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									Thinkers Keys – Saving the World Music Smart We need to encourage all people to be Water Wise. Write a jingle (short poem set to music) to do this. You may write new words to suit a song or tune you already know. E.g. Hickory Dickory Dock, Three Blind Mice……. Reverse Listing List 10 things that cannot be destroyed by humans. Name 10 places that will never be polluted by humans. Variations Key How many ways can you clean up oil spills? Disadvantage Key List 10 disadvantages of fossil fuels. Picture Smart Design a new stove which is solar powered. Draw and label the parts Inventions Key You need to protect the last remaining Blue Whale by using:  a pack of cards  a sewing machine  a squash ball Name______________________________ Question Key . PMI Use of recycled water for The answer is_________. drinking. Write 5 questions for each P – pluses answer: M – minuses I – interesting  Global Warming Facts, thoughts, opinions  Pollution P M I  Water  Alternative Energy Brainstorming Key Alternative Key List 10 different uses for a solar panel.

What If ? Key What if the world’s water supply dried up? List 10 consequences.

Alphabet Key

Compile a list of A – Z words How many ways can we related to environmental reduce the amount of issues. Use phrases not just water used by humans? one word.

Different Use Key List 5 different uses for a:  water bottle  solar panel  windmill Ridiculous Key The Government should build a nuclear power station for every house. Write a paragraph which supports this statement

Native Smart List the names of 5 organizations that are concerned with threatened and endangered species.

Poster Design a poster that will encourage people to use less power.

The Bar Key Endangered Species enclosure  make it bigger  add something to it

Picture Key Use your imagination to work out 10 different things this picture could represent.

Prediction Key Predict what types of transport we will be using in 50 years time. Explain and draw a picture.

The Brick Wall Key Fossil fuels will eventually run out. How are we going to deal with this situation? List some ideas and solutions.

 Replace something on it Explain your changes and draw a labelled diagram.

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