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					                             DASAC Individual Education Plan (IEP)
Name: William Hague                                                        Date: Summer 2001

DoB: 26.4.90             Year Group: 6           Class: 6S                 SEN Stage: 2
School Support                                                             Time Allocation
                                                Paired reading with LSA    2 x 10 minutes
                            ‘Success Maker’ Integrated Learning System     3 x 15 minutes
                                              Drama Therapy Group 1:4      1 x 1 hour
                                                         Homework Club     1 x 1 hour
                                  Afternoon group support from LSA 1:5     3 x 1hour
                                        Social Skills Group with LSA 1:5   1 x 40 minutes
                                        EAZ Literacy Booster Group 1:7     1 x 50 minutes
School Support +                                                           Time Allocation

Targets                                      Review                        Review Date:
   William to be able to spell accurately
    common words ending with –ough and
   Increase William’s reading
   William to complete learning task
    during afternoon support.
   To begin to show signs of increased
    independence in learning.
   To explore strategies that enable
    William to build his self-esteem and
    reduce violent outbursts.
Parent’s Comment

    Support at Home
                                                      Children make much faster progress when they are
                                                      encouraged to continue learning at home as well as
                                                        in school. Make it fun and do it in short bursts!
William could be helped at home by;
Discussing the events of the school day. It would be particularly helpful if you were to
explore with him what happened during his Drama therapy.
Encourage independent writing, perhaps through taking phone messages or writing the
family shopping list.
Regular reading practice.

Example ‘Provision Mapped’ IEP for a fictitious Y6 child displaying mild behavioural difficulties, low
self-esteem and low ability in literacy.

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