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Bond Billboard



In our advertisement, I want to introduce our billboard.
First, we will design this billboard, in this billboard, it
will have our company’s logo, and our company’s
spokesperson—Deng Yaping. Also have our slogan that
“confidence starts here” and some picture about Ping
pong game. Why I put these things in our billboard, first
logo will can let everybody our company know our
company. Secondly, our spokesperson—Deng Yaping is a
very famous person, if you like sports you will know her.
So everybody will know our product is good. Third, our
slogan is “confidence starts here”, the meaning
everybody will easily understand, if you don’t have
confidence in sports, you just use our company’s things,
you will get confidence. Last one, I will put our billboard
beside with gym. The reason is our target market is
sports players, if people like sports, you will go to gym
often, you will see it again and again, when you want to
buy some sport things, you will think our product first,
and maybe you will buy it. We also need to make sure
everybody will see it, so we will put some neon beacon on
our billboard, if like that way, when people come there,
the neon beacon will attract them first, second they will
be attracted by our billboard. Our intent is brand
awareness, when they our billboard, they can see our
company’s product clearly, our appeal is emotional appeal.
So    when     people    see    our    slogan    and    our
spokesperson—Deng Yaping we all know Deng Yaping play
Ping-Pong very good. She was short, can’t easy to play it
when she starts to play, but she wants to prove she is
the best one, she works very hard. Finally, she gets
successful. So when people know she or see her, they
will think everything is possible, when they see Deng
Yaping use our product play it, they will all try it.

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