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      Nebraska Municipal Power Pool   l   Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska   l       Public Alliance for Community Energy   l    National Public Gas Agency

Nebraska wind export bill becomes law
New law strikes compromise between public power
benefits and utilizing more of the state’s wind potential
     Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman
in April signed a bill into law allow-
ing private developers to build wind
farms in Nebraska to export wind-
generated electricity to other states.
The Nebraska Legislature unani-
mously passed LB1048 (48-0) before
it went to the Governor’s desk.
     The bill, introduced by Sen.
Chris Langemeier of Schuyler, Neb.,
is a successful compromise between
upholding the benefits of public
power (low rates and local control)
and tapping into more of the state’s
wind generating potential.
     Under the law, private develop-
ers have the opportunity to develop,
own and operate renewable energy
facilities to export the majority of the
energy output to other states. Projects
developed will be subject to review                                                                                  A technical group consisting of
and approval by the Nebraska Power
                                                              Legislative News
                                                                                                                 industry experts, including public
Review Board.                                                                                                    power constituents, provided input
     Some of the law’s major provi-                         For more on the close of                             during the bill’s drafting process. The
sions include:                                          the legislative sessions, see                            result was a bill that was widely sup-
     • An exemption from public                         Chris Dibbern’s Legislative                              ported.
power’s use of eminent domain for                       Notes column on page 3.                                      Nebraska Municipal Power Pool
wind export projects;                                                                                            and Municipal Energy Agency of Ne-
     • The requirement of private                                                                                braska representatives Gary Stauffer,
developers to show they have out-                     over the life of the project.                              Chris Dibbern and Phil Euler were
of-state customers to buy the wind                         Nebraska utilities will have                          part of the process that shared input.
power and pay for any new transmis-                   the option to purchase some wind                               Proponents of the bill included
sion lines needed for their facility to               generated electric output from large                       the Nebraska Power Association,
reach the electric grid;                              projects, however at least 90 percent                      which represents the state’s public
     • A new tax structure that                       will go to other states. Nebraska will                     power utilities.
requires developers to pay taxes based                benefit through increased tax dollars,
on the megawatts generated per hour                   lease revenue and jobs.
                                            Staff news
                                                                                                     NPGA holds
                         Gaden elected to national                                                   workshop for
                         wind energy integration board                                               directors
                              Municipal Energy Agency          nology for utility applications and        The National Public Gas
                         of Nebraska Director of Whole-        to serve as a source of credible      Agency held a Board of Direc-
                         sale Electric Operations Kevin        information on the status of wind     tors workshop in April following
                         Gaden was elected to the Board        technology and deployment. The        its regularly scheduled board
                                            of Directors       group includes more than 150 na-      meeting.
                                            of the Utility     tional and international members           The workshop included
                                            Wind Integra-      and including investor-owned,         sessions on natural gas hedging
                                            tion Group         public power and rural electric       practices, an update on activities
                                            (UWIG) at the      cooperative utilities; transmission   by Public Gas Partners, com-
                                            group’s annual     system operators and associate        munications and contract goals.
                                            membership         member corporate, government          Director of Wholesale Gas
                                            meeting in         and academic organizations.           Operations John Harms also led
                           Kevin Gaden Portland, Ore.,              Gaden oversees the short         discussion on updating NPGA’s
                                            in April.          and long-term planning and            strategic plan, which was last
                              Established in 1989,             operations of MEAN, which             updated in 2007.
                         UWIG’s mission is to accelerate       supplies wholesale electricity to
                         the development and applica-
                         tion of good engineering and
                                                               66 communities in Colorado,
                                                               Iowa, Nebraska and Wyoming
                                                                                                     Iowa, Nebraska,
                         operational practices supporting      and one joint-action agency           Wyoming rank in
                         the appropriate integration of
                         wind power into the national
                                                               in Colorado. MEAN currently
                                                               supplies wind-generated energy
                                                                                                     top 10 of lowest
                         electric system.                      from four facilities throughout       electric retail rates
                              UWIG provides a forum for        the region to its participating
                                                                                                         Nebraska, Wyoming and
                         the critical analysis of wind tech-   communities.
                                                                                                     Iowa ranked in the top 10 of
                                                                                                     lowest average retail electric
                         NMPP welcomes two staff members                                             rates, according to the latest
                                                                                                     report by the U.S. Department
                             Thanh Le began as a full-
                                                                                                     of Energy’s Energy Information
                         time rate analyst and is assigned
                         to duties assisting the Municipal
                                                                                                         The report, released in Mid-
                         Energy Agency of Nebraska.
                                                                                                     March, ranks Wyoming second,
                             He graduated from the
                                                                                                     Nebraska seventh and Iowa 10th
                         University of Nebraska with a
                                                                                                     nationally. Wyoming’s average
                         degree in finance and math. He
                                                                                                     electric retail price was 5.61
                         previously worked as a pricing           Thanh Le         Hiruth Haile      cents per kilowatt-hour while
                         analyst for First Comp Insurance
                                                                                                     Nebraska is at 6.58 and Iowa at
                         company in Omaha, a software          affairs from the University of
                                                                                                     6.89. Colorado’s average rate
                         analyst for Kenexa in Lincoln         Nebraska-Lincoln and recently
                                                                                                     was 8.59.
                         and as an analyst for National        completed her first year of law
                                                                                                         The highest rate was Hawaii
                         Research Corporation.                 school at UNL. Previously she
                                                                                                     at 29.2 cents per kilowatt hour fol-
                             Hiruth Haile began her part-      worked as a legal assistant at
                                                                                                     lowed by several East Coast states
                         time position as law clerk. She       McHenry, Haszard, Hansen,
                                                                                                     such as Connecticut (17.79),
                         earned a degree in international      Roth & Hupp law firm.
                                                                                                     New York (16.57), Massachusetts
                                                                                                     (16.27), Rhode Island (16.01) and
2 Essent  June ‘10
                                                                                                     New Hampshire (14.65).
Noteworthy energy
bills pass through
legislative sessions
     Legislative sessions in Colorado, Iowa, Ne-
braska, Kansas and Wyoming are finished but
campaigns and ballot measures are now in full
force. NMPP monitored and participated in
 Legislative       several innovative wind, energy
 Notes & Quotes efficiency and regulatory matters
                   in several states during the 2010
                   legislative sessions.
                        Much has been written
                   about LB 1048 regarding Nebras-
                   ka Sen. Chris Langemeier’s bill
                   on private wind development.
                   His approach to workshops and                                           NMPP Energy photo

 By Chris Dibbern consensus building is another              ACE gears up
                   interesting aspect of the legisla-
tive process to be commended.                                    ACE Retail Gas Services Coordinator
     Two major noteworthy energy bills passed in             Beth Ackland trains call center staff prior
Colorado this session.                                       to the two-week Choice Gas selection
     HB10-1001, signed into law by Colorado Gov.             period, which ran from April 16-29. More
Bill Ritter in March, requires a 30 percent Renew-           details about the selection period will be
able Portfolio Standard and distributed generation           in the next issue of the Essent newsletter.
mandate for Black Hills and Excel Energy.
     HB 10-1365 requires all rate regulated utilities
that own or operate coal fired electric generating        APPA offers summer webinars
units to submit to the Colorado Public Utilities              The American Public Power Association is offer-
Commission an emission reduction plan for emis-           ing five webinars on various utility topics in June and
sions from those units covering the lesser of 900         July. The sessions include:
megawatts or 50 percent of the utility’s coal fired           • Complying with the EPA’s New Diesel RICE
electric generating units in Colorado.                    Emission Standards — Tuesday, June 8, 2-3:30 p.m.
     Full rate recovery is anticipated under both
                                                              • Making Sense of CO2 Legislative & Regula-
these programs and will be passed through directly
                                                          tory Issues — Monday, June 14, 2-5 p.m.
to consumers.
                                                              • Succession Planning: Assessing Risk and
                                                          Developing a Plan — Thursday, July 22, 2-3:30 p.m.
   “Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible       After each webinar, participants receive copies of
   in your approach.”                                     the presentations, an audio recording of the webinar,
                                      — Tony Robbins      and a certificate documenting continuing education
                                                          credits. Cost is $79 for APPA members and $159 for
                                                          non-members (the 3-hour CO2 legislative session is
   Chris Dibbern is general counsel of NMPP               $159 for members/$319 for non-members).
Energy. Contact her at or             For more information, visit
(800) 234-2595.                                           and click on Events or contact Heidi Lambert at
                                                          202/467-2921 or

                                                                                                                    3 Essent  June ‘10
                         Checklist can help with streetscapes
                              I’ve preached about how im-
                                                                                           Clip and Post
                         portant attractive entrances are
                         to communities — all entrances                       Effective Communication
                         are important.                          These words/phrases can be helpful when communicating
                              Recently, on a visit to            with your customers:
                         Frederick, Colo., I drove past
                         one of the nicest entrances I           • Efficient
                         have seen. It was an attractive,        • Cost Effective
                         raised boulevard with plants and        • Customer Satisfaction
                         evergreens spanning a quarter           • Smart Technology
                         of a mile from the highway to           • Economic Growth
                         the city entrance. Wind sculp-          • Step Forward
    Corrinne             Community
                                             tures whirling      • Improve the Environment
Pedersen is              Development         in the wind         • We’re Supportive
manager of               Clips               were added at       • We’ve Upgraded
member develop-                              one location,
                                                                 • We’re Committed to Service
ment of NMPP                                 giving one the
                                                                 • We’re Dedicated
Energy and can                               feeling of a
be contacted at                              quiet, relaxing     A proper response, according to Merrie Spaeth*, to such
cpedersen@                                   atmosphere.         questions as, “Aren’t these rate increases outrageous?”                              The day I was       “On the contrary. Our goal is to provide reliable service at
                                             there, it was
                                                                 reasonable prices, and we have an excellent track record.
                                             pouring rain.
                         By Corrinne                             Our prices are among the lowest in the whole nation. It is
                         Pedersen                 That
                                             brings me to        true this will be an increase, but we also have a number of
                         the Commercial District and             ways to help you conserve and save money.”
                         Highway Streetscape check-              * Mary Spaeth is founder of Spaeth Communications and spoke at the 2010
                         lists I’ve developed for you to         NMPP Energy Annual Conference.
                         check your commercial business
                         district and highway general ap-
                                                               newsletter with Merrie Spaeth’s        “good” words and phrases that
                                                               digested version of the 2-hour         were developed at the seminar.
                              The checklists include
                                                               seminar that was held at the               We have work to do with our
                         examining the signage, overall
                                                               NMPP Energy Annual Meeting             customer communications!
                         image of the streets/sidewalks,
                                                               & Conference – please take the
                         lighting, banners/flags, empty
                                                               time to read it.                       Things I like to see…
                         buildings, alleys and adjoin-
                                                                    She provided some “good”               In Colorado, I noticed signs
                         ing streets. It can be a real eye
                                                               words that need to be posted           in various locations with the fol-
                         opener and this is the time of
                                                               all over the office, in outlying       lowing message:
                         year when communities are
                                                               offices/departments plus break              “Drive Safely”
                         “selling their community!”
                                                               rooms and wherever employees                In Memory of (insert name)
                              For copies of the checklists,
                                                               congregate.                                 The signs are a product of the
                         call me (800) 234-2595, I would
                                                                    City officials are encour-        Colorado Department of Trans-
                         be happy to share.
                                                               aged to include them in their          poration’s Memorial Sign Pro-
                                                               “everyday vocabulary” and              gram. The program offers families
                         Communicating effectively
                                                               “weave” them in their “talk the        of traffic crash victims an oppor-
                         with customers
                                                               talk” conversations. In case you       tunity to honor their loved ones
                     ®       If you did not take time
                                                               want to “clip and post” – see the
4 Essent  June ‘10       to read the April/May Essent
                                                               box on this page for a few of the
                                                                                                      and remind passengers to drive                                                                                    safely. Good idea Colorado!
Lighting program has successful year
     The ENERGYsmart Com-                                                  better. This program made these
mercial and Industrial Lighting
                                         ENERGYsmart                       changes cost effective and entic-
Program ended the fiscal year          program refunded                    ing for future cost savings.”
with $55,040 in dispersed incen-          for 2010-11                           The reduction in energy
tives.                                                                     from the conversion projects
     The program, sponsored                 The MEAN Board                 will keep more than 800 tons of
by MEAN for Schedule M,                of Directors approved fund-         CO2 out of the atmosphere per
long-term power participants,          ing the ENERGYsmart Com-            year. It will also reduce MEAN’s
featured 49 projects among 23          mercial and Industrial Light-       peak demand more than 200
member communities. About 88           ing Program for 2010-11.            KW, which helps offset future
percent of these projects were              All MEAN long-term             energy/capacity investments.
                  conversion of        power participants (Schedule        The projects also provided lo-
Ideas             T12 fluores-         M) are eligible for cash in-        cal contractors approximately
                  cent lighting        centives to convert to more         $60,000 in labor revenue.
                  fixtures to more     efficient lighting.                      “Customers really appreci-
                  efficient T8              Also, the program now          ate the fact their local utility
                  lighting. The        covers LED lighting for             is trying to save them money,”
                  projects were        grocery store refrigerated          says Larry Naiman, assistant
                  evenly distrib-      cases and high-bay induction        utility superintendent at Fair-
                  uted among           florescent lights.                  bury, Neb., and president of the
                  four categories:          Businesses that received       MEAN Services Committee.
 By Andrew Ross                        funding the previous year
                  schools, grocery                                         “It’s another example of how lo-
stores, city/community facilities      are again eligible for up to        cal ownership and public power
and other retail businesses.           $2,500 in cash incentives for       can effectively interact with
     The completed projects will       the new program year.               customers and work together
reduce approximately 1,100                  Go to www.nmppenergy.          toward a common goal of energy
megawatt-hours annually, saving        org/mean or call Andrew Ross        conservation.”
local businesses and govern-           at (800) 234-2595 for details.                    ***
ment owned facilities more than
$110,000 a year.                      version has improved our interior         ENERGYsmart ideas appear
     “This past year we replaced      classroom lighting tremendously,     regularly and include information
166 classroom fixtures,” said Dr.     has decreased utility expenses       to share with your utility custom-
Ted DeTurk, superintendent of         and ultimately has aided in          ers. For information on how to
West Point Schools. “This con-        making our school environment        save energy, contact Andrew Ross
                                                                           at NMPP (800) 234-2595.

Project Upgrade group conducts line rebuild in Stuart
     Utilities from the Nebraska      circuit. Stuart earlier purchased    membership. The groups, which
Municipal Power Pool’s Project        a substation and installed a step-   include 32 utilities, are divided
Upgrade safety and training group     up transformer into the substa-      geographically and conduct
met in Stuart, Neb., for a one-       tion. Project Upgrade member         regular safety and training ses-
day line rebuild and voltage con-     utilities include Arnold, Broken     sions. Line rebuild projects such
version project that also served as   Bow, Callaway, Stuart, Ansley,       as the one in Stuart not only
a training and safety session.        Sargent and Burwell, Neb..           provide training with a focus on
     Utility personnel participat-         Active for more than 25         safety to new utility personnel,
ed in the project, which includ-      years, Project Upgrade is the        but also highlight mutual aid –
ed setting 14 poles and stringing     oldest of the four training groups   area municipal utilities helping                          ®

about one mile of wire on one         that NMPP facilitates within its     one another in a time of need.       5 Essent  June ‘10
                                          Member news

                         Iowa utilities earn reliability award
                              Two member communities            practices and represent a utility-   prior to considering utilities for
                         in Iowa: Indianola Municipal           wide commitment to safe and          an award.
                         Utilities and Waverly Light and        reliable delivery of electricity.
                         Power, earned Reliable Public          This is the fifth year that the      Gering, Hartington, Laurel
                         Power Provider (RP3) recogni-          RP3 designation was offered.         earn certification status
                         tion from the American Public                                                    Nebraska NMPP member
                         Power Association for providing        NPPD, Crete earn utility             communities Gering, Laurel and
                                              consumers         safety recognition                   Hartington earned their Eco-
                                              with the high-         The Nebraska Public Power       nomic Development Certified
                                              est degree of     District and the City of Crete       status recently.
                                              reliable and      (Neb.) Department of Public               The program, sponsored by
                                              safe electric     Works were among 80 pub-             the Nebraska Diplomats, is one
                                              service.          lic power utilities earning the      of a handful nationally that rec-
                                                   The two      American Public Power Asso-          ognize communities’ economic
                                              utilities were    ciation’s Electric Utility Safety    development preparedness. The
                                              among 94          Awards of Excellence for safe        Nebraska Department of Eco-
                                              utilities over-   operating practices in 2009.         nomic Development administers
                                              all to earn the        Marc Gerken, chair of           the application process.
                                              recognition       the APPA Board of Directors               Communities earning the
                         out of more than 2,000 public          and President/CEO of Ameri-          certification meet specific cri-
                         power utilities throughout the         can Municipal Power, Inc. in         teria to be considered proactive
                         country. Paul Allen, vice presi-       Columbus, Ohio, presented the        economic development com-
                         dent, engineering at Nashville,        awards on March 29, during the       munities ready to attract new
                         Tenn., Electric Service and            association’s annual Engineering     businesses.
                         chair of APPA’s RP3 Review             & Operations Technical Con-               There are currently 30
                         Panel, presented the designees         ference, held in Omaha, Neb.         Nebraska communities that
                         on March 29, during the asso-               “Safety is the top concern      have earned the designation.
                         ciation’s annual Engineering &         when it comes to working with        For more information on how
                         Operations Technical Confer-           electricity,” said Gerken. “These    your community can become
                         ence, in Omaha, Neb.                   utilities have demonstrated that     certified, contact Linda Black
                              “The RP3 designation rep-         they are the best of the best        at the Nebraska Department
                         resents a high level of service        when it comes to guarantee-          of Economic Development at
                         to communities all over the            ing that safety is always top of     (308) 991-2986 or
                         country,” said Allen, “These 94        mind.”                     
                         utilities stand out as models of            Crete earned first place
                         safe and reliable utility opera-       recognition for electric systems     Wahoo celebrates 100 years
                         tions.”                                with 15,000 to 29,000 worker         of public power
                              The RP3 recognizes public         hours of exposure. NPPD earned           The Wahoo, Neb., Board
                         power utilities that demonstrate       second place in the more than 4      of Public Works and the City
                         proficiency in four key disci-         million worker hours of exposure     of Wahoo celebrated 100 years
                         plines: reliability, safety, train-    category.                            of public power in May. The
                         ing and system improvement.                 More than 200 utilities en-     celebration included food for the
                         Criteria within each category          tered the annual contest, which      community, displays and tours of
                         are based on sound business            reviews three years worth of data    the city’s light plant.

6 Essent  June ‘10
Champions are businesses and organizations that support
NMPP Energy’s effort to provide products and services to
members. Consider these businesses when your utility or
municipality has a business need. If your business is interested in
becoming an NMPP Energy Champion, call Tim Sutherland at
(800) 234-2595.
                                                                    Champions Directory
                    this       moNth’s
             Featured ChampioN                                         Financial Services
                                                              Ameritas Investment Corp. Omaha, Neb.
                                                              D.A. Davidson & Co. Omaha, Neb.
             REM Electric, Inc.                               Goldman Sachs & Co. New York, N.Y.
                                                              Nebraska Energy Federal Credit Union Columbus, Neb.
    REM Electric, Inc. is a supplier of hard to find circuit
                                                              RBC Capital Markets Denver, Colo.
breakers, switchgear and parts. It also rebuilds, upgrades    Smith Hayes Financial Corporation Lincoln, Neb.
and tests equipment. REM supplies new equipment when
requested and stocks all manufacturers in inventory and           Utility Services & Supplies
supplies to the U.S., Canada and Mexico.                      American Marking Corporation Omaha, Neb.
    Many of its customers have obsolete equipment and EnergySolutions, Inc. Omaha, Neb.
                                                              Hometown Connections International, LLC Arvada, Colo.
have a very hard time finding replacements.                   Kriz-Davis Co. Grand Island, Neb.
    Since the lead time for delivery is critical for many     NovaTech Lenexa, Kan.
customers, REM can usually ship same day on most items PDS, Inc. Omaha, Neb.
and can match existing equipment for increasing feeders. REM Electric, Inc. Nebraska City, Neb.
    With REM’s inventory it can supply 1-40 circuit           Solomon Corporation Solomon, Kan.
breakers and completely rebuild and upgrade so the
                                                                  Computer/Technology Services
customer can change out all of the circuit breakers on one i2rd Lincoln, Neb.
outage. This helps save time and lowers costs of rebuilds     Salt Creek Software, Inc. Lincoln, Neb.
and upgrade kits.
    In business for 17 years, REM is located in the NMPP          Engineering Services
member community of Nebraska City, Neb., and has a            EA Engineering, Science and Technology, Inc. Lincoln, Neb.
                                                              HDR Omaha, Neb.
50,000sq. foot building on 2.6 acres.                         JEO Consulting Group, Inc. Wahoo, Neb.
                                                              Lutz, Daily & Brain, LLC Overland Park, Kan.
Employment                                                    Olsson Associates Lincoln, Neb.
                                                              Sawvel & Associates, Inc. Findlay, Ohio
Public Works Director                                         Sega Inc. Stilwell, Kan.
    The City of Ravenna, Neb., (pop. 1,341) seeks a full-time Stanley Consultants, Inc. Muscatine, Iowa
public works director. The individual would directly supervise,
coordinate, oversee, manage and assist public works em-                Legal Services
ployees, city water and wastewater operations, streets and
parks departments. Responsibilities would include, water and        Chapman and Cutler, LLP Salt Lake City, Utah
wastewater testing; street repair and patching; snow removal;       Spiegel & McDiarmid Washington, D.C.
upkeep of parks and other city properties; operation and
maintenance of vehicles and equipment and other duties as              Telecommunication Services
needed. Mechanical knowledge, experience operating equip-           River Oaks Communications Corp.
ment and water/wastewater certifications are preferred, but            Centennial, Colo.
not required. Must have a valid Nebraska driver’s license.
Good communication skills and strong sense of teamwork
are required. Benefits include insurance and retirement
plan. Wages commensurate with qualifications. Applications
                                                                    Thank you
available at Ravenna City Hall, 416 Grand Avenue, PO Box
108, Ravenna, NE 68869. For more information call (308)
                                                                        NMPP thanks Goldman Sachs and The PFM Group
452-3273. Applications will be accepted until position is filled.   for helping sponsor the 2010 NMPP Energy Annual
EOE.                                                                Meeting & Conference. They were omitted from last
                          ‘EMPLOYMENT’ cont. on page 8              month’s sponsor listing.                                            ®

                                                                                                                   7 Essent  June ‘10
Employment cont.                                      (308) 848-2228;
                                                      for an application, job description and list
                                                                                                              chanical equipment; some experience in
                                                                                                              SCADA controls; be able to keep records
                                                      of benefits. Resume and references must                 and perform mathematical computations;
Utility Employee                                      be attached to the application. Position                have a valid CDL Driver’s license; and
     Village of Arnold (Pop. 630) is ac-              open until filled. EOE.                                 have an acceptable driving record.
cepting applications for a full-time utility                                                                       The starting pay rate for this position
employee. Individual is to assist in the                                                                      is $19.45 to $23.00 per hour depending
maintenance and upgrade of all the                    Water Treatment Plant Operator                          on experience. For information about
departments. Departments include the                       The City of Auburn (Neb.) Board of                 and to review a job description for this
pool, parks, community center, street,                Public Works is accepting applications for              position, please visit our Web site, www.
electric, water, sewer, and solid waste.              water treatment plant operator. Applicants    
Duties include but not limited to operat-             must possess Water Operator Grade III                        Contact the Board of Public Works
ing heavy equipment, snow removal,                    with the ability to upgrade to a Grade II               at 1600 O Street Auburn, NE 68305 or
street maintenance, mowing and general                within one year hire.                                   (402) 274-4981 ask for Dave Hunter of
upkeep of all Village-owned properties.                    Other requirements include: an                     Ken Swanson. Deadline for submission of
Pre-Employment drug and alcohol testing               educational level equivalent to high school             applications July 9, 2010.
required. Certification in wastewater and             graduation; work experience in mainte-
water are desired but the Village is willing          nance and repairs of water and waste
to train. Must obtain CDL. Wage is based              water distributions systems; knowledge of
on experience. Please contact Village of              the functions, mechanics, and repairs of
Arnold, PO Box 70, Arnold, NE 69120;                  pumps, electric motors and other me-

   To submit an ad NMPP members may advertise job openings and equipment for sale for free in the Essent
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