Healthy Living While Traveling

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					Healthy Living While Traveling
For people who are dieting or choosing to eat a healthy diet, go to the most vulnerable period can void
your healthy living program.

Whether traveling on vacation or business context, many people are tempted to stop by a fast food
restaurant or thwart his diet to enjoy snacks and drinks are not healthy. But, if you learn to maintain a
healthy diet, you are probably going through the holidays without regret.

Here are some steps that you can still enjoy the holidays while maintaining a healthy diet.

Step 1
Bring your own food when traveling by aircraft or other modes of transportation. This method will
provide an alternative food other than food is expensive and usually unhealthy supplied airlines. Bring
food that contains protein and nutrients. Do not forget, the food is solid food should be taken that are
not easily destroyed when stored in a bag. For example, nuts or fruit are quite sturdy, like apples.

Step 2
Drink a lot of time traveling. Whenever possible, select beverages other than alcoholic beverages and
soda. Better replaced by drinking milk or fruit juice. Avoid alcohol and soda are also very important to
minimize the ill effects of traveling long distances, such as jet lag.

Step 3
Provide bottled water, fresh fruit and healthy snacks, such as snack fibrous, in a hotel room. It can resist
the temptation to go to the mini bar and help when hunger strike in the middle of business or when

Step 4
Avoid fast-food outlets. While eating at fast food outlets is the most convenient option when in a new
city, keep in mind that fast food high in fat and calories. In addition, eating at fast food outlets make you
not able to explore traditional food that is in place you visit.

Step 5
Do not forget breakfast. This sentence is usually easier said than done. Breakfast can help you run a full
day of activities or business meetings. If the hotel offers free breakfast, choose a breakfast high in fiber
and rich in protein, such as whole wheat bread with peanut butter. These foods can provide instant
energy and keep a sense of satiety until lunch time. Breakfast also reduce the temptation to snack for a
few hours.

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