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					                           NATO Science Programme
                            Security Through Science

                  Advisory Panel on Computer Networking

                                          to the
                                 SEEREN Inauguration Event

                                 Thessaloniki, 9 January 2004

                                           Dr. Lajos Bálint
                 Advisory Panel on Computer Networking          1
9 January 2004
                 •   Implementing basic NATO goals of “Security
                     Through Science” by efficient communications

                 • Computer networks
                         improve information exchange & consultation
                         access reliably and directly experts/knowledge
                         provide background to the Science Programme
                 •   Integration of scientists makes the world safe and

                 Advisory Panel on Computer Networking                     2
9 January 2004
                 • NIGs
                         Development of National Network Infrastructures
                         Encourage national collaboration
                         Encourage international collaboration
                         Joint efforts with other supporters
                         Infrastructure vs. applications

                 • ANWs (Advanced Networking Workshops)
                    Consultants

                 Advisory Panel on Computer Networking                      3
9 January 2004
                                    Overview of Grants

                    Some figures from the last 4 years:

                    ~20 beneficiary countries [awarded NIGs/ ANWs]
                    A.o.      Romania             4 NIGs - 383 k€
                              The FYROM           3 ANWs - 144 k€

                    Total: ~30 awarded NIGs (~70 applications)
                           ~15 awarded ANWs (~20 applications)

                      ~ 6000 K€ fund allocated - 85 % for infrastructure development
                                                  15 % for technical/policy workshops

                 Advisory Panel on Computer Networking                             4
9 January 2004
                            The Virtual Silk Highway

                 Advisory Panel on Computer Networking   5
9 January 2004
                     The Project and its Benefits
                 •   Funded by NATO                      •   National & regional
                 •   $2.5 M over 2001-04
                                                             Economy of scale, less
                 •   500 Mbps distributed                    expensive, higher
                     among 8 countries                       bandwidth
                 •   Additional $1.0 M co-
                                                                           Central Asia

                     funded by Cisco,
                     DESY/DFN, EU, NGOs
                 •   Task Force of Panel
                     members, consultants
                     & funders

                 Advisory Panel on Computer Networking                     Caucasus       6
9 January 2004
                 Lessons from Silk Experiences

                   •   Size, scope and relevance has led to visibility and
                   •   Dependant on proactive approach through ’Task
                       Force’ (Panel members, consultants, ....)
                   •   Leverage for standards, cooperation and
                   •   Leverage for co-funding
                   •   Seeding and catalytic effects
                   •   A dependable infrastructure for building contacts
                       among NATO and Partner countries

                 Advisory Panel on Computer Networking                       7
9 January 2004
                                   Future Challenges 1

                 •   Targeted region: lacking four major resources:
                       infrastructure, expertise, funds, telco market
                 •   Aiding areas of low level of connectivity
                 •   Establishing links from Partner countries to the
                     high speed global/European computer networks
                 •   Supporting infrastructural development
                              - accesibility and co-operativeness improve
                              - new applications emerge (incl. education)
                 •   NATO should remain major supporter
                 Advisory Panel on Computer Networking                      8
9 January 2004
                  Global Connectivity Through GEANT
                                                                 Virtual Silk Highway



                                                   Central Africa

                                                         South Africa

                 Advisory Panel on Computer Networking                                  9
9 January 2004
                               Future Challenges 2
                 •   Build on Panel experiences + link to core NATO goals
                         CNP objectives to match NATO priorities of security and peace

                 •   Need of progress based on science and education
                 •   SILK TF + developments in >20 countries:
                         good examples of co-operative activities
                         to be continued (Balkans, Ukraine, Russia, etc.)
                         new projects to launch (Afghanistan & Med. Dial.?)

                 •   Multiple impacts of NATO support on stability:
                         regional development  global security
                         Security Through Science Program

                 Advisory Panel on Computer Networking                             10
9 January 2004
                                  The Final Words
                      Network infrastructure promotes
                       Internet access and

                       availability of information content

                      and thus contributes to
                       open societies, by strengthening

                       democratic processes and enabling

                       overall development, first of all through aiding

                       improvement of education, and supporting

                       international communication and co-operation

                      NATO’s involvement in closing the gap between
                      information-rich and information-poor societies:
                      immense positive effect on peace and security
                 Advisory Panel on Computer Networking                     11
9 January 2004

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