Ch Emerald Fox In Vogue Pedigree by xiaopangnv


									                                             Briarpatch Bolt
                                Ch St Amand Adam of Posey Canyon
                                             Cedarsprings Hannah
                     Ch Posey Canyon Summer Storm
                                             Ch Barsetta Ultra
                                Barkslot Charity
                                             Barksalot Ka-Cee Calamity
          Ch Posey Canyon Storm Watch
                                             Westwood Contender
                                Northwest Doc Bar
                                             Melkridge Ballyhoo
                     Morningstar Tiger Lilly
                                             Ravenswood Luke
                                Morningstar WhiteOut
                                             Windemere Tess
Ch Emerald Fox In Vogue
                                             Jack of the Beacon
                                Beacon Sam
                                             Kelly of the Beacon
                     Ch Beano of Ravenswood
                                             Meynell Turbo
                                Queslett Blaze
                                             Queslett Tess
          Emerald Fox Lucky Charm
                                             Whitegate Johnny
                                Ch Farmcliff Ben of Childs Play
                     Ch Childs Play LillieBobs Gal
                                             Alabiss the Who
                                Alabiss Sassy Sonia
                                             Blackbriar Ain't Mis Behavin

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