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									Artificial grass VIVATURF

The artificial grass VIVATURF was specially developed to withstand all conditions of use,
with total safety and comfort. Have performance as good as natural grass, very low
maintenance costs and ease of deployment. Tested and approved to soccer practice in its
different forms, is also used in tennis and other sports, golf courses and home environments.

Grasses VIVATURF been specially developed to meet floors run on base against graded
flooring best value and most appropriate for sports, in addition to traditional floors of asphalt or

Our products are tested and approved daily by amateur athletes, professional and amateur
sports fields and court of all sizes. See other items such as lighting, fencing, flooring
preparation, networking, monitoring and management.

See the main differences and advantages of artificial grass VIVATURF:

According to FIFA requirement, the pile height of soccer grass is 40-60mm while the density is
7875-12600 stitches/m2. For professional soccer grass, both rubber granules and quartz sand
are required to infill during the installation.

Besides, FIFA 1 star and 2 star are the approvals for the whole soccer fields system, including
artificial grass, foundation, infilling materials, etc. It isn’t the artificial grass certificates.

If the field is used for the universal games, our multi-purpose grass will be the good choice.
Compared with professional football grass, the grass height is lower and density (stitches per
m2) is much denser. Infill with quartz sand, it can be used as surface for various sports, such
as soccer, tennis, volleyball, etc.

The exposed surface height of artificial grass should be 10mm to guarantee the ball behavior
(ball roll, speed and bounce).


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