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					May 2007 Newsletter

Sierra Singles
Loma Prieta Chapter of the Sierra Club

 For single adults to enjoy and preserve our scenic and environmental
       resources in harmony with the purpose of the Sierra Club.

 Get Ready for Summer Backpacking Season!
       See checklist provided by Tom Morse: page 3 & Future Trips page 9

N a v i g a t e yo u r w a y a r o u n d . . .
                                                     Summer Backpack Trips page 8
Backpack Checklist page 3
                                                     Weekday Hikes with Rex page 9
May Activities page 4
Sierra Singles                                                                 May 2007
                                                         Executive Committee 2007
Chair . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Bruce Rienzo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 408/253-1514. . . . . . .
Vice Chair. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Vacant . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Memberships . . . . . . . . . . . Mario Rosario . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 408-370-7548. . . . . . .
Newsletter . . . . . . . . . . . . . Vicky Graham . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 415/468-1345 . . . . . . .
Treasurer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ben White . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Secretary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Vacant . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Publicity . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jack Borok . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Conservation . . . . . . . . . . . Vacant . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Activity . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Joe Schmidt . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Web Designer . . . . . . . . . . . Barbara Muir. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 650/577 -9684 . . . . . . .

 Fa re w e l l - to - s p r i n g C l ar k i a r u b i c u n d a
Watch for dazzling displays starting in late
May on San Bruno Mountain grasslands

  Carpool Locations                                                                      the north corner of Wal-Mart parking lot.
  #1 Stanford Shopping Center-Palo Alto.                                                 #6 Page Mill Park 'N Ride Lot.
  Corner of El Camino and Sand Hill Road, across                                         Exit 280 onto Page Mill Road west (Los Altos Hills)
  from Macy's Men's Store. From 280 North or South,                                      in Palo Alto. The lot is next to the freeway.
  exit onto Sand Hill Road East to Menlo Park. Go 2                                      #7 Edgewood Park 'N Ride.
  miles on Sand Hill and about 1 block before El                                         Exit 280 onto Edgewood Road east in Redwood
  Camino, turn right in to the parking lot. Park in the                                  City. The lot is next to the freeway.
  spaces closest to the corner of El Camino and                                          #8 Cupertino: Carls Jr. parking lot. 280 exit
  Sand Hill. For mapquest use the address: 680                                           Saratoga/Sunnyvale Road. (De Anza Blvd.)
  Stanford Shopping Center, Palo Alto.                                                   towards Sunnyvale (north). First left on
  #2 Los Gatos Free Unlimited Parking Lot.                                               Homestead. Shopping center is on left side. Pass
  Exit 17 in Los Gatos on Saratoga Ave. (Highway 9)                                      Rite Aid and TJ Maxx. Park along Homestead side
  headed west. Immediately after the first light                                         nears Carl's Jr.
  (University), turn right into driveway in front of sign
  reading Free Unlimited Parking. Meet near                                              "Carpool" means a leader will be at the carpool
  entrance of lot.                                                                       lot. "Self carpool" means leader will not be at the
  #3 Santa Clara County Parking Lot.                                                     lot and participants should arrange among them-
  Corner of 1st and Hedding, San Jose. Exit 101 or                                       selves. We encourage carpools as sensible for the
                                                                                         environment, but leaders and the Sierra Club are
  880 onto 1st Street south in San Jose. Turn right at
                                                                                         not responsible for the carpools or their safe con-
  Hedding & right again into the parking lot.
                                                                                         duct. Please notify the leader if anyone drives
  Weekends only.
                                                                                         unsafely. The suggested mileage rates per car,
  #5 Milipitas: The McCarthy Ranch shopping cen-
                                                                                         split between passengers and driver, is $0.30/mile.
  ter. Intersection of 237 and 880; access if via                                        For example, a 100 mile trip would be $30 per
  McCarthy Blvd., go north 0.6 miles to the 2nd                                          car. Please volunteer your share. Thanks!
  right Ranch Drive, then take next right. Park at

Sierra Singles                                                                   2                                                                        May 2007
     Checklist for Summer Backpacking, provided by Tom Morse
___Backpack with padded waist belt (correct size, fitted, and adjusted to YOU)
___Lightweight sleeping bag – 4 lbs or less (down or quality synthetic)
___Tent with ground sheet – 6.5 lbs or less (only if leader has requested you to bring one)
___Lg plastic trash bag and 1 – 3 ziplock plastic bags (in case it rains)
___Hiking boots (broken in and waterproofed – aka treated)             ___Shorts (lined synthetic preferably)
___1 qt water bottle – filled with water (Do you need 2 bottles?)      ___Long pants (rain pants?)
___foam pad or Therm-a-Rest air mattress        ___Rain jacket (!) or quality poncho, rain pants
___Wool sweater or other warm outer (synthetic) shirt           ___underwear (lined synthetic shorts?)
___2 pairs of polypropylene (synthetic) liner socks___T-shirt or tank tops – synthetic (cold or warm person?)
___2 pairs of heavy synthetic or wool socks ___drinking cup (1 ? cup size is good)
___lightweight warm jacket or vest (rain jacket?)       ___small towel or wash cloth
___small flashlight with fresh batteries ___Moleskin and bandaids
___lightweight plate, fork, & spoon ___mosquito repellent
___hot beverages, lunches, and snacks in stuff sack ___Sunscreen
___biodegradable soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb             ___spare key
___other personal items, including medications          ___rain cover for backpack
___1/3 roll toilet paper w/ matches in plastic bag (more?) ___Drivers license and (?) medical plan ID card
___$ for carpool, meals en route, bridge, and entrance fees___Sense of humor, tolerance, and good spirits
___Extra socks (for longer trips) ___Sunglasses___Clean clothes for ride home
___Extra T-shirt / tank tops___wool gloves or mittens ___lightweight tennis shoes / sandals (to wear in camp)
___wool / synthetic sock hat ___Chapstick ___lightweight long sleeve shirt
___hat or sunvisor       ___whistle     ___warm synthetic or silk long underwear
Other Suggestions
___Lightweight daypack / fanny pack (for dayhikes)             ___Swimsuit      ___beach towel
___Topographic map(S) and compass              ___bandana                       ___plastic solar shower
___GPS, and the ability to use it      ___lightweight plastic trowel            ___Frisbee
___camera – with spare film and battery        ___mosquito netting hat          ___hammock
___matches in waterproof container ___pocket knife                              ___harmonica (if talented)
___extra batteries for flashlight      ___vitamins / ibuprofen                 ___runner’s / bike tights
___Aspirin (for high altitude headaches)       ___Kool-Aid or Gatorade         ___ear plugs
___folding sand chair (great at end of hike with a drink!)     ___hiking stick ___Kleenex
___convertible sleeping bag stuff sack (fuzzy on inside) ___fishing gear and license
___50 ft of lightweight strong rope
___cell phone / ham radio – that works in the area             ___walkie talkies
___large safety pins / duct tape (for emergency repairs)       ___water purification tablets
___chair converter for Therm-a-Rest / Crazy Creek chair

Purses (don’t even bring them in the car), too much food for lunches, canned or bottled
foods, too many clothes, radio or tape player, ax or saw
The leader brings;
First aid kit, campfire and wilderness permits, applicable topo map(s) and compass,
cookware (pots, frypan, spatula, etc.), large water containers, water purification tablets,
water filters, water bag, lightweight plastic trowel, stoves and fuel bottles, matches,
garbage bags, ropes, liquid detergent and sponge, salt, pepper and sugar, etc.
Your cooperation, assistance, attention at all pertinent announcements, camaraderie,

Sierra Singles                                       3                                              May 2007
                                                                   T h u, M a y 0 3 • 6 : 3 0 p m
   J o i n u s f or an ac ti v i t y !                             R hu bar b' s D og Hi ke
                                                                   Hi! I'm Rhubarb, a puppy born on January 23rd this year. I
                                                                   came to Joe through Pound Puppy Rescue and I'm told I'm a
                                                                   Black Lab/mix. I'm learning a lot about this world and they
                                                                   tell me that contact with humans and dogs is really important.
                                                                   I'm looking forward to meeting your dog. So take an evening
                                                                   this week to give your dog a nice work out. Bair Island not
                                                                   only allows dogs but also allows them off leash. You should
                                                                   bring water for yourself and pet. Bring a leash as well just in
                                                                   case. Dogs must have all vaccinations and be friendly.
                                                                   Optional dinner afterwards. Only Heavy Rain Cancels. Event
                                                                   covers 2.5 miles, with 0 feet of elevation. Meeting location:
                                                                   Bair Island, Redwood City (get off #101 at Whipple and go
                                                                   east for 100 feet. Park there and come to the entrance of Bair
                                                                   Island     Leader:     Joe     Schmidt,     650/592      1458,
                                                                   Fr i , M ay 04 • 6: 1 5pm
Hikeleader Ben White makes a new friend during his hike
to Mission Peak, photo by Karin Zalec.                             T h o r n e wo o d e v e n i n g h i k e
                                                                   Let's start the popular Friday summer evening hike schedule
T u e, Ma y 01 • 6 pm                                              once again with a fun walk through the small Thornewood
O u t d o o r V o l l e yb a l l a t M e m o r i a l P a rk        Open Space Preserve in Woodside. We'll hike past Shilling
Join us for some fun in the sun while we play outdoor volley-      Lake out to Old La Honda Road and back following a partial
ball in Memorial Park across from De Anza College! Bring           loop. Since there is some uneven terrain, hiking footwear is
your friends and potential new members. Beginners and all          preferred. Sunset won't wait for us, so please arrive no later
levels are welcome. The emphasis is on enjoyment and coop-         than 6:15 at the Woodside Elementary School parking lot, next
erative play, rather than competition. This is a great way to      to the tennis courts, Woodside Road 1.2 miles west of I-280.
meet and laugh with other people. We start at 6pm, usually         We'll carpool to the park, 3.5 miles west of the school. Rain
play until dark, and often go out for food, drinks, and social-    cancels. Event covers 3.5 miles, with 500 feet of elevation.
izing after playing. No RSVP required. DIRECTIONS: From            Meeting location: Woodside Elementary School Leader:
hwy 85, take the Stevens Creek exit (just south of hwy 280).       Bruce Rienzo, 408/253-1514,
Go south on Stevens Creek past De Anza College to Stelling,        Sa t, M ay 5 • 9:3 0am - 9pm
turn left, go 1 block to Alves, then left on Alves and park in
the rear or front Quinlan Community Center lots or on Alves        Fo r t M a so n to S a u s a l i to h i k e
away from any parking restriction signs. We play volleyball        This will be an all-day event. Come enjoy beautiful views and
on the lawn behind Quinlan. Leaders: Bob Segalla Cell phone:       vistas as we hike from Fort Mason across the Golden Gate
(650) 450-0091 Sandra Winkler 408-369-7000, ext. 121               Bridge and up into the Marin Headlands for a late lunch (1:00            Scott     Barlow      pm?) at one of the vista points where you will get 360 degree,               Mario         Rosario,     views of the ocean and the Bay. On a really clear day, we will lpss.memberships@lomaprieta.sierra-            be able to see all five bridges. We will hike through the head- Heavy rain cancels. Meeting location: Memorial            lands and down into downtown Sausalito for the traditional
Park Cupertino                                                     ice cream before taking the ferry back to San Francisco and
                                                                   hiking back to our cars. We will treat ourselves to a ride on one
Wed , May 02 •              6 :15p m - 8 :30 pm                    of the historic trolleys, if they are not too crowded. Optional
Pi c c h e t ti R an c h    C o n d i t i o n in g H ik e          dinner after at Barney's in the Marina District. The hike will
This will be an approximately 5-mile, 800 foot out and back        be mostly on paved paths, but shoes with good tread is highly
hike, through eucalyptus and oak trees. Hopefully we will see      recommended for the trek across the Headlands. The path is
some peacocks, too. If we get done early, like last month, we      fairly steep and rocky. BRING: lunch, lots of water if it's hot,
will do Cardiac Hill for extra credit. Meet: Picchetti Ranch       layers for fog and ferry, and $ for ferry ($5.60), optional eats
Parking Lot. DIRECTIONS: Exit Foothill Expressway from             and your carpool driver. Cancels. Event covers 13 miles, with
Highway 280, travel 3.5 miles southwest (toward the moun-          1000 feet of elevation. Meeting location: Carpool #7 Leader:
tains) on Foothill Boulevard/Stevens Canyon Road. Turn right       Barbara Muir, 650/888-0576,
on Montebello Road and drive six-tenths of a mile to the park-
ing area, on the left. Heavy rain will give us an excuse to have
an early dinner. Meeting location: Picchetti ranch Leader:
Barbara Muir, 650/888-0576,
Sierra Singles                                                 4                                                     May 2007
                                                                     dining inexpensive elegance serving housemade bread, ele-
Sa t, M ay 05 • 1 1 a m                                              gant entrees, salads and desserts. It has a nice selection of sal-
T eagu e Hi l l Hi ke                                                ads, items from the grill and rotisserie, pizza, foccacia sand-
Join me for an aerobic and beauty appreciation hike in the           wiches, pastas and desserts. They have a special room just at
closest-to-wilderness place I know of around these parts.            the top of the stairs on the 2nd floor called the Orchard Room
Formerly, and still, an equestrian riding area, Teague Hill          that has been reserved for our select crowd. An average dinner
includes primitive trails, an absence of trail names or signs,       and soft drink should cost between $10 and $15. For complete
but beautiful and mostly untouched forest and flora. I'll do my      information on the restaurant (menu, directions etc) visit
best to come up with a route that we haven't done recently, and Rain doesn’t cancel. No need
we will plan on doing 5-7 miles, with 1500-2000 feet of cumu-        to call and reserve, just come and enjoy. Co-listed with Jewish
lative elevation gain. This is NOT an easy hike, and I would         Hiking Club. Restaurant is at the SW corner of Campbell Ave
like to go at a reasonably brisk pace so please come only if you     and S 2nd St in Campbell. To yahoo it, put in 200 East
are in reasonably good shape (This will NOT be a slower              Campbell Ave in Campbell zip 95008. Meeting location:
Teague Hill hike that I did a couple of in March, but will do        Restaurant Leader: Jack Borok,; Margo Raff,
more in the future). Bring lunch, plenty of liquid and a sense
of adventure - as with the fallen trees across quite a few trails    M on, Ma y 0 7 • 7pm - 9:3 0pm
we experienced last month - there often seems to be something
new or different. Layered clothing is recommended as well as         V o l le y b a l l i n S a n M a t e o
footwear with good deep tread. We will meet in the parking lot       ( A l s o M a y 1 4 t h, 2 1 s t )
of the Woodside Elementary School NEXT TO THE TENNIS                 If you're interested in playing volleyball by the rules, this is
COURTS. From 280, take the Woodside Road exit, and then              the event for you! Join us in the joys of teamwork, cama-
take Woodside Road to and then through Woodside for 1.2              raderie and good times with 3 courts available for varying lev-
miles. The school will be on you left soon after the firehouse.      els of skill. Sign ups start at 6:30, first come, first serve, so get
Turn into the parking lot right next to the tennis courts, not       there early. Warm ups start at 6:30, games begin at 7:00pm and
anywhere else. If for any reason this parking lot is full or inac-   continue until 9:30. Players are charged $5 for gym rental.
cessible, we will meet in the parking lot of the Woodside Town       Afterwards, join us for pizza and drinks. Directions: Take
Hall that is back 0.6 mile (0.6 mile from 280). Apparently           Hwy 92 (West from 101, East from 280) to the Alameda de las
there is no public transportation into Woodside, so I would          Pulgas exit. Go North on Alameda de las Pulgas for 0.5 mile
like to offer a ride to anyone who can't or doesn't want to          to the Aragon High School parking lot. There is a path next to
drive. I will be leaving from De Anza College at 10:20 AM or         the newly constructed building, proceed between the buildings
we could possibly negotiate another pick-up point where there        approx. 50 yards and enter the building on you right, turn left
is public transit. Also, if anyone would like to meet me at my       and you should hear the sounds of the volleyballs emanating
home in south San Jose at 7:00 AM and do the De Anza Flea            from the girl's gym. For further parking and access info
Market for a couple of hours before the hike, you're welcome         updates due to the school reconstruction, please doublecheck
to ride with me. Call or email me to arrange any of these.           at Meeting loca-
There are usually no restrooms open at the Woodside School,          tion: Aragon High School girl's gym Leader: Doug Baitinger,
and definitely none in Teague Hill. Heavy rain or threat of          650/345-3192,; Pete Vanderbilt,
cancels. Event covers 5-7 miles, with 1500-2000 feet of ele-         650/604-0170,
vation. Meeting location: Woodside Elementary School
                                                                     M on, Ma y 0 7 • 8 pm - 10 pm
408/227-0196,                                 R ol l e r Skat i n g at S an J os e Ska te
Sun,     M ay 06 • 10 am                                             Roller Skating at San Jose Skate (formerly the Aloha Roller
                                                                     Palace) Entry is $7.00. Meet inside by the bench across from
F our    P r e se r v e s H i k e                                    the candy machines at 8:00 pm. Cost includes skate rental,
This 7-mile, moderate-paced hike takes us up and down the            either inline or 4-wheel. If you bring your own skates, the cost
hills of Monte Bello, Coal Creek, Russian Ridge, and Skyline         is the same. Either indoor or outdoor wheels are permitted.
Ridge open space preserves, with some spectacular views              Shoe lockers are available for 50 cents. Snack bar includes
(usually) along the way. Some parts are fairly steep; sturdy         pizza by the slice, vegetarian pizza, cheeseburgers, vanilla ice
hiking footwear is in order, as are sun and wind protection.         cream and cotton candy. Beginners: You can get a half hour
Bring lunch and plenty of liquids. We should be done around          group lesson if you pay $1.00 additional and show up at 7:30.
2:30pm. Rain cancels. Event covers 7 miles. Meeting location:        Directions: From highway 85 south take the Blossom Hill
#6 Page Mill Park 'N Ride Lot, Page Mill and Arastradero in          exit. Turn left after you get off the freeway, right on Santa
Palo Alto Leader: Eric Wilner, 408/744-1845, eric@gumby-             Teresa, left on Blossom Hill, left at the second light on Snell,                                                             right at the second light on Tradewinds, right at the stop sign
Su n, M ay 06 • 7 pm                                                 on Judith, right on Blossom Hill to arrive at 397 Blossom Hill.
                                                                     Drive slowly as the rink is not well lit. If you want to avoid
Di nner at Sonom a C hi cken C oop                                   some of the turns, make a U-ee on Blossom Hill to end up on
Sonoma Chicken Coop describes itself as a new concept in

Sierra Singles                                                   5                                                        May 2007
the right side of the street. Meeting location: San Jose Skate,      moderate pace with some significant climbs going about 25
397 Blossom Hill Leader: Tom Horsley, 408/879-7519,                  miles per day). The trip includes two nights accommodations                                                  at my beautiful cabin with hot tub plus two breakfasts; one din-
T u e, Ma y 08 • 6 pm                                                ner; two lunch fix'ens. The cost of this trip is $90. per person.
                                                                     To book a space, send a check for $90, with your address,
O u t d o o r V o l l e yb a l l a t M P                             phone number(s) and your email address. Checks sent without
See description for May 1st. Meeting location: Memorial Park         the above information will be returned. Send to Joe Schmidt,
Cupertino Leaders: Bob Segalla Cell phone: (650) 450-0091            3336-2 Brittan Avenue, San Carlos, CA 94070-3412
Sandra Winkler 408-369-7000, ext. 121 slwinkler@electronic-          Questions? Call me at 650 592 1458 or email me at Scott Barlow         Event goes on, rain or shine.
Mario Rosario,,                                  Event covers 25 per day miles, with 500 - 1000 feet of eleva-
W e d , M a y 0 9 • 6 p m - 8: 3 6 p m                               tion. Meeting location: Pinecrest Area Leader: Joe Schmidt,
                                                                     650/592 1458,
R u s si a n R i d g e C o n d i t io n i n g H i k e
This one turned out to be one of our favorite longer-day hikes       F ri - S u n , Ma y 1 1 - 1 3
last summer. This will be a 5 mile loop exploring the northern       C a m p i n g in t h e G o l d C o u n t r y
end of Russian Ridge, starting at the Vista Point off Skyline.       We will be tent camping near New Melones Lake in the heart
We will pass through the shady Ancient Oaks Trail, check out         of the Gold Country, located between Angels Camp and
the view at Borel Hill and even take in a part of the Bay Ridge      Jamestown off of hwy 4. This is an ideal location to explore the
Trail. The plan is to max out the daylight and return to the vista   many attractions in the area, including caves, wineries, and the
point at about 8:36. For Skyline hikes be prepared for weath-        Sutter Gold Mine. There are opportunities to go hiking, swim-
er: hot and exposed or cold and foggy. Bring layers and plenty       ming, boating, sightseeing, shopping, or you can just unwind
of water if it's hot. Rain Cancels. Event covers 5 miles, with       and relax by the lake. Cost: $40 includes two nights camping
400 feet of elevation. Meet: #6 Page Mill Park 'N Ride Lot,          fees, two continental breakfasts and one BBQ dinner and
Page Mill and Arastradero in Palo Alto Leader: Barbara Muir,         snacks by the campfire (lunch on your own). Any extra money
650/888-0576,                                 collected will be donated to charity. For more information
F ri ,   M ay 11 • 6pm                                               regarding this area, please search the following: "New Melones
                                                                     Lake" "California Gold Country" and "caverntours". Space
Los      G at o s C re e k H i k e an d P i c n i c                  limited so sign up early. Leaders: Margo Raff and William
This is a four-mile hike from the Pruneyard to Meridian along        Wong. To sign up or for more information, please e-mail
a Disney-like route. The stretch from Leigh to Meridian was          William at: Meeting location: to be
completed in 1999. We will pass beside freeway walls, past an        determined Leader: William Wong, 408/259-6595, wll-
infamous carwash, along a stream bank, under and over      ;           Margo        Raff,     408/259-6595,
bridges and past apartment buildings. Bring something to drink
and a picnic dinner. After our picnic stop by the creek, partici-
pants may elect to sign out early instead of continuing to           Su n, M ay 13 • 11am
Meridian. Recommended: suntan lotion, sun hat, light jacket.         P ul g a s R i d g e H ik e wi t h D o g s
Hazards: cyclists, roller bladers, streamside seating.               Pulgas Ridge is a dog friendly park. We'll do a 3-mile loop
Directions: Take Bascom south from 280. Proceed past                 along the Hassler and Polly Geraci Trails searching for wild-
Hamilton and turn right on Campbell Avenue. Then turn right          flowers and enjoying views of the bay and surrounding hills.
into The Pruneyard at the first stoplight. Turn left and park over   Bring water for your dog.This is a great park to take your dog
towards the freeway overpass. Meet at pedestrian shelter at          to enjoy the freedom of romping without a leash. The 293 acres
southwest corner of The Pruneyard. Rain does not cancel.             that now comprise Pulgas were formerly a tuberculosis sani-
Event covers 4 miles. Meeting location: Pedestrian shelter at        tarium owned by the City of San Francisco. MROSD pur-
southwest corner of The Pruneyard, Campbell Leader: Tom              chased the land in 1983. Buildings were demolished in 1985.
Horsley, 408/879-7519,                           and some of the non-native plants have been removed. The
F ri - S u n , May 1 1 - 1 3 th                                      park is still being worked on. Duksy-footed Wood Rat Trail is
                                                                     a new trail opened in 2006. New Sagebrush Trail begins up on
M o u n t a i n B i k e T r i p S t a n i s la u s                   the ridge, and connects the end of Polly Geraci Trail with Blue
N a ti o n a l Fo re s t                                             Oak Trail, avoiding the off-leash dog area. A short unnamed
This fun trip will take us through the National Forest in the        path departs from the parking lot and connects to Cordilleras
Pinecrest Area. We will ride on a combination of Forest Roads,       Trail, so hikers no longer have to walk along Edmonds Road to
trails and old railroad beds on Sat/Sun til about 4 - 5 PM. The      connect a loop. Meet at the Pulgas Ridge Preserve parking lot.
scenery is great and the trails range from fairly level to some      From I-280, exit Edgewood Road. Travel 3/4 mile east on
uphill areas. You should be in good condition and have a fair        Edgewood Road toward San Carlos/Redwood City. Turn left
amount of experience riding. If you are familiar with Western        (north) on Crestview Drive, then immediately turn left on
Wheelers Ride Categories, this ride would be B/2/25 (means           Edmonds Road. Follow Edmonds Rd. to the preserve entrance

Sierra Singles                                                  6                                                      May 2007
on the right. Leader: Vicky Graham 415-468-1345                       Hazards: Sun, wind, cyclists, possible horses, runners, no rest-       For     more      info see:               rooms. Directions: take highway 85 south and exit at Almaden                      Expressway. Keep to the right as you exit, and turn right on
Mo n, Ma y           14 • 7 pm - 9 :30 pm                             Almaden Expressway. Continue for about 4 miles and turn left
                                                                      on Camden. Drive about 3 miles until Camden dead ends at
V o ll e y b a l l   i n Sa n Mat eo                                  Harry. Turn left on Harry and park immediately just on the
Please see description for May 7th. Meeting location: Aragon          other side of the bridge. There is a gate by the trailhead. Email
High School girl's gym Leader: Doug Baitinger, 650/345-3192,          me if you want to set up a no-host carpool. Event covers 4; Pete Vanderbilt, 650/604-0170,                miles. Meeting location: Harry Road, San Jose Leader: Tom                                                 Horsley, 408/879-7519,
T u e, Ma y 15 • 6 pm                                                 Sa t, M ay 1 9 • 1 1 am
O u t d o o r V o l l e yb a l l a t M P                              W u n d e rl i c h S t ro l l & l u n c h
See description for May 1st. Meeting location: Memorial Park          We will go for about a ninety-minute stroll in Wunderlich Park,
Cupertino Leaders: Bob Segalla Cell phone: (650) 450-0091             followed by optional lunch at Max's Opera Cafe. The trail is
Sandra Winkler 408-369-7000, ext. 121 slwinkler@electronic-           hilly, but not really steep, and I lead hikes at a pace more con- Scott Barlow                   ducive to conversation and nature watching than aerobic exer-
Mario Rosario,                                    cise. If you find some of the longer hikes intimidating, this is
                                                                      the hike for you! Children who can walk steadily for ninety
                                                                      minutes are welcome on this hike. To reach Wunderlich, take
                                                                      Woodside Rd. 2.7 miles west of 280. Look for the rather small
                                                                      brown entrance sign on your right. This sign is very easy to
                                                                      miss, so note your odometer at 280. When you get to the park-
                                                                      ing lot, look for the guy with the clipboard. Parking can be
                                                                      tight, and those who would like to carpool can meet at my
                                                                      office parking lot at 950 Woodside Rd., half an hour before the
                                                                      hike starts. There is no park entrance fee. After the walk, we
                                                                      will reward ourselves with a great meal and good conversation
                                                                      at Max's Opera Cafe. Please bring cash to pay for your meal.
                                                                      No RSVP but for information, call Peter (650) 400-4071 or
                                                                      email Heavy rain cancels. Event cov-
                                                                      ers 5 miles, with 600 feet of elevation. Meeting location:
                                                                      Wunderlich Park, Woodside. Leader: Peter Andree
Wed , May 16 • 6p m - 8 :4 2am                                        Su n, M ay 20 • 9 :15a m
Mo n te Be l l o t o Bl ac k M ou n t ai n                            T h e M u si c a l " H a i r " a t th e
C o n d i t i o n in g H i k e                                        O u t doo r M t. T am T h e at e r
This will be a fast-paced cardio hike of at least 5 miles and
                                                                      Put on your love beads and tie-dyed shirt for the performance
1000 feet gain with only brief stops at trail junctions. We will
                                                                      of the musical Hair, at the amazing outdoor amphitheatre at the
hike from the Monte Bello parking lot to the top of Black
                                                                      top of Mt Tamalpais State Park in Marin County. Celebrating
Mountain. On a clear day we can see the ocean. The weather is
                                                                      the 40th anniversary of the Summer of Love in San Francisco
always an adventure on this hike. If it is hot, be sure to bring
                                                                      (say it ain't so), this musical addresses the harsh realities of the
LOTS of water, it can be exposed. It can also be so foggy, you
                                                                      draft and the Vietnam War combined with the personal explo-
can't see two feet in front of you, so bring layers in case of fog.
                                                                      rations of the newly emerging free love movement. Love, hate,
Rain cancels. Meeting location: Carpool #6 Leader: Barbara
                                                                      sex, drugs, race, war, and antiwar sentiments are some of the
Muir, 650/888-0576,
                                                                      topics touched upon in this powerful musical. The first 10 peo-
T hu , May 17 • 6 pm                                                  ple who send me their check will get our group rate of $30,
S t i le s R a nc h T r a i l H ik e & P i cn i c                     saving $4 from a standard purchase, and will have seats saved
This hike follows Calero Creek on the right and an orchard            by Jack Borok who is arriving early. If all the group tickets are
with large cows on the left (there is an intervening wire fence).     gone, others can purchase tickets on the Web at
It then crosses an open area and connects to the Stiles Ranch Seating together for
trail that climbs to 800 feet. There are striking views of the        this group will NOT be guaranteed to be with the 1st 10, but
Santa Cruz Mountains and eastern foothills. Bring something           we will be their early enough that you can sit together, possi-
to drink and a picnic dinner. We will picnic on a small wooden        bly in smaller groups. The play starts at 1 pm and should end
marsh bridge before returning along the same route. Round trip        around 3:30 pm. Bring your own picnic lunch, something to
distance = about 4 miles. Rain cancels. Recommended: sun-             share with the group, water, drinks (alcohol is allowed but not
screen, hat, jacket. Optional: binoculars, walking stick.             sold at the venue), sunscreen, sunglasses, money for

Sierra Singles                                                   7                                                         May 2007
carpool/stadium seats, weather appropriate clothing (dress in        7519,
layers), (sun) hat (not too large), and a fun attitude. Expect to    F ri , M ay 2 5
be back at our carpool location by 6pm. Meet at carpool #6
(Park & Ride at 280 and Page Mill) at 9:15am and #7 at               Mem or i al Da y w eekend
9:35am. We hope to arrive at the Manzanita Commuter Parking          B e a c h B u m C ab i n T ri p
Lot at intersection of Hwy 101 and Hwy 1 in Mill Valley              You've been a "shut in" for the long and rainy winter. Why not
around 10:30am and take the free shuttle up to the theater .         reward yourself with some warm sun and be a "beach bum" at
This is the same day as the Bay-2-Breakers, so we will need to       Pinecrest Lake for the Memorial Day Weekend (5/25 - 28)? If
figure out how to navigate around San Francisco to get to            you get tired of beach sun, reading your favorite book or hot
Marin. Make check payable to: Susan Stecklair, 5869 Castano          tubbing, you can go on a hike, explore the lake in a kayak (sup-
Dr., San Jose, CA 95129 with a Self Addressed Stamped                plied), sail, paddle boat or take a hike around the lake (4 miles),
Envelope (SASE). For more information visit                          go on a mountain bike ride or explore one of two nearby or contact me. Contact leader if        wilderness areas. We'll stay at my really nice cabin with hot tub
weather seems iffy. Meet at: #6 Page Mill Park 'N Ride Lot,          in the Stanislaus National Forest in the Pinecrest Area. To learn
Page Mill and Arastradero in Palo Alto Leader: Jack Borok            more about the area, go to To                                                        view the cabin, google "Joseph's Cabin". The trip includes
Mo n, Ma y 2 1 • 7 pm - 9 :30 pm                                     three breakfasts; three lunches; two dinners as well as snacks
                                                                     for the happy hour. The cost is $110. per person. It would be
V o ll e y b a l l i n S a n M a t e o                               nice to have an equal number of men and women. There will
Please see description for May 7th. Meeting location: Aragon         be an accounting provided and if the trip costs less, then extra
High School girl's gym Leader: Doug Baitinger, 650/345-3192,         $$ will be distributed back to participants or sent to Sierra; Pete Vanderbilt, 650/604-0170,               Singles Section. For more information, contact Joe Schmidt,                                                Leader at 650 592 1458 or Send
T u e, Ma y 22 • 6pm                                                 Standard Information Notes (S.I.N.) but be sure to include
O u t d o o r V o l l e yb a l l a t M P                             name, address, phone number(s) and email address. Checks
                                                                     which do not accompany the above information will be sent
See description for May 1st. Meeting location: Memorial Park
                                                                     back. Checks should be made out to Sierra Singles and sent to
Cupertino Leaders: Bob Segalla Cell phone: (650) 450-0091
                                                                     Joe at 3336-2 Brittan Avenue, San Carlos, CA 94070-3413. Car
Sandra Winkler 408-369-7000, ext. 121 slwinkler@electronic-
                                                                     Pools will be facilitated and encouraged. No refunds after May Scott Barlow
                                                                     14th. Refunds before May 14 will be 50% returned and 50%
Mario Rosario,,
                                                                     deposit on any following trip. Rain does not cancel. Event cov-
Wed , Ma y 23 • 6:15 pm                                              ers 4 miles, with 50 feet of elevation. Meeting location:
R a nc h o S a n A n t o n io Co n d i t i o ni n g H ik e           Joseph's       Cabin     in     the    Sonora      Pass/Emigrant
This will be a fast-paced cardio hike of at least 5 miles and 500    Wilderness/Pinecrest Areas Leader: Joe Schmidt, 650/592
feet gain with only brief stops at trail junctions. We will hike     1458,
into NOTE later 6:15 start. We will hike into Rancho and take
the longer trail up to the Water Tower if it's still cool, stop at
the vista point to enjoy the views before working our way back
to the cars by sunset 8:48. We may extend the hike by taking to
the residential streets outside the park. Bring layers and water.
Rain cancels. Meeting location: Carpool #8 Leader: Barbara
Muir, 650/888-0576,
T hu , May 24 • 6pm
A l u m R oc k P ar k Hi ke a n d Pi c n i c
If you have never been to Alum Rock Park, this is a good
opportunity. This will be a moderately fast-paced, 4-mile hike
through the center of Alum Rock Park. Bring something to
drink and a picnic dinner. Recommended: light jacket, hat, sun-
screen. Hazards: cyclists. Directions: Take hwy 280 east until       Su n, M ay 27 • 11a m
it turns into hwy 680. Take the Barryessa Road east exit, pro-       S u t ro B a t h s t o G G B ri d g e h ik e
ceed about 7/10 of a mile, turn right on Summerdale Drive, go        Scenic 9 mile hike along the Coast Trail, under the Golden
about 4/10 of a mile, turn left on Penitencia Creek Road. Bear       Gate Bridge and up Lover's Lane. Window shop in Pacific
right at the fork. Drive to the first parking lot inside the park,   Heights then return by MUNI. Meet 11 am parking lot 500ft
about two miles. Do not drive past the tollbooth inside the          east of the historic Cliff House at c/o Merrie Wy (trail) and
parking lot. Rain does not cancel. Event covers 4 miles. Meet        Point Lobos Ave. Event covers 9 miles, with 1001 feet of ele-
at: Alum Rock Park, San Jose Leader: Tom Horsley, 408/879-           vation. Meeting location: Carpool 10:15 am Hillcrest and

Sierra Singles                                                  8                                                        May 2007
Skyline Blvd in Millbrae exit Millbrae Ave from 280 Leader:          exit East towards the Bay until it deadends into a parking lot.
John Ferreira, 650/6976304,                     cancels. Event covers 6 miles. Meeting location: At trailhead at
Mo n, Ma y 2 8 • 4 pm                                                the end of San Antonio Leader: Barbara Muir, 650/888-0576,
C r ys t a l S p r i n g s W a l k D i n n e r & M u s i c
We will meet at Sawyer Camp Trail, which runs along Crystal
                                                                     Aug 4 - 12 week
Springs Reservoir in San Mateo at 4pm, 4:15pm actual depar-          B a c k p a c k Y o s e m it e
ture. This trail is wide, flat and paved, which facilitates con-     This is a 48 mile trip that starts out at Twin Lakes, crosses over
versation. I lead walks at a pace more conducive to enjoying         the boundary with Yosemite at our first camp, and ends at
the wonderful views, looking for wildlife, and enjoying con-         Tuolumne Meadows eight days later. We progress from Peeler
versation than to getting aerobic exercise. We will walk for         Lake toward Tuolumne Meadows by way of the Pacific Crest
about ninety minutes (about 4 miles). Children are welcome.          Trail crossing Matterhorn and Virginia Canyons, and, visit
After the walk, we deserve some tasty calories, so we will go        beautiful lakes that include Benson Lake known as the Riviera
to Micha's, at 1754 Laurel in San Carlos. Micha's features           of the Sierra. Layover options include a day hike three miles
home cooking, lots of BBQ, and reasonable prices. They have          down the Tuolumne River to the Waterwheel Falls and other
live music, usually jazz or blues starting at 7pm. Vegetarians       cross country exploration(s). By taking nine days to cross this
will like the portabella sandwich. You are welcome to bring          portion of Yosemite, we get three complete layover days so
beer or wine, and they have a low corkage fee. Feel free to          everyone can enjoy this isolated and less traveled region while
bring a bottle of wine to share. It's a friendly place! Please       crossing it at a more relaxed pace. Only one or two of the back-
bring cash to pay for your meal.By the way, several women            packing days involve both mileage and elevation increase
have complained to me that this is a singles organization, but       greater than eight miles, 2000 feet. The other days will be eas-
men seldom ask them out.,Directions: Sawyer Camp Trail,              ier. Meals are central commissary with all meals provided from
which starts where Crystal Springs Road intersects Skyline           lunch on Saturday August 4th through lunch on August 12th.
Blvd. Parking is on the street in the immediate vicinity of the      Bear canisters will be used. Cost is $120. Limits: 6 - 12.
trailhead. This is accessed from Hwy 280 by taking the 'Bunker       Contact leader to reserve. Meeting location: to be determined.
Hill Drive' exit. This exit is one exit North of where Hwy 92        Leader: Vince Coit, 209/9929184,
crosses 280. FROM THE SOUTH: take the Bunker Hill Drive.             Sun - S un, Aug 5 - 12
exit off 280 and go left at the stop sign. This will take you over
the freeway overpass. At the next stop sign, go right, and fol-      E m i g r a n t W il d e r n e ss
low this road down the hill (~1 mile) until you get to the trail     Sw i m Va cat i on Back pack
head, which will be a large iron gate on your left. FROM THE         A repeat of my favorite enjoyable loop route I could find in this
NORTH: take the Bunker Hill Drive, Hwy 35, Hwy 92 W exit             very rewarding wilderness of glaciated granite, forests, inviting
(all one exit), off 280 and take the first right after you get off   lakes, and no bear problems. Nine lakes along the route of 6
the freeway. Follow this road down the hill to the trailhead, as     hiking days with 1 layover day. Come discover a hidden care-
described above. Meet between the two benches just past the          taker's camp and a real Noah's Ark. Emigrant has very mild
restroom at the start of the trail past the large iron gate at the   elevation changes and something new around every bend. (The
trailhead. For information contact Peter Andree                      longest, and first, hiking day is 9 miles with only 1000 ft ele- or my cell (650)400-4071. Distance: 4            vation gain. All other days are shorter and much milder.) I sup-
miles, no elevation gain.                                            ply all cookware, breakfasts, dinners, happy hours, and an end
T u e, Ma y 29 • 6pm                                                 tailgate party for $90. Plan some time now to find out why I
                                                                     lead the best trips of the summer! I have spares on most equip-
O u t d o o r V o l l e yb a l l a t M P                             ment if in need. To apply; respond with complete SIN list, e-
See description for May 1st. Meeting location: Memorial Park         mail address, & check for $90 to LEADER; Tom Morse, 1188
Cupertino Leaders: Bob Segalla Cell phone: (650) 450-0091            Walnut St, San Carlos, CA 94070 Deadline; July 28. Event
Sandra Winkler 408-369-7000, ext. 121 slwinkler@electronic-          covers 28 miles. Meeting location: Pinecrest Campground (1st Scott Barlow                  night is a car camp) Leader: Tom Morse, 650/593-5123,
Mario Rosario,                         
Wed , Ma y 3 0 • 6pm                                                                                       K ar i n Za l e c ’ s
B a yl a n d s C o n d it i o n i n g H i k e                                                              A c t i vi t y P h ot o
Taking advantage of the longer days we will do a very fast-                                                 C o l l e c ti o n s :
paced hike from the trailhead at the dead-end of San Antonio                                            Copy and paste link:
over to Bixby Park and back. Although this will be a flat hike,                                         http://www.dotphoto.c
we will not be strolling. We will be trying to do between 6-7                                           om/go.asp?l=kzalec&p
miles in an hour and a half. We will be treated to both a full                                          =7F75&CID=1752951&
moon (rising at 7:42) and a sunset shortly thereafter.(8:23)                                            E=Y&ILD=2582749
Bring water and layers since it tends to be windy out on the
                                                                                                        Karin meets a peacock on a
bay. Directions: From 101 North or South take San Antonio                                               Pichetti Ranch hike.

Sierra Singles                                                  9                                                       May 2007
                         Definitions                                       6. Soliciting, proselytizing or distribution of literature is not permit-
                                                                           ted at any Sierra Singles activity without the leader's permission.
SASE                                                                       7. Smoking is strongly discouraged at all events.
Self-addressed Stamped Envelope (Business size 4 1/8" x 9 1/2",            8. Harassment of any form will not be tolerated. If you are being
#10). Fold in thirds to fit your envelope. One SASE per person).           harassed, ask the person to stop the behavior. If the behavior contin-
                                                                           ues, notify a leader or an ExCom officer immediately.
SIN                                                                        Any member who is approached by a person doing any of the above
Standard Information Notes (one for each person)                           is urged to attempt to get the name(s) of the person(s) and report
1. Name                                                                    them to the event leader and to the Sierra Singles EXCOM.
2. Address
3. Home & work phone numbers
4. E-mail address                                                          Address Change
5. Time of departure, day you can leave                                    Contact Thomas Hatfield, LPSS Membership Coordinator at
6. Driver or rider; if driver, how many people with gear can you 
7. True level of experience                                                Liability Waivers
8. Special requirement (i.e. dietary, medical)                             All participants on Sierra Club outings are required to sign a stan-
9. Are you taking prescription medication?                                 dard liability waiver. If you would like to read the liability waiver
10. Major gear (i.e. tent, stove, ski rack, chains, bike rack)             before you choose to participate on an outing refer to the public web
11. Check payable to the leader.                                           site at
First Aid                                                                  ual_waiver.pdf or contact the Outings department at 415/977-5630
Our leaders have at least Red Cross Standard First Aid Cards. Since
                                                                           for a printed version.
we often travel far from medical help, it is imperative that you carry
with you any medication you may require, such as bee sting antitox-        Guests Attending events
in kits, asthma or diabetic medicines etc.                                 Non-members are welcome to attend our events on a trial basis.
Restrictions                                                               Beyond a trial period, you are expected to join Loma Prieta Sierra
1. Firearms & radios are prohibited unless otherwise stated.               Singles.
2. Children and pets are allowed only when stated in the writeup or
when the leader gives permission.                                   $ Complaints, Concerns and Compliments
                                                                           Call our LPSS Chair Bruce Rienzo at 408/253-1514
3. Do not call the leader after 9:30 pm unless otherwise indicated.
4. No illegal drugs are allowed.                                  When sending email please specify LPSS in the
5. Disruptive person(s) may be excluded from events at the leaders         subject line to avoid spam filter.

                                                                                                WANT TO JOIN LPSS?
   Want emails about our "short-notice" events?
                                                                                               It's easy! Just email us at
                           Sign up at:
                                                                                                             You'll receive a "Welcome!" email with all the details.

                                                                         WEEKDAY HIKES WITH REX JENNET
                                                                         This group is for posting the weekday hikes I lead for
                                                                         Sierra Singles and others who aren't subscribers to the
                                                                         LPSS Fun List ( The hikes
                                                                         tend to be 8-12 miles, with 1500-2500 feet of elevation
                                                                         gain, at an intermediate to fast pace. We generally
                                                                         meet at a parking lot every Tuesday at 10:30am, then
                                                                         carpool to the park. We wait at all trail junctions for
                                                                         people to catch up, and stop for 15-30 minutes for
                                                                         lunch. Ages tend to be 40-65, but anyone who hikes or
                                                                         does similar exercise at the gym regularly is welcome to
                                                                         join us. Typical turnout is 6-10 people.
                                                                         And here's a question that always comes up: what kind
                                                                         of people have time for weekday hikes? Those who are
                                                                         between jobs, retired, work non-standard hours, or work
                                                                         part-time seem to find time.
                                                                         My hikes are also listed on the Sierra Singles events web-
                                                                         site for San Mateo, Santa Clara and San Benito counties

Sierra Singles                                                     10                                                               May 2007
     Loma Prieta Sierra Singles
     Peninsula Conservation Center
     3921 E. Bayshore Road
     Palo Alto, CA 94303

     San Francisco Campion Silene verecunda
     A rare wildflower seen in the Saddle and
     Radio Ridge on San Bruno Mountain

                                                            May 2007
     Sunday               Monday               Tuesday        Wednesday               Thursday                Friday                Saturday
                                          1    Outdoor       2  Picchetti             Rhubarb's               Thornewood            Fort Mason to
                                                                                 3                       4                     5
                                               Volleyball       Ranch                 Dog Hike                evening hike          Sausalito hike
                                                             Conditioning Hike
                                                                                                                               Teague Hill Hike

6    4-Preserves     7    Volleyball in   8    Outdoor       9  Russian          10                      11 Los Gatos Creek
     Hike                 San Mateo            Volleyball       Ridge                                       Hike and Picnic
                                                             Conditioning Hike                            Mountain Bike Trip
Dinner at Sonoma Roller Skating                                                                          Camping in the Gold
Chicken Coop                                                                                                        Country

13    Pulgas Ridge   14   Volleyball in   15   Outdoor       16 Monte Bello to          Stiles Ranch     18                    19     Wunderlich
         Hike with        San Mateo            Volleyball       Black Mtn              Trail hike and                                 Park Stroll
              Dogs                                           Conditioning Hike                  Picnic                                 and lunch

20 The Musical       21   Volleyball in   22   Outdoor       23 Rancho San       24      Alum Rock 25 Memorial Day             26
   "Hair" at the          San Mateo            Volleyball       Antonio                  Park Hike      weekend
Outdoor Mt. Tam                                              Conditioning Hike           and Picnic Beach Bum Cabin
Theater                                                                                             Trip

27  Sutro Baths                 Crystal   29   Outdoor               Baylands
                     28                                      30                  31
    to Golden             Springs Walk,        Volleyball         Conditioning
Gate Bridge hike            Dinner and                                    Hike

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