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                                                             Speaking Character by Bra.. - Sponsor Bravenet -SitePal Speakin
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     Avatars - Create an Animated Talking Character for Your Website
     Add SitePal's animated talking characters (avatars) to your website. Communicate with
     impact and improve business results \- 15 day free trial. - Cached - Similar -
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     Sitepal Demo Lounge
     You can also send your favorite demos to your friends or even link them from your site. Start
     by clicking on any of demos below. - Cached - Similar -

     Free demo to create avatars using Text-to-Speech (TTS) by SitePal
     Try this software to make virtual people who speak your text in a computer voice. Use the
     demo for fun, or learn the pronunciation of English, French, ... - Cached - Similar -

             [PDF]   SitePal™ Best Practices
             File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
             Creating SitePal characters that are unique and personalized for your ... The SitePal
             Editor (regardless of the account type) supports the ability to create ...
    - Similar -[10/31/2009 7:18:59 AM]
sitepal - Google Search

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     SitePal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
     SitePal allows users to deploy "virtual employees" on websites that can welcome visitors,
     guide them around the site and answer questions. ... - Cached - Similar -

     Speaking Character by Bravenet - Site Pal
     Speaking Character for free by Bravenet and Site Pal. Increase your site sales now/ - Cached - Similar -

     SitePal (SitePal) on Twitter
     Create customizable speaking avatars for your website. Improve training and business
     results. - Cached - Similar -

     SitePal | Facebook
     Welcome to the official Facebook Page of SitePal. Get exclusive content and interact with
     SitePal right from Facebook. Join Facebook to create your own Page ... - Cached - Similar -

             Links on "SitePal" | Facebook
             SitePal Happy Halloween! Create your own Halloween e-card with SitePal .... look back
             at the old advertising driving force for Sitepal (until she was ...
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     Hosting many domain in one account SITEPAL.NET CHEAP, FAST ...
     Business Order Now! Professional Order Now! LOADING. +. HOSTING SOLUTION FOR
     SITEPAL.NET. - Cached - Similar -

     SitePal PowerPoint Add-in - Free software downloads and software ...
     4 reviews
     Download the PowerPoint Add-in now and make your presentations interactive. - Cached - Similar -

     Featured Projects on Google Code: SitePal
     Aug 26, 2008 ... The avatar translation demo is powered using SitePal's TTS and
     speaking avatar technology. This demo highlights the power of TTS coupled ... - Cached - Similar -

     E-Scribe News : I hate those SitePal ads
     Please, I beg you, kill those talking "SitePal" ads. I keep my PowerBook plugged into an
     amplified speaker setup all day, and when the "Pal" begins talking ... - Cached - Similar -

     SitePal Talking Character : Create Dynamic Talking Characters for ...
     SitePal allows you to easily create speaking animated characters that can be added to
     your website or integrated seamlessly into flash projects to enrich ... - Cached - Similar -

     !!!!!!!!!!!sitepal should be FREE!!!!!!!! - Petition Spot
     its just a stupid talking head! jeez, it should be free! for 1 year its around 500$!!!! its
     ridiculous! who agrees? you gotta be crazy not to sign this ... - Cached - Similar -

     Sitepal | Drag-and-Drop Flash Animated Speaking Characters onto ...[10/31/2009 7:18:59 AM]
sitepal - Google Search

     SitePal is a web-based subscription service that allows small business owners to easily
     create an animated speaking characters for their website. ... - Cached - Similar -

     Site Pal - Add a Talking Character
     Add a talking virtual personal or other character to your Web site. - Cached - Similar -

     SitePal - Search Engine Watch White Paper Resource Library
     SitePal is a web service that allows small businesses to create speaking characters
     (avatars) for websites, Flash movies or eBay auctions. ... - Cached - Similar -

     Case Study: SitePal
     SitePal, run by Oddcast Inc., has been operating since 2003 and is used by over 10000
     clients in 95 countries. SitePal ( is a web-service ... - Cached - Similar -

     Setting Up SitePal Module
     With the help of the SitePal module, your site owners can add SitePal speaking animated
     characters to their web sites, to enrich site visitor experience and ... - Cached - Similar -

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