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EzMobileSiteGenerator 4 bonuses and reviews


EzMobileSiteGenerator Version 4 help you to create STUNNING STYLISH FULLY-CUSTOMIZABLE FULLY-FEATURED Mobile-ready Websites in very easy ways...

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									   EzMobileSiteGenerator Version 4 Bonuses
October 14, 2012 By Joseph Mai

                          FEATURED Mobile-ready Websites

EzMobileSiteGenerator has its all:

Create UNLIMITED Sites

       No Limits – Create as many Mobile Sites as you want.
       Flexible layout


       Fully customizable themes
       Change all elements – icons, arrows headers, footers, menu tap-to-call buttons, forms,
        accordians, slideshows – EVERYTHING.
       Quickly match to clients’ website

Multi-level Menus

       Automatic Menu Creation
       3 styles of menu – Icon, Vertical, and Block with description
       Over 300 built-in Icons. Each icon in 6 different colours
       Easily use custom icons, or images as icons

Automatic Resizing

       Menus, Forms, Images, Text … everything resizes automatically and fits all smartphones.

Interactive Maps

       Fully integrated Maps and Direction Finder
       Uses user-entered location or the phone’s GPS
       Can create directions in any language

Customizable Forms

       Optin Forms, Contact Forms, and Lead Capture Forms
       Built-in Form Designer allows radio buttons, checkboxes, selects, required fields, auto-
       Data Capture to CSV and Email
Embedded Videos

      Easily embed self-hosted, AmazonS3, and YouTu be videos
      Custom Thumbnails
      Supports multiple formats for cross-browser compatibility

Image Galleries

      Easily create image galleries with Lig htbox and Slideshow displays
      Multiple Gallery Styles – Grid, Montage, Carousel, and Animated
      Drag and Drop multi-image upload and re-ordering

Discount Coupons

      Easily create auto-expiring coupons
      Coupon text changes automatically after expiry date
      Easily customizable images, color, borders, etc

Social Media Widgets

      Add Facebook Like and Send buttons to any page
      Customizable icons for your social media links

Custom Backgrounds

      Custom Logos Headers, Footers, and Background Images
      Transparent Menus

QR Codes

      A QRCode is automatically created for every page of the mobile site
      Give your clients a QRCode that links direct to a Coupon Page, or direct to an Optin
       Page, or a Social Media Page, or to the Home Page.

Tap-To-Call Buttons

      Fully customizable Tap-To-Call buttons
      Use custom images
      Customizable Tap-To-Email Buttons
      Customizable Tap-To-Chat Buttons

Expandable Blocks

      Expandable Content Blocks – also known as
      Accordians Easily customizable
      Unlimited sections
Multi-lingual Sites

      Create sites in Spanish, Italian, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and most
       other languages
      Easily customize maps and directions to another language

                     Click here to see EzMobileSiteGenerator demo online
                                  Site Simulator, to view on PC
   o   Fully Customizable Layouts? … Built-in!
   o   Unlimited Site Creation? … Built-in!         Opening Hours/Product Lists/Restaurant Menus?
   o   Multi-level Navigation Menus? … Built-        … Built-in!
       in!                                          300+ Icons each in 6 different colors? … Built-in!
   o   Drag-and-drop page re-ordering? …            Transparent menus? … Built-in!
       Built-in!                                    Unlimited Customizable Themes? … Built-in!
   o   Customizable Forms? … Built-in!              Automatic Screen Resizing? Built-in!
   o   Data Capture? … Built-in!                    SEO Optimization? … Built-in!
   o   Interactive Maps? … Built-in!                QR Code Generator? … Built-in!
   o   GPS detection? … Built-in!                   Interactive Site Preview? … Built-in!
   o   Expandable Content Blocks? … Built-in!       Redirect to External Sites? … Built-in!
   o   Auto-expiring coupons? … Built-in!           Visual Form Designer? … Built-in!
   o   Customizable Topbar? Built-in!               Hidden Pages? … Built-in!
   o   Image galleries? … Built-in!                 Mobile Sitemaps? … Built-in!
   o   Customizable Logos? … Built-in!              Site Search? … Built-in!
   o   Image Slideshows? Built-in!                  YouTube Embedded Videos? … Built-in!
   o   Embedded Videos? … Built-in!                 Content Slideshows? Built-in!
   o   Tap-ToCall Buttons? … Built-in!              Background Images? … Built-in!
   o   Tap-To-Email Buttons? … Built-in!            Headers and Footers? … Built-in!
   o   Tap-To-Chat Buttons? … Built-in!             Template import and export? … Built-in!
   o   Facebook LIKE and SEND Buttons? …            Social Media Links? … Built-in!
       Built-in!                                    Google Analytics Integration? … Built-in!
   o   RSS Feed Display? … Built-in!                Online Tutorial Videos? … Built-in!
   o   Customizable Opt-in Forms? … Built-in!

I could go on and on and on listing all the “built-in” features of EzMobileSiteGenerator, but I’m
sure you understand by now …

                                         It’s POWERFUL

                                          It’s FLEXIBLE

                                 It’s PUSH BUTTON SIMPLE

For the LAST TEN MONTHS, ever since I launched Version 1 of EzMobileSiteGenerator, I’ve
listened to my customers and EXTENDED EzMobileSiteGenerator to fit their needs (and their
clients’ needs!)

BUT … ALWAYS remembering that it must continue to be SIMPLE TO USE and FAST TO
If you watched the videos above, you’ve seen how easy it is to create and customize mobile
websites with EzMobileSiteGeneratol

If you have any problem with EzMobileSiteGenerator, there are over 50 tutorial videos and an
easy to follow website creation guide.

If you need additional help, just contact our Helpdesk and we will help you get up and running.

 If, for any reason, we can’t help you out, you have no risk because you are fully covered by our 30-day
                                      100% Money-Back Guarantee.

EzMobileSiteGenerator is an established product that is continually being developed.

Over 2000 users have just received their free upgrade to Version

Click the button below to join them …

… and have your first mobile site up and running in a few minutes from now.

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