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									Recommendations on artificial turf

Usually, our artificial grass is packed in rolls. Since the width of tufting machine for artificial
grass is 4m, the maximum width of artificial grass we can produce is 4m. The recommended
roll width is 2m or 4m while the roll length can be made as per court size or clients' need.
Please inform us your detailed usage, and then we'll design the suitable roll size for easy

For the backing cloth of artificial grass, generally it is PP+Non-woven or PP+cross-linked fabric.
To protect the backing cloth, artificial grass should be installed on the dry and compacted
foundation. About the mud surface you mentioned, the surface maybe crack and influence the
robustness. It will also affect the drainage of the whole field, it is not suitable for artificial
lawn foundation. Based on our experience, crushed stone, asphalt and concrete surface are
the good choice.

According to customers' feedback, our backing and coating can totally meet the requirement of
different fields. During our guarantee period, it has been proved working very well.

If you don't want any cracks no matter how you fold the grass, backing of PP+PP will be a
better solution.

According to feedback of our engineer, triple layers of PP, non-woven and cross linked is
supposed to be the best layers for football grass.

Our SBR is produced by BASF and owns a world reputation for the high quality. With 3 layers,
the coating will be better.

As you know, PP is the strongest layer. The middle non-woven layer will absorb more SBR
and make the backing stronger. Besides, the layer of cross linked can undertake the strength
from both vertical and horizontal and make sure the backing will not broke during the
guarantee period.

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