Introduction to Ethernet Cables by 27492t


									           Introduction to
            UTP Cabling
         Unshielded Twisted Pair
           Ethernet Cable with
           RJ-45 Connections

Information Technology & Networking
            Fall Semester
             R Parsons, 2.187
  UTP Tutorial & Lab Agenda

1. What Material / Tools are Needed

2. The UTP Cable

3. Cable Structure and Color Codes

4. Ethernet Cable “Pin-outs”

                R Parsons, 2.187
                         Ethernet Cable

 1. What is needed?

•What You Need:
        •CAT 5 Cable - bulk Category 5, 5e or 6 cable
        (we will use 5e)
        •RJ45 End connectors (male)
        •RJ45 Wall sockets (female)
        •Crimper for RJ45
        •Multi-tester set for conductivity
        •Wire Cutters - to cut and strip the cable if necessary
        •Stripper for plastic insulator
        •Cable Tester

                                   R Parsons, 2.187
                  What is UTP Cable?

 2. About the Cable - UTP

•Unshielded Twisted Pair:
         •UTP Category 5 cable for basic 10/100 functionality. You
         need CAT 5e for gigabit (1000BaseT) operation
         • Bulk cable comes in many types; solid and braided cable.
              •Solid – runs and long distance
              •Braided – short patch and store purchased cords
         •Plenum rated cable must be used whenever the cable
         travels through an air circulation space, over lights, etc.
         •You may want braided, but most technicians can only work
         successfully with solid UTP cable.

                                  R Parsons, 2.187
         Inside the Cable Insulator

 3. Cable Structure & Color Code

•Inside the cable, there are 8 color
coded wires
•4 colors; Blue, Brown, Green,
Orange each with White
•twisted into 4 pairs of wires; each
pair has a common color theme
•Most important is the sequence or
convention of wires in the RJ45 pin
layout connector

                          R Parsons, 2.187
           What is the Color Pattern?

4. Ethernet Cable “Pin-outs”

•The RJ45 end is an 8-position modular
connector similar to a large phone plug
•Here is a diagram and “pin-out”:
•There are two basic cables
    •Straight through cable, which is used to
    connect to a hub or switch                      Front   Rear
        •There are two formats
           •T568B is the AT&T standard
           •T568A matches USOC cabling for pairs
           1 & 2 and US Government specifications
   •Cross over cable used to operate in a
   peer-to-peer fashion without a hub/switch

                              R Parsons, 2.187
                           What is the Pin-out?
                           4. Ethernet Cable “Pin-outs”

                     568A Standard                                        568B Standard

                                      10Base-T                                             10Base-T
                             Wire                                                 Wire
    RJ45     Wire Color                Signal            RJ45     Wire Color                Signal
                           Diagram                                              Diagram
    Pin #     (T568A)                100Base-TX          Pin #     (T568B)                100Base-TX
                           (T568A)                                              (T568B)
                                       Signal                                               Signal
1           White/Green              Transmit+       1           White/Orange             Transmit+
2           Green                    Transmit-       2           Orange                   Transmit-
3           White/Orange             Receive+        3           White/Green              Receive+
4           Blue                     Unused          4           Blue                     Unused
5           White/Blue               Unused          5           White/Blue               Unused
6           Orange                   Receive-        6           Green                    Receive-
7           White/Brown              Unused          7           White/Brown              Unused
8           Brown                    Unused          8           Brown                    Unused

Cross Over Cable (T568B):

RJ45 Pin # (END 1)  Wire Color  Diagram End #1
1                  White/Orange
2                  Orange
3                  White/Green
4                  Blue
5                  White/Blue
6                  Green
7                  White/Brown
8                  Brown
RJ45 Pin # (END 2)  Wire Color  Diagram End #2
1                  White/Green
2                  Green
3                  White/Orange
4                  White/Brown
5                  Brown
6                  Orange
7                  Blue
8                  White/Blue
                                            R Parsons, 2.187
Interactive – Cabling Tutorial


                              Wall Inserts

                              Let’s Get Started……………


           R Parsons, 2.187

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