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Why choose this subject?

Biology is awe-inspiring. Biology enables pupils to investigate and research the key questions defining how our body works
and our interactions with the natural environment.

There is the opportunity to grapple with some of the more contentious issues of our day – cardiovascular disease; genetic
finger printing; in-vitro fertilisation, to name but a few.

This is a highly rewarding and challenging course which will take you from the lab to theory and out into the field in your
quest for information and explanations.

Entry requirements:                                  A or B in Science, C grade in English and Maths at GCSE.

Combine this course with:                            Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Psychology, a Language, History.

Essential if you go on to:                           Medicine, Research Work, Nursing, Teaching.

Course Description

AS Level Biology

The AS course focuses on the development of practical skills alongside understanding the concepts and principles.

The following modules are taught:

Unit 1:         Biology and Disease
Unit 2:         The Variety of Living Organisms
Unit 3:         Practical and Investigative Skills

Unit 1 is worth 33% of the total AS grade and Unit 2 is worth 46% of the total AS grade. These examinations require
students to answer short structured questions.

Unit 3 forms the remaining 20% of the total AS marks.

A2 Level Biology

The A2 course is an extension of the AS course.

It comprises of three teaching and learning modules studying the principle processes and key practical skills in Biology.

The students go on a compulsory field trip to learn essential fieldwork skills.

The following modules are taught:

Unit 4:         Populations and Environment
Unit 5:         Control in Cells and in Organisms
Unit 6:         Practical and Investigative Skills

The AS work is worth 50% of the total award and the A2 work is the final 50%. Unit 4 is worth 16% of the final A2 grade and
Unit 5 is worth 24% of the final A2 grade. These examinations require students to answer short and structured questions, as
well as longer synoptic-style questions. Unit 6 forms the remaining 10% of the total A2 marks.

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