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					                     General Education Segment III Cluster
                   GENDER AND CULTURE:

Segment III Rules:

To receive Segment III credit for a course approved for Segment III, a student must
complete the cluster as described in the Class Schedule and Bulletin, including the
requirement that they must have earned 60 units by the end of the semester in which they
take the course.

Students must complete all four GE Segment I requirements (i.e. written communication,
oral communication, critical thinking, and quantitative reasoning) before beginning
Segment III.

Segment III courses are required to include a minimum of 10 pages of writing corrected
by the instructor.

Students must complete at least one course in the Segment III cluster that fulfills the
Cultural, Ethnic, or Social Diversity (CESD) Requirement.

At least one course in the Segment III cluster must be both outside the major department
and outside the major program submitted on the Application for Graduation.

Cluster Theme:
This cluster focuses on the role of gender in producing cultural identities, representations
(in media, film, or literature) and practices of communication. Courses show that
gendering practices in different cultures govern behaviors and interactions in relation to
race, nationality, sexuality, and class.

Learning Outcomes for the Cluster:

1. Students will be able to investigate women and gender issues in relation to various
   cultural practices, identities and communities within their specific historical contexts,
   in the US or elsewhere in the world. Students will know about the theoretical
   perspectives and challenges that constitute the study of gender and culture.

2. Students will be able to interrogate the study of women and gender from across a
   variety of academic disciplines, for example, the role of gender in producing cultural
Gender and Culture, Information Sheet, Page 2

   identities in media production (video, film, artwork, television, journalism,
   performance works), literature, anthropological studies and practices of

3. Students will be able to describe ways in which cultural meanings about gender
   construct, discipline, and reproduce social identities within historical contexts.
   Students will be able to apply feminist and gender scholarship in analyses of cultural
   representational issues and their production and reproduction in various historical and
   geopolitical locations.

4. Students will demonstrate their knowledge of gendered identities, images,
   interactions in written, visual and/or oral projects that employ the critical skills
   introduced in each course in the cluster (a minimum of 10 pages of writing will be
   required outside the classroom and will be evaluated by the instructor).

5. Students will be able to describe the importance of various cultural meaning systems,
   identities and locations including issues of race, gender, sexuality, class, religion and

Cluster Requirements and Courses:

Select one course from Category A, a second course from Category B, and a third course
from either Category A or B (for a total of 9-11 units). At least one course must be

Category A Courses:                                                                   Prerequisite

ANTH 569/HMSX 567         Cross-Cultural Aspects of Sex & Gender ( 3 units)   CESD    upper division
BECA/WOMS 485             Women and Media (3 units)                                   upper division
CINE 404                  Gender and Film (all topics) (3 units)              CESD    upper division
ENG/JS/WOMS 546           American Jewish Women Writers (3 units)             CESD    ENG 214
KIN 457                   Culture, Gender, and Movement (3 units)             CESD    ENG 214, 2 add.
                                                                                      GE I courses, and
                                                                                      upper division
SOC 464                   Families and Society (4 units)                      CESD    none
SOC 469                   Gender and Society (4 units)                        CESD    none
SPCH 352                  Women and Words (4 units)                                   upper division
SPCH 443                  Rhetoric of Feminist Movements (4 units)                    SPCH 150
SPCH 503                  Gender and Communication (4 units)                  CESD    SPCH 150
SPCH 525                  Sexual Identity and Communication (4 units)         CESD    SPCH 150 or
                                                                                      ENG 114
Gender and Culture, Information Sheet, Page 3

Category B Courses:                                                               Prerequisite

WOMS 302                Translating Women’s Experience (3 units)         CESD     3 units of English
WOMS 303                Women as Creative Agents (3 units)               CESD     ENG 114
WOMS 533                Women and Men Changing (3 units)                 CESD     ENG 114
WOMS 548                Literature by U.S. Women of Color (3 units)      CESD     ENG 114
WOMS/HMSX 551           Lesbian & Queer Perspectives in Literature and   CESD     ENG 114
                        Media (3 units)
WOMS 554                Immigrant and Refugee Women (3 units)            CESD     WOMS 564/764
Category B Courses:                                                               Prerequisite

WOMS 561                Women of Color in the U.S. (3 units)             CESD     ENG 114
WOMS 562                History of African American Women (3 units)      CESD     ENG 114
WOMS 564                Women Writers and Colonialism (3 units)          CESD     ENG 214
WOMS 565                Women in the Muslim and Arab Worlds (3 units)    CESD     upper division

Course Descriptions

Category A Courses:         Description

ANTH 569/HMSX 567           Sex, sexuality, and gender; the control of sexuality, cultural
Cross-Cultural Aspects of   components of gender role and gender identity, and symbolic aspects
Sex and Gender              of sex and gender.
BECA/WOMS 485               Analytic modes, including feminist, psychoanalytic, and economic
Women and Media             criticism, to assess both how women are represented in mass media
                            and the status of women employed in mass media.
CINE 404                    Variable topic course; topic to be specified in Class Schedule
Gender and Film (all
ENG/JS/WOMS 546             Exploration through novels, short fiction, and memoir the connections
American Jewish Women       American women forge and the tensions they experience via
Writers                     encounters with self, family, Judaism, American society, and world
KIN 457                     Transmission of culture, values, and gender roles through a variety of
Culture, Gender, and        movement forms. Interpretation of the cultural dimension of
Movement                    movement.
SOC 464                     Family variations in the U.S. and the world: historical antecedents and
Families and Society        social influences; changing structure of the family, problems and
                            emerging trends.
SOC 469                     Sex roles in society. Origin, socialization, and demands of conformity.
Gender and Society          Restrictions and encouragements for breaking with conventional sex
Gender and Culture, Information Sheet, Page 4

Category A Courses:          Description:
SPCH 352                     Explores women's communicative cultures, while enhancing students'
Women and Words              performance skills through a variety of speech activities, such as
                             performance of literature, public speaking, and small group
                             communication. Combines communication and linguistic theories
                             with practical applications within a feminist framework.
SPCH 443                     Impact of women leaders of single and multiple issue campaigns on
Rhetoric of Feminist         American social policy. Overview of social movement and rhetorical
Movements                    criticism literature.
SPCH 503                     Processes and theories of gender and communication, including the
Gender and                   role of power and language; verbal and nonverbal interaction; the
Communication                impact of historical, social, and psychological factors on gendered
                             communication in different settings.
SPCH 525                     Emergence of sexual identity and orientation in social interaction.
Sexual Identity and          Explores how interpersonal and group communication shapes the
Communication                sexual self through private discourse--labeling, defining, self-
                             disclosing--and public dialogue--community organizing and advocacy.
Category B Courses:          Description
WOMS 302                     Ways to translate women's cultural experience into writing. Students
Translating Women’s          express, analyze, and act upon women's experience in several modes:
Experience                   personal and critical essays, journals and autobiographies, fiction and
                             poetry, socio-political action writing.
WOMS 303                     Personal expression and self-definition through creative experience in
Women as Creative            various media: drawing, painting, photography, poetry, sculpture, and
Agents                       writing. Work of women artists, filmmakers, poets.
WOMS 533                     Film, literature, small group dynamics used to help women and men
Women and Men                become better co-workers, parents, political allies, friends, lovers. Re-
Changing                     educate women and men of different cultures to new understandings
                             of their interpersonal/social relations.
WOMS 548                     Twentieth century literature by African American, Latina, Asian
Literature by U.S. Women     American, and Native American women. Literary forms, styles,
of Color                     images, and themes used by each group to express racism, sexism, and
                             daily life in the U.S.
WOMS/HMSX 551                Literature and media productions by lesbians and queers of various
Lesbian & Queer              racial, ethnic, and socio-economic backgrounds. Emergence of lesbian
Perspectives in Literature   and queer concerns and feminist concerns and issues of cultural
and Media                    production and literary form.
WOMS 554                     Condition of refugee and immigrant women in the world: causes,
Immigrant and Refugee        conditions, and problems of such movements. The cultural, economic,
Women                        and social issues
WOMS 561                     Issues and themes in the history, culture, and contemporary lives of
Women of Color in the        Black, Native American, Asian American, and Latina women in the
U.S.                         U.S.
Gender and Culture, Information Sheet, Page 5

Category B Courses:         Description
WOMS 562                    Experiences of Black women under slavery; in their pioneering roles
History of African          as industrial, domestic, and agricultural workers; and in their varied
American Women              political, social, and educational roles in the 19th and 20th centuries.
WOMS 564                    Literature by women writers whose work addresses the experience of
Women Writers and           peoples in colonized countries with a history of colonialism and/or
Colonialism                 imperialism.
WOMS 565                    Differences/similarities in women's lives in Muslim/Arab world,
Women in the Muslim and     including diaspora in Europe and North America. Minorities in Arab
Arab Worlds                 Middle East. Issues of gender as it relates to nationalism, religion, and

Cluster Coordinator:
Name: Minoo Moallem
Department: Women Studies
Office: HUM 315
Phone: 338-1388

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