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Artificial grass lawn reviews


Artificial grass at VIVATURF

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									Artificial grass lawn reviews

VIVATURF is the ornamental turf division, biosaludables, children’s parks and pavements
Quality Sports SL (CADE). Our company bases its philosophy on two pillars: quality and
personalized attention to its customers.

           grasshas become in recent years as a convenient alternative, long-term cheaper
Artificial grass
than existing varieties of natural grass. We offer a selected range with an equivalent but

Home gardens, pools, terraces, sports facilities, parks, urban or municipal, are some of the
areas where the installation of artificial product is gaining more strength, and its use
recommended by experts in sustainable gardening and environmental benefit, since this
product requires less maintenance and artificial water.

In this online store you can view and buy artificial grass for gardens, events, sports or simply
decorative, for decorating your garden or terrace. We appreciate your visit and hope you enjoy
our website, choosing this excellent artificial grass product, without the natural difference.

In contrast the artificial turf does not suffer from any form of issues such as no need too much
maintenance if it has been installed efficiently, nor does it require a lot of personnel in charge
of it. This situation occurs because of the plastic and other compounds that comprise grass
fibers are not deteriorated very easily, does not detach from the base because of the claims
which are sewn firmly to it and have a very high resistance to I drag and climatic factors.

Natural grass requires a lot of water, an increasingly scarce resource. For ecological and
sustainability mediambiental, artificial turf is the perfect substitute to natural grass.

VIVATURF offers a wide range of art artificial turf designed with the latest technologies,
combining aesthetic beauty and functionality. Products have been filled, a new range using a
reduced amount, in some cases non-existent. Our products use the latest generation
monofilament fibers with memory effect to achieve a healthy and aesthetic appearance for
year’s utilizanando fibers of different colors to ammeter your reality and naturalness. Its
applications are endless: gardens, terraces, patios, and roofs, areas around pools, public
parks, roundabouts, or recreational areas to complement architecture.

All these points to generate artificial lawn maintenance, but this is not the best artificial turf, is
carried forward only in exceptional circumstances or when there is any kind of inconvenience.
On the negative we can say that artificial turf has as one of its bad points that has a short-term
monetary cost very high, especially when compared with the cost of the natural grass,
including the installation of artificial grass In other words, the square meter artificial grass is
high enough to constitute a real obstacle that prevents many people can install on their
properties. But not to be peder of view that long-term place artificial turf can be cheaper than
continuing to use the natural
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