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					• Ray Bradbury   • Born 1920
                 • 1942 published in
                   Weird Tales, a
                   famous pulp science-
                   fiction magazine
                 • Writer for Alfred
                   Hitchcock Presents
                   and The Twilight
                 • 1950 The Martian
                   Chronicles is
                   published establishing
                   Bradbury as a
                   science fiction icon
• Fahrenheit 451   • Published during the
  Background         McCarthy Era, when
                     free expression of
                     ideas could lead to jail
                     or social black listing
                   • The novel reflects
                     Bradbury's concerns
                     about censorship and
• Fahrenheit 451       • Fahrenheit 451
  Background, Con’t:     portrays a dystopian
                         future for civilization
                       • Draws on many of the
                         same themes as
                         George Orwell’s 1984
                       • Is Bradbury’s most
                         popular and well
                         known work
• Overview   • Guy Montag is a
               fireman, but not in the
               sense we know
             • Montag’s job is to
               burn books and set
               fires instead of putting
               them in out
             • In this bleak future
               people drive fast,
               watch endless
               amounts of TV and
               have radios attached
               to their ears
• Overview   • In this society people do
               not read books, go
               outside for fun or have
               any thoughts or
               discussions that require
             • Books are thought to be
               material that alienates
               and offends. In order to
               not make anybody feel
               inferior all books that are
               found are immediately
             • Montag realizes that his
               life is an empty shell
               devoid of any substance
• Overview   • He becomes dissatisfied
               with his job and search
               for direction in some
               books he steals from one
               of his own fires
             • With the help of a former
               English professor named
               Faber, Montag sets out to
               change a society that has
               forgotten how to think for
               itself and enjoys
               unquestioning ignorance
• Literary Focus
   – Date of Publication • 1953

   – Structure         • Science Fiction

   – Genre             • Bradbury has structure
                         Fahrenheit 451 into three
                         parts which parallel the
                         stages of Montag's

   – Setting (time)    • Future; 21st Century

   – Setting (place    • Dystopian Future Version
                         of United States
– Point of View   • Third-Person Limited

– Protagonist     • Montag

– Antagonist      • Beatty, Wife and Friends,
– Irony
                  • Beatty, Montag’s boss,
                    seemingly hates books, but
                    through admonishments of
                    Montag reveals he is extremely
• Literary Focus            • Knowledge Giving Way to
   – Themes and Conflicts     Ignorance
                            • Consequences of
                            • The Value of Education
                            • The Importance of
                            • Responsibility and
                            • Alienation and Loneliness
                            • Change and
• Literary Focus, Con’t:
                           • Symbolize the human
   – Symbols
                             ability to rise up out of
       • The Phoenix
                             the ashes and learn
                             from past failures

      • Montag’s Hands     • Symbolic of his
                             rebellious nature; he
                             often blames his
                             hands for actions
                             society would
• Literary Focus, Con’t:• At 451 degrees
   – Symbolism                Fahrenheit, paper will
       • 451 Degrees and Fire burn. Fire is symbolic of
                              the destruction of both
                              books and the freedom of
                              thought that books

                         • Representative of the
                           dystopian society from
   – Salamander            which Montag escapes,
                           the salamander
                           represents the destructive
                           uses of fire

   – Mechanical Hound    • Represents the dangers
                           of technology unchecked.
• Characters      • 3rd Generation
   – Guy Montag     Fireman
                  • Programmed to
                    repress his own
                    thoughts and feelings
                  • Wants desperately to
                    break free from
                    society and think for
                  • Tries to challenge
                    himself to make a
                    change in society
• Beatty   • The captain of
             Montag’s fire
             department. Beatty is
             extremely well-read,
             but he hates books
             and people who insist
             on reading them.
           • Cunning, devious and
             very perceptive
• Mildred Montag   • Brittle, sickly
                   • Watches television
                   • Will not share her
                     thoughts and feelings
                     with her husband
                   • Tries to kill herself,
                     but will not admit it
• Mildred’s Friends   • Lead miserable lives
                      • Disconnected from
                        other people
                      • All married more than
                      • Representative of the
                        ordinary person in this
                        bleak world
• Professor Faber   • Retired English
                    • Longs for the return of
                      books and even has
                      many words from
                      books memorized
                    • Realizes it is the
                      weakness of the
                      educated to not stand
                      up and challenge the
                      ignorant that led to
                      the burning of books

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