; The March to Silver Price Equilibrium
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The March to Silver Price Equilibrium


Precious metals prices are ultimately being fueled by major central banks printing money to fund ongoing budget deficits.

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									The March to Silver Price Equilibrium

Although deficit funding has been fueling the latest precious metal’s rally, it is not hard to
imagine the current CFTC investigation into manipulation in the silver market lasting 20 years,
as it effectively acts as a yet another kind of price control.

The macro backdrop to this investigation includes ongoing currency wars, a depressed world
economy, no real growth and a negative real interest rate policy.

On the ground, the market is seeing the convergence of many factors, including a loss of
confidence in and understanding of equities, as well as a general lack if incentive for the
creation of jobs by businesses.

Baby Boomers Retire in Worrying Times

Furthermore, retirement is becoming a notable focus for an increasingly aging population as
the huge Baby Boomer generation starts to conclude their working lives. This generation is
collectively not well-prepared for retirement, and therefore is inclined to kick the can for as
long as possible.

The economic and geopolitical backdrop to this period includes:

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