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google panda update


									    le    a     te    view:
Googl Panda Updat Overv
       ng        e’s                    en        unched,
Accordin to Google official blog post whe Panda lau

This upd             ned       ce          f          lity       ites
        date is design to reduc rankings for low-qual sites—si which are low-value add  e
        s,                     her        s                      not
for users copy content from oth websites or sites th at are just n very use eful. At the same
                     e         nkings for high-quality sites—sites with origi
time, it will provide better ran          h                      s                      t
                                                                            inal content and
informati such as research, in-
         ion         r                    rts,       ful         and
                               -depth repor thoughtfu analysis a so on.

Basically Panda upd               esigned to target pages that aren’t necessarily spam but a
                       dates are de                                                             aren’t
        ality. This was the first ever penalty that went af “thin con
great qua                         e                        fter        ntent,” and th sites that were
        est           rst
hit harde by the fir Panda update were co                  s          hy
                                               ontent farms (hence wh it was orig               ed
                                                                                    ginally calle the
        u             ere          uld
Farmer update), whe users cou publish dozens of lo                     keyword stu
                                                           ow-quality, k                         s
                                                                                   uffed articles that
         ittle to no re value for the reader. Many publi
offered li            eal         r                                   d                         e
                                                           ishers would submit the same article to a
bunch        of        hese
                      th          ontent
                                 co           farms
                                              f            ust
                                                          ju       to      get       extra       links.

Panda is a site wide penalty, wh             t
                                hich means that if “enou           ecific numbe pages of your
                                                        ugh” (no spe           er)        f
         e                       in         y            site                  .
site were flagged for having thi content, your entire s could be penalized. Panda was alsos
                    appers (sites that would republish ot
intended to stop scra                        r                    ny’s content) from outran
                                                        ther compan           )            nking
the origin author’s content.

                   n           P           tes         r           tes.
Here is a breakdown of all the Panda updat and their release dat If your s                 c
                                                                              site’s traffic took
        h          o                                   hance it was flagged by Panda
a major hit around one of these times there is a good ch          s

1.   Pan
       nda     1.0    (aka       the     Farm
                                            mer      Updaate)      on      February       24th      2011
      da                        h
2. Pand 2.0 on April 11th 2011. (P           Panda impa  acts all English spea     aking coun    ntries)
3.       Panda         2.1           on         May           9th          2011            or          so
4.      Panda         2.2           on         June         18th           2011            or         so.
5.       Panda          2.3           on          around            July
                                                                       y          2nd
                                                                                 22               2011.
6.     P
       Panda       2.4          n
                               in        Auguust      20 11(Panda           goes                  ional)
7.         Panda             2.5             n
                                            on           September               28th
                                                                                  8                 2011
8.         Panda              2.5.1             on             October r            9th              2011
                                                                                      th             2011
9.         Panda                5.2
                              2.5              on             October              13
10.        Panda            2.5..3           on
                                             o            October                 0th
                                                                              19/20                 2011
                                                                                       th            2011
11.         Panda             3.1             on           November    r           18
12.       Panda          3.2           on         about           Januaary         15th
                                                                                   1                2012
13.        Panda         3.3         on           about      February          26th         2012
14.           Panda           3.4            on            March             23rd           2012
15. Panda 3.5 on April 19th 2012

Search Engine Land recently created this great Google Panda update infographic to help walk
site owners through the many versions of the Google Panda updates.

Many site owners complained that even after they made changes to their sites in order to be more
“Panda friendly,” their sites didn’t automatically recover. Panda updates do not happen at regular
intervals, and Google doesn’t re-index every site each time, so some site owners were forced to
deal with low traffic for several months until Google got around to re-crawling their website and
taking note of any positive changes.

Google Penguin Update Overview:
The Google Penguin Update launched on April 24. According to the Google blog, Penguin is an
“important algorithm change targeted at webspam. The change will decrease rankings for sites
that we believe are violating Google’s existing quality guidelines.” Google mentions that typical
black hat SEO tactics like keyword stuffing (long considered webspam) would get a site in
trouble, but less obvious tactics (link incorporating irrelevant outgoing links into a page of
content) would also cause Penguin to flag your site. Says Google,

Sites affected by this change might not be easily recognizable as spamming without deep analysis
or expertise, but the common thread is that these sites are doing much more than white hat SEO;
we believe they are engaging in webspam tactics to manipulate search engine rankings.

Site owners should be sure to check their Google Webmaster accounts for any messages from
Google warning about your past spam activity and a potential penalty. Google says that Penguin
has impacted about 3.1% of queries (compared to Panda 1.0’s 12%). If you saw major traffic
losses between April 24th and April 25th, chances are Penguin is the culprit, even though Panda
3.5 came out around the same time.

Unfortunately, Google has yet to outline exactly what signals Penguin is picking up on, so many
site owners that were negatively impacted are in the dark as to where they want wrong with their
onsite SEO. Many in the SEO community have speculated that some contributing factors to
Penguin might be things like:

1.              Aggressive                  exact-match             anchor                  text
2.               Overuse                  of              exact-match                    domains
3.       Low-quality             article        marketing       &          blog            spam
4. Keyword stuffing in internal/outbound links

It’s important to remember that Panda is an algorithm update, not a manual penalty. A
reconsideration request to Google won’t make much a difference–you’ll have to repair your site
and wait for a refresh before your site will recover. As always do not panic if you are seeing a
down turn in traffic, in the past when there is a major Google update like this things often
rebound. If you do think you have some sort of SEO penalty as a result of either the Google
Panda or Google Penguin updates, please contact your SEO service provider to help or start
trouble shooting.


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