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Reverse Listing Key
Name 10 songs / topics that will never be sung by your favourite band/performer.

The What If? Key
What if music did not exist? Give 10 different consequences.

Alphabet Key
Compile an Alpha Ladder (list of A-Z words). For each letter, name a song that has been written and/or a list of musical artists. Eg. B – “Beautiful” B - Beyonce

Variations Key
How many ways can you  play a piano  strum a guitar  wear an I-pod

Picture Smart / Key
Use your imagination. Work out 10 different things that this picture could be representing in regard to rock music.

Eg. the candles on Mick Jagger’s birthday cake

Combination Key
Create a new product/object by combining the attributes of a microphone and a lounge chair

Brainstorming Key
Brainstorm 10 innovative ways of:  helping a musician avoid deafness  getting free publicity for a new band / artist  getting free tickets to a concert

Question Key
Write 5 interesting questions that give the answer:  rock stars  Elvis Presley  Microphone  I-pod

Prediction Key
Predict the type of concerts that will be held in 100 years from now.

Different Uses Key
List 10 different uses for :  badly scratched records and CDs.  an old guitar  a guitar pick  a concert ticket

Create a Y-Chart for a rock concert.  Looks like  Feels like  Sounds like
Looks like Sounds Feels like like

Word Smart
Write an acrostic poem on –  your favourite musician a musical instrument

Construction Key
Construct a musical instrument that can play at least 5 different notes by using  5 straws  10 rubber bands  10 paddle-pop sticks

Venn Diagram
Compare classical music and punk rock, listing similarities and differences between the two. Record on a Venn Diagram.

Interpretation Key
A musician has just walked off the stage in the middle of a performance. Give 8 explanations for this.


Letter to the Editor
Write a letter to the newspaper recommending that concerts should be banned from Suncorp Stadium. In your letter give reasons why.

Inventions Key
Invent a special light display machine for use on a large stage. Draw a detailed and labelled design and make your model using a variety of materials.

Disadvantages Key
List 10 disadvantages of:  a karaoke machine  special stereo equipment in cars  muzac – music played in shopping centres and lifts

A Microphone Stand
*B - Make one part bigger *A - Add something extra *R - Replace something on it with something else Explain your changes and draw a labelled diagram.

Commonality Key
Name 5 things that a musician and a beach umbrella have in common.

Developed by Mary-Anne Aland and Sharon Brown

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