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									When we speak of artificial grass we are referring to a type of grass that does not have a
natural origin as that found in most homes, but instead is the result of a manufacturing process
quite complex and interesting to analyze. Should we add that artificial turf is composed of
millions of tiny green fibers made from synthetic material combination and various types of

This product is packaged or presented in different ways, one of them are the rolls of artificial
grass. The interesting thing is that artificial turf can be used in a multitude of functions and
locations, enabling issue today find this fantastic alternative sports fields, primarily football, as
a replacement for traditional natural grass in a home, in commercial and in many other places

The question many people are focused specifically on the purchase of natural grass or artificial,
although in some cases this question is centered on the disadvantages of artificial grass,
promoted in most cases due to lack of information. The installation of artificial grass is very
important to the life of this. Also in some cases, the amount of sand on artificial turf is very
important to give a touch of realism to the surface.

A fact that may reflect the effectiveness of artificial grass today is that many sports that until
very recently were practiced on natural grass, now slowly being practiced on the artificial turf in
different variants, eg this type of grass artificial type may be the natural solution to the
problems of the traditional variant in cold regions, since the low temperatures greatly affect the
normal growth of natural grass and of course, the artificial variant does not suffer from this or
almost any other climate factor.

Reviewing some origins of the use of the first artificial grass we go back to the mid-1960s, at
which time more precisely in America in the State of Texas placed first turf playing field of this
type. The instant success he had in this place I’ve been to many other people and companies
that own sports teams begin to apply it in their stadiums or property.

It is very interesting to note that in many situations, modern stadiums have the particular
characteristics be provided with a sliding roof to protect people and players from bad weather,
but the problem that leads to this type of structure is that natural grass looks deprived of a fuel
that is key to their growth and durability, the sun. Consider that a lawn that does not receive
enough solar radiation tends to grow much more slowly and ends up being weaker, enabling
downside is lifted as soon as contact sports shoes, although the synthetic grass are some
problems such as artificial grass fungus.

Artificial turf was initially meant to replace the natural grass, in cases where this is housed in
an indoor stadium and allow the normal functioning of the sport. One point that should not stop
analyzing artificial turf and one of its most favorable is referred to the maintenance of the same
compared to the natural variant. Placement of artificial grass is very important that this be neat
and attractive.
Everyone knows the turf or natural grass that is installed in a stadium must be carefully cut and
watered constantly, and require constant analysis of the soil by agricultural engineers or other
professional specializing in the area. All these tasks are demanding not only a long time and
human effort to keep everything in order, but also the economic cost is very important and
significantly affects the finances of clubs and sports businesses. Let us emphasize that in the
context of a traditional case something more or less similar but of course, on a much smaller
scale, or case, who never tires of constantly mow? or did it grow even care? Delete or weeds?
That is why some company’s strategy is widely used in promotion of artificial grass

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