When God Remains Silent by pankurs619


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									When God is silent,

And my cries belong to me alone,

When all my tears are in vain,

And my mouth is afraid to sing the same song,

When there is nothing to hope for,

And everything to bemoan

I choose to believe,

I guess that is what they call faith.

I choose to care,

Even though people are not care-full.

I choose to love,

Especially where gaping holes simply stare.

I choose to give,

Everyone has a need.

I choose to believe,

Ever-hopeful in everything.

It is my blessing, it is my curse,

A heart to care, a lot of love.

It is my destiny, it is my cup,

A heart to carry, share, give.

It is my pleasure, it is my pain,

A mind that understands, more than it wants.

It is my fortune, it is my gain,

A Lord whose Passion, whose Path I chase.

For when I in self-pity cry, for a lighter load, a road with no dust

He reminds me in His gentle way,

Who First shed tears of blood,

Before His mercy flowed my way.

For who am I that I should pass,

On the great gift that God should hand,

A chance to live as His Son did,

In the way He determines, that He sees fit.

So when I shed these tears of mine,
In silence He holds more back,
And when I complain of a thorn by my side,

In silence He keeps much more aside,

To trust me with the load He gives,

So I may trust that in His will,

He will take it, He will carry it for me,

That every cross He asks we bear

He did it first, He First went there.

I choose to believe,

I choose this life called faith.

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