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									                                          Still Life Paintings

 So you wish to be known as a painter of
still life? Still life painting gives you, the
artist an opportunity to render spirituality or
poetry to relatively ordinary items. The final
creation appeared less complex than
images or landscapes, the procedure of
composing a still life involves manifold
preparations and particular demands.

One of the certain requirements is the light.
It should be stable and the musician is allowed to make use of synthetic lights and reflectors. A
window that deals with north is great rather than one that encounters east. The explanation for this
is rather evident. The rapid change of the sunlight's position influences the lighting and after some
time, the you will certainly lose the earliest picture that you sought in the first spot.

One more thing to prepare is the composition of the topic. You have to be sure that it is precisely
how you desire the objects to be arranged. You might draw a number of preliminary sketches
using different compositions and carefully study each of them. Pick the one that would offer the
most balanced and harmonious pattern of light and dark.

The following action is to choose just what method you will certainly make use of. Except when
you're trying for "photo-realism", you do not really wish to paint the subject as precisely as you see
it. As a result, decide just what is your function, principle, or also message for making this still life.
This step is most essential since, based upon your decision, you might identify precisely how you
would certainly go ahead.

The oil painting procedure utilized by many old masters entails applying duplicated layers of paint
and glazes. Some examples of works done by this technique are "Still Life: Lemons, Oranges and
a Rose" by Zurbarán and "The Silver Goblet" by Chardin.

Or you might want to utilize the direct painting method. Ought to you determine this, a good thing
to keep in mind is to decide one center of interest. This center interest essentially is the most
lighted of all objects and others are hidden by shadows. Of course, the surface on which the
center of interest lies ought to be lighted too. But the line of shadow below the items ought to
preferably be the darkest in the photo.

Yet another thing to bear in mind are the unique forms of your items and the ground airplane.
Establish these very early on and never lose them in the procedure.
And finally, after you have actually applied all the required strokes and colours, step back and
scrutinize your work. Include finishing touches. If the overall impression is rather dull, think of
including one more shade, maybe a complement to one of the colours you've applied.

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