the pearl essay and choice of thesis statements by 4NyG03z


									The Pearl
By John Steinbeck

As you make your way through The Pearl you will use the active reading bookmark to
record notes, questions, words, etc. and you will answer questions given to help you
focus and comprehend what you are reading. This will also provide you with a study
guide for the tests you will take after chapters 1 – 3 and after chapters 4 – 6.

The second component to evaluate The Pearl will be an essay. You will choose a thesis
statement from below to defend. Remember, a thesis statement is the controlling idea
you have about a topic related to the story. You should be able to collect many examples
or supporting details from the story to defend this statement.

Consider these thesis statements as you begin reading The Pearl. You will decide on one
of the thesis statements within the first three chapters of your reading to focus your
reading. So, the sooner you decide on a thesis the better.

As you read, use sticky notes in your book to mark examples and supporting details that
may help you develop your essay.

Choice of thesis statements:

   1. The songs in The Pearl are really Kino’s emotional, mental, and physiological
      responses to events and people with whom he must deal.

   2. The Pearl illustrates how unexpected fortune can cause changes with which an
      individual is unprepared to deal. The ramifications of such a sudden materialistic
      windfall takes its toll both externally and internally.

   3. In The Pearl, the reader explores the many conflicts of dreams versus reality. We
      learn that things aren’t always what they seem.

   4. The Pearl examines the inequalities between the different socio-economic groups
      in the story. It also speaks of how some groups of people work to keep other
      groups in a subservient role, and from this treatment prejudices and biases grow.

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