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Indiana by RodneySooialo


									                                                  H o m e o w n e r s H i p                r a t e s

                                                 Indiana             United States            The Real Estate Finance Industry remains
  Homeownership Rates*                                                                        a key driver of the nation’s economy. In 2005,
  2003                                                     74.4                  68.3         real estate finance generated $2.9 trillion
  2004                                                     75.8                   69          in single-family loan originations and $345
  2005                                                      75                   68.9         billion in commercial originations. Last year,
  2006                                                     74.2                  68.8         new residential and commercial construction
  All Loans (Single Family)                                                                   and housing-related expenditures
  Number of Loans                                   267,212         15,576,852                represented nearly 11 percent of
  Dollar Volume                             $28,093,366,000 $2,817,352,293,000                America’s gross domestic product (GDP).
  Average Loan Amount                             $105,135           $180,868
                                                                                              Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing
  FHA Insured
                                                                                              Studies The State of the Nation’s Housing
  Number of Loans                                    17,943                 436,324
                                                                                              2006 report notes that, “including residential
  Dollar Volume                              $1,906,348,000           $53,136,331,00
                                                                                              investments, commissions and fees to
  Average Loan Amount                             $106,245                 $121,782
                                                                                              brokers and real estate agents, spending on
  VA Guaranteed
                                                                                              furnishings and yards, and spending on rents
  Number of Loans                                      2,808                 149,608
                                                                                              and utilities, housing contributed a record
  Dollar Volume                                 $367,031,000         $23,584,462,000
                                                                                              23 percent of the nation’s $12.5 trillion GDP
  Average Loan Amount                              $130,709                $157,642
                                                                                              in 2005. This astounding number represents
  Rural Housing (FMHA)
                                                                                              the larger reach and impact that the real
  Number of Loans                                        442                  20,478
                                                                                              estate finance industry plays in maintaining
  Dollar Volume                                  $36,518,000          $2,080,055,000
                                                                                              a strong economy. Additionally, the success
  Average Loan Amount                                $82,620               $101,575
                                                                                              of other sectors of the economy depends
  Single Family Prime Originations
                                                                                              on a strong commercial and residential
  Number of Loans                                    228,499              13,099,633
                                                                                              real estate market.
  Dollar Volume                                  $24,478,904          $2,406,326,758
  Single Family Subprime Originations                                                         The real estate finance industry, not only
  Number of Loans                                     38,713              2,477,219           facilitates financing of commercial and
  Dollar Volume                                   $3,614,462           $411,025,535           multifamily properties, but also allows
  Foreclosure Rate (NDS)**                                                                    people to achieve the American Dream
  4th Quarter 2006                                         2.97                  1.19         of homeownership. It remains among the
  Unemployment Rate (BLS)***                                                                  most important sectors of our economy.
  4th Quarter 2006                                          4.8                      4.5

*	 Source:
**	 Source:	MBA	National	Delinquency	Survey,	Q4	2006
***	 Source:	U.S.	Department	of	Labor	–	Bureau	of	Labor	Statistics
	    All	other	data	from	2005	HMDA


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