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Best Mauritius Tour Package Deals from Joy Travels. Search out top tourist destinations in Mauritius for holiday packages and get best travel deals to Mauritius. Mauritius is the most accessible island in the Indian Ocean.

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									Mauritius Beaches Galore Natural Beauty

Recognised for having the world´s best beaches and the second-best air quality, Mauritius, off
the Indian Ocean, is renowned as a top class luxury resort. Part of the island group of Mauritius-
Rodrigues-Reunion – Mascarenes, Mauritius itself was named after a Dutch prince. Our
Mauritius Holiday Package takes tourists to the spectacularly beautiful view of the open sea near
Mauritius – which is kept away from its beaches and lagoons by the world´s third largest coral
reef – and of the mountains fringing the island as well as beautiful forests in its Black River
Gorges National Park region.

Mauritius has a strong African influence and a significant representation of the French, Indian
and Chinese communities, with an interesting mix of multi-regional cuisine and various festivals
being celebrated. Those who take the Mauritius Holiday Package will find Mauritius to be
friendly, safe, warm and welcoming; not just the right destination to get the perfect suntan, but
with a wide array of ´happening´ activities lined up for tourists who dare!

It´s a paradise for surfing, kite-surfing, sailing and scuba diving. Its best surfing spots lie in its
south-west behind Morne Brabant, while Le Morne is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Tamarin
Bay was once reputed to be the best surfing destination on the earth and Tamarin is known for its
salt pans. Adventure sports such as abseiling and zip-lining are gaining popularity. Biking or
mountain-biking along the island is a good way to discover the pretty landscape. Tourists
availing our Mauritius Holiday Packages often visit the Champs de Mars Racecourse, the
world´s second racecourse. Football is the favourite sport, while judo, karate and taekwondo are
highly popular.

Our Mauritius Holiday Package is meant for families and singles, sports enthusiasts and nature
lovers. Mauritius is a haven for endangered plants, animals and rare birds only found here; the
famous ´pink´ pigeon and some rare orchids have been reintroduced. The zoological park in
Casela includes a rendezvous with lions, tigers, monkeys, giant tortoises, many species of birds,
fishing competitions, a mini golf course, with children being encouraged to take a mini quad-
bike tour and introduced to zip-lining. The La Vanille Reserve Mascareignes has thousands of
species of butterflies and insects! The differently Coloured Earths of Chamarel, west of the
Black River Gorges, are spectacularly beautiful. An anthuriam greenhouse, vanilla plantations,
orchards, waterfalls, rivers, streams, botanical gardens, a fascinating aquarium and an extinct
volcano – Mauritius has them all.

Mauritius has a tropical climate; January-February may bring cyclones or heavy rain, but the rest
of the year is just fine for water sports and beach-lazing. The Mauritius Holiday Package
introduces tourists to a spectacular under-sea voyage in a semi-submersible boat that has below-
the-surface viewing; while a unique experience awaits even non-scuba divers who want to get
the feel of walking on a sea bed by wearing specially-designed solar-powered helmets. Mauritius
rates high as a return destination – once you visit it, you will know why.

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