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The Place for Experiential Learning by oakridgint


									The Place for Experiential Learning

Education in earlier days meant academic study which takes place only inside a classroom. After
a period people understood one fact that the young generation is becoming mere book worms,
and does not possess any practical knowledge and social commitment. The first and only
solution was the introduction of experiential learning which will benefit the kids all through
their life.

Inclusion more activities into curriculum is one possible change and various practical workshops
became part of education. Even though there was enclosure of various programs the classroom
atmosphere was giving it a traditional teaching ambiance. As a result of this the out of the box
initiative of camps came up where children will gather in a place and the environment will be of
a pleasure trip. Though it is a pleasure trip students will get to learn many things during camps
like the quality of team spirit, togetherness, understanding basic physics while doing adventure,
cultural exchange through collaboration with other students and so on.

Boarding schools are considered to be the place where frequent camps happen as the students
are available in the campus all the time. There many boarding schools in India who organizes
international camps for students where they include foreign students too. When we talk about
the camps occur in boarding schools in India, the one name which stands first is Oakridge
International Boarding School Vizag. This school is considered to be the best international
schools in Vizag with world class infrastructure and finest facilities. The school organizes en
number of camps throughout the year to provide students their best experience in life along
with better knowledge of their surroundings. The recent camp took placed in the campus
involved students from all over the world.

Such international camps become the main podium of cultural exchange. It helps students to
understand each other’s culture and tradition and learn to respect the feelings. The positive
side of any cultural exchange is that one can pick the greatest aspects from other’s culture and
enhance theirs. The theories one learns from class they might or might not remember for all
the time. But we can say beyond doubt that the experiential learning they get from such camps
will stay all through their life.

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