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                             An industry leader
Volunteerism and Our ASPE . . . . . . . . .3

From the Executive Director . . . . . . . . .4

Do You Have What It Takes to Become an
Industry Leader? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5

Online Plan Rooms Are Changing
the Face of Estimating . . . . . . . . . . . . .9

Project Profile: The Austin Company
   Mater Dei Athletic and
   Aquatic Complex . . . . . . . . . . . . .10

Report of Independent Auditors . . . . .12

Congratulations Membership Contest
Winners 2007!! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .17

Membership Building Ideas from Your
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Upcoming Chapter Meetings . . . . . . .20

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                      Volunteerism and
                      Our ASPE
                      John B. Stewart CPE, ASPE President

               t is February, and nominations for          Committees, we need more. I am asking all
               national elections were to have been        Members to get involved with our ASPE if not
               received by the first of this month. The    on a national level, then on the chapter level.
               Certification Board conducted a meeting     Our ASPE needs your help, so if you are willing and
               at the SBO last month, the Standards        want to share your skills and give a little back, then I
               Board is meeting at the SBO this month,     ask you to contact me or your local chapter president
               and the Board of Trustees meeting will be   to get involved with your ASPE.
               held in March. This is an excellent
example of volunteerism at its best. Upon reflection, I
see many who give their free time to help our ASPE         Our ASPE has a new and improved website,
grow; the one thing they all have in common is that This has been a long time
they are all volunteers. I know we have full-time staff    in coming, and there were times when I thought it
and they all do a great job. But without volunteers, our   would never happen…but we persevered and the
ASPE would cease to exist, and I wish to thank each        website got done. However, there is still work to do as
and every one of you for all you do for our ASPE.          far as interfacing with the SBO database and further
                                                           improving the look and feel of the site. But the site is
One definition of volunteer is someone who willingly       functioning, and the shopping cart is working for those
gives unpaid help in the form of time, service or skills   of you who want to sign up for our ASPE’s online
through an organization or group. That defines the         classes or who just want to purchase some ASPE gear.
members of our ASPE perfectly; whether it is at the
national level or at the chapter level, every member of    BOT Meeting
a committee or board is a volunteer. The obvious           The Board of Trustees Winter/Spring Meeting will be
examples, on the national level, are all of the members    held March 14 and 15 in Phoenix, AZ. The BOT
of the Technical Boards, Committees, and the Board of      meeting will be held in conjunction with the combined
Trustees.                                                  Southwest and Northwest regional meeting and
                                                           Estimating Academy. The schedule for the BOT meeting
The one thing that has been a pleasant surprise to me      is a little different this time, as the BOT meeting will be
as president is the willingness of our members to work     held on Friday to allow the BOT to attend the Regional
on behalf of our ASPE. It seems that no matter whom I      Meeting, to be held on Saturday.
call or what task I ask of them, the answer is nearly
always yes, but that in itself can also be a problem.      2008 Convention and Estimating Academy
There is an old saying that you can only go to the well    The ASPE 2008 Convention and Estimating Academy
so many times before it goes dry, and it is no different   will be held July 9-12 in Baltimore, MD. As always, a
with volunteers. So far, our ASPE has been very            full slate of excellent courses and ASPE activities have
fortunate that there has been enough willingness on the    been planned, so please mark your calendars and join
part of the membership to help out – but it seems to be    your fellow estimators in Baltimore.
the same people over and over again, and someday
the well is going to go dry. Although there are a          JBS G
number of new faces on the Tech Boards and
                                                                                       Estimating Today         G   3
                              From the Executive Director
                              By Ed Walsh
                              This month, we gain an extra day, as it is Leap     find broken links, missing information or old
                              Year, and that reminds me of interesting things     items.
                              that occur in four-year cycles. We’ll see the
                              Olympics broadcast from China this summer,          In the last few months, I have been sending to
                              and we also will witness a new Presidential         leaders of our chapters-in-development a
                              administration voted in. Both of those events       collection of meeting announcements, chapter
                              impact the construction industry directly.          newsletters, etc., and I plan to share them with
                              China’s growth represents the new “world”           the prospective members who call and write. I
Volunteer and get
                              construction industry we work in, and along         welcome all chapters to add me to the e-mail
“paid”. In the next few
                              with that come the challenges of the global         list so I can keep my electronic library up to
months, we will be at The     supply of materials and money. The other big        date. I also will encourage ALL chapter leaders
Roofing Expo,                 challenge and change is determined by how a         to get themselves on the e-mail list of other
CONEXPO and the CSI           new administration looks at construction on its     chapters; maybe not every single one, but 5-6
Expo in Las Vegas. We         list of priorities. I think one of the really       will give you new ideas. I encourage chapter
REALLY can use help           important benefits of membership in ASPE is         leaders to keep their websites as up to date as
                              the “ear to the ground” you gain by attending       possible and maybe get a chapter e-mail
[a few hours] from
                              meetings and interacting with your fellow           away from the office which can “roll over’ to
any and all                   members.                                            the office.
members of the
Society who plan to           I was thrilled in January to have the               I am pleased to report that we have already
go to these shows.            opportunity to attend a meeting of Yankee           sold 50% of the exhibit/sponsorships for the
The Board has                 chapter in Connecticut. Hats off to Governor        Baltimore convention next summer. Our
                              Milan Gowen for pursuing a great speaker            principle sponsor is a partnership of the Mid-
authorized me to offer all
                              from Gilbane Construction and for putting           Atlantic, Baltimore, Altoona and Pittsburgh
members who can give
                              word out about the meeting. We also had a           Builders Exchanges. Other companies signed
us several hours to           new member from Skanska step up and                 up include SmartBidNet, Quickpen,
compensation of a             provide a meeting location. It is great for me      SAGE/Timberline, The Blue Book and Maxwell
free ad worth $750            to get out to our meetings, as it helps to see      Systems. I have verbal commitments from five
in Estimating Today           what goes on. I plan to visit with a few            more, and I expect by the time you read this
and an ASPE golf              chapters this year including LA this month, St.     we’ll be at a nearly sold-out status. We had
                              Louis in the spring, and others. I hope to          three companies with us last July in Park City
shirt. If your boss is on
                              dogleg side trips off my four visits to Las Vegas   who were there to “sell” their companies and
the fence about sending       this year for trade shows and Board of              hoped to meet potential estimator employees.
you to one of these           Trustees meetings. At the Yankee meeting, I
shows, this might seal the    was reminded why we appropriately call these        If your company wants to have a booth
deal. With the estimator      meetings “Continuing Education”. The speaker        at the convention, it should contact me
                              talked about a massive project to rebuild 30+       soon as we only have eight left as I
shortage in the industry,
                              schools in New Haven, utilizing many new            write this.
they may want that
                              techniques and budgetary analysis. I believe
Estimating Today ad to        everyone found the meeting very informative.        New for estimators: In a partnership with the
promote your company.         This is what we all are striving for in creating    owners of, we are co-
                              opportunities for estimators to learn and grow      sponsoring a communication forum called
Please call me for details.   in their careers.                          Please go
                                                                                  check it out and sign up!
                              As most of you have likely seen by now, the
                              new website is up and coming together. With         See you in March – Happy Leap Year.
                              its 5,000 moving parts, it can be daunting to       Edward Walsh
                              keep up, so we hope you will keep it                877-273-5679
                              monitored and alert Patsy Smith or me if you G

4   G   Estimating Today
Do You Have What It Takes To Become
an Industry Leader?
By Krista L. Polcari, Polcari Design Group

                               ccurately forecasting the scope, cost, and duration of future projects is vital to the
                               survival of any business in our industry. As cost estimators, we develop the
                               information that business owners or managers need to make a bid for a contract
                               or to decide on the profitability of a proposed new product or project. As
                               estimators we also determine which endeavors are making a profit and help solve
                               problems of those that are not.

                               Regardless of the industry in which we work, estimators compile and analyze data
                               on all of the factors that can influence costs, such as materials; labor; location;
                               duration of the project; and special machinery requirements, including computer
hardware and software. It is this skill that is needed to perform realistic cost estimates and to use them effectively
in economic analysis, budgeting, and managerial control. The importance of cost-estimation to organizations,
especially in a rapidly changing global, technology-intensive and competitive environment, is clear. A timely and
accurate estimate is important for timely and accurate decision making, as well as for invariable profit.

Education and Training Build Sought-After Employees
In the construction industry, employers increasingly prefer individuals with a degree in building science,
construction management, or construction science, all of which usually include several courses in cost estimating.

                                                                                             ....continued on page 6

                                                                                        Estimating Today         G   5
                                        Most construction estimators also have considerable construction
                                        experience gained through work in the industry, internships, or
                                        cooperative education programs. Applicants with a thorough
ASPE can assist you in                  knowledge of construction materials, costs, and procedures in areas
becoming an effective cost              ranging from heavy construction to electrical work, plumbing
estimating leader and                   systems, or masonry work have a competitive edge.
problem solver for your
organization on each and                In manufacturing industries, employers prefer to hire individuals
every project by taking the             with a degree in engineering, physical science, operations
time to educate yourself.               research, mathematics, or statistics or in accounting, finance,
Your ASPE offers numerous               business, economics, or a related subject. In most industries,
online courses in:                      experience in quantitative techniques is important.

•       Leadership and Motivation;
                                        Many colleges and universities include cost estimating as part of
                                        bachelor’s and associate degree curricula in civil engineering,
•       Problem Solving and
                                        industrial engineering, and construction management or
        Decision Making; and
                                        construction engineering technology. In addition, cost estimating is
•       Construction Cost Awareness     often part of master’s degree programs in construction science or
        and Production Control.         construction management.

                                        Organizations representing cost estimators, such as the American
By taking advantage of the              Society of Professional Estimators (ASPE), sponsor educational and
tools that ASPE offers, you             professional development programs. These programs help students,
can master:                             estimators-in-training, and experienced estimators learn about
                                        changes affecting the profession. Specialized courses and
•       The importance of cost-         programs in cost-estimating techniques and procedures also are
        estimation in proposal          offered by many technical schools, community colleges, and
        development and the life-       universities.
        cycle of a project;
                                        Estimators also receive plenty of training on the job because every
•       Common techniques and           company has its own way of handling estimates. Working with an
        tools for project cost          experienced estimator, newcomers become familiar with each step
        estimation and their usage;     in the process. Those with no experience reading construction
                                        specifications or blueprints first learn that aspect of the work. Then,
•       The concept of time value of    they may accompany an experienced estimator to the construction
        money as it relates to          site or shop floor, where they observe the work being done, take
        economic analysis;              measurements, or perform other routine tasks. As they become
                                        more knowledgeable, estimators learn how to tabulate quantities
•       Development of the skills for   and dimensions from drawings and how to select the appropriate
        comparing and evaluating        prices for materials.
        projects and alternatives
        using economic figures of       Other Qualifications
        merit; and                      Cost estimators should have an aptitude for mathematics; be able to
                                        quickly analyze, compare, and interpret detailed but sometimes
•       The basic principles of
                                        poorly defined information; and be able to make sound and
        project cost control and
                                        accurate judgments based on this information. The ability to focus
        variance analysis.
                                        on details, while analyzing and overcoming larger obstacles, is
                                        essential. Assertiveness and self-confidence in presenting and

6   G   Estimating Today
supporting conclusions are also important, as are         The reason the industry holds the ASPE Certification
strong communications and interpersonal skills,           and designation “CPE” in such high regard is simply
because estimators may work as part of a team             because it is not for the inexperienced estimator. The
alongside managers, owners, engineers, and design         minimum experience required is five years as an
professionals. Cost estimators also need knowledge of     estimator.
computers, including word-processing and spreadsheet
packages. Familiarity with special estimation software    ASPE Has What You Need
or programming skills also may be required.               ASPE has all the tools you need to become a certified
                                                          professional estimator. Once you are certified, for most
Certification and Advancement                             estimators, advancement takes the form of higher pay
Voluntary certification can be valuable to cost           and prestige. Some move into management positions,
estimators because it provides professional recognition   such as project manager for a construction firm or
of the estimator’s competence and experience. In some     manager of the industrial engineering department for a
instances, individual employers may even require          manufacturer. Others may go into business for
professional certification for employment. ASPE           themselves as consultants, providing estimating services
administers a comprehensive certification program and     for a fee to government agencies or to construction or
has been certifying construction estimators for over 30   manufacturing firms. G
years, since 1976. The program is well tested!
While there are other certification programs in the       Sources: ASPE website: certification program, educational
construction industry, the ASPE program is the only one   programs.

that tests the construction estimator’s construction
knowledge and estimating skills.

                                                                                         Estimating Today             G   7
8   G   Estimating Today
Online Plan Rooms Are Changing
the Face of Estimating
By Laura Nadel Eisen, Polcari Design Group

                          he days of waiting in line to       fill the gas tank and
                                                                                              According to
                                                                                         Pete Gum, CEO of the
                          view hard-copy blueprints           GPS or Mapquest®

                                                                                           Mid Atlantic BX in
                          are becoming ancient history        their way to various
                          for estimators as online plan       traditional plan rooms

                                                                                           Harrisburg, PA,...
                          rooms replace the brick-and-        to bid more projects,

                                                                                            that adding the
                          mortar plan rooms of the            driving their efficiency
                          past. Estimators – particularly     up and their per-project

                                                                                           online plan room
                          those who are more                  costs down. They can

                                                                                         site has been a huge
                          computer-savvy – are taking         use the plan room sites
                          advantage of the                    to determine which

                                                                                         part of the increase.
                          convenience and                     projects are worth

                                                                                           He says that foot
accessibility offered by web-based plan rooms, which          bidding on and which

                                                                                             traffic in the
allow an estimator to plug into plans without ever            are not, which cuts
leaving his or her desk.                                      down on wasted travel

                                                              and work time.

                                                                                          traditional plan
Desktop Access
Instead of chasing down potential jobs to estimate, an        An Increase in

                                                                                             room is down
estimator can now click a mouse button and receive a          Competition

                                                                                                 by 95%.
list of projects. Then, instead of driving all over town to   Project owners benefit
see plans, another click of the mouse hooks the               from web-based plan
estimator into the drawings and specifications of a           rooms simply because
project. Takeoff can be done right there at the desk,         competition leads to
with or without the use of estimating software.               more aggressive pricing. With more estimators able to
                                                              bid on each project, the bids, by definition, become
Notification of Changes                                       more competitive. This pushes estimators to look for
Estimators who are hooked in receive instantaneous            ways to keep costs low and challenges them to
notification of project changes. Email messages with          maintain up-to-date information on industry-related
links to addenda allow estimators to learn of                 costs.
modifications and to adjust bids as necessary. This can
save hours of work and keep everyone “on the same             Wave of the Future
page”.                                                        Online plan rooms certainly are changing the face of
Printing Solutions                                            project estimating. According to Pete Gum, CEO of the
Many contracting firms have invested in wide-format           Mid Atlantic BX in Harrisburg, PA, the builders
printers, which have the ability to print full-size           exchange reports on over 13,000 projects a year, up
blueprints directly from the plan room website. If a          from less than 2,000 three or four years ago. The
company does not have the equipment, copy service             exchange, a not-for-profit membership organization,
offered by the site host or a repro shop can solve that       has added staff and expanded geographically, but
issue. Either way, there is a decrease in the number of       Gum says that adding the online plan room site has
sets of plans necessary for the bidding process.              been a huge part of the increase. He says that foot
                                                              traffic in the exchange’s traditional plan room is down
Efficiency for Estimators                                     by 95%. It sounds like estimators are truly “talking with
Estimators can now use the time they were spending to         their feet”. G

                                                                                           Estimating Today        G   9
                                                      Feature Project Profile:
                                                      Mater Dei High School
                                                      Athletic & Aquatic
                                                      The Austin Company
                                                      The Austin Company provided planning, architectural design and
                                                      engineering services for this new Athletic and Aquatic Complex to
                                                      support Mater Dei High School’s growing athletic program needs.
                                                      The new facility contains a three-court Gymnasium/Pavilion able to
                                                      accommodate a regular seating capacity of 2200 spectators, with

Gymnasium Quick Facts:
                                                      a second level wrestling room that has overflow bleachers to
                                                      accommodate 800 additional, plus additional floor seating for a
Location:                   Santa Ana, CA
                                                      total seating capacity of 3200.

Overall building area:      58,000 SF                 The size of the gym is expressed on the outside to give a sense of
Overall height:             Main Gym – 44 ft          Mater Dei's student athletes’ dedication, dominance and strength
                            Upper level – 52 ft       in the athletics arena for high schools. Subtle cross motifs in
Gymnasium area                                        different color concrete masonry blocks are used on the building
  (main floor):             21,800 SF                 facades to signify Mater Dei’s principle of a "heightened sense of
Inside Dimensions:          188 ft by 166 ft          spirituality", and at the same time to express a duality representing
Number of full                                        two teams at battle with a common goal and glory of victory.
basketball courts:          3
                                                      On the main parking lot side of the gymnasium, a slightly lower
Clear height:               32 ft
Clear span:                 116 ft
                                                      structure, as one enters the lobby to the gymnasium, expresses
                                                      strength and dominance with high ceilings and a wall of fame
Lighting systems:           Compact fluorescent       atmosphere. Next to the lobby is the Monarch Hall of Fame room,
                            - dimmable                which also functions as a press room before and after games and
Mechanical systems:         Rooftop package DX        helps express an atmosphere that establishes the legacy of great
                            units with gas heat       Monarch programs and players of the past.
                            8 units at 35 tons each

Structural system:          Masonry load bearing
                            and shear walls with
                            long-span steel trusses

Seating capacity:           2,200 main floor,
                            800 upper level

 Building cost:             $14.5 million
                            Total complex,
                            pool not included

Approximate building
cost per SF:                $250.00

Construction Pool cost:     $1.2 million

                                                                                                  Photography: Milroy & McAleer
10   G   Estimating Today
To the far west side of the Athletic and Aquatic Complex is a 12-lane,
25-yard by 30-meter swimming pool for water polo and competitive
swimming, with two shallow warm-up and rehabilitation lanes.

Between the pool and gymnasium is a two-story portion of the building.
The first floor accommodates team rooms, locker rooms and toilet and
shower needs for both male and female athletic programs, as well as
boy’s basketball coaches’ offices. To the south side of first floor is a large
equipment room with portable bins to serve storage needs for athletics
and a training/rehabilitation center with close access to the fields
accommodating training and injury rehabilitation programs for student
athletes. On the second floor are athletic offices for coaches and the
athletic director. At the south side, overlooking the south playing field, is
the varsity football team room, a team room for lower level sports, and the
football coaching staff offices with direct access to varsity team room.

Mater Dei Athletic & Aquatic Complex — Success story
Daniel K. Brooking, Project Manager, THE AUSTIN COMPANY
The success of the Mater Dei Athletic and       them for the best overall results for the
Aquatic Complex project hinged upon three       project. The following work on the part of
main factors:                                   those involved contributed to the success
1. A proven “A” team from previous campus       of the project:
   projects was utilized. All of the teams      a. The Owner had a good
   members — Owner, Architects/                      understanding of the sequential
   Engineers, Owner’s Project Manager, and           decision-making process necessary to
   General Contractor — were involved in             keep project moving forward.
   the negotiated contract approach:            b. The designers understood the
   a. Owner: Mater Dei High School                   Owners needs and wants, the site
   b. Designers, Architects & Engineers:             facilities and site constraints, and
        The Austin Company                           how the school and users work as a
   c. Owner's Project Manager: M&R                   community. They also had a
        Murray Project Management                    command of the school’s philosophy
   d. General Contractor: Matt                       and principle of maintaining a
        Construction                                 “heightened sense of spirituality” on
2. Each member of the project team worked
                                                c. The General Contractor was involved
   together from the start, focused on the
                                                     early on in the project with the        All of these elements allowed each team
   overall success of the project with a win-
                                                     Owner and A/E to assist in              member to be involved in, and have a better
   win result for each team member. This
                                                     construction budget control,            understanding of, the whole process not just
   exemplified an alternate approach to the
                                                     estimating, value engineering,          a small part of that process. Working
   sometimes typical adversarial
                                                     construction phasing, and               together, each member became part of one
   relationships (Owner, Contractor, PM,
                                                     sequencing.                             cohesive team, and that’s what made for a
   A/E) and the misconceptions that for one
                                                d. The Owner’s project manager               win!
   player to win, someone else has to lose.
                                                     assisted the Owner with overall
3. Each of the members had a good                    project budget/costs, project
   understanding of the other members                administration, and project control.
   responsibilities and how to work with

                                                                                                             Estimating Today     G   11
12   G   Estimating Today
Estimating Today   G   13
14   G   Estimating Today
Estimating Today   G   15
16   G   Estimating Today
Congratulations Membership
Contest Winners 2007!!
By Mary L. Steinmann, CSAM, ASPE National Membership Chair

Grab a cup of coffee and quit chewing your finger-          We would like to thank Des Moines Chapter 75 for
nails. The winners of the First Annual Membership           their generous pledge to double the original prizes.
Contest are finally announced!
                                                            We also acknowledge the dedicated, hard work the
We had many members who worked hard at recruiting           staff members at the SBO took on in helping make this
for their chapters, and we want to give them all the        happen.
recognition they deserve for their extraordinary efforts.
They made it a point to bring ASPE to the attention of      Congratulations to all who won and thank you to all of
many prospective members in a multitude of ways. All        our entrants. Your membership makes a difference!
of these activities lead to and stem from one common        See you at the dinner table.
goal – to attract new members (and retain the interest
and loyalty of existing members).                           National Membership Committee 2007/2008:
                                                            Ronnie Garrett, CPE, SE Region
Our membership is primarily attracted by education,         Monty Everson, CPE, NW Region
professional development, networking, and the               Larry Hendrick, CPE, SW Region
camaraderie of people who have a common interest.           John Irving, E, Central Region
These are benefits that ASPE offers to its members that     Jon Wall, E, advisor, Central Region
are unique to us. I would like to refer to our mission      Douglas Burdick, CPE, NE Region
statement, which reads, “The American Society of            NW Curtis Kolar, CPE, advisor/editor NW Region
Professional Estimators serves construction estimators      G
by providing education, fellowship, and opportunity
for professional development.”

I believe our winners not only expressed these ideals
but also embody them.

This year’s winners are:
    First Place, $1000 ASPE Bucks:
    Greg Williamson, Boston Chapter #25 – 16

   Second Place, $400 ASPE Bucks:
   Juan Barroso, Santa Clara Chapter #55 – 9

   Third Place, $200 ASPE Bucks, TIED:
   Kevin Fennimore, Santa Clara Chapter #55 –
   6 members
   Brian Fern, Nutmeg Chapter #60 – 6 members

                                                                                      Estimating Today        G    17
18   G   Estimating Today
Membership Building Ideas from your
National Membership Committee
By Mary L. Steinmann, CSAM, ASPE National Membership Chair

•    Create a invitation and ask each member            •   List the strengths of your chapter – these
     to hand out invitations to friends and co-             are your selling points to prospects, e.g., one
     workers. Plan your agenda around a theme.              chapter uses a slogan F-U-N (friendly, un-
                                                            intimidating, and networking).
•    Honor a community leader or a media
     personality at a special meeting. Invite lots of   •   Make your meetings entertaining and
     guests and reporters.                                  educational – every meeting is a show!

•    Post brochures and flyers at libraries,            •   Maintain meeting excellence. Run
     bookstores, chambers of commerce, community            meetings that are professional in every respect.
     centers, apartment complexes, gyms, etc.
                                                        •   Designate a Guest Night once a quarter,
•    Always carry brochures and membership                  when every member brings at least one guest.
     applications and have them at the meetings.
                                                        •   Follow up with guests from every meeting;
•    Have chapter business cards made up                    send a thank-you note and invite them to
     with meeting location, day, time, chapter              return.
     website, and contact. Pass out the cards at
     every opportunity.                                 •   Induct new members in a special induction
                                                            ceremony so they feel special.
•    Send press releases of chapter activities.
     Write stories about all special events, e.g.,      •   Recognize members who have sponsored
     chapter officer election, installation. Include        new members and for outstanding
     photos.                                                achievements within or outside ASPE.

•    Publicize ASPE in newsletters or bulletins of      •   Keep in touch with absent members by
     companies where members work.                          personal phone calls and by sending out a
                                                            summary of every meeting – emphasize the
•    Ask members to make a list of everyone they            excitement.
     know who would benefit from ASPE and
     invite these prospects to come to a                •   Even if attendance is low, maintain weekly
     meeting.                                               meetings – continuity matters. G

•    Develop a habit of spreading the word
     about ASPE whenever possible in
     conversations with business contacts,
     coworkers, or friends.

                                                                              Estimating Today        G   19
Upcoming Chapter Meetings
Arizona                                             Delaware                                                 Louisiana
ARIZONA, Chapter 6                                  DELAWARE, Chapter 75                                     NEW ORLEANS, Chapter 9
2nd Tues. of the Month • Check with Chapter for     2nd Wed of the Month • 5:30 PM Social Hour •             Contact Chapter for Meeting Info.
Times • Doubletree Guest Suites • 320 44th St.,     6:30 PM Dinner • 7:30 PM Program • Christiana            Huey P. Breaux FCPE (504) 835-7200
Phoenix, AZ • Arthur Gudith 602-956-1323 X 241      Hilton • 100 Continental Dr., Newark, DE 19713
OLD PUEBLO, Chapter 53
                                                                                                             MAINE, Chapter 37
                                                    Rob Anderson: 302-453-4000
                                                    District of Columbia
3rd Wednesday of Each Month • 5:30 PM Social
• 6:00 PM Dinner • Inn Suites • 475 North                                                                    1st Wed. in Oct., Dec, Feb, April & June • 5:00
Granada Ave. , Tucson, AZ • Christopher Kraft       GREATER D.C., Chapter 23                                 PM Social Hour • 6:00 PM Dinner • 7:00 PM
520-621-7546                                        Last Wed. of Each Month Except August • 6:00 PM          Program • Various Locations • Chris Bellevue 207-

                                                    • Pepco Energy Services • 1300 N. 17th Street,           784-7461
                                                    Ste. 1600, Arlingtron, VA • Tom Lang 703-253-            Maryland
ARKANSAS, Chapter 33
                                                                                                             BALTIMORE, Chapter 21
3rd Fri. of Month Aug-May • 12:00 Noon •
                                                                                                             3rd Thurs. of the Month • 6:30 Social Hour • 7:00
                                                    CENTRAL FLORIDA, Chapter 50
Powers of Arkansas • 1111 West 6th Street, Little
Rock, AR • Todd Piepergerdes 501-221-7036                                                                    PM Program • 7:30 PM Dinner • Location TBD •
                                                                                                             Shana Opdyke 410-458-0289
                                                    Contact for Meeting Info.
                                                    GOLD COAST, Chapter 49
LOS ANGELES, Chapter 1
                                                                                                             BOSTON, Chapter 25
                                                    3rd Tues. of Every Month • 5:30 PM Social Hour
4th Wed. of each month except Nov. & Dec.           • 6:30 PM Meeting • Fort Lauderdale/ Hollywood
• 6:00 PM Social Hour • 7:00 PM Dinner Meeting      - Holiday Inn • Just West of I-95 off the Sheridan St.   Last Tues. of Each Month • 6:30 PM • Location
• Barkley Restaurant • 1400 Huntington Dr., South   Exit. • Tom Robinson 954-772-7285                        TBD • Paul Donovan 617-956-3639
Pasadena, CA • Robert Franco: 626-289-8608          TAMPA BAY, Chapter 48                                    Michigan
SACRAMENTO, Chapter 11
                                                                                                             DETROIT, Chapter 17
                                                    3rd Thurs. Every Month • 6:00 PM • Comfort Inn
2nd Fri. of the Month Sept. - June • 11:30 AM       Conf. Center • 820 E. Busch Blvd., Tampa, FL •
                                                                                                             2nd Thurs. of Each Month • 5:30 PM Social Hour
• Buggy Whip Restaurant • George Leighton 916-      Robert Nidzgorski 813-282-7100
                                                                                                             • 6:00 PM Meeting • Location Varies • Richard
444-3700 X 1248                                     Georgia
SAN DIEGO, Chapter 4
                                                                                                             Schwarzinger 248-334-2000
                                                    ATLANTA, Chapter 14                                      WESTERN MICHIGAN, Chapter 70
3rd Tues. of Each Month • 5:30 PM Social Hour •
                                                    3rd Thurs. of Each Month • 12:00 Noon - 1:00 PM          3rd Thursday of the Month • Check with Chapter
6:30 PM Program • Butcher Shop • 5255 Kearny
                                                    • Cross Creek Café • 1221 Cross Creek Parkway,           for time • Builders Exchange of Grand Rapids &
Villa Rd., San Diego, CA • Hendrik Degenaar 858-
                                                    Atlanta, GA                                              Western Michigan • Elizabeth Austhof 616-949-
GOLDEN GATE, Chapter 2                              Illinois
                                                    CHICAGO, Chapter 7
Douglas J. Bibby CPE (510) 525-9499
                                                    Various Days / Times • 6:00 PM Social Hour •             VIKING, Chapter 39
2nd Wed. of month Sept. - June • 5:30 PM Social
                                                    7:00 PM Dinner • 8:00 PM Program • Various               No Meeting Info.
Hour • 6:15 PM Dinner • 7:00 PM Program •
Mezzanine-at-the-Towers Restaurant • 19800          Locations • Marvin Fitzwater: 630-678-0808               Missouri
MacArthur Blvd., Irvine, CA • Ron Svarc 949-683-    Indiana                                                  HEARTLAND, Chapter 32
                                                    CENTRAL INDIANA, Chapter 59
4751                                                                                                         2nd Tuesday of the month Sept thru May •
SANTA CLARA VALLEY, Chapter 55                                                                               5:30-6:00 social ½ hour • 6:00 dinner and
                                                    3rd Thurs. of Every Month except July and August •
2nd Tuesday of Month • 5:30 PM • Blach                                                                       program • Hereford House, 20th and Main,
                                                    5:30 PM Social Hour • 6:30 PM Dinner • 7:15
Construction Office • 469 El Camino Real, Ste.                                                               Kansas City, MO • President: Phillip Tournor, CPE,
                                                    PM Program • Location Varies • Gary Faust: 317-
120, Santa Clara, CA 95050 • Carlos Sempere                                                                  816.231.8200
                                                                                                             ST. LOUIS METRO, Chapter 19
408-869-8354                                        OLD FORT, Chapter 65
Colorado                                            Last Thursday of Month • Check Chapter Website           4th Thurs. of the Month • 5:00 PM Social Hour •

DENVER, Chapter 5
                                                    or Contact Chapter • Elks • Chad David 260-490-          6:00 PM Program • 6:45 Dinner • Maggie
                                                    7449                                                     O'Brien's • 2000 Market, St. Louis, MO • Cyndi
2nd Tues. Of month Sept. - May • 5:30 PM Social
                                                                                                             Walker 314-781-1422
Hour • 6:30 PM Dinner • 7:30 PM Program • Red
Lion Hotel, 4040 Quebec St. , Denver, CO • Kye      CEDAR RAPIDS AREA, Chapter 74
Holtan-Brown: 303-751-1478                          No Meeting Info                                          GREAT PLAINS, Chapter 35
Connecticut                                         DES MOINES AREA, Chapter 73                              2nd Wed. of Month • 11:30 AM • Jericho's,

NUTMEG, Chapter 60
                                                    3rd Thurs. of Month • 5:30 PM Social Hour • 6:30         11732 West Dodge Road • Justin Short: 402-334-
                                                    PM Dinner • 7:30 PM Program • Various Locations          3332
2nd Wed. of the Month • 6:00 PM Social Hour •
                                                    • Steve Watrous: 515-264-0782
                                                    QUAD CITIES, Chapter 71
7:00 PM Dinner • 7:30 Program • Brannigan’s
Restaurant, 176 Laning Street, Southington, CT
                                                    4th Tuesday of Month except June, July, August,          LAS VEGAS, Chapter 72
Mark Ray 860-649-3281                                                                                        22nd Thursday of Month • 6:00 PM • Desert Pines
YANKEE, Chapter 15
                                                    December • 5:30 PM Social Hour • 6:30 PM
                                                                                                             Golf Club • Marcene Taylor 702-315-4203
                                                                                                             RENO, Chapter 12
                                                    Dinner • 7:00 PM Program • The Steeplegate Inn •
TBD• Contact Chapter for info. 203-876-8331
                                                    100 W. 76th Street, Davenport, IA 52806 •
                                                                                                             2nd Wed. of Every Month • 5:30 PM • Atlantis
                                                    Robert Guild 563-285-2565
                                                                                                             Casino Resport Spa • 3800 S. Virginia, Reno, NV
                                                                                                             • Joseph Flemming 775-353-7092

20   G    Estimating Today
New Jersey                                         Ohio                                                PHILADELPHIA, Chapter 61
GARDEN STATE, Chapter 26                           NORTHEAST OHIO, Chapter 28                          4th Wednesday of Month • 6:30 PM Meeting •
4th Tues. of Month • 6:00 PM Social • 7:00 PM      3rd Tues. of the Month except Jul., Aug., Sept. •   Doubletree Hotel Plymouth • Lee Hartwig 610-
                                                                                                       THREE RIVERS, Chapter 44
Dinner • 8:00 PM Program • Pal's Cabin, 285        5:45 PM Social Hour • 6:15 PM Dinner • 7:15
West Prospect Ave., West Orange, NJ • Richard      PM Program • Dimitri's Restaurant • 1830 Snow
                                                                                                       TBD • Richard Krapp: 412-255-5400 X 535
Lemere 973-577-2552                                Road, Parma, OH • Derrick Griffin 216-619-
                                                                                                       Rhode Island
New Mexico
                                                   SOUTHWESTERN OHIO, Chapter 38                       SOUTHERN NEW ENGLAND,
ROADRUNNER, Chapter 47                             Bi-Monthly on 4th Thursday • Contact Chapter        Chapter 31
Contact Chapter for Date and Location              for Times • Contact Chapter for Location • Arthur   Contact Chapter for Meeting Info.
Glynnette Hale: 505-823-4449
                                                   DeFazio: 513-639-2246
New York                                           Oregon
                                                                                                       MEMPHIS, Chapter 62
NEW YORK, Chapter 10                               COLUMBIA-PACIFIC, Chapter 54                        Contact Chapter for Information
Contact Chapter for Meeting Info.                  3rd Tuesday (No Meetings in Dec.) • University      Larry Cockrum: 662-837-8037
Arnie Weitzman CPE (914) 592-1155                                                                      MIDDLE TENNESSEE, Chapter 34
EMPIRE STATE, Chapter 42
                                                   Place • 310 SW Lincoln, PSU, Downtown
                                                   Portland                                            3rd Friday of the Month • 11:30 AM • Contact
3rd Wed. of Month Sept - June • 5:00 PM Social     Dave Fitzhugh ASM (503) 285-7100                    Chapter for Location • Marty Morris 615-373-
Hour • 6:00 PM Dinner • 7:00 PM Program •
Butcher Block Restaurant • Central Ave., Albany,                                                       EAST TENNESSEE, Chapter 56
NY • Mike Bouchey: 518-272-2541                    GREATER LEHIGH VALLEY, Chapter 41
                                                                                                       No Meeting Info
                                                   No Meeting Info
3rd Thursday of January, March, May, July,         CENTRAL PENNSYLVANIA, Chapter 76
September, & November • Contact Chapter for        2nd Wed of the Month • 6:30 PM • Call chapter       DALLAS/FORT WORTH, Chapter 43
Time • The Compton Company Inc • 2400 Rt.          for meeting location • Jerry Long 717-445-7130      3rd Thurs. of Month • 6:00 Dinner •
64, Bloomfield, NY                                                                                     AGC/Quinn Building • 11111 Stemmons Frwy,
William R. Compton CPE (585) 657-7041                                                                  Dallas, TX • Frank Haas: 469-420-6082
                                                                                                       HOUSTON, Chapter 18
                                                                                                       2nd Mon. of Each Month • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
                                                                                                       • Location Varies • Ellis Landreth: 713-479-8981
                                                                                                       RIO GRANDE, Chapter 40
                                                                                                       1st Tues. of Month • 11:30 AM • El Paso Club,
                                                                                                       201 E Main • Adolf Martinez 915-920-8730

                                                                                                       SALT LAKE CITY, Chapter 51
                                                                                                       3rd Thursday of Every Month • 5:30 PM - 7:30
                                                                                                       PM • Mountain Land Area Planroom, 583 W
                                                                                                       3560 S, Ste. 4, Salt Lake City, UT • Shaun
                                                                                                       Robbins 801-983-5233
                                                                                                       PACKERLAND, Chapter 66
                                                                                                       1st Thursday after the 1st Wednesday of the
                                                                                                       Month • 5:30 PM Social Hour • 6:00 PM Dinner
                                                                                                       & Meeting • Liberty Hall, Kimberly, WI • Nelson
                                                                                                       Leister 920-832-0324
                                                                                                       BREW CITY, Chapter 78
                                                                                                       2nd Tuesday of Month • 5:30 PM Social • 6:00
                                                                                                       PM Dinner • Charcoal Grill & Rotisserie •
                                                                                                       15375 W. Greenfield Ave, New Berlin, WI
                                                                                                       Tom Turner: 262-446-7149
                                                                                                       PUGET SOUND, Chapter 45
                                                                                                       3rd Wednesday of each month
                                                                                                       Dinner & Program 5:30pm – 8:00pm
                                                                                                       McCormick & Schmick’s – 1i200 Westlake (on
                                                                                                       Union Bay) – Seattle
                                                                                                       TJ Schwertfeger 253-446-3421 G

                                                                                                         Estimating Today               G   21
22   G   Estimating Today
News From the Northeast Region
By Milan Gowen CPE, Northeast Governor

I’ve had a busy fall as Northeast Governor. Below is a   Mickey LeBrun E and Buzz Kingsley CPE;
taste of what I’ve been up to:                           Central Pennsylvania Chapter #76 represented
                                                         by Earl Rosenow CPE; and MAL Chapter #94
•      On September 12th I traveled to Mount Joy, PA     represented by Joe Majewski FCPE. Missing
       to attend the Central Pennsylvania Chapter        were representatives from New York Chapter
       #76 dinner meeting. They had a speaker            #10, Yankee Chapter #15, Southern New
       discussing Velux skylights for their program.     England Chapter #31, Greater Lehigh Valley
       The meeting had a good turnout, and I was         Chapter #41, Three Rivers Chapter #44, and
       happy to be able to spend some time speaking      Western New York Chapter #77. I hope these
       about ASPE with the attendees. Thank you to       chapters will participate in our Spring
       President Jerry Long CPE and the Chapter #76      Northeast Region Meeting. We discussed
       members for inviting me and helping to offset     individual Chapter Happenings, Certification,
       the costs of my trip.                             Accreditation, Convention 2008, Education
                                                         and Estimating Academies, Awards,
•      On October 23rd, I traveled to West Orange,       Membership, Governor’s Fund, Future
       NJ to visit Garden State Chapter #26 at its       Convention Sites, and By-Laws. These were a
       monthly dinner meeting. Chapter President Bill    few of the topics we touched upon at the
       Manfredonia CPE led a discussion on the ASPE      meeting. The Baltimore Chapter gave a
       Recommended Bidding Procedures. It was a          PowerPoint presentation on the plans so far for
       very interesting program with a lot of            Convention 2008. The Northeast Region is this
       discussion back and forth between audience        year’s host of our Convention. National
       members. Thank you to Bill and Chapter #26        President John Stewart spoke on happenings at
       for inviting me.                                  the Society Business Office, financial audits,
                                                         the National Website, and scholarships. I
•      I traveled to Baltimore later that week for the   asked every chapter to increase its
       Fall Northeast Regional Meeting hosted by         membership by 10%. I also asked that every
       Baltimore Chapter #21 on Saturday, October        chapter sponsor one student to the Estimating
       27. We had 11 chapters in attendance:             Academy at Convention. I’d like to see more
       Baltimore Chapter #21 represented by Allan        student members of chapters too. We need a
       Shad CPE, John Bernier E, Alan Smolin CPE,        grassroots campaign to start interest in
       Dick White CPE, and Erle Howard CPE; District     estimating and ASPE as early as possible.
       of Columbia Chapter #23 represented by Tom        Finally, I asked the chapters in attendance
       Lang CPE; Boston Chapter #25 represented by       several times to make sure they submit for
       George Mathews CPE; Garden State Chapter          awards. Submitting for awards shows that you
       #26 represented by Bill Manfrdeonia CPE,          are a good active chapter. I will get the
       Alex MacKenzie E, and Al Kovner CPE; Maine        meeting minutes posted on the National
       Chapter #37 represented by Jim Ellis E; Empire    Website and I will also e-mail them to anyone
       State Chapter #42 represented by Mike             who is interested. Special thanks to the
       Bouchey CPE; Nutmeg Chapter #60                   Baltimore chapter for hosting the meeting and
       represented by Dexter Murphy CPE and Tom          to Shana Opdyke ASM who helped organize
       Hardin CPE; Philadelphia Chapter #61              the meeting but was unable to attend.
       represented by Lee Hartwig E, Tom Rowland
       CPE, John Stewart CPE, and Terry McGeehan                               ....continued on page 24
       FCPE; Delaware Chapter #75 represented by

                                                                           Estimating Today       G   23
 •        Two busy weeks of travel ended with our        in its final stages and hopefully will be
          National Board of Trustees Meeting in          ready to be presented to the membership
          Baltimore, MD on Friday and Saturday,          next year. The Saturday meeting was our
          November 2 and 3. Friday’s meetings            National Board of Trustees meeting. The
          included a Strategic Planning meeting, a       topics we covered included Convention
          Finance Committee Meeting, and a               2009, budget, website upgrades, SBO
          Governor’s Meeting.                            issues, and scholarships. We also voted to
                                                         transfer $50,000 to the reserve fund. We
          The Strategic Planning meeting basically       preliminarily agreed to meet in Arizona for
          was to try and finalize a five-year plan for   our Spring Board of Trustees meeting.
          ASPE. This includes membership growth          Mackinaw Island, MI and St. Louis, MO are
          goals and prioritizing specific areas in the   potential sites for the 2009 Convention. The
          country for new chapters. This document is     Central Plains Region is the host for 2009.

                                                          Boston Chapter #25 and Nutmeg Chapter
                                                          #60 recently got their new websites up
                                                          and running. Please take a few minutes
                                                          and view them and offer the chapters
                                                          some feedback. I think both websites look
                                                          very professional. Boston’s website is
                                                 and Nutmeg’s
                                                          website is
                                                          Congratulations to both chapters for all
                                                          their hard work.

                                                          We have tentatively scheduled our Spring
                                                          Northeast Region Meeting to be held in
                                                          Albany, NY next year. We’re also
                                                          discussing the possibility of holding an
                                                          Estimating Academy in conjunction with
                                                          our Regional Meeting. We will probably
                                                          have the meeting in February or March of
                                                          2008. I’ll be sending out updates as the
                                                          2007-08 year progresses. Plan on seeing
                                                          me travel to more chapter meetings as my
                                                          workload allows. I look forward to a
                                                          successful year, and I hope I can continue
                                                          to count on your support. G

24   G   Estimating Today
                                              PRESORT STD
                                              U.S. POSTAGE
American Society of Professional Estimators
2525 Perimeter Place Drive                        PAID
                                              NASHVILLE, TN
Suite 103
                                              PERMIT NO. 401
Nashville, TN 37214

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