                              MEDIA reports say two groups of
                                                                                 investors still plan to spend $150
                                                                                 million to build an overland link
world credit crunch                                                              between Queenstown and Milford
                                                                                 Sound, while listing the companies
THE industry will only be “moderately impacted” by repercussions from the        on the stock exchange.
ongoing global credit crunch, according to the World Travel and Tourism          About 550,000 visitors a year cram
Council.                                                                         into Milford, usually at the same
The WTTC signalled continued growth rates for the sector in 2008 but at a        time of day. The projects aim to
reduced pace.                                                                    overcome this.
Data from the organisation shows that international tourism arrivals             The Milford Dart project, which
increased last year by nearly six percent over 2006 to nearly 900 million        includes a 10km tunnel, was turned
tourists. It was the fourth successive year that arrivals’ growth has exceeded   down by the Conservation Authority
a long-standing trend of four percent.                                           (IT672). But the project is still alive
                                   Spending                                      with plans to build the tunnel
The research also indicates that tourism spending per capita more than           elsewhere. Then there’s Fiordland
matched these increases. International air passenger traffic also rose at a      Link, backed by Infinity Group with
record 9.3 per cent from year to year in November.                               80 percent ownership and the rest
WTTC admits industry faces “challenges” in the year ahead. “The                  by former Mount Cook Group MD
deteriorating economic conditions, particularly in the housing and credit        Philip Phillips. Their idea is for a
markets across the globe are increasing concerns for the industry.               fast ferry across Wakatipu, and from
“However, the slowdown is likely to have a limited impact, due to the            Mount Nicholas station there will be
growth of emerging markets and the easing in monetary policy by central          ATVs that will connect visitors to a
banks,” according to the organisation.                                           monorail through the Snowdon
Higher energy prices are a two-pronged challenge as they squeeze                 Forest to Te Anau Downs.
household budgets globally and raise the cost of a key input for the industry.
WTTC President Jean-Claude Baumgarten claims that even this challenge            Penguins: global citizens
has had a positive angle, explaining how “higher revenues are boosting oil       OAMARU Blue Penguin Colony
producer’ incomes and raising available funds for investment in                  is one of the top 10 operators in
diversification projects often focusing on tourism’s undoubted potential.”       the world for responsible tourism,
                                                                                 according to eco-tourism
                                                                                 publication Islands magazine.
           *   Fund for murdered visitor - pg5                                   It says: “You were included
           *   Getting luxury market right - pg7                                 because you have exceeded all

           *   Green with Envy - pg7                                             expectations in this arena and you
           *   Focus on: Luxury travel - pg8                                     impact your world in an ongoing,
           *   Hickton to attend major PATA debate - pg10                        sustainable and positive manner.
           *   NZ highlighted at Travel Xpo - pg11                               It sets you apart with your vision
           *   Kiwi brings us Global Travel Market - pg12                        and influence as both a local
           *   Sustainable, when? - pg13                                         ambassador for all that makes
           *   Yield could drop - pg14                                           this planet unique and singular
                                                                                 and as a true citizen of the globe.”
                                                    Don’t rename peak,
         ctzxá ctáà                                 pleads climber Ryan
                                                    THERE are plenty of un-named peaks in New Zealand,
                                                    Can we not find one that would not bump out one
TEN years ago in IT...                              pioneering mountaineer for a more recent one? So asks
TOURISM Minister Murray McCully hasn’t ruled        Ibis Technology’s Christine Ryan.
out asking Cabinet for funds to help industry
overcome the effects of the Asian crisis.
                                                    She says 1,933m Mount Ollivier is already named after
The Australian Cabinet has been told to             a significant pioneering mountaineer, one who Sir
expect three million fewer international            Edmund Hillary greatly respected and looked up to in
visitors a year by 2006. There is talk of           his early mountaineering days.
an emergency marketing fund to tackle the           “Many of his own memoirs refer to the mountain as
                                                    Mount Ollivier and it would create much confusion for
PATA New Zealand will act as a conduit              it then to be renamed. How many tourists would come
between members and Asian markets,                  and want to climb Mount Ollivier, Hilary’s first
highlighting where opportunities lie, says          mountain, only to find that it was no longer called that?”
PATA International board member John                she says.
Sandford.                                           “I, and others in the climbing community, don’t think
“PATA will create the environment whereby
                                                    that Ed would want it was obviously a dear
operators can make effective use of the
organisation’s marketing networks,” he tells        memory to him.”
IT.                                                 She was commenting on the Hermitage, Sir Edmund
                     ***                            Hillary Alpine Centre and Alpine Guides suggesting that
TOURISM Minister Murray McCully is seeking          renaming the first mountain Sir Edmund climbed would
Cabinet approval for a new high level tourism       be a fitting memory to him (IT672).
policy group - because he’s concerned that
sector needs are not being advocated                * The peak was named after climber, chess champion
strongly enough.                                    and rugby player Arthur Ollivier, who was one of the
If the go-ahead is given the present Tourism        first to conquer Mount Cook.
Policy Group within the Ministry of Commerce
will be wound down. He says the group has
been almost forgotten at the back of the            Greatest country at end of our driveways!
Ministry of Commerce. Important areas where         NEW Zealanders have the greatest country in the world
the sector should have a say, such as               at the end of their driveways. “Yet we spend so much
aviation, are being overlooked.                     time watching TV and feeling bored,” says AA Travel
                                                    GM Peter Blackwell.
FORMER Maori Arts and Crafts Institute CEO
John Marsh describes as a big step forward          “Many of you have heard my plea to drag our families
the fact that he was able to arrange an all         out of the shopping malls and on an adventure. One fun
day cultural awareness programme for 52             day trip will lead to another and that will lead to a
NZTB (now TNZ) staff. The board is selling          weekend away etc. But if we lose our sense of
Maori product around the world yet staff            discovery, our sense of exploration, we will end up in
don’t have a real understanding of values
or what Maori are all about.
                                                    only two places: in front of TV; on the Gold Coast!”
                     ***                            He adds: “I know you are all busy, but take my
BCA says members want a greater discipline          advice...take your loved ones out for a picnic. Take the
in the inbound market, continued and                playing cards and the chillybin... you might begin a new
effective promotion to new markets such as          habit.”
China and better practices in coaching.             AA Travel’s new-look home page is live on
This follows an industry survey that shows
the yield on Asian traffic has fallen by up
to 28 percent.                                      “It is all about inspiring New Zealand travel, and
                     ***                            features six rotating articles: Discover, Stay, Play, Drive,
FIRSTLIGHT 2000 plans to fly Britons by             Events and 101. These articles change regularly and
Concorde to New Zealand for a Polynesian            cover some of New Zealand’s greatest travel
feast, midnight celebrations and concert,
                                                    experiences,” Mr Blackwell adds.
marriages and baptisms as well as watching
the sun rise over the Chathams on January           The launch of the next phase of the 101 Must-Do’s for
1, 2000.                                            Kiwis campaign is due. “The emphasis will be on 101
                     ***                            Must-Do Weekends and we have a lot planned,
NZTB’s management reshuffle isn’t so much           including a large-scale update to the 101 website, online
a cost-cutting exercise as an effectiveness         advertising, radio campaigns, a television campaign,
exercise, says CEO Paul Winter.
                                                    point-of-sale material and outdoor advertising.
A record 303 sellers have registered for
TRENZ, of which 33 are attending for the            Million a month turning 60
first time.                                         A million people are turning 60 every month, says
                                                    the World Health organisation.
Pacific Blue claims credit for drop                              i-SITE allows four to link into database
                                                                 I-SITE New Zealand has commissioned IBIS
in price of domestic air travel                                  Technology to develop a national database for the
LATEST inflation figures showing a big drop in the               distribution of tourism product information and
price of New Zealand domestic air travel have been               bookings throughout the network.
welcomed by Pacific Blue.                                        The organisation says it will allow approved third
Consumer Price Index figures show the price of                   parties to connect to the database to provide real-time
domestic air travel fell in the last three months of 2007.       inventory. i-SITE New Zealand’s intention is to initially
“Prices for domestic air transport made a downward               work with four providers, including New Zealand-based
contribution for the transport group, falling 4.6 percent        companies, Vianet and Jasons.
this quarter,” Statistics NZ says in a release.
Pacific Blue launched its domestic routes between
Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch on November
                                                                 Historic ship/cafe for sale on Net
12 - offering lead-in fares up to 30 percent cheaper than        PICTON’S Echo Cafe and Bar is for sale - on Trade
previously available.                                            Me.
Pacific Blue’s GM commercial Adrian Hamilton-Manns               The Echo was the last ship plying commercially
says the figures underline the airline’s aim of making           under sail in New Zealand waters. The vessel is now
domestic travel more affordable for New Zealanders.              a popular museum and meeting place.
“When we entered the domestic market we said that
Kiwis had been paying too much for too long for                  Cruise news...
domestic travel and that there was definitely room for           CRUISES Direct, Auckland, has been named New
new competition.                                                 Zealand cruise agency of the year in the International
“Given the latest CPI figures, we’re delighted to see the        Cruise Council Australasia’s awards. New Zealand
positive impact that our entry has had on the market.”           cruise consultant of the year is Steve Parker, of iCruise,
Mr Hamilton-Manns says Pacific Blue is committed to              Remuera while new member agency achievement award
low fares and is happy with the support it is receiving          in New Zealand has been won by United Travel,
from the travelling public.                                      Mairangi Bay.


                         Ashburton District
                  Event Development Co-ordinator
  This exciting new position within Ashburton District Tourism will facilitate, co-ordinate, motivate and
  develop events to ensure maximum economic and community benefit to the Ashburton District.
  The potential of this region has been made all the more exciting by the addition of a state of the art
  theatre and event facility due to open in May 2008, and a proposed new Art Gallery/Museum and Indoor
  Stadium and Aquatic Centre.

  We are seeking a vibrant, self motivated individual who will:
  * Provide the necessary expertise to create successful bids for new events and the development of
  existing events.
  * Administration of economic impact studies and district event calendar (event timing)
  * Maintenance of event related databases
  * Development of an event image library and event planning guide
  * Liaise with media

  The Ashburton District has a progressive, dynamic and thriving economy and community environment.
  Located one hour south of Christchurch, within an alps to ocean environment providing a wide range of
  adventure and leisure activities, residents enjoy an enviable lifestyle, receiving city facilities and vibrancy
  combined with smaller town friendliness. If this exciting career opportunity combined with a unique and
  compelling lifestyle in a strategic location sounds interesting, we would like to hear from you.

  A position description is available online or from Ashburton District Tourism’s office. Applications including
  a current CV and a cover letter close 5:00pm Monday 11th February 2008.

  Ashburton District Tourism, Cnr Park & Burnett Streets, PO Box 482, Ashburton 7740
  Phone: 03 308 2669, Email:, Website:

TIA, others meet to discuss                                      QSM for Barker
                                                                 LARNACH Castle director Margaret Barker has
freedom camping problems                                         received the Queens Service Medal for services to the
WHILE TIA acknowledges there will always be a                    Conservation of Historic Places.
certain amount of freedom camping, a recent meeting              Ms Barker and late husband Barry bought the
on the subject aimed to look at what can be done to              delapidaded building in 1967. With few resources the
minimise the negative impacts for local communities              couple relied on their passion and vision of the future
and New Zealand.                                                 that one day the building and gardens would not only be
Included in the forum were representatives from central          restored to their former glory but that they would
and local government, DoC, HAPNZ, the Motor                      become a leading tourism attraction.
Caravan Association, TNZ, RTOs, Police and rental                She says the award is a tribute to the hundreds of people
vehicle companies.                                               who had made a contribution to the castle and its
As a result, it was agreed a national freedom camping            development over 40 years. The castle employs between
code should be developed, local government policy                70 and 80 staff members, some of them part-time - but a
should also be developed, and there should be a                  lot have given long service.
stocktake of freedom camping information, and visitor            The castle operates 365 days a year, offering self-guided
education initiatives.                                           and guided tours of the building and grounds.
These will be investigated further before a follow-up
meeting in April.
TIA says the focus was to explore immediate, as well as
                                                                 Paragliding French buzz Flyer
longer-term options, on the premise that freedom                 THE Civil Aviation Authority is to investigate the
camping in the wrong places and/or without appropriate           “very unsafe” actions of two paragliders who
management is having a negative environmental, social            stunned passengers on the Kingston Flyer by gliding
and economic impact.                                             alongside the train on January 9. The two motorised
                                                                 paragliders reportedly dived and buzzed the train
* Momorangi Bay Camp, Marlborough manager Jeff                   for several minutes. They landed soon after at the
Pascoe daily photographs vans illegally camping on the           station car park and left. Kingston Flyer spokesman
Queen Charlotte Drive. He is to send them to                     Ken McAuliffe said he understood the train driver
Marlborough District Council and Tourism Minister                was not aware of what was happening as the
Damien O’Connor.                                                 paragliders flew near the back of the train. “We have
“We can tolerate the ones with waste-holding facilities,         no idea who they were. Apparently they were
but something needs to be done about the vans with no            French.”
toilets,” he says.

                                        MARKETING MANAGER
                                        Parental Leave Position

  We are seeking a part-time Marketing Manager to step into a 12-month parental leave position. Responsibilities
  * Developing and managing advertising, promotions, branding and PR strategies
  * Overseeing the production and distribution of marketing materials
  * Managing website activity
  * Developing and maintaining strong client and industry relationships
  * Market research and analysis

  To secure this role you will need to have a background in marketing (preferably within the Tourism Industry), strong
  interpersonal skills and an ability to quickly develop effective industry relationships. The position calls for computer
  skills in a range of office software. Design skills would be an advantage but are not essential.

  This position averages 25 hours per week but start and finish times will vary and flexibility will be required.

  Please email your CV to or send to:
  HR Manager
  White Island Tours
  PO Box 529

  Applications close as soon as position is filled                                                          ADVERT

Memorial fund set up for murdered visitor                                          Showing the capital’s
A memorial fund is being set up for murdered Scottish tourist Karen Aim,           sites for five decades
who was found semi conscious lying on a footpath in Taupo last Thursday.           ONE of New Zealand’s oldest
She died later of severe head injuries. Ms Aim, who was from the Orkney            sightseeing operators celebrated 50
Islands, was a blonde artist who had returned to New Zealand in October to         years in business on Friday.
continue her love affair with this country. Donations for the fund will go         Wally Hammond founded
towards the airfare of a friend who will take her body back to the Orkneys.        Hammonds Tours, which later
Any remaining money will be used for a memorial in Taupo for the 26-year-          became known as Wellington
old.                                                                               Sightseeing Tours and Hammonds
Donations to the Karen Aim Memorial Fund can be made at the Taupo                  Scenic Tours.
branch of the BNZ, Taupo District Council offices or Taupo i-SITES.                His business has outlasted many
                                                                                   competitors - while Mr Hammond
Police warn overseas drivers to be more careful                                    has become a well known character
POLICE are warning tourists to have “their wits about them” when driving,          throughout the Wellington region
after a Spanish visitor drove on the wrong side of the road, hitting and           and the tour coach industry
injuring two motorcyclists, on Monday.                                             nationwide.
Rafael Trenor Suarea De Lenzo, 61, was on the wrong side of SH73                                Nationwide
between Kumara and Arthur’s Pass when he collided with the two bikes.              In its infancy Hammonds Tours
In the Greymouth District Court the next day he admitted two charges of            conducted nationwide scenic tours
careless use causing injury.                                                       on behalf of the government’s then
Judge Phil Moran said he was sorry the defendant’s holiday in New Zealand          New Zealand Tourist and Publicity
had been ruined by this “unfortunate accident”.                                    Department (now TNZ).
“It was not a criminal act, but it was a careless one. You have also caused a      By 1969 tourism was booming and
lot of emotional harm to the people you hit,” he added.                            Mr Hammond found he was
De Lenzo was convicted and ordered to pay his victims $4,000 in reparation         spending more time with people he
each, and was disqualified from driving for six months.                            didn’t know than he did with his
Photo evidence of “idiotic behaviour”                                              Growing pains for his business
POLICE are so incensed with the behaviour of tourists on the road to               meant he had to decide on a costly
Milford that they provided The Southland Times with photographic evidence          expansion, or opt for working
of “idiotic behaviour” that is causing crashes.                                    within a niche market. He chose the
They say drivers failing to keep left is a major contributor to accidents on       latter and Wellington Sightseeing
the Te Anau-Milford highway, as well as on other southern roads.                   Tours was formed.
Senior Constable Phillip Robertson says a keep-left safety campaign shows                          Batten
an alarming level of disregard for this rule.                                      Mr Hammond has entertained
Police are sending out offence notices daily based on photographs of               thousands of interesting people
vehicles overtaking on yellow lines or swapping into the oncoming lane to          from all over the world. He
“straighten out” a corner. The behaviour stemmed from laziness, inattention        particularly recalls speaking with
or driving too fast.                                                               Jean Batten and feeling embarrassed
“The other side of the road is a killing zone. Drivers must learn to limit their   for not recognising our most famous
exposure on that side of the road lest they should be involved in a head-on        female aviator!
collision with another vehicle,” Mr Robertson says.                                “Taking the city to the world” was
Inattentive or tired drivers from Europe, the US and other countries where         the headline in 1990 when The
traffic moves on the right, figure prominently in accident statistics.             Evening Post declared Mr
These motorists, perhaps tired from the long Queenstown-Milford drive,             Hammond to be one of the runners-
moved to the right-hand lane after a single-lane bridge or a photo stop, he        up for the 1990 Wellingtonian of the
points out.                                                                        Year Award.
* A fatal head-on smash near the Gulliver River bridge, 10km from Milford          He was awarded the New Zealand
Sound on January 13, appears to be the result of a driver losing control of        1990 Commemoration Medal by
his vehicle on a wet corner and sliding into the path of a bus, Mr Robertson       Governor-General Sir Paul Reeves
adds.                                                                              and PM Mike Moore.

                             Visiting Stewart Island?
    There’s plenty of room at Beach House and Kereru House.
    Bookings: Brenda and Roger Hicks on phone/fax 03-2191348

    Record bookings
    reflect strong ski
    A strong ski season helped attract a
    record number of bookings to New
    Zealand’s South Island last year
    judging from the list of top
    destinations booked through
    New Zealand manager Tania
    Witheford says that bookings for
    New Zealand hotels are up in
    general and that the regions which
    did well were those close to or in
    the ski areas.
    “While the top 20 destinations for
    2007 were similar to 2006, the order
    shuffled slightly with Christchurch
    moving up to second place,
    confirming its growing popularity
    as a key arrival point into New
    Zealand, particularly over the winter
    She adds: “Queenstown and
    Dunedin both improved their
    position from last year.
    “However, the biggest movers were
    in the second half of the list with
    Wanaka moving up three spots and
    Te Anau and Franz Josef Glacier
    making it into the list for the first
    Luring both leisure and business
    travellers, Auckland remained the
    top destination in terms of bookings
    for 2007 and Ms Witheford is
    confident it will continue to hold the
    top spot.
    “Upcoming destinations for 2008
    will be Blenheim, with its new
    Marlborough Convention Centre
    and Hanmer Springs, which
    continues to grow and offer more
    for visitors. I also expect the alpine
    regions to continue to grow in
    popularity as they strengthen their
    offerings as year-round leisure
    destinations,” Ms Witheford adds.
    The list in order of popularity:
    Auckland; Christchurch;
    Wellington; Queenstown; Rotorua;
    Taupo; Dunedin; Hamilton; Napier;
    Nelson; Tauranga; Palmerston
    North; Wanaka; New Plymouth;
    Paihia; Te Anau; Franz Josef
    Glacier; Hanmer Springs;
    Blenheim; Invercargill.
Getting “it” right in the luxury market -                                         Green with Envy:
Jefferson offers suggestions and                                                  helping the discerning
                                                                                  HELPING discerning travellers
predictions...                                                                    become locals is the philosophy
“SOME people think booking accommodation is easy. You just get a good             behind new holiday home collection
rate and book it!                                                                 with full concierge service company
“I suppose in the same way, cooking is easy. Everyone can cook. And               Green with Envy.
everyone can drive, too. I’ve been driven by plenty of poor drivers, eaten        The concept has been developed as
too much bad food and have stayed in some truly awful accommodation. So           a result of demand by high value
maybe it isn’t that easy after all?”                                              travellers looking for
So writes Ahipara Luxury Travel director Jean-Michel Jefferson in his latest      accommodation and an experience
newsletter.                                                                       that is authentically local.
“I’ve had some clients wax lyrical about one lodge, and then others, just a       Each home, which is suitable for a
few weeks apart, tell me why it wasn’t any good. I’ve had some clients tell       quiet couple’s weekend, family or
me why their hosts are the best people in the world, and others tell me they      group holiday or business retreat,
were terrible. So, not everyone see the same thing.                               has the option of a full concierge
                                    Matching                                      service and the choice of self-
“For a number of years we have been asking our clients, agents, and               catered or fully serviced living. This
personal assistants to tell us as much as possible about the people travelling    gives visitors the freedom to
so we can match them up with the correct accommodation. On our side, we           experience a local way of life on
keep tabs on the accommodation, understanding how changes of                      their own or with the advice of the
management can totally alter the feel of a place (for better or for worse), and   concierge - a local themselves - with
in the best cases working with those places to shore up any weak points.          knowledge on where to eat, drink
(with our own hosts and chefs for example).”                                      and what to do if it’s raining.
The company’s favourite accommodation providers are open to this process                          Inspired
and work together well “and in 99 percent of cases have extremely happy           Green with Envy founder Angela
clients. Some other accommodation providers operate a ‘closed shop’ where         Scott has 10 years’ experience in the
our influence is stopped at the front door. Sometimes they do very well.          industry. She was inspired to
Sometimes they don’t.                                                             establish the company by what she
“Others price themselves too high. Occasionally some price too low...”            saw as the “parallel universe”
                                      Homes                                       developing in tourism, where
Mr Jefferson predicts the rise of private luxury single-party homes. “We          visitors “come and see but do not
have been long-term fans of private, single-party accommodation. Some             necessarily touch and feel the
clients enjoy the social aspects of lodges but the gradual decline in the         country.
attraction of communal dining gives a clue that perhaps there can be too          “Many discerning travellers visit
much of a good thing.”                                                            our locations without actually
Even some of the top lodges now offer multiple dining areas to allow              experiencing the essential attributes
holidaymakers - a lot of clients go on holiday to relax rather than socialise     of New Zealand, like the local fish
with strangers - some privacy and intimacy.                                       and chip shop, the corner dairy and
More clients are travelling in small groups of friends or family. They don’t      the local pub,” Ms Scott says.
want to meet new people at lodges. They want to eat what they want, when                        Alternative
they want, where they want. They want to dress how they want, get up when         In offering an alternative solution to
they want, drink as much as they want and go to bed when they want.               luxury lodges, she believes Green
                                     Service                                      with Envy picks up on an
“So, we can see the rise of the private luxury home with top-grade                international trend towards self
understated service and a chef on-call. Glen Aros is one of those. There are a    contained holidays and retreats.
number of others around the country we are working on.                            “The New Zealand international
“Especially with a company like ours which keeps people engaged and busy          tourism market is experiencing second
during the day meeting interesting people and doing interesting things, so        and third time visitors who want a more
that by the time they get home, people are ready for some quiet time -            engaged holiday experience, one with a
private homes really work. Bearing in mind issues of changing quality in          degree of flexibility but still containing
accommodation as mentioned above, having your own retinue of excellent            the services expected from high-quality
staff insulates you from these fluctuations,” Mr Jefferson adds.                  accommodation.”
“The final element - availability - has been addressed by the rise in real        She adds: “For the high-value domestic
estate values and subsequent upgrading of properties which are now sitting        market we provide exclusive holiday
there, unoccupied, in some lovely parts of the country - just looking for a       homes to Kiwi travellers that will
professional team to fly in and breathe life into the place for a few days. We    always be consistent in quality, service
predict the rise and rise of private luxury single-party homes in this            and style.”
country.”                                                                         Visit:

  Focus on: Luxury travel
High end sector is less affected by                               the number and frequency of short luxury breaks.
                                                                  “However, those travelling further afield are staying
volatility - and is worth billions                                away longer. Many luxury travellers are more interested
THE luxury travel market is three percent of all                  in having an enriching travel experience than in staying
international tourist arrivals worldwide - or 25 million          at a luxury resort destination.
individuals who spend a total US$180,000 million a                “New luxury market sectors showing good growth are
year.                                                             soft adventure tourism, educational travel and
That’s US$7,200 per arrival. But since most trips                 philanthropic travel, or ‘voluntourism’.”
involve more than one destination, the real spending per          Demand at the high end of the market for cruises is
trip is estimated at US$20,000.                                   growing rapidly, prompting the construction of new
Research for the International Luxury Travel Market               luxury cruise ships and the upgrading of existing ships.
(ILTM) Industry Report suggests that the high end of the          “Ultra-affluent travellers are increasingly shunning large
market in most source countries has been growing at               branded hotels in favour of destination clubs and
between 10-20 percent a year.                                     resorts, increasingly opting for fractional ownership.”
Luxury travel is much less affected by the economic               For long-haul travellers, the Far East/Southeast Asia and
environment and market volatility, and so suffers fewer           the Indian Ocean top the favourites’ rankings.
peaks and troughs in demand, it notes.                            Thailand, China, India, the Seychelles, the Maldives and
                          Affluence                               Vietnam are the favourite individual destinations most
The luxury traveller has increased affluence, both in             frequently cited.
terms of the number of High Net Worth Individuals                 Elsewhere in the world, traditional favourites include
(HNWIs) around the world and their accumulated                    Egypt and Dubai, while South Africa, Mauritius and
wealth. This has stimulated demand for luxury travel.             Oman - which are already popular for some markets -
The more traditional luxury travellers - often part of the        are seen as among the top luxury travel destinations of
Ultra-HNWI wealth group - are generally not looking to            the future.
flaunt their wealth, but seek a unique, authentic
experience, with personalisation, privacy, spiritual well-        Carbon concerns are supplier led
being, and even simplicity, as their overarching goals.           ALTHOUGH there is increasing awareness of, and
“While there are many exceptions to the rule of thumb,            concern about, the issues of climate change and global
luxury travellers in emerging markets, on the other hand          warming, the International Luxury Travel Market
- and even many nouveaux riches in traditional markets            (ILTM) Industry Report adds that most of the efforts
- are more prone to conspicuous consumption.                      being made to offset carbon emissions are supplier led.
                           Changes                                “Airlines and other transport companies are increasingly
“Demographic changes have had a significant impact on             embracing environmentally responsible practices -
luxury travel patterns and behaviour. Baby Boomers are            reducing greenhouse gas emissions, investing in
now the most important age group for luxury travel, but           renewable energy sources and trying to reduce their
Generation X-ers are catching them up fast in some                carbon footprints.
countries. In the US, they already outspend Baby                  “Hotels have also taken up the gauntlet, no longer
Boomers, according to an American Express Platinum                content with simple measures such as giving guests the
Luxury Survey,” says the report.                                  option of not having their sheets and towels changed
Trend-setting Millennials (born from 1980 to 2000) are            daily. But hotel clients seem largely unaware of these
seen as the luxury travel market to watch over the next           efforts and their carbon-offset and other initiatives.”
few years. They have higher expectations than their               The sale of carbon-offsets is quickly evolving into a
elders, as well as being more confident and better                booming market, but relatively few luxury travellers ask
informed about travel - thanks largely to the internet.           to offset their carbon emissions, according to different
                           Singles                                buyer groups, or expect their travel agents to do so.
“One age group that appears to be growing strongly in             Climate change issues are impacting on some meeting
terms of luxury travel, but which is difficult to identify,       planners and destination management companies, but so
are ‘singles’ - unmarried or divorced and widowed men             far only a minority of corporate customers appear to be
and women of all ages - who tend to travel with friends,          really proactive in trying to make their events and
thereby masking their single status.”                             incentives “greener”.
Due to the ageing of the population in many countries,            It says, too, that luxury travellers have not done as much
family travel has become increasingly popular -                   as their less affluent compatriots, such as the backpacker
including multi-generational travel, with groups                  market, to make a difference to climate change.
sometimes running into 15-20 members.                             “This is surprising given that they do seem to be using
The growing number of young wealthy individuals has               their wealth to support brands that share their own
resulted in a fall in the average age of luxury travellers.       social, political, environmental and ethical agendas -
It notes that, in line with trends in travel and tourism          and they are willing to pay a premium to do so.”
generally, the last 10 years have seen a big increase in
                                                    Fullers invests $5M in Auckland
       On the move                                  NEWEST addition to Fullers Group’s ferry fleet is the
                                                    $2 million high-speed catamaran, Wanderer. She has
CLINTON Farley on Monday became executive           been bought from World Heritage Cruises Tasmania.
Assistant manager at the Novotel Gardens            The 24m 200 passenger vessel is the sister ship of
His initial responsibilities include overall
                                                    Adventurer, which joined the fleet last year.
management of the food and beverage                 Combined, the ferries bring Fullers’ investment in its
division, recruiting, training and managing         fleet over the past year to $5 million.
staff, budgets and reporting, and policy            “At Fullers we are always looking to continuously
writing.                                            improve our service. We believe that while ferries
He was formerly the front office manager
                                                    already provide a great service within the Auckland
at Queenstown’s Mercure Resort and has
worked for Accor since 2006. In 2005 he was         transport sector, in the future we can expand even
the first Southern Lakes finalist for a             further,” says CEO Douglas Hudson. “This investment
national young hotel manager award.                 over the past year demonstrates our commitment to
Says Novotel Gardens GM Carl Braddock:              Auckland, and we hope our passengers enjoy travelling
“Clinton is a fast-rising star and his fresh        on Wanderer as much as they have Adventurer.”
perspective and hotel management experience
will help take the Novotel to new heights
now we’ve completed our $13 million dollar          One of world’s best locations
makeover.”                                          HUKA Lodge has one of the world’s best hotel
                     ***                            locations, according to the latest Condé Nast Traveler
EXPERIENCED management professional Nick
                                                    magazine. Within Australasia and the South Pacific,
Edwards has been appointed assistant ski
area manager for Coronet Peak.                      the lodge is one of only three properties to be so
Mr Edwards has worked for the past three            listed.
years as a DoC programme manager, community
relations. Mr Edwards has dual New Zealand          Overseas experts speak at Queenstown
and Australian nationality and relevant
industry experience through managerial              Resort College
positions in the snow industry in the US            DR Hannah Messerli, from the New York University,
and France.                                         US, will discuss tourism product development and
                     ***                            innovation as part of the Queenstown Resort College
RAEWYN Bleakley, who from next month,
becomes CEO of the Bus and Coach Association,
                                                    executive education series from April 21-24.
has worked for HANZ for nine years starting         From June 10-13 the speaker will be Prof Roy Alvarez,
as a regional manager in the southern South         formerly from the Chinese University of Hong Kong
Island in and then transferring to the              and Cornell University. He will discuss room
central region in 2002.                             management for maximum profitability.
In 2004 she was appointed national                  Then from July 8-10 the speaker will be Brian
operations manager, managing a team of eight
RMs, as well as being involved with a number
                                                    Tomlinson from Scothouse, who will discuss food and
of training projects including the award-           beverage management.
winning HANZ Training Passport.                     July 22-25 will see David Williams, of the Relish
                     ***                            Group, talking about event management.
THL Rentals has appointed Kate Meldrum as           Joseph J. Doyle of Strategic Insights, US, will lecture
GM marketing, based in Auckland. The company
                                                    on strategic leadership from August 12-15.
has also appointed Scott Fahey as GM sales
worldwide, based in Melbourne. THL Rentals          Prof Conrad Lashley of Nottingham Trent University,
owns and operates Maui, Britz and Backpacker        UK, will talk on empowering service excellence
Campervans, 4WD and rentals cars.                   between September 23-26.
                     ***                            Then, from October 7-9 the speaker will be Kathy
DEBORAH Price has taken over from Sophie            Cunningham of Empire Public Relations, who will
Barker at Larnach Castle, being responsible
for sales and marketing. She previously
                                                    discuss maximising media exposure.
worked for Ms Barker part time and has been         Finally, from October 28-31 Prof Sandro Formica, US,
at the castle 18 years.                             will highlight creating market value. Details: Catherine
                                                    Brown on 03-4090500 or

Hickton to join world leaders in major climate
                                                                                   Resort to draw people to
change debate at PATA CEO Challenge
MANY of the world’s travel and tourism leaders - including TNZ CEO
George Hickton - have committed to join the inaugural PATA CEO                     CANTERBURY High Country
Challenge: Confronting Climate Change.                                             Resort Terrace Downs is to undergo a
Others taking part include: UNWTO assistant secretary general Geoff                multi-million dollar development
Lipman; Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts chairman KP Ho; Visit Britain               programme which will see it placed
CEO Tom Wright; Thailand’s Ministry of Tourism and Sports permanent                as one of the country’s most attractive
secretary Dr Sasithara Pichaichannarong; Accor Asia Pacific chairman               drawcards for international visitors.
David Baffsky; Six Senses Resorts and Spas chairman and CEO Sonu                   The resort boasts deluxe
Shivdasani; Marriott Hotels and Resorts president and MD Edwin Fuller,             accommodation, award winning
Cathay Pacific CEO Tony Tyler, Lonely Planet founder Tony Wheeler.                 chefs, a championship golf course
                                   Interactive                                     and stunning views to Mount Hutt,
In the opening session on April 29, immediately after UN Intergovernmental         all in a pristine alpine high country
Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) chairman Dr RK Pachauri delivers a                  setting.
keynote speech, Mr Michael Elliott, International Editor of TIME Asia, will        New owners Jonathan Hendriksen
conduct a live interview with the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize recipient. Dr             and Tim Williams hope the New
Pachauri shared the Nobel Peace Prize with former US VP Al Gore last year.         Zealand owned and operated resort
The PATA CEO Challenge format features a combination of interactive                will play an integral role in drawing
discussions and plenary sessions focusing on critical climate change issues.       visitors to the Canterbury region.
A core element of the event is a rapid-fire morning session, the “Boardroom
Challenges” on the first day. Then industry leaders will discuss specific          Bay of Plenty is tops
practical initiatives being developed to counter the impacts of climate            THE coastal Bay of Plenty led the
change.                                                                            country in visitor growth in
In the following moderated breakout sessions, “Challenge Advocates” will           November, according to the latest
explain the initiatives in more detail, highlighting opportunities for potential   statistics from Statistics New
collaboration with other like-minded organisations.                                Zealand. For the year ended
                                    Sharing                                        November, the region had
By sharing their experiences and insights, travel and tourism leaders will         1,269,994 guest nights, up 7.9
inspire and challenge all delegates at the event to also commit to action.         percent, the highest for any
* PATA has signed an agreement with EC3 Global, managers of the Green              region. The national increase was
Globe brand, to help significantly reduce the carbon footprint of its              an average of 4.2 percent.
landmark new event.
“It is critical that PATA leads by example and does everything possible to         Selling Te Pania
minimise the carbon emissions produced by this important and historic              RECEIVERS of failed finance
event to confront climate change,” says PATA President and CEO Peter de            company Bridgecorp have called for
Jong. “EC3 and Green Globe are recognised as leaders in helping travel             the sale of Napier’s Te Pania Hotel.
organisations develop sustainable business models. We are delighted to be          Jones Lang LaSalle Hotels says 92
partnering with them on this event and in other areas of PATA’s strategic          units, held by fully-owned
operations.”                                                                       Bridgecorp subsidiary Monice
Adds Mr de Jong: “While this is new territory for us, we will be doing             properties, are now on the market.
everything possible to reduce our emissions, as well as learn how we can           Bridgecorp collapsed in July.
improve our performance for future events. Our approach is to mitigate
where possible and offset where we can’t.” Visit:                                  Ozjet still on                                                         OZJET still plans to launch
                                                                                   Australia-Palmerston North
                                                                                   services from March 31.
                 Destination NZ gets third series
  DESTINATION Television is in pre-production for a third series of                Travelodge for Palmy
  Destination NZ for CH7 Australia BSKYB UK and other international                TOGA Hospitality has announced
  networks, and will also screen on AirNZ’s inflight entertainment network         that its first Travelodge Hotel will
  (IFE). Regions to be covered are Northland, Auckland, Rotorua, Taupo,            open in Palmerston North on March
  Wairapapa, Nelson, Marlborough, Christchurch, Canterbury, Queenstown             20 in the former Novotel. The
  and Central Otago/Southland.                                                     property is the 45th hotel to be
  NZ on a Plate - the company’s new cuisine series is to screen on SKYs            added to the company, taking the
  Food Channel on March 31 at 5.30pm and the IFE system from early                 total number of rooms to over
  April. “Our DNZ clients are also featured in five minute promos in our           5,500. It operates and manages
  new relationship with MSN’s Travel website just launched,” says the              Medina Apartment Hotels, Vibe
  company’s Julie Woodham.                                                         Hotels and Travelodge Hotels in
                                                                                   Australia and Adina Apartment
                                                           10                      Hotels in Europe.
NZ “feature country” at Aussie Travel XPO                                         Queenstown-based
NEW Zealand is to be the focus of attention at this year’s Sydney and             Ibis builds new nest in
Melbourne Travel XPOs from, March 15 an 16 and April 12 and 13
respectively.                                                                     Christchurch
“It’s the first time the events will give emphasis to one specific country or     IBIS Technology, this month opens
region - and what a great opportunity that provides for the industry to sell to   its Christchurch office run by newly
Australian travellers,” says PR consultant Maggie Jacka.                          appointed software developer Matt
“Situated prominently at the entrance to the expo, the area will be dressed to    Evrard.
represent the culture and history of New Zealand. It will be the first thing      He has just joined the company and
visitors will see as they enter the show.                                         will work at the Queenstown and
“Being the 2008 Feature Country provides the New Zealand travel industry          Christchurch offices.
with a unique opportunity for its suppliers to take their message to an           MD Erik Bradshaw says: “When the
Australian audience committed to planning their next dream holiday. More          right people come along at the right
than 35,000 visitors experienced the 2007 Travel XPOs, making them the            time, we seize the opportunity to
biggest independent travel expos in New South Wales and Victoria; this            deliver better business solutions to
figure is expected to increase in 2008.”                                          clients and expand our operation.
Exhibitors to date include: TNZ, Destination Queenstown, Napier City              It’s also important to continually
Council, Hastings District Council, Destination Rotorua, Great New                enhance our software. Matt’s
Zealand Touring Route and Kiwi Travel                                     extensive development expertise
Visit or call 061-294527575.                                 makes him the ideal person to drive
                                                                                  our software upgrade.
               Guest nights continue their climb                                  “Matt has a refreshing big picture
  TOTAL guest nights in short-term commercial accommodation were                  approach and a can-do attitude that
  2.8 million in November, an increase of two percent compared with               fits well with our results-focused yet
  November 2006 and seven percent up on November 2005.                            relaxed company culture.”
  The trend in total guest nights has been increasing since January 2006,         Mr Evrard is Christchurch-born. He
  although it has flattened in recent months, says Statistics NZ.                 says he knew knew Ibis was a
  In November 2007, the trend level was three percent higher than in              company he wanted to work for
  November 2006 and six percent higher than in November 2005.                     when he first met Mr Bradshaw and
  Six of the 12 regions recorded more guest nights in November than in            company GM Christine Ryan, two
  the same month of 2006.                                                         years ago on an expedition to
  The Auckland region - up 49,000 or 10 percent - had the largest                 Antarctica.
  increase, followed by Canterbury - up 27,000 or six percent. Waikato            “I knew Ibis Technology was a
  recorded the largest decrease in guest nights - down 29,000 or 12               growing and well-respected
  percent.                                                                        business, but spending two months
                                                                                  on board a boat in Antarctica with
                                                                                  Erik and Christine gave me
                                                                                  invaluable insight into how they
Love a Duck, River Valley has all the options                                     work and think.”
THE Duckies are coming...the Duckies are coming! Inflatable                                      Climber
Kayaking - aka Duckies, Goon Boats, Go Boats - are a fun option                   He worked for the global internet
for playing on rivers at lower flows. And River Valley, Taihape, is               solutions company Allied Telesis for
putting them on the Rangitikei.                                                   six years. A skilled rock climber and
What are these boats? Basically they are a mini raft, seating one or              mountaineer, Mr Evrad has a degree
two people. They are stable, very manoeuvrable and a heap of fun.                 in geology from Canterbury
You sit on them, not in them as with a normal kayak.                              University and an Advanced
What is involved? “Imagine a four wheel drive trip into the put on,               Diploma in Business Computing.
a beautiful pool, ideal for training in the art of Duckie steering.               He has had 15 years’ experience in
After mastering a semblence of control, it is off down the gorge,” we             the technology field, including data
are told.                                                                         analysis in the oil industry and
There is a choice of steering the boat, teaming with someone else, or             systems administration at The
for those less sure, going with a guide.                                          Christchurch Press and Timaru
River Valley has also designed an “elegant adventure”. Wine on the                Herald.
River is an overnight rafting and camping trip designed for small                 Ibis Technology has doubled its
groups who want a fun night out under the stars.                                  annual turnover and number of staff
It includes a five course evening dinner, matched with finest wines               in the past year, as well as
supplied by Trinity Hill, and all this taking place in a bushclad                 significantly expanding its client
campsite beside the Rangitikei.                                                   base to include more of the national
The first departure is full but there are vacanies on the weekend of              i-SITE tourism information centres.
February 16 and 17. Details: 0800-248666.
Global Travel Market offers companies and                                       Corporates to fill more
consumers new concept in price comparisons                                      rooms
BRITISH travel meta-search company Global Travel Market is targeting            DEMAND for hotel rooms in the
New Zealand for the launch of its newest site:                                  Asia-Pacific region by the corporate                                                sector is set to increase again in
This follows the launch of market-specific meta-search sites in the UK,         2008 at a rate which cannot be
China and India.                                                                matched by supply, claims
In the UK alone, in excess of 100,000 visitors each month use Australia         American Express in its new report.
Travel Market to plan and book their holidays to Australia.                     The American Express 2008 Asia
Meta-search, or price comparison, is described as a new concept for the         Pacific Corporate Hotel Rate
New Zealand industry and consumer. But it has rapidly grown over the last       Projections and Market Forecast
three years to become a key element of the distribution channel in the US       predicts that growing corporate
and UK with sites such as Kayak, Sidestep and Travelsupermarket                 demand for rooms in the region will
becoming major distributors.                                                    also lead to more room rate
                                    Leading                                     increases for 2008.
Australia Travel Market has developed into the leading portal for UK            “Travel managers and procurement
holiday makers planning to travel to Australia.                                 professionals will continue to face
Estimates suggest that the site has generated in excess of $20 million worth    many challenges when managing
of bookings since its launch, for partners such as Accor Hotels,                hotel expenses, however there are
Intercontinental Hotels Group,, Travelmate,, Agoda,       steps companies can take to enhance
APT, AAT Kings, Virgin Blue, Hamilton Island,,                   their negotiating position,” says, Voyages and Viator.                                              Prashant Aggarwal, American
Global Travel Market was established in 2005 by founder and CEO Dave            Express Consulting, Head of Japan,
Simmons - himself a New Zealander.                                              Asia Pacific and Australia.
“Having worked in the UK travel industry for many years in a variety of         The report also predicts that
roles for companies such as Airtours and Quest Travel, I have experienced       corporate demand may also become
first-hand the challenges confronting the industry, none more so than the       more selective as businesses
rapidly changing way in which consumers are planning and purchasing their       become more environmentally
travel.” he tells IT. “Global Travel Market was set up in response to this      knowledgeable and seek hotels
changing market to provide an open environment whereby any travel               which are more environmentally
company, large or small, can promote their product or service directly to a     responsible.
highly targeted consumer in a cost effective manner.”
                                   Confident                                    Pacific Blue grows market
He adds: “New Zealanders are becoming increasingly confident to plan and        PASSENGER numbers at
book their travel to Australia on the Web. However, it is still a very time-    Wellington International Airport
consuming process for them to go in and out of four or more different           increased 16.5 percent in
websites to compare prices. On Australia Travel Market the customer will        December, thanks to the launch of
be able to compare prices from a wide range of companies with just one          Pacific Blue’s domestic services
search - saving the customer time and hopefully money.”                         between the city, Auckland and
* Mr Simmons attended Otago University before heading to London in              Christchurch. Infratil, which
1994. He worked in marketing and business development with Airtours             owns two thirds of the airport,
Retail Travel Agency Going Places, became GM of the company’s £100              says Pacific Blue did not
million flight consolidation unit, then MD of Quest Travel, before being        cannibalise the market by taking
founding director of Silverjet.                                                 passengers from either AirNZ or
                                   Relocated                                    Qantas.
“Following the successful development of the GTM head office in London,
I have relocated back to Auckland to establish a regional office to support     Dogfight over Q’town
the growth of GTM in the Asia/Pacific region,” he adds.                         AN aerial dogfight is brewing in
GTM now employs six sales and marketing people in London, as well as 12         Queenstown, reports Mountain
developers in Russia, two partners in Shanghai and two partners in Delhi.       Scene.
Mr Simmons says up to five will be employed in Auckland to support the          The paper says JagAir’s Black
growth of the business. “GTM currently receives in excess of 250,000            Barron has returned with a Pitts
visitors per month to the different websites. This figure has been growing by   Special biplane which rival
10 percent each month for the last six months and shows no sign of              ActionFlight sold it last year.
slowing.”                                                                       ActionFlight has a newer Pitts
GTM has an email database in the UK of 120,000 people who request to            Special. JagAir is owned by former
receive special offers via GTM’s TravelNow weekly email.                        Royal Air Force strike pilot Ray
“The intention is to replicate the TravelNow email concept in New Zealand       Mudgway and ActionFlight by
with an initial target of 20,000 email addresses within six months.” Visit:     Wayne Jack, who flies Boeing 777s                                                for AirNZ.
When will the visitor industry become self                                        13.7 million visit Te Papa
sustaining, wonders councillor                                                    in first decade
NORTHLAND ratepayers have been subsidising the tourism industry for               MORE than 13.7 million visitors
years, claims regional council audit and finance committee chairman Ian           have been into Te Papa since it
Walker. “And I’m questioning whether that has to keep going.                      opened on February 14 1998 - an
“We’re talking about a large industry. At some stage can it sustain itself?” he   average of 1.2 million visitors a
asks.                                                                             year, making it the most visited
The council and the region’s three district councils put money toward             museum in Australasia.
Destination Northland.                                                            “Te Papa is a museum of
Mr Walker argues tourism operators should band together and mirror what           international standing, both as a
farmers have done.                                                                creator and venue of world-class
“The dairy industry is made up of 11,000 small farmers who have got               exhibitions, such as the Lord of the
together and formed a co-operative. Maybe it’s time the tourism industry          Rings exhibition and the popular
gets its act together because at the moment it is so fragmented.”                 Constable exhibition of recent
But Northland Tourism Development chairman David Perks says there’s no            times,” says CEO Dr Seddon
comparison between the farming and tourism industries. “If you’re selling         Bennington.
milk overseas that’s quite easy, I mean milk is milk,” he says. “But the          “We are a bicultural institution - a
tourism industry is made up of a variety of businesses and products so it’s       museum, an art gallery, an award-
completely different.” Northlanders pay a lot less than other regions. “Our       winning book publisher and an
councils support regional tourism at a rate of $3.20 per head - that is 24th      important scientific research
out of 30 regions in the country.”                                                institute. The diversity can be
                                                                                  challenging but it’s a creative
                                                                                  challenge that inspires us to seek
i-SITE office moves to Wellington                                                 new, stimulating and surprising
THE i-SITE head office has moved to TNZ in Wellington, although                   ways to engage our visitors.”
operations manager and board secretary Jeff Tippen remains in                     A year-long party will begin on
Christchurch.                                                                     February 16 with the museum being
In Wellington are executive manager David Wilks, manager Andrew                   open from 10am -10pm and hosting
Leslie, marketing manager Sally Kemp, and administrator Chloe                     events and activities for all.
Ritchie. Previous administrator Debra Crackett left last year.
Mr Leslie will help with raising the domestic marketing profile,                  Numbers rise due to
supporting the 100%Pure campaign in New Zealand, key account
relationships and the network database project.
Ms Kemp will focus on developing and implementing specific                        VISITORS to Central South
marketing initiatives, brand standards, and the extranet. She will also           Island Tourism i-SITES have
be the key contact for Qualmark, and project manager of the national              increased from 90,000 in 2002 to
database.                                                                         more than 170,000 in 2007. The
Ms Ritchie will be responsible for membership management, providing               region is becoming increasingly
coordinated office and administrative support, and technical support              popular for major events.
for the extranet and database. New Wellington office details: 04-
4628055; fax 9153816 or                                       $5 per collection
                                                                                  COACH operators collecting
                                                                                  passengers from Queenstown
                                                                                  Airport must now pay $5 per bus
             Bottom Bus buys Penguin Express                                      every time they do so. But BCA
  BOTTOM Bus Ltd has bought Penguin Express from Bruce and Fay                    tourism committee chairman
  Daniells. It’s a tour and pick-up service for the Oamaru Blue Penguin           Bernard Pavlovich says the
  Colony, which has been run as part of the couple’s Coastline Tours. The         association is opposed to the charge.
  latter will be retained by the Daniellses.
  Bottom Bus MD Ralph Davies says that with the colony attracting 45,000
  evening visitors a year it is a great addition to the company’s other brands.
                                                                                  Doomsday tourism!
  “These include a partnership with Living History NZ operating a new             NEW trend: doomsday tourism.
  Great Estates Tour exploring the North Otago hinterland and grand estates,      There’s a growing interest in the
  as well a providing the transport service for a new three-in-one tour           US to see parts of the world that
  package.”                                                                       will disappear through global
  Bottom Bus Ltd runs Bottom Bus, Scenic Shuttle and the Catlins Coaster          warming. They include
  brands, which provide guided tours and packages between Queenstown,             Antarctica, Mount Kilamanjaro,
  Dunedin, Invercargill, Stewart Island, Fiordland and Te Anau. It also           the Arctic ice cap, the Maldives,
  partners with Whanganaki Adventures in the central North Island, which          Venice, Alaska, the Great Barrier
  operates Geyser Link Shuttle, East As and Waitomo Wanderer.                     Reef, Kitzbuhel (Austria),
                                                                                  Galapagos Islands and Patagonia.

Yield could drop under emissions trading                                                Realistic match racing
scheme, says Luhrs                                                                      using Sail NZ yachts
UNDER the emissions trading scheme the yield in accommodation                           MATCH racing in America’s Cup
generally could drop by a noticeable amount, believes TIA CEO Fiona                     class yachts on the Waitemata
Luhrs.                                                                                  Harbour has become more realistic!
“It’s an extra layer of costs,” she says. “We are saying ‘allow for that cost of        Sail NZ’s Cup yachts NZL 40 and
at least an extra 10 percent on anything that is energy related’. I’d allow             NZL 41 are now dressed in Emirates
time to assess for yourselves, or buy-in expertise, to find quick hits that can         Team New Zealand livery.
be made on environmental sustainability. The not-so-quick hits may require              The company provides a match
equipment or capital expenditure in some other way. Operators have to plan              racing experience for sponsors and
for this...TIA will do what it can to provide members with information they             suppliers.
will need by mid year.”                                                                 Normal schedules of trips and
Treasury has been told that not all tourism businesses will be able to make             charters for the domestic, tourism
energy savings.                                                                         and corporate markets will continue
“If you run a hotel or b and b and you are a smart operator you are already             with the extra excitement of being
running at maximum efficiency. Not many operators will have failed to                   an even closer experience to
monitor temperature, for example, and people want to be warm. So, you                   actually racing in the America’s
can’t just decide to put everything down three degrees to save energy,” Ms              Cup.
Luhrs adds.                                                                             Emirates Team New Zealand MD
“We are talking to government about these issues, including the fact that               Grant Dalton says the agreement
these extra costs could put New Zealand at a disadvantage compared with                 with Sail NZ will help the team
our international competitors.”                                                         fulfil its obligations to sponsors and
                                                                                        suppliers. “We need to be able to
                                                                                        take people sailing. There’s unlikely
TIA to continue workforce focus                                                         to be much team sailing for some
TIA will continue to focus on workforce issues during 2008. Operators                   months so having access to Sail
are struggling to get the numbers they need to remain viable.                           NZ’s yachts is the obvious solution.
The New Zealand Tourism Strategy implementation plan - which will                       “We will host our people at the base
set out how the strategy’s priorities will be addressed - will be                       and then take them sailing, just as
presented to Cabinet in April.                                                          we have in the past. The big
                                                                                        difference will be the lack of
The Hermitage honoured whenever Sir Ed visited                                          distractions - the yachts will be
EVEREST conqueror Sir Edmund Hillary - whose state funeral was on                       match racing rather than taking part
Tuesday - regularly visited The Hermitage and will always hold a very                   in the team’s testing programme.”
special place in the hearts of staff, says GM Denis Callesen.
“His legendary spirit will live on in our hearts. You didn’t even need to meet                  Whaka rebrand
the man to feel inspired by his approach to life and his self-effacing                    ROTORUA’S Whakarewarewa
modesty.”                                                                                 Thermal Village Tours has been
He adds: “We’re extremely privileged to have our recently opened attraction               rebranded as Whakarewarewa,
in Aoraki Mount Cook National Park named after Sir Edmund Hillary and                     The Living Thermal Village.
are honoured that we can celebrate his life on a daily basis by sharing his               Marketing Co-ordinator Justin Te
memories, achievements and legacy.”                                                       Hau says stakeholders support the
                                                                                          retention of Whakarewarewa in
AJ and van Asch to tie the knot (again)?                                                  any re-branding, as in their eyes
BUNGY founders A.J.Hackett and Henry van Asch have agreed to                              it not only defined the location of
work closer together in 2008 - 20 years after the world’s first                           the attraction, but gave it both
commercial site was opened in Queenstown.                                                 international and domestic
CEO Michelle Trapski, who achieved in one hour more than anyone                           context and recognition.
had been able to achieve in 10 years, brokered a deal that will see the                   The Living Thermal Village
pair put their 11 year split behind them.                                                 tagline reinforces the fact that
She believes the duo will recombine as the formidable force they were                     people live in the village and have
originally. When the two parted in 1997 Mr van Asch took the New                          done so for more than 300 years.
Zealand side of the business and Mr Hackett, who was by then living in                    CEO Grace Neilson says: “The
France, acquired the international sites.                                                 brand is one of a number of
                                                                                          strategic initiatives underway as
Master carver 21 years                                                                    part of the omprehensive three-
TE Puia’s carving school, Te Wananga Whakairo o Aotearoa, has marked 40                   year redevelopment plan for the
years of service to the preservation and advancement of Maori arts and                    business focused on keeping the
crafts. A student of the first intake, Clive Fugill, is still an integral part of the     experience real.”
school. He has been master carver for the past 21 years.
Copthorne Waitangi boasts                                       Bluebridge carries record numbers
                                                                BLUEBRIDGE passenger ferries crossed Cook Strait a
largest solar system in country                                 record 10 times on December 22, carrying the largest
A new wing of Copthorne Hotel and Resort Bay of                 number of passengers ever.
Islands will have on it the largest single flat plate solar     Almost 3,000 people and over 1,000 cars were on board
collection system in the country. More than 100 sq m of         the Santa Regina and the Monte Stello.
solar panels will heat the water for the hotel’s pool           Spokeswoman Wendy Pannett says the Bluebridge
complex and to the guest rooms.                                 service, now in its fifth year, has experienced huge
“The use of renewable solar energy demonstrates                 growth throughout peak and off peak seasons.
Millennium, Copthorne and Kingsgate Hotels’                     “Both New Zealanders and international visitors are
commitment to sustainability,” says MD BK Chiu.                 extremely positive about our warm friendly service and
The solar panel system is supplemented by two new               its New Zealand ownership.
condensing boilers, which have efficiencies of 85 to 98         “We also have a flat rate pricing structure that appeals to
percent versus the 70 to 80 percent found in                    our customers, with everyone onboard paying the same
conventional equipment. Condensing boilers also                 rate regardless of when they book or how close to
capture heat that would be lost up the chimney in a             Christmas they are travelling,” she says.
conventional boiler and they produce less greenhouse
“It is not just about sustainability as these are significant
                                                                Last dolphin show in NZ?
investments in environmentally friendly technologies.           KELLY the dolphin may be 150 in human years. But
They are part of Millennium and Copthorne’s                     she can still pull in the crowds at Napier Marineland.
continuous improvements that meet present needs                 Attendances have been up 10 percent to about 400 a
without compromising future generations,” Mr Chiu               day over summer. But, once Kelly dies, there will not
adds.                                                           likely be any more public performances by dolphins
                                                                in New Zealand.
* The hotel has just added 35 rooms to its existing 145.        Kelly has been the lone star at Marineland since
The dominant theme and feature of the rooms is their            Shona died in April 2006.
emphasis on sustainability and environmentally friendly
technologies. Timber framing and cladding were chosen
as a renewable resource and it reduces the impact of
                                                                Bonking in the blue
heavy machinery on the surrounding lawn area.                   ABOUT half of 1,110 Australians surveyed by
Even demolition contracts required to prepare the      say they would join the “mile high
building were only awarded after an assessment                  club” - sex at 30,000ft - if they were given the chance.
conducted on the level of recycling to be done.                 And 12 percent said they were already members!
The hotel is a member of the Northland Sustainable     global marketing manager Paul Fisher
Tourism Charter.                                                says: “People are obviously looking for more
GM David Perks adds: “The addition of 35 new rooms              stimulating entertainment than a movie or a CD when
to the hotel enables the hotel to attract conferences in        travelling by plane.
winter, offering our team stable employment and                 “Mind you, with the advent of the new A380 super
opportunities to further their experience and career            jumbos, some boasting configurations with full-sized
aspirations. We can do this and at the same time protect        standalone beds, earning one’s stripes is a lot easier than
and enhance the unique natural and cultural                     it once was.”
environment of this special part of New Zealand.”
                                                                TIA wants Easter open for all
Hobbiton is five - and still doing well                         TIA is calling on the government to liberalise Easter
HOBBITON is five! The Matamata farm was the                     trading with businesses able to decide for themselves
location for the fictional Hobbiton village during the          whether they open.
filming of Peter Jackon’s Lord of the Rings film
trilogy. The release of the first Lord of the Rings
movie ignited a demand that initially took the family
who owned the land by surprise.
Hobbiton Movie Set and Farm Tours MD Russell
Alexander says: “As demand from movie fanatics -
and those with idle curiosity - grew we engaged staff
to provide guided tours around the movie set and
share interesting anecdotes from the days of the
                                                                                THE LAST WORD
Hobbiton has developed and enhanced the visitor
experience in the ensuing years because of the need               “IF I were two-faced, would I be wearing
to be sustainable. “We had to keep developing the                 this one?” Abraham Lincoln
experience and adding new products that would
generate customers long after the hype of the three
movies had waned.”                                     15

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